Chapter: 1322

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1322 - Li Husheng’s Arrival, Miraculous Physician, Visitors From Pang Clan

He reckoned that they were probably all stunned by the appearance and aroma of the Jade Steamed Buns. After all, there were spices from Qing Shui’s Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal inside them. Just the taste alone would definitely be able to penetrate into the market. It was a pity that Qing Shui had no plans to sell them in large quantities...

“Come have a taste, let’s see how it tastes first.”

Qing Shui immediately called Soulsearch, Li Ji and the few maids over. Perhaps it was the tempting fragrance of the buns or for some other reasons, the maids didn’t refuse the offer. The Imperial Cuisine Hall was a luxury place. The maids here were all one in a thousand. They were young, energetic, beautiful, gentle and soft-spoken.

Qing Shui took a bite. It was juicy in his mouth and not too oily. The delicious smell of the bun permeated the air around them. It was indescribably aromatic and made one feel as if it was probably the most delicious food in the world.

Even the meat soup that Qing Shui had stewed before with the spices from Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal could only be described as having a distinctive flavor but it couldn’t really be considered more tasty than the others. However, Qing Shui could admit that nothing he had eaten before could beat the taste of this Jade Steamed Bun.

Soulsearch immediately took a bite too. He was stunned for a moment before he finished the entire bun in just two or three bites and then reached out to another one. Li Ji seemed to be shy so Qing Shui quickly took one for her and the few maids.

Everyone ate about ten steamed buns before they stopped, yet they still felt like they hadn’t eaten to their heart’s content. Qing Shui and Soulsearch didn’t feel particularly embarrassed about it since both of them were men. The few ladies however were slightly embarrassed.

The few maids went off to get busy with something else and only the three of them remained here.

“Brother, how should we promote these steamed buns?” Qing Shui asked Soulsearch slowly. It was impossible for them to put these up on sale for everyone since they weren’t going to steam more than this. Although they were part of the service industry, that didn’t mean the customers were god.

The Imperial Cuisine wasn’t exactly an affordable place for the ordinary folks. The visitors who could afford to come to this part of the street were all very wealthy and respectable. Most of them were cultivators and wealthy merchants. Cultivators weren’t poor. In fact, the more powerful a cultivator was, the less likely they were short of money.

“Rest assured, brother. There’s no need to worry. We are not going to promote this because there will naturally be people helping us to spread the word. There’s still so many left and there’s quite a number of customers on the fourth floor. Even if we let each of them have one for free today, I reckon that it won’t take too long before the Jade Steamed Buns of the Imperial Cuisine Hall become famous in the Yehuang Country.” Soulsearch seemed to be very confident of this.

Qing Shui pondered for a moment and thought that it made sense too. The customers on the fourth floor were pretty much the most respectable customers of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Most of the people there were probably at least of the same caliber as the Li Clan’s Head. There was no harm in letting them help him spread the word.

Qing Shui gave the recipe to Soulsearch and his wife. The Jade Bay Leaves were only used in very minimal amounts, every time. They had also decided to restrict the sales of these Jade Steamed Buns to only the fourth floor and each customer was only entitled to buy two a day.

He called over the few maids and ordered them to distribute the remaining Jade Steamed Buns around the fourth floor. There were probably enough for everyone to have one for free.

However, before the maids could make a move, a man came in from outside. It turned out to be the person from last time. He came in to inform Soulsearch that Li Husheng had arrived.

“Yuan Long, Sir Qing Shui will be the highest ranking master here from now on. Relay this to everyone else and let Sir Li in!” Soulsearch gestured towards Qing Shui and explained with a smile.

“Master Qing!” Although that man by the name of Yuan Long didn’t really get it, he still knew what he should do.

"No need to be so formal. Nothing’s going to change here. Brother Soulsearch will still be around.” Qing Shui laughed and looked at this man. He knew that if Imperial Cuisine Hall was to fare well, then a good and useful team was imperative.

