Chapter: 1314

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1314 - Divine Beast Sect, Qing Shui Preparing To Head To Dancing Phoenix Continent

The words she said had a very great impact. This lady had already made everything very clear. She didn't need to be recognized, nor did she want to be his wife. She only wanted to be a soulmate.

Qing Shui felt that he had encountered many good things in life. The matter with this ethereal lady before him was one of them. Even if he felt that this was real, he would subconsciously feel that it wasn't. Things like these were in no way inferior compared to the issue of him being reborn in this world.

"Then can I have a taste right now?" Qing Shui daringly said next to her ears.

"Don't you think about it now. Even if I were to let you take advantage of me, I still need to put you on observation for a little longer." The lady spoke shyly next to Qing Shui's ears, her breathing caused Qing Shui's heart to itch.

"Then what benefits do I get right now?" Qing Shui was now more daring.

His hand slipped up the lady's slender waist. Now that she had said all of this, he no longer planned to pretend to be a gentleman. Furthermore, there was still the Five Elements Divine Flag. It was just like how in Buddhism, this would be called an affinity.

Since he had encountered this affinity, he would think of ways to let it stay. This lady had decided on him due to the physique that she had. She wasn't a loose woman. She had only done what she did because she had decided on him.

"Your benefit will be to submit to me. I'll take all the initiative. You aren't allowed to make a move," the lady smiled happily and said. Thereafter, she even pecked Qing Shui on the lips. Such teasing really dealt a great blow to Qing Shui.


Qing Shui didn't tell her about his physique. After all, he still understood very little of her. Up to now, he didn't even know her name yet. He subconsciously felt that the lady was speaking the truth and wasn't trying to cheat him of anything. Of course, his feelings might not be accurate.

The next day, Qing Shui left the Southern Sea's bamboo building. Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan didn't come out from their seclusion and he didn't return to the Heaven Secrets Academy either. He headed for the Desolate Mountain Regions directly.

The Desolate Mountain Regions was a huge and vast mountain region south of the Western Oxhe Continent. The mountain ranges, forests, lakes and deserts it had were countless. There were also many sects and aristocratic clans in the area. Of course, there were many cities in the area as well.

The Desolate Sect was one of the strongest sects in the area and was the biggest sect close to the north of the Western Oxhe Continent. They even had the wish to unite all the forces in the Western Oxhe Continent in order to build an even more powerful sect or dynasty.

For people with such ambitions, Qing Shui felt that they should also be thinking about heading to the other three continents as well. Even if they were to unite the Western Oxhe Continent, they would probably need to work on development for many years before they would be able to get involved with the other three continents.

Passing through the Huge Desolated City, Qing Shui entered the Desolate Mountain Regions. The damage done by the attack of the demonic beasts when he came by the other time were already mostly fixed. There was no lack of manpower in this world. Each city was filled with people.

This was the first time Qing Shui entered the Desolate Mountain Regions. The reason he came today was to check out the situation here as well as to see the Desolate Mountain Regions.

After entering the Desolate Mountain Regions, what Qing Shui saw was a piece of desolate land. There were boundless desolate mountains and this was something he had seen from the air. He could also see the occasional appearance of some demonic beasts.

However, this was the boundary of the Desolate Mountain Regions and thus there would generally not be any people staying here nor would there be demonic beasts who were too powerful. After all, the conditions here were relatively harsher and filled with barren mountains. Even if there were any signs of vegetation, they would be very sparse.

Nine Continents Steps!

Seeing this, Qing Shui used the Nine Continents Steps directly.

After one use of the Nine Continents Steps, Qing Shui saw a huge city under him.

He descended.

This was a city. After asking around, he got to know that this was Sky Desolate City!

Compared to the endless stretch of barren mountains he had seen earlier, this place was like an oasis in a desert. Other than being able to see mountains everywhere, the vegetation here was very thick and was no different from a city like the Yan City. Furthermore, the environment here seemed to be better and there were many beautiful places.

Great Desolation Inn!

When Qing Shui saw the name of the greatest inn in the Sky Desolate City, he smiled. Earlier on, he had gotten onto a beast carriage, requesting to be brought to the greatest inn in the area. He hadn't expected it to be the Great Desolation Inn.

Qing Shui wasn't certain if this inn was related to the Desolate Sect but he felt that there must be some relations between them.

After paying for the ride, Qing Shui walked over to this extremely big inn which was exuding a strong feeling of vitality. Other than the doors and windows, all the other spaces in this inn were filled with plants that were like vines. Even the roof had a layer of vegetation but the building gave off an indescribable feeling of harmonious beauty. It was very strange. This was the first time Qing Shui had seen a building like this. It had a similar feeling to the lady's bamboo building, which was purely made of plants.

There were several ladies at the entrance, dressed up beautifully. They had great figures and they would bow to greet the people who entered or exited the inn. With them standing there, the Great Desolation Inn had an additional feeling of spring.

"Welcome, Sir! This way please!"

Qing Shui smiled and tipped the ladies with some silver. None of the guests here lacked money. Giving these people some tips was also considered "gentlemanly" behavior.

Other than there being no private rooms in Earthly Paradise, most of the other inns or restaurants Qing Shui visited had them. And he had visited quite a number of them. After all, some of the guests were here to look for special services. Although there were bedrooms here, some people liked to satisfy their lustful desires in the private rooms, enjoying great wine and the companionship of beauties.

Qing Shui headed up directly. The building wasn't very tall, nor were there many stories. However, it took up a large land area. It could be due to the fact that they were located in the mountainous region that the buildings here all took up a large land area and were relatively shorter.

Qing Shui took a seat in the hall on the fifth story. There were quite a number of people here and a lot of them were cultivators. Qing Shui walked past them, sensing with his spiritual sense. There wasn't anyone who could get his attention.

