Chapter: 1324

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1324 - Even doctors have powerful strength. Sikong Clan, Premature Senescence

Old Man Puyang stopped letting the little brat eat any more after she had three of them. Instead, he collected it for her and would only allow her to eat them later. He only left after thanking Qing Shui repeatedly. He also told Qing Shui that he would come every day in the future. Not only that, if anything was to happen, he said to Qing Shui that he would be welcome to seek him out for help.

Qing Shui didn’t know whether Old Man Puyang was aware of the things with Pang Clan. Maybe because he was already quite old, he had stopped asking about the things going on in the mortal world. But it was true that he was particularly serious when he talked to Qing Shui, telling him that he must look for him if anything happened.

Before it was absolutely necessary, Qing Shui wouldn’t ask others to help. Let alone now, he also hadn’t cured the little girl yet.

No matter what, as of now, so long as Qing Shui wanted to do so, he should be able to resolve the danger he was facing in front of him. Qing Shui wasn’t sure how powerful Pang Clan was. He wanted to see how long he himself could play games with Pang Clan. This was also a kind of test.

At this moment, Soulsearch happily walked over. Prior to this, he had heard what Old Man Puyang said very clearly. He was now very amazed with Qing Shui’s capabilities. Just a few buns had won over Old Man Puyang’s promise. So long as Qing Shui was willing to ask him for help, the old man would be able to solve the problems right in front of him right away.

“Little brother, what shall we do? Do we need Old Man Puyang’s help?” Soulsearch smiled and asked.

“It’s not something to be rushed about. Before it becomes absolutely essential, it’s best if we don’t open up our mouths and talk about it. We are still going to follow our original plan. By then, there should be people who will help us,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Now, Soulsearch would basically believe whatever Qing Shui said. Qing Shui went back to his room to pack his stuff. After that, he got himself ready to let Soulsearch bring him to the clans which needed him. Of course, Soulsearch would contact them in advance. He boasted greatly about Qing Shui. Actually, this wasn’t necessary, the fact of Soulsearch becoming younger, was already a very good way to promote Qing Shui.

When Qing Shui stepped into his room, he felt a whiff of fragrance and he instantly knew that Yehuang Guwu was here.

Within the span of one breath’s time, Yehuang Guwu was already beside Qing Shui. That faint fragrant smell of hers went straight into Qing Shui’s nose. She seemed really tired, causing Qing Shui to feel pained in his heart, “Is everything alright?”

While speaking, Qing Shui put his hands on her veins and contemplated for a while.

“How’s my condition?”

“Oh, congratulations my lady, it’s a baby girl,” Qing Shui said seriously.

“Damned brat, you are purposely trying to anger me, aren’t you?” The woman looked a bit grumpy but at the same time she was also smiling. Despite this, she was unable to hide the lonely feeling in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, I am a miracle doctor. I will cure you. If I am unable to do so, I will give you a baby myself.” Qing Shui softly exerted a pressure on her body. As he did so, a portion of Divine Force started spreading out around her body.

“You must not lie to me!” The woman smiled happily when she saw Qing Shui like this.

“Of course, I never lie. I can guarantee that to you. But you need to live well. Without you, it will be tough for me to return to Western Oxhe Continent.

“So I am just a tool. You cold-blooded brat. Alright, forget it, I am leaving now.” Yehuang Guwu seemed to be a lot better now.

“Don’t rush. Why don’t you have a bun first? You should already have enough energy for it.” Qing Shui had left a few buns in the realm. They were put in by him a while before. They were still warm.

“It’s so beautiful. It’s my first time seeing such beautiful buns.

Yehuang Guwu said while happily taking the buns. At the moment when she finished speaking, she bit into them. She was stunned for a while and blinked her beautiful eyes. Those long eyelashes of hers looked really sexy. Very quickly, she had already finished the buns.

“Qing Shui, what have you been doing during these few days?” The woman smiled and pulled Qing Shui. But at this moment, Soulsearch came in.

