Chapter: 1316

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1316 - Li Clan, Meridians Knocking Soul Pulling, Medical Treatment

Yefeng Guwu disappeared.

Qing Shui could guess that she must have some relationship to some people here. For example, her family could be in the area. If her clan was very powerful, why did she end up staying in the Western Oxhe Continent?

Having just arrived here for the first time, there was no one that Qing Shui knew. At the beginning, with Yefeng Guwu next to him, it felt quite good. However, right now, he could only go around and take a look by himself. He decided to first take a look around Yefeng City. After all, he was equipped with various skills, including forging, medical skills, refining demons, drawing, cooking. Therefore, it would be very easy to find a job.

Although there were 81 cities in each country, cities were just a concept. The capital city was the prime area of a country and then each city amongst the 81 cities would have aurora regions. In this region, there were in fact countless cities but there was only one main city. The main city was the most prosperous area and was also where the strongest forces were located.

Looking at the vast prosperous city, Qing Shui didn't feel at a loss but instead, had the feeling of a bird soaring high up in the sky or a fish swimming in the deep seas. He had come here to take a look at what the Dancing Phoenix Continent was like and to see if he could establish a firm stance here.

He had always planned to come a little later. However, the two geniuses from the Dancing Phoenix Continent had suddenly came to the Dancing Phoenix Continent, causing him to come earlier as well. He didn't know how they had come to the Dancing Phoenix Continent but everyone had their secrets. It was just like he had his secrets and some people knew of that.

As he continued to be immersed in his thoughts, Qing Shui suddenly thought of that Demon Lord. He didn't know if her city was in the Dancing Phoenix Continent, the Soaring Dragon Continent or the Haohan Continent. Should he go and look for her?

They seemed to have told him that it was best for him to reach the False God realm before he were to look for her. Otherwise, not only would he be unable to help her, he might even lose his own life. This made him very hesitant. Everyone would have times when they felt that they were weak but would also feel that they were strong at the same time. This was a contradiction.

He felt that if he could stay by her side, he would definitely be able to help her. His Emperor's Qi could weaken opponents' overall abilities by 20% and was definitely a powerful martial technique. However, he didn't know if he would be instantly killed if he were to come across a False God.

Another thing that he also recalled was that beautiful lady in palace clothing who was on top of that huge green dragon. She was so flawlessly beautiful. He didn't know which continent she was from, nor which dynasty she belonged to.

"Someone help! A person has fainted over here!"


A series of noises rang out, breaking Qing Shui's train of thought. Under a huge willow tree next to the road before him, many people were gathered.

Qing Shui walked over and saw that someone was taking the person's pulse. He himself started to monitor the old man who had fainted. The man was very old and when Qing Shui saw him, he was stunned.

The man's lifespan was at its end. Actually, just like Headmaster Sui and Headmaster Cao, the old man was quite strong and comparable to Headmaster Sui. Moreover, he was even older but was only 100 years older than the Headmaster Sui before he was treated by Qing Shui.

Don't look down on this 100 years. It was a tremendous breakthrough and was a very crucial one. It was because Qing Shui discovered that the old man had a self-recuperating effect and thus he felt that the old man should be a doctor. At least, he was helped by quite a good doctor before.

In the end, the elderly man who was taking the pulse stood up, shaking his head. Although he didn't say anything, the others around him understood the situation. The old man was incurable.

Qing Shui felt very gloomy. For a man with his abilities, it was impossible that there wasn't anyone protecting him. So how could this old man have came out alone? When his lifespan was at its end, he knew what was in store for him. Could it be that he hoped to leave the world outside?

Qing Shui saw that the old man was lying on a deck chair, his expression calm and at ease. Qing Shui understood now. Just as he wanted to step forth, a group of people appeared before Qing Shui.



"Old Ancestor!"


There were over ten people of all ages and of both genders. They dashed up to the old man and cried out anxiously.

Two old men grabbed onto each of the elderly man's hands, calling out father and kneeling down.

"Father, let the Old Master take a look at Grandfather!" Just then, a valiant and mature looking man quickly went up and said.

The two old men had been at a loss and they quickly got up and said to the old man walking over, Old Master, we're leaving it to you."

"I'll do my best!" With that the old man grabbed onto the elderly's wrist.

The old man moved his second finger and Qing Shui's eyes lit up.

Meridians Knocking Soul Pulling!

Qing Shui hadn't expected that the old man had mastered this amazing skill of taking pulses. Qing Shui had came across this method of taking pulses in some books. Back then, he had found it very unbelievable and thus remembered it.

This method of taking a pulse was just like its name. Other than allowing the user to check out the illness of the patient, even a person on his deathbed or a person who had just passed away were to have this Meridians Knocking Soul Pulling applied, then they would be able to wake up and have their lifespan extended by three days. However, this would just be a momentary recovery of their consciousness before their death.

Very soon, the old man woke up. However, at that moment, the old physician stood up, "I'll let the Old Master share his condition with you himself!"

"Sigh, Soulsearch, why did you wake me up? What use is it for me to live another three days?" The old man looked toward the old physician and said, smiling bitterly.

"Physician, I beg of you to save my great-grandfather," a young lady from the group said anxiously.

"Yan`er, don't be making it hard on him. I know my own condition well. No one can save me. This is unless I can attain a breakthrough to False God within three days," the old man shook his head and said, very much at ease.

