Chapter: 1310

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1310 - Who's An Idiot? Seven Steps Nine Palace Crush, Killing Like Shura

Qing Shui's words could be considered extremely arrogant, or at least, that's how he appeared to Beitang Yizong. His aura and reservations was even more concealed after he had attained the Heavenly Dao. Even those who were around his level wouldn't be able to sense his abilities. Moreover, he was very young. Therefore, Beitang Yizong raised his head and laughed loudly when he heard Qing Shui's words.

"Since you have a dying wish, I'll grant it to you. Being quick on your tongue but lacking the abilities to back it up is just plain ignorance and idiocy."

The moment Beitang Yizong finished his words, he put forth his palm and a golden shimmering lion's paw once again appeared. It Flashing in golden light, it exuded a powerful confinement ability.

Beitang Yizong wanted to confine Qing Shui and slowly crush him, so his movements weren't very fast, but his abilities were extremely terrifying nonetheless.

Qing Shui smiled and looked at the huge lion's paw which was getting closer and closer. He took a step forward.

Raging Blow!

Although Qing Shui wasn't holding the Violet Star Thunder God presently, his subconscious attack launched out explosively and slammed against Beitang Yigong's arm.


An extremely crisp sound rang out. It was the sound of bones shattering, but there was no cry.


Beitang Yizong only let out a horrifying scream after one breath, after he was sent flying backwards. He hadn't expected this result earlier. That attack was simply too overwhelming. Even as he opened his mouth to scream out again, he didn't have time make a sound. Moreover, it was as though he had forgotten about screaming. He was completely drowning in the immense pain.

His entire arm had been shattered, and was just limp like mud. His shoulder was also smashed.

Beitang Yigong had only utilized 70% of his strength. He had been too careless. Although Qing Shui didn't use the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, he was one who had stepped into the Heavenly Dao. Furthermore, the explosive powers of the Nine Palace Steps and the formation eye stone was sufficient to instantly kill the other party. However, Qing Shui didn't do so.

The scene fell silent, dead silent.

Beitang Yigong caught Beitang Yizong, quickly feeding him a medicinal pill. However, Beitang Yizong's arm was practically wasted. It was because that attack hadn't just crushed his bones, but also his muscles and meridian channels. There was no hope unless he had some miraculous medicine for regenerating flesh and bones.

"Why are you still so ignorant even after living to this age? In the end, you became the idiot that you mentioned." Qing Shui said calmly.

This was a blatant slap in his face. Beitang Yizong had said so much, but Qing Shui ended up winning with just a single attack. He even gave a word back to him.

Beitang Yigong instantly felt his blood boiling, he turned back to say, "Yiyang, take care of Yizong. We'll talk after I've killed this little bastard."

"Eldest Brother, he's very creepy. Don't be fighting against him alone, let's attack him together." Beitang Yizong called out to Beitang Yigong.

Beitang Yigong stopped in his tracks and looked toward Beitang Yizong. He then looked toward the two old men from the Silver Lion Dynasty. They nodded as well. After all, Qing Shui's attack from earlier hadn’t just crippled Beitang Yizong, but also made everyone feel great unease.

Qing Shui could naturally hear what they were saying, he was able to see their expressions as well. However, he wasn't afraid of them. He had already expected them to join forces, so he was still very calm.

When Fa Ying and those from the Golden Buddha Temple heard Beitang Yizong's words, they were shocked. Some of them were even wearing grim countenances.

"Everyone get into formation! We'll fight it out with them!" Fa Ying stood up with gold needles.

"Great Master, it's fine. You guys can just watch from the side. I've already said that I'd fight this battle. It doesn’t make a difference to me whether there few or many people." Qing Shui said, not even turning back.

"Get into formation!"

Lion King Eagle Whistle Formation!

It wasn't only that. Many people had also called out their tamed beasts. In that instant, the number of flying demonic beasts doubled. The entire group formed a huge great Lion King Eagle shape. Many demonic beasts were in the surroundings taking up their places in the formation.

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

Qing Shui circulated his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation and the Fire Bird appeared in the air from a wave of his hand. Qing Shui had also called out the Treasure Hunting Pig.

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and Seven-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider also appeared next to Qing Shui. It was a pity that the Heaven Shaking Drum's level didn't increase. Therefore, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's abilities was much weaker than the Fire Bird.

The Thunderous Beast's and the Fire Bird's abilities were quite terrifying!

Qing Shui called out his demonic beasts, but didn’t go into formation. The other part was astonished when they saw his demonic beasts. They were a sect of beast tamers, but realized that they didn't have as many tamed beasts as the person they were up against.

Since they were going to fight, it would be better to make the first move. Qing Shui wasn't one to hesitate. He just ordered his demonic beasts to attack.

Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp!

Corrosive Poison Web!

Violet Thunder Chain Lightning!

Hell's Inferno!


After witnessing Qing Shui make his move, the other party also initiated their attacks. They quickly got into formation. There were two formations, both being the Lion King Eagle Whistle Formation. However, one of them was an extremely humongous gold Lion King Eagle, while the other was a silver one.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

Qing Shui didn't dare to be careless, he created a huge ocean in the surrounding with a wave of his hand.

Toppling Mountains and Oceans!

When he made his move, he called out the strongest attack he could make with the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal.

Nine Palace Steps!

Right now, Qing Shui needed to break their formation. Formations increased one's overall abilities, but they had their weaknesses. Furthermore, Qing Shui excelled in formations. Although, a formation like this was like a translucent old callus, having a huge space in the middle. If he were to attack any of the other spots, he could suffer from serious injuries or even die from that Origin Qi which were integrated into one.

Vajra Subdues Demons!

