Chapter: 1327

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1327 - A Needle For Life, A Needle For Death, A Good Beginning, The Path of a Physician

The effects of Bloodlion Devil were waning. Pang Shitu felt his body become very heavy. Although it wasn’t too much of a restriction, the consumption speed was more than twice the usual for the sake of reaching the state he was in before. This greatly pressured him. He couldn’t knock him out even under the Bloodlion Devil state. It would be even more difficult for him to do that now. But he was confident that his opponent wouldn’t be able to break his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, so he wasn’t too worried either.

Instead, he was very concerned about that gigantic violet demonic beast. Luckily, that demonic beast wasn’t really that formidable. Otherwise, it could really kill him.

Qing Shui actually wanted to use the bloodthirsty demonic vines very badly. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like it was time to use it yet. So he had to keep thinking up ways to reduce the opponent’s speed and reactions. If he could use the bloodthirsty demonic vines to entangle him, Qing Shui was confident in trapping the Pang Shitu for a short period of time even if he was a few times more powerful than Qing Shui.

It was pity that he didn’t have the opportunity to do so. After Thunderous Beast unleashed its attack earlier, the opponent had grown more wary of it. Hence, it would be very difficult for him to use the same tactic again, even if the opponent couldn’t use his Bloodlion Devil again for a short period of time. Fortunately Qing Shui was in an invulnerable position at this moment.

So, it was very possible for this to remain a stalemate.

Qing Shui was definitely unwilling to keep dragging this on. The result of a draw was actually not bad, although this outcome was slightly out of everyone’s expectation. However, based on the current situation, this was pretty much a tie.

Qing Shui had a variety of tactics, Pang Shitu possessed a formidable strength. However, outsiders couldn’t really tell. Only a very few of them could truly see how the battle really was going and these people would much rather fight with Pang Shitu than with Qing Shui.

Qing Shui took out the Life and Death Needles.

Life and Death Needles; a needle for life and a needle for death!

Qing Shui had initially wanted this to be a tie between them too but it was nothing more than a sudden initial thought. However, he realized that the Pang Clan would still be humiliated regardless of whether Pang Shitu lost or tied in this battle. For Qing Shui, there was no way he could let himself be defeated either. Since this was the case, he might as well go all out and crush him so completely, winning this battle in a domineering manner.

Qing Shui held the Life and Death Needles in his hands, with the end that was exuding death Qi in front and then charged towards Pang Shitu.

“Good one!”

Pang Shitu had been annoyed about the fact that he couldn’t chase after the opponent despite his speed. Although he was stronger than his opponent, he couldn’t touch him. He felt as if his powerful punches were all landing on cotton instead.

Pang Shitu’s eyes lit up, now that Qing Shui had actually taken the initiative to strike. He had to seize the opportunity. He definitely couldn’t afford to let Qing Shui escape again.

‘He’s closing in!’

Pang Shitu watched as Qing Shui drew closer and closer, having no intention to evade. He wasn’t really concerned about a person who couldn’t even break his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. The only thing he had to do now, was to knock his opponent down in one strike.

Qing Shui knew the intention of his opponent. So just when he was closing in to Pang Shitu, he vanished.

Nine Palace Steps, Vanish!

It was a different approach than ‘Nine Palace Steps, Void’ technique, but both of them achieved the same outcome. However, with this, he vanished along with his aura and everything else. Nine Palace Steps, Void would still leave behind a trail of afterimage instead. Hence, the ‘Nine Palace Steps, Vanish’ technique was a level higher than it. The moment he vanished, Pang Shitu’s heart jolted. But then he felt assured when he remembered about his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. He concentrated and put his guard up, as he prepared to give Qing Shui a fatal strike at any moment.


Qing Shui, who had vanished, reappeared instantly beside Pang Shitu. He directly plunged the Life and Death Needles towards Pang Shitu. They penetrated through his powerful-looking Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation as if it was non-existent in the first place.