The strength of this man called Yuan Long was quite decent. He was an Early Martial Saint cultivator and most likely a steward over here at the Imperial Cuisine Hall. It appeared that Soulsearch highly valued him.

When Qing Shui saw Li Husheng, he instantly knew that he had already managed to find the antidote. He had not seen him only for a day but he could see that he seemed totally different compared to before. His mood was great and he saw those Jade Steamed Buns too.

Soulsearch naturally gestured for him to take some for himself. But he only took one and the maids took the rest downstairs to distribute to the customers on the fourth floor.

However, he instantly regretted for not taking a few more after taking a bite. But going down again to take a few more would be a little too disgraceful considering his status, so he could only smile embarrassingly and say that the steamed bun was lot more delicious than those exotic delicacies.

He was dazed for too long earlier. Otherwise, he could have definitely take a few more before those maids went downstairs or could even buy them on the spot...

“Hmm, old master, you seem to be a lot younger…”

Just a steamed bun had managed to slow down his reaction. He had already realized it in the beginning but didn’t manage to react after biting into the steamed bun until now. So he was once again staring at Soulsearch in great shock.

“Sir Li, this is all the work of my brother. I believe you have also witnessed his art of healing!” Soulsearch naturally didn’t pass up this chance. Getting Li Husheng to spread the word would be more effective and quicker.

“Sir, you are indeed one miraculous physician. Please forgive Husheng for failing to see this. I’d have lost my life if it wasn’t for you. It was just as what you have said, it turns out that I had really been poisoned. I’d like to trouble you now to take a look to see if my poison has been completely dispelled.” Li Husheng seemed to be particularly worked up when speaking. He was genuinely grateful.

“You’re welcome, it’s no trouble!”

Qing Shui helped Li Husheng to take his pulse then smiled. “Congratulations, Sir Li. You are completely cured.”

“It’s all thanks to you, Physician. I didn’t expect brother to do this. Since you have saved my life, please don’t be shy if there’s ever anything you need my help with. The favor I owe you isn’t something that can be repaid in just one or two times. I’m here to guarantee to you Physician, just tell me anything you need my help with. I will definitely help you to the best of my ability,” Li Husheng told Qing Shui solemnly.

“Sir Li, you are being too courteous. I have done nothing,” Qing Shui told him with a smile. He knew that Li Husheng was so determined mainly because Soulsearch had suddenly turned young. It was probably for that reason or at least something related to that.

“No, your words that time were as good as an elixir of life. It was you who has saved me. I would like to invite you, Brother Soulsearch and his wife to my residence as guests. Let me express my gratitude. Although I am aware that the food that the chefs at my place make is probably a lot more inferior than here, I would still like to express my gratitude.”

Li Husheng’s had already unconsciously changed his way of addressing Soulsearch. The relation between the Li Clan and Soulsearch had always been good, so he had been very respectfully calling him Old Master. However, Soulsearch was a lot younger now.

It went without saying that Qing Shui agreed to it since he could really use the Li Clan’s help right now. Li Husheng shyly inquired about the steamed buns again before he left.

Qing Shui naturally told him that it was not possible to mass produce them. Li Husheng kept saying it was a pity that today’s batch had run out and told him that he’d definitely be coming tomorrow. Qing Shui also subtly hinted for him to help promote the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Li Husheng didn’t seem to have any problem with doing that!

In fact, the news about Soulsearch suddenly turning youthful would also spread like wildfire. By then, he would eventually make a name for himself.

Before they realized it, half a day had already passed and Li Ji went off to do something else.

Qing Shui passed a few acupuncture techniques to Soulsearch and even performed a demonstration on him on the spot. He directly stuck the needles into his body, so that he could see what it felt like. Soulsearch had a decent background knowledge of acupuncture and had a significantly powerful innate talent for medicine. This was also the reason why Qing Shui had chosen him. He believed that he would make a name for himself as the Ghost Physician in medical expertise.