“Erm, little brother, don’t mind me just go and be busy with your own things.” Soulsearch was very confused. How come an unmatched beauty suddenly popped up out of nowhere? While admiring Qing Shui’s luck with gorgeous woman, he quickly went out.

Qing Shui smiled. Yehuang Guwu on the other hand was really calm. Furthermore, she even smiled and nodded at Soulsearch.

“I have opened a medical store here with someone. This Brother Soulsearch whom I know is someone who had once treated people from the Yehuang Clan,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Yehuang Guwu’s body trembled. After that, she said slowly, “Qing Shui, can you promise me one thing?”

“What kind of thing? So long as it is something I am able to manage, I will definitely help you,” Qing Shui said in a firm tone.

“Don’t see any patients from Yehuang Clan.” Yehuang Guwu looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui thought about it for a while, “I promise you. In any case, Yehuang Clan won’t look up someone at my level. At the very least not for now. I can promise that so long as you don’t approve of it, I won’t see their patients.”

“Thank you!” Yehuang Guwu smiled happily.

“Martial Aunt, do we still have to be so formal with each other?”

“Alright, we don’t have to be then. I am leaving soon. Why don’t you give me a few buns?” Yehuang Guwu pouted and said.

“I have long prepared that for you.” Qing Shui took out quite a lot of them. They were all already put on plates. On the first day he came out, he already got them ready for this woman. Unfortunately, he had yet to be able to return to the Central Continent. Or else, he would have made more for them.

Yehuang Guwu smiled as she put all of them away. After that, Qing Shui embraced her at the moment when she let her guard down the most, “I am leaving. Look after yourself.”

Qing Shui embraced her well-endowed body and said with a smile, “Alright, you have to be careful too. Remember, I can absolutely cure you. In the future, you are bound to be extremely busy giving birth to babies.”


The woman left. Qing Shui came out. Soulsearch didn’t actually question Qing Shui who she was. Instead, he said, “Let’s go to Sikong Clan today. There are already people rushing us since yesterday.”

Soulsearch also selected the places which he had mentioned before. For example, Sikong Clan, Sikong Clan was one of the clans which he would definitely release the information to. Furthermore, it was a kind of illness which might possibly be cured.

Naturally, Qing Shui didn’t have any opinions about it. He rode on Soulsearch’s demonic beast, the Swift Shadow Crane. Sikong Clan was not really far away from here. Of course, that was based on Dancing Phoenix Continent itself and also based on the demonic beast which possessed terrifying speed. If he had been in his previous incarnation, this kind of distance could only be described with the word frightening.

Qing Shui has promised Old Man Puyang to help treat the little lass in a few days. But now, he was heading off to help other people cure their diseases and illnesses instead. This somehow felt inappropriate. But back then, he did tell the old man that he would need time to get ready, as he might need a long period of time to treat her.

One hour was all it took for them to arrive.

The Sikong Clan was located in a very vast area. Its buildings were also grand and luxurious. There were two rows of guards in warriors attire standing out front. The moment they saw Soulsearch and Qing Shui, one of the middle aged men came out.

“Miracle Doctor Sou, you guys made it. The old man has been waiting for you guys for a long time.”

Qing Shui stared at the middle aged man. This man was clad in white and had a relaxed demeanor. His smile was charming yet with no hints of a sinister nature within and exuded a sense of righteousness.

“Sorry for the trouble, Mister Fang.”

“My pleasure.”

Qing Shui and Soulsearch followed the man with surname Fang as they proceeded towards Sikong Clan. Qing Shui observed his surroundings while walking. Every part of them looked very refined. It felt like there were mountains on one side and water on the other. Of course, they were all made with manpower.

Very quickly, a slightly old looking elderly man walked out from the large door of the hall. The old man’s body was straight like a pen. A faint powerful aura could be sensed spreading around him. Each step he took somehow resembled something between that of a dragon walking and the steps of a tiger.

Actually, this was a kind of charm, a kind of aura.

The old man’s eyes seemed unusually farsighted and wise. They might look bright but they weren’t arrogant, making people feel quite easy to interact with.