Emperor's Qi!

Since they had executed a formation, then Qing Shui would just lower their overall abilities. He started to charge in with just the Treasure Hunting Pig.

It would have originally been difficult for Qing Shui to break through this formation. However, now that he had the Treasure Hunting Pig, it would be relatively easy. The Treasure Hunting Pig's physical strength was undeniable. However, it was a pity that its strength wasn't sufficient for him to dash through the obstructing "air currents". Right now, what Qing Shui wanted to do was to push the Treasure Hunting Pig into the formation and let it run amok inside. It probably wouldn’t take long for the enemies' formation to be dissolved in that situation.

Qing Shui swung his hands!

Seal of Roc!

A huge roc brought along a brilliant glow, attacking toward the left wing of the formation.

That location also had the formation's flaw. Due the number of people there were fewer, their power would be a lot weaker as well. So, Qing Shui attacked there directly. He had quite a number of ways to break this formation.

Qing Shui attacked, but the enemy had the opportunity to dodge. For example, they could withdraw their wings. Therefore, Qing Shui hadn't planned for the first attack to be effective.

Lion King's Imprint!


Suddenly, the huge gold and silver Lion King Eagles used the Lion King's Imprint on Qing Shui.

Their powerful spirit energy gathered into a huge lion, pouncing towards Qing Shui.

Nine Palace Steps, Void!

Qing Shui's spirit energy was still very powerful. The moment the Lion King's Imprint was unleashed, he quickly dodged.

That's right. The powerful Nine Palace Steps could dodge spirit energy attacks. Even though Qing Shui was able to neglect 70% of the spirit energy attacks earlier, he was still unwilling to face it head-on. After all, he didn't have a clear understanding of its power. Furthermore, there were two of those Lion King's Imprint earlier. Therefore, it would add up to him being able to neglect about 40% of the attacks.

Lion King Eagle Wings' Slash!

The huge gold Lion King Eagle dashed out toward Qing Shui almost instantly, extending its several hundred meter long wings toward Qing Shui. Its golden wings flowed with terrifying energy.

Fast, too fast!

Qing Shui put out his hand and drew almost reflexively.

Nine Palace Steps, Painting Ground As Prison!


The huge wings slapped out toward Qing Shui, but he remained uninjured. His Nine Palace Steps had been improving constantly, and as he grew stronger, he exhibited stranger footwork. Nine Palace Steps, Painting Ground As Prison could allow Qing Shui to have absolute defense in less than a single breath. In that instant, he wouldn’t be able to attack. It was a pity that there was a 30 minute interval required before it could be used for a second time. Painting Ground As Prison was an act of drawing one into a space and could only be used for life-saving for an instant.

Primordial Flame Dragon Drill!

With a flash, the primordial flames in Qing Shui's hand spun and attacked the huge silver Lion King Eagle flying in its direction. Earlier, he had been pushed back by the gold Lion King Eagle, and the silver Lion King Eagle had pounced towards him almost instantly. Using the same move, the silvery wings slapped out toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was angered. He attacked the silver Lion King Eagle with a flash.

First step!

Qing Shui took a strange reverse step, and then followed with a second step!

His body spun upward in a strange way!

Third step!

Fourth step!

Qing Shui dodged two attacks.

Fifth step!

Demon Binding Ropes!

When Qing Shui saw the gold Lion King Eagle with its wings spread out, he unleashed the Demon Binding Ropes with a single thought. Currently, the prowess of the Demon Binding Ropes was quite strong. It turned into something that resembled a huge golden dragon, and binded the gold Lion King Eagle. It was a pity that it lost its effect in less than a single breath. However, it helped Qing Shui gain enough time to take another step.

Sixth step!

This time around, the two Lion King Eagles, which were gleaming in a brilliant formation light, attacked Qing Shui in two directions. It might’ve been because they noticed the surrounding atmosphere seemed different. It was a change that seemed as if it would overturn the world.

Soulshake Bell!

Qing Shui took out the Soulshake Bell and shook it fiercely. A series of violet light spots drilled into the bodies of the demonic beasts which formed the two huge Lion King Eagles.

In that instant, a series of crackling sounds rang out within the two Lion King Eagles' bodies, and they shrunk to almost two-thirds their size.

Qing Shui knew that this was because the demonic beasts in them had either ran off or perished, causing a series of reactions. As long as they felt threatened, they would be instantly crushed by the strangling power in the formation.

Seventh step!

Qing Shui stepped down a seventh time!

Seven Steps Nine Palace Crush!

This one step presented a feeling of the skies collapsing and a great block of mountain coming crashing down. It was as if this single step had been stomped down on the two Lion King Eagles.


The silver Lion King Eagle exploded, and the gold Lion King Eagle continued to struggle. However, now that things had arrived to this point, how could Qing Shui allow it to struggle? He went all out, using the Hidden Weapon technique to toss the Treasure Hunting Pig out toward the gold Lion King Eagle's body, which was already very close.


The Treasure Hunting Pig entered the internal area of the gold Lion King Eagle and then darted about. Very soon, crackling sounds could be heard. That was the sound of exploding Origin Qi of the demonic beasts and humans, after the Treasure Hunting Pig had darted through their bodies.


After holding on for several tens of counts, the gold Lion King Eagle had also exploded. At this moment, Qing Shui had turned into an existence that was like Shura from hell. Through the Nine Palace Steps, he caged up this world and started his killing spree.

The Fire Bird, Diamond Gigantic Elephant, Thunderous Beast, and Seven-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider had all joined in the battle. After these people had been weakened, they didn’t put up much of a fight. Even the tens of people who were leading the group were instantly killed by Qing Shui.

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