"Oh, right, do you guys know that the Eruption Devil Bear has been killed by the Desolate Sect?"

"What's so strange about that? Right now, the Desolate Sect is getting stronger and stronger. They have already faintly surpassed the Great Solar Sect."

Qing Shui hadn't sat down for long when he overheard a few cultivators nearby talking about the Desolate Sect. Qing Shui knew that the Sky Desolate City must be where the Desolate Sect was based at.

This was the first time Qing Shui had heard of the Great Solar Sect. In the past the Great Solar Sect should also have been an existence which appeared to surpass the Desolate Sect. After coming here, Qing Shui got to know that the number of barbarians here wasn’t large.

Most of the people here were still normal humans and even the Desolate Sect were largely ordinary humans. It was just that the upper echelon in the Desolate Sect had the bloodline of the Beast Blood Tribe. Therefore, it could be said that the Desolate Sect was backed by the people from the Beast Blood Tribe.

"Do you guys know? I heard that that pair of geniuses from the Divine Beast Sect has joined the Divine Beast Sect. In the future, it wouldn't be a problem for the Divine Beast Sect to unify the Western Oxhe Continent."

Qing Shui hadn't expected that the pair of geniuses from the Desolate Sect were especially famous. He realized that many people around him were talking about the Desolate Sect and the pair of geniuses.

Divine Beast Sect. Qing Shui hadn't heard of this organization before. Therefore, he asked the middle-aged man who had brought it up, "Brother, this is the first time I've come to this place. Is the Divine Beast Sect very powerful?"

Many people looked at Qing Shui and that middle-aged man even threw him a look of disdain. However, because Qing Shui's attitude was very commendable, the man took a sip of tea before saying, "Of course the Divine Beast Sect is very powerful. It's said that there's someone in the Divine Beast Sect who has reached the False God realm. Do you think that's powerful?"

"There aren't any cultivators in the Western Oxhe Continent who are at the False God realm, right?"

"Are you a fool? Who said that the Divine Beast Sect is in the Western Oxhe Continent?" The middle-aged man looked at Qing Shui with an air of superiority. At this moment, he seemed to be especially important.

"Then do you know which continent the Divine Beast Sect is on?" Qing Shui didn't think much of how the middle-aged man had behaved. He only found it to be funny. He was very calm. Even if he were despised, he wouldn't feel anything. These people here were insignificant as ants to him.

"Dancing Phoenix Continent!"

Hearing the words 'Dancing Phoenix Continent', Qing Shui's heart skipped a beat. He felt that there seemed to be some sort of a coincidence. He should be heading to the Dancing Phoenix Continent soon. The Desolate Sect's hopes to unify the Western Oxhe Continent lay in the hands of those two geniuses. And now that they had gone to the Dancing Phoenix Continent, they wouldn't be making any moves in the Western Oxhe Continent in the short term.

Qing Shui hadn't expect to gain some important information on the first day of his arrival here. He wasn't aware of the Divine Beast Sect but he couldn't just blindly believe what the people here said. Therefore, if he were to head to the Divine Beast Sect, he was going to check them out. If the situation allowed for it, he would take the opportunity to get rid of those two geniuses.

He had already killed a member of the Desolate Sect and it was a traveling disciple. Thereafter, Desolate Sect had sent some people over and almost all of them had died. He didn't know how Lü Zitai had been either. Had he already returned to the Desolate Sect and had yet to make his move? It was unlikely for him to make a move now. At least, not for quite some time.

The Heaven Secrets Academy was also developing rapidly. There was also the Lotus Sect, Putuo Mountain, Divine Might Dynasty, the Great Qi Dynasty, Buddha Sect and others. Therefore, it wasn't a bad thing for the time to be pushed back a little. When the time comes and these forces answered the call, half of the Western Oxhe Continent would come forward. In a sense, he was the only one capable of handling those two geniuses from the Divine Might Dynasty.

Could he handle them? Qing Shui had the feeling that he could. This was why he had decided to head to the Dancing Phoenix Continent. This feeling was very strong.

He didn't think of finding trouble with the Desolate Sect. Right now, as long as the Desolate Sect didn't make any moves, he wouldn't do anything either. It was because there was the Beast Blood Tribe backing the Divine Beast Sect. The Beast Blood Tribe was also quite a powerful forcce in the Western Oxhe Continent. Furthermore, right now, those two geniuses were at the Divine Beast Sect. He didn't know how much the Divine Beast Sect would value them. If they were to hold the two of them in high regard, if there was really someone who was a False God, then he might not be able to deal with the situation if something were to occur.

However, Qing Shui felt that a False God wouldn't care to get involved with something like this. Despite this, it was better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, he had decided to travel between the Dancing Phoenix Continent and the Central Continent for the upcoming period of time.

Since he had promised his kids to return a few days each month, he would do his best to fulfill his promise to them. Moreover, it was very convenient now.

Qing Shui used teleportation after staying slightly over one day. He felt that this Five Elements Divine Flag was truly a divine artifact. This time around, the teleportation was still considered ordinary. The lady was seated on a rock, reading. She immersed her bare feet in the seawater, as if she was thinking of something.

When she saw Qing Shui, she was a little puzzled, "Why did you come back so quickly? Did you encounter some kind of danger?"

"No. I've decided to head to the Dancing Phoenix Continent," Qing Shui said outright.

"Why?" The lady trembled but it was very slight.

"Those two geniuses from the Desolate Sect were said to have gone to the Dancing Phoenix Continent and joined the Divine Beast Sect. Do you know of the Divine Beast Sect?" Qing Shui asked curiously. Compared to those strangers at the inn, Qing Shui felt that it was better to trust what the lady said. However, he didn't know if she knew of the Divine Beast Sect.

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