Chapter: 1329

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1329 - The Clearing of Eighth Heavenly Meridian, Significant Increase in Strength Yet Again

It went without saying that Qing Shui’s position among his clan was transcendent. However, he was still very easy going with the others. This was also what Qing Shui wished for. He was fond of the most ordinary familial affection that didn’t have any complicated feelings mixed in it.

“Mother, I wasn’t talking nonsense. As long as they are willing to wait, I can guarantee them the best marriage in the future. For the sake of Qing Clan’s future, I will definitely find a wife that they will be satisfied with,” Qing Shui said with a smile. The current Qing Clan was decent enough for many people to wish to connect to the Qing Clan through marriage. But of course, this type of marriage wouldn’t simply be just a marriage for connection.

However, he couldn’t rule out that with gains there would be losses as well, depending on what one was pursuing. Most of these unions were done without any feelings. But bonds could be nurtured over time, provided that there was no hatred between two parties. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for any bonds to be nurtured.

Qing Shui initially hated these marriages for connection, even now. As for Long’er’s arranged marriage, he’d still leave it to the two children’s decision in the future.

“Alright, alright. I still hope they all can find a person they love. Marriage isn’t business. It’s something that will last a lifetime,” Qing Yi smiled and said in a relaxed tone.

Qing Shui’s heart stirred when he heard that and remembered that his mother had been waiting for that person all this time. He decided that he must find him. He just had to wait until his strength was raised and when he was influential enough. By then he would be able to track him down.

Qing Shui had a hunch that that person was probably not some unknown figure. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be anyone coming to the five continents to steal him away.

“I know, Mother. Rest assured. That’s why I still want them to raise their strength. By then, they would be able to reach newer heights and broader world. But of course, if they meet the right one then they may let it slip away.” Qing Shui felt that the words he had just said earlier sounded a little as if he was splitting hairs.

After dinner, the entire clan was chatting in the lounge. The atmosphere was great and very lively. Qing Shui’s few children were there along with Qing Zi’s child. Changfeng was the oldest among them. He was still like a small calf back then but he had grown half a size bigger compared to before. Among the fourth generation of Qing Clan, he was the oldest boy apart from Luan Luan and Yuchang.

Despite his young age, his foundation was way more superior than Qing Zi back then. After Feng Yanfei married Qing Zi, she appeared to be more youthful. She wasn’t showing any signs of aging but she was instead turning more mature.

Qing Changfeng had a similar figure to Qing Zi. He was strong like a tiger cub but his face bore somewhat of a resemblance to Feng Yanfei instead. Qing Shui didn’t mean to say Qing Zi looked ugly, he just looked a little silly.

Qing Shui had also put in enough effort, that wasn’t any inferior to the efforts he put in his own children, in Qing Zi’s few children.

Among Qing Hui, Qing Hu, Qing Shan, Qing You, Qing Shi, only Qing Shan and Xiang Yuan got married. Qing You had broken up with his young girlfriend. The girl had left his side forever due to an unexpected incident. This caused Qing You to be depressed for a very long period of time.

There weren’t many people among the fourth generation of the Qing Clan. There were only two girls - Qing Bei and Qing Qing. Qing Qing was already married. To other clans, Qing Clan could only be considered a very, very small clan with this number of people.

Qing Luo had been hoping for the next generation of the Qing Clan to flourish. The fourth generation of Qing Clan wasn’t that few for now. Qing Shui already had a few children and was expecting even more in the future. Qing Zi had three sons and a daughter, Qing Shan also had two children by now, a boy and a girl.

They were also named by Qing Shui. The boy was named Qing Ling while the girl was named Qing Qi. They were two years apart. The boy was older and around three years old now while the girl was around one year old.

There were also still some other followers of the Qing Clan who were pretty much like the stewards of the Qing Clan. They managed most businesses for Qing Clan since there weren’t many people in Qing Clan.

Cang Wuya had already returned to the Heavenly Palace. Fei Wuji had become a father. When Canghai Mingyue and Luan Luan sent Old Master back, they had also gifted many presents for Fei Wuji.


Qing Luo and Lin Zhanhan retired to bed not long after that. The two old men were very happy. Lin Zhanhan had found his descendant and naturally, his wish had been fulfilled. The incident at Lion King’s Ridge had also ended. The heavy boulder in his heart had vanished and he felt relieved.