At the same time, the energy within Pang Shitu’s body suddenly erupted. Just when he was prepared to give Qing Shui a fatal strike, Qing Shui’s divine force abruptly erupted and it was injected into his opponent’s brain through the Life and Death Needles.

Death Qi seeped into Pang Shitu’s brain. Although only a little, it still rendered Pang Shitu into a half dead state within an instant. Even though Pang Shitu’s final strike was greatly reduced, it still hit Qing Shui. It didn’t land on any vital parts on him, but it still once again heavily injured Qing Shui.

Pang Shitu didn’t die from the fall but instead he woke up and found his entire body lacking in strength. He was freezing, just like an ordinary person. At this very moment, he felt extremely dispirited. He just felt deeply unmotivated and powerless, like a person who had just sustained a severe injury or a person who had just recovered from a severe illness. It had been so many years since he last felt this way. At this very moment, he realized just how fragile life was.

“I’ve lost!” Pang Shitu removed the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation and exclaimed towards Qing Shui who was standing in front of him.

Qing Shui didn’t kill Pang Shitu because he realized that the Life and Death Needles had left a trail of death Qi in his body that would continuously consume him. Without Qing Shui’s help, he would only last roughly a decade at most or die inevitably in one and half years. Not only that, it would also be very unlikely for his strength to improve.

There wasn’t really any benefit in killing Pang Shitu right now. So he spared his life, in fear of getting the innocents involved. That way by the time he died, they wouldn’t blame Qing Shui. If he could live for more than decade, just the Pang Clan alone wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“Go then, all of you. I hope you all will abide by the agreement made between us,” Qing Shui said while wiping away the trail of blood at the corner of his lips.

“Rest assured, the Pang Clan will definitely keep our word,” Pang Shitu said with a smile, even though it was an extremely bitter smile.

From the beginning, Pang Shitu had already had a feeling that he would definitely lose today. Even if it wasn’t Qing Shui, some other clans would also defeat him. When he thought about this, he really wanted to vomit blood. Pang De was really brainless. He even felt like killing him now. He had only made the bet after feeling the undulation in the surroundings, for the sake of avoiding Qing Shui holding a grudge on Pang Clan. Pang Shitu had lived for so many years, naturally he could tell that this young man would someday soar into the heavens like a mighty dragon. Even at this point of time, he wasn’t someone the Pang Clan could afford to offend.

This was the ability of a formidable physician.

“Brother, are you alright?” Soulsearch came up to him and asked worriedly.

“Brother, have you forgotten the fact that I am a physician?” Qing Shui laughed. This could hardly amount to anything.

“Brother, go upstairs and tend to your wounds. Don’t delay,” Li Ji also urged Qing Shui.

Qing Shui turned around and nodded at Old Man Puyang and the rest before he went back into Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Not long after that, Old Master Li and Li Yan also came to see Qing Shui too. They were there just now too. Qing Shui was a little overwhelmed by emotions when he saw Li Yan. There was a trace of sentiment from his previous world imprinted on his mind that he just couldn’t wipe off.

In his previous world, she could be considered a beauty. Although not the most beautiful in Qing Shui’s eyes, he definitely liked this type of woman the most. The ladies he met after coming to this world like Shi Qingzhuang, Canghai Mingyue, Di Chen and Yiye Jiange possessed beauty that was unattainable even through makeup and cosmetics in his previous world. There was still a great disparity between their beauty and photos that had been filtered and photoshopped. Even with these women in his possession, he still couldn’t wipe away his fondness when he saw this girl who greatly resembled the girl he had adored in his previous life.

She had a pair of huge and very bright eyes that were slightly moist. She had an amazing voice too, just like her. Qing Shui was aware that this was not the same girl from his previous world, just like that man back in the five continents who looked just like big brother. But even if he wasn’t him, Qing Shui still bestowed upon him an opportunity that was enough to change the rest of his life.