"Even if you don't attain a breakthrough to False God, you can still extend your lifespan."

Just then, a voice rang out abruptly. The person who had spoke was naturally Qing Shui. He walked up directly.

The young man who had suddenly appeared took everyone by surprise. The old physician looked at Qing Shui then shook his head and averted his gaze.

"Are you really able to save my great-grandfather?" The lady from earlier looked at Qing Shui in surprise. It could be because she was left with no other options and was just trying any random option she had. Either that or it could be because this young man appeared to be very reliable.

"Thank you for your kind intentions but it's impossible," the old man looked toward Qing Shui and said, smiling.

Qing Shui was far too young, so young that it was unbelievable.

"Even our Old Master isn't able to do anything. To think that a young kid who is hardly dry behind his ears would dare to say such arrogant words. Do you know who our Old Master is?" Just then, a voice of disdain rang out.

Qing Shui looked toward the source of the person who spoke. It was a young man next to the old physician. The young man looked very handsome but was too arrogant. He was arrogant like a rooster.

"Ye`er, how many times have I told you? If you were to carry on like this, you will never be able to learn true medical skills. Your mental state is easily shaken and you aren't cut out to be a physician."

The old man then looked toward Qing Shui, "Mister, please don't take this to heart. I apologize on his behalf. Old Master Li's lifespan is at its end. Do you really have a way to help him?"

The old physician's tone was very calm and no one could see any fluctuations to his emotions or expressions. At the very least, Qing Shui didn't see any signs of the old man looking down on him. Usually, for a powerful physician to reach the old man's level, it would be a reflex reaction for them to harbor feelings disgust toward Qing Shui. It was because no one was able to save a patient whose lifespan was up. Even the effects of some medicinal pills were limited and they were basically useless now. Therefore, it was as if a young man from his previous life were to say that he could treat cancer in the final stage. It was impossible for anyone to believe that.

Under such a circumstance, the old physician had yet to display any hint of dissatisfaction.

"I won't mind the words of a clown. Removing the impurities from his body, removing some of the hidden illnesses and impurities in his body would allow his lifespan to increase. Half of his lifespan has been restricted by the hidden illnesses and impurities in his body," Qing Shui smiled and said.

When the old physician heard Qing Shui's words, he was still very calm. It was because this was a commonly known fact. It was how, in Qing Shui's previous life, it was theoretically possible that to cure cancer, one had to eliminate all cancer cells to allow the body to recover to normal. However, who was really able to do that?

"Mister, are you able to remove the damage left behind by these impurities and hidden illnesses?" The old physician looked at Qing Shui.

"I can but I can’t remove them entirely. However, I can remove some of them," Qing Shui spoke with confidence.

A gleam of light burst out from the old physician's eyes and he looked at Qing Shui seriously. Qing Shui also looked back at him calmly. After a very long time, the old physician looked toward the old man on the deck chair and said, "Old Master Li, let this physician give it a try!"

"Then I'll be troubling you, young physician." The old man nodded toward Soulsearch before he spoke politely to Qing Shui.

"It's not convenient here," Qing Shui smiled and said.

Naturally, they agreed and immediately headed back. Many physicians have their own taboos and thus what Qing Shui requested wasn't strange.

The old physician and the young man by the name of Ye`er went along as well. However, the young man was full of contempt and also appeared to have a hint of viciousness. Earlier on, if it wasn't that the old physician had stopped him, he would have raised his hands against Qing Shui. He was half a disciple to the old physician due to the relationship his clan had with the old physician. Otherwise, the old physician wouldn't have kept him by his side.

Li Clan!

Li Clan was quite a big clan in the Yehuang City. Most importantly, the branch here was not the main branch. However, the name Li Clan was quite useful.

The group of people went to a quiet courtyard which was not big. It wasn't much better than the residence of an ordinary person and was considered the most ordinary manor in the capital city.

The hall wasn't big but it was very clean. Qing Shui remained very calm all this time. He didn't mention any compensation after treating the old man. It could be because they didn't believe that Qing Shui could treat him. Moreover, it wouldn't be too late to give the compensation after he was healed or after the treatment.

Qing Shui let the old man take off his clothes and shoes, leaving only his pants and revealing his feet and upper body. Qing Shui took out a box of gold needles. For now, he would not treat the old man completely and was just planning to extend his lifespan for several decades, not more than 100 years. It was because he didn't want to appear too abrupt.

He applied the gold needles on several major acupuncture points on the old man, including the Tianji, Shenque and other acupuncture point which many other physicians wouldn't dare to touch. In the process, the old physician seemed to have wanted to stop him but after seeing the way Qing Shui applied the needles, he kept silent.

Healing some of the hidden ailments in the old man's body, Qing Shui concurrently forced out some of the impurities in his body to the Zhiyin point on the bottom of his feet. When he felt that it was about sufficient, he then applied a gold needle on the Zhiyin spot.

A stream of force bounced out.

Nine Yang Gold Needle, Nine Yang Force!

A drop of black liquid dripped down, following the gold needle. It was followed by another drop. The room was filled with a powerful stench.

At this moment, the old physician's countenance finally changed as he looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. He, Soulsearch, had been called a Ghost Physician by others and even many powerful cultivators would have to politely address him as Old Master when they met him.

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