Almost on the same day, the reputation of the Imperial Cuisine Hall’s Jade Steamed Buns had spread around. But they were treated as nothing but mere rumors. After all, there were less than two hundred Jade Steamed Buns that had been distributed and they had already been eaten as soon as they were distributed. However, the results of rumors being spread by people higher credibility were still great.

Apart from that, news about Soulsearch turning younger had also spread. This had required a very powerful art of healing. It was easy to find out Qing Shui’s existence. Thus, the discussion about a miraculous physician over at the Imperial Cuisine Hall instantly broke out.

Three days passed in a flash!

Qing Shui didn’t expect news that were spread by mouth would be able to reach such level. Many wanted to be a ‘customer’ of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Unfortunately the eligibility of being a ‘customer’ had already skyrocketed.

It wasn’t like Qing Shui was pulling anyone in with the Jade Steamed Bun, it was merely a type of strategy. Even so, the fourth floor was getting more customers.


The development of Imperial Cuisine Hall was already moving towards an ideal direction, along with Qing Shui’s wine. He hadn’t made any Longevity Noodles as the plan was put off for now. But it was going to be put into motion very soon.

However, many people had gathered at the entrance of the Imperial Cuisine Hall today. They were all dressed in clothes that were suitable for combat. When Qing Shui came out, he saw a strange expression on Soulsearch’s face. He turned to Qing Shui and spoke to him in a soft voice. “These people are from the Pang Clan, a big clan among the capital city of Yehuang Country. Although they are inferior to the Yehuang Clan, they are far more powerful than a clan like the Li Clan.”

About a dozen people came. Standing outside the main door was a man who was middle-aged in his appearance. He had a bulky body figure but not bulky as in big and strong. It was more like he was lofty like a mountain. He had a stoic expression on his face, a pair of thick eyebrows, bright eyes and dignified aura. Some of his hair was already gray, causing him to appear even more mature.

“Brother Soulsearch. I see that you have indeed become a lot younger now. I’d have to trouble you to introduce that Miraculous Physician to me.” The man wasted no time beating around the bush.

Qing Shui stretched his hand out to stop Soulsearch. The man before them was very violent or perhaps this was his nature. It was a nature that had been brought out from being looked upon and respected by others for a long time.

“Excuse me, who are you, sir? What business do you have here for you to be blocking the entrance of the Imperial Cuisine Hall?” Qing Shui was calm and collected. He was showing neither a smile nor any displeasure.

“I am Pang De. Are you the Miraculous Physician?” The man looked at Qing Shui in shock. After all, he was too young to be one.

“I only know a little about the art of healing. Sir Pang, I am very busy here. What business do you have here? If you are only here to be a ‘customer’, then there is no need for you to inform us.”

The expression on Pang De’s face contorted but it quickly returned to normal. He then turned towards the rest, “All of you return first!”

“Miraculous Physician, the Pang Clan would like to invite you to our residence to discuss something. If you are not too busy, please follow me back this one time,” Pang De explained with a smile.

Soulsearch glanced towards Qing Shui. Even he had no idea what to do in this situation. The Pang Clan was very influential. It didn’t take a genius to figure out why the Pang Clan had been looking for Qing Shui.

“Sorry, I’m very busy and have no time to spare. Sir Pang, why don’t we put this visit off until I’m less busy?” Qing Shui’s response was straightforward.

Soulsearch’s eyes widened when he heard Qing Shui’s response. He was secretly very worked up. He knew that Qing Shui concealed himself deeply but he was clueless as to the depth of his strength..

With the actions and attitude of the Pang Clan, he reckoned that Qing Shui wouldn’t go even if it was the Yehuang Clan who came. He wasn’t used to being ‘invited’ by others like this. Even more so when he had some destructive power with him right now. The Life and Death Needles weren’t merely for treating illness, they could be used as weapons too.

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