Now that he had met this girl from Li Clan, he thought he could very quickly forget about this girl. After all, she wasn’t her. She only looked like her. He didn’t adore that girl from his previous world solely due to her appearance but as a person and the type of feeling that she gave off.

“Sir Qing, are you alright?”Li Yan wasn’t aware of the thoughts running through Qing Shui’s mind. She was only asking in a slightly worried tone. By the time she arrived, Qing Shui had already finished tending to his wounds, cleaned up and changed his clothes. He didn’t even lie down.

“Miss Yan’er, I am a physician. What could this minor injury possibly mean? Thank you for checking on me.”

At this very moment, Qing Shui saw a very familiar expression on her face and suddenly recalled the scene where she bent over to help him tie his shoelace back in his previous world. During that moment, he had wanted to embrace her so badly but he couldn’t do that. He indeed had too many regrets in his previous life.

Li Yan was taken aback when he saw Qing Shui. The very complicated expression on his face flustered her and caused her to avert her gaze from him. Qing Shui smiled and asked her to take a seat. Old Master Li was sitting on the couch and chatting with Soulsearch and the rest.

The fifth floor was a private area that was only accessible with permission.

“You’re welcome. I should be the one thanking you,” Li Yan regained her composure as she gently chuckled.

“You bear strong resemblance to a friend of mine,” Qing Shui commented with a smile.

“What friend?” Li Yan was intrigued.

“A very close friend.”

“Who looks very much like me? Can I meet her then?” Li Yan seemed to be very curious about it.

“I might never be able to find her again. She has vanished from my world.” Qing Shui didn’t know how to feel when he said that.

“I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine. I’m already used to it. It’s been a few decades already.” Qing Shui pondered for a moment. He still couldn’t forget about her even though a few decades had passed. He wondered if Li Yan had misunderstood his words. To be honest, it was more like he had vanished from her world.

“Oh, then that means she is way older than me,” Li Yan chuckled.

Qing Shui shook his head. In his heart, that girl was forever frozen at that age because his memory had stopped at that point in time. He didn’t tell her that but instead, he changed the subject and talked to Li Yan about something else.

For this girl, Qing Shui would no longer deliberately pursue her. If she was really that girl from his previous life, then he would definitely not let her slip away again. It was a pity that the one standing before him merely resembled her in appearance only.

But sometimes, humans were visual creatures. Even though he clearly knew she wasn’t the same girl, his heart still subconsciously saw her as a substitute and both of them were gradually overlapping. He wasn’t sure if this could be considered a form of substitution. Was it really possible to completely replace a person?

After a few interactions, both of them had pretty much gotten used to each other. Their conversation flowed as how it would be with the girl-next-door and they were also very comfortable conversing with each other.

The smile on Old Master Li’s face broadened when he saw Qing Shui was having a pleasant chat with Li Yan. However, he was aware that this young Miraculous Doctor wasn’t an ordinary person. Although his girl was beautiful, the Li Clan’s background was much too inferior compared to Qing Shui. If his little girl was from the main branch of Li Clan, then perhaps there might still be some hope.


In just a few days, Qing Shui had treated many patients. They were mainly people with quite a profound clan background. There was also a volunteer medical consultation once a week at the Imperial Cuisine Hall. His reputation as a Miraculous Physician was spread around, not only that, he was also known as the benevolent physician.

Thus, countless people were attracted to this place due to its reputation...

Before he realized it, Qing Shui found himself in a very profound position. The members of Imperial Cuisine Hall’s fourth floor had increased very significantly compared to before. Most of them were clans that were on par with Li Clan’s main branch and Sikong Clan and of course, the Puyang Clan, Dugu Clan and some others. Qing Shui had already walked into their field of view.

That little girl from Puyang Clan was finally cured today. Old Man Puyang happily looked at Qing Shui. “When you have children, shall we engage them to each other?”

Qing Shui was taken aback before he smiled. “I am very fond of your little girl, Zhengming. If you are willing to, I have no objection either. I’m just worried that if the two of them can’t get along well when they grow up, they might blame us.”

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