“You two miracle doctors have finally come. Miracle Doctor Sou, you seem a lot younger than before.” The old man went forward to clasp hands with Soulsearch and Qing Shui while giving them a warm welcome.

“Old Man Sikong, you still look fine like usual. This is Qing Shui. He is a thousand times better than me in terms of medical expertise.” Soulsearch happily introduced Qing Shui to the old man.

“Greetings, Old Man Sikong. My brother seems to have exaggerated things about me.

“Come in the house, come in the house!” The old man happily remarked as he led Soulsearch and Qing Shui, while holding their hands, towards the hall.

In his previous incarnations, Qing Shui would definitely feel a pain in his ballsack if he saw three men holding hands together. Yet now, he didn’t feel anything when he saw it. After all, the old man was already quite aged. Both himself and Soulsearch were considered the old man’s juniors.

The living room was very huge. It was untainted by even a speck of dust. There also wasn’t that much furniture around. The old man let Qing Shui and Soulsearch sit down. Very quickly, there were already people coming to serve them tea.

“Old man, may I know who needs treatment? I think it is best if we see the patient first.” Qing Shui didn’t touch the tea on the desk.

“That’s great!” The old man smiled as he let out his hand and clapped a few times.

The middle-aged man from before came in.

“Cang Shu, bring Tong Lang here!”


Very quickly, a weak and fragile “elderly man” came in. The old man was very skinny. His hair was grey and dull. His clothes looked washed out. The “elderly man” said softly at the moment when he saw the old man, “Great grandfather, forget it!”

Qing Shui was stunned. He felt something was out of place. This “elderly man” was no ordinary old man. This was a kind of disease, Premature Senescence!

Premature Senescence, a condition when the body aged five to ten times faster than normal. The patient who caught such illness would have an appearance which resembled that of an old man. Similarly, their organs would decline very quickly, causing their physiological functions to drop significantly. Qing Shui still knew a few things about Premature Senescence.

But logically speaking, these kind of symptoms should be curable across the World of the Nine Continents.

“I am sure you two must have been able to figure out something too. He is aging prematurely. We also have no idea how he caught this kind of illness. He has taken a lot of medicines but to our surprise, all of them proved to be of no use……”

“His body type innately rejects the majority of medicines. Even the best medicinal pill may prove to be useless when used on him, the reason being that his body doesn’t really absorb the medicine itself,” at this moment, Qing Shui stood up and said.

Soulsearch has also stood up.

“Well then, miracle doctor, is it curable?” Old Man Sikong asked agitatedly.

Qing Shui now knew why Sikong Clan had invited him. Soulsearch turning young was very likely one of the most important reasons behind it.

“Yes but I will need at least half a month for it,” Qing Shui said after a few thoughts.

“Really? It doesn’t matter if it needs to take half a month. It is fine even if it needs longer!”

Qing Shui’s body possessed the Force of Rebirth. Things would be fine so long as he managed to trigger the normal function of his body. But he would also have to sacrifice a bit of Spring of Life to ensure a higher success rate.

The old man didn’t actually get agitated when he heard what Qing Shui said. He only looked at this person who was speaking conceited nonsense strangely. But at the same time, he also felt that it didn’t seem like he was just speaking nonsense. The reason being that it was true what he said about his body type being incapable of absorbing medical substances.

“Well then, I will help you perform some acupuncture now. It will become clear a while later whether it is curable. He will also be able to sense it.”

The time for the entire treatment wasn’t really that long. It lasted for around an hour. Halfway through it, Qing Shui fed him some Spring of Life. Qing Shui also used the Life and Death Needles and when he combined that with his Force of Rebirth, he could almost notice the “elderly man” looking younger with his eyes. Prior to this, he looked like he was around a hundred years of age but now, he looked almost like he was ninety. Even though the change wasn’t that significant, it was already quite obvious. That was mainly because the patient’s spirit and charm had gotten a lot better. Simultaneously, the elderly man also seemed to have more strength. The vitality within his body had become even more tenacious.

“Tong Lang, how do you feel?” Old Man Sikong asked agitatedly.

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