Qing Yi and the rest also left. Long’er was already asleep. Zhu Qing and the few ladies also carried their children and left. Soon enough, only the few males from the third generation of Qing Clan were left here drinking wine.

“Brother Qing Shui, is the Dancing Phoenix Continent very beautiful?”

“Of course!”

“Are there a lot of beauties?” Qing You laughed mischievously.

“Yes!” Qing Shui replied with a laugh.

“Alright then, I shall wait another few years. By then, you have to find me a lady from some aristocratic clan as my woman. Oh yes and she may have the temper expected of a lady of the aristocratic clan but she mustn’t be unreasonable,” Qing You said in anticipation.


There still wasn’t any news of Yiye Jiange yet and it had been a month. Before Qing Shui realized it, he had arrived before Wenren Wu-shuang’s door. It opened with just a push and Qing Shui immediately went in.

This time, it was different compared to last time. After all, he had just been here last month.

Wenren Wu-shuang was neatly dressed and standing by the window, admiring the nightscape outside. The view here was amazing. She smiled when she saw Qing Shui. “It’s been so long since your last return. You should go spend some time with the others first!”

Her white dress was whiter than the snow and her silky hair draped over her shoulders. Her face was peerlessly alluring. Not alluring in a seductive way but in a graceful way instead. She was kind of sacred, noble, intellectual and had the temperament slightly akin to the big-sister-next-door.

“The last time I returned, you weren’t here. This time, I wish to devour you. Be my woman, Wu-shuang.” Qing Shui smiled and walked over to hold her hands.

Wenren Wu-shuang’s delicate body trembled, she shook her head gently. “It’s too risky. You have so many women. There’s no need to risk this. I am forever your woman anyway.”

Qing Shui glanced at her and smiled. “Wu-shuang, do you not wish to become a woman?” he asked softly.

Were there any woman that didn’t yearn for love? Appetite and lust were human nature, they were omnipresent in healthy people. Wenren Wu-shuang’s face flushed at Qing Shui’s question. She had already considered herself his woman since long ago. It was a pity that her body woke her up at the most critical moment that time. But if something had happened that time, she definitely wouldn’t be able to forgive herself ever.

“I wish to but I can’t.” Wenren Wu-shuang’s countenance dimmed at the thought of this.

She couldn’t be together with her beloved in the most intimate way. When the love between a man and woman reached the peak, sex would naturally happen. Love had to be communicated through words, love had to be communicated through actions. This was a physical need and also an emotional need. This was inheritance. Copulation between a man and woman was sacred.

“Wu-shuang, the thing you worried about isn’t going to happen. I have the Nine Yang Constitution and it has already attained the Grand Perfection Stage on top of that. You are a gift that has been bestowed upon me by the Heavens because only I am able to do things that would make even the immortals jealous with you,” Qing Shui assured her with a smile.

She looked at Qing Shui earnestly. Her countenance suddenly turned alluringly gorgeous as she immediately gave Qing Shui a tight embrace. “Really?”

“I still don’t want to leave you all yet. Do you think I would be able to leave you all here just like that?” Qing Shui laughed and planted a kiss on her straight and sharp jade-like nose.


Wenren Wu-shuang and Qing Shui’s clothes were discarded in a flash, her fair and lovely figure was exposed before Qing Shui. Qing Shui kissed her on her lips and gently sucked on them while fondling her soft breasts with both of his hands.

That alluring roundness was exuding fatal temptation that made one’s blood race. The faint fragrance of her body invaded Qing Shui’s sense of smell. He couldn’t restrain himself from enveloping that delicate peak in his mouth, while teasing the other with his other hand.


Qing Shui squeezed his rod into a very hot and wet place. It was scalding or more like freezingly scalding. There was a piercing icy sensation within that hotness but it wasn’t too intense. If it wasn’t for his Nine Yang Constitution, he reckoned that he could have been done for instantly. But now, it almost set Qing Shui off instead. Could this be the high level Ultimate Level of Icefire...?

The moment he penetrated into her, the unnamed cultivation technique activated itself. At the same time, Qing Shui also had Wenren Wu-shuang activate that unnamed cultivation technique. He had taught her that a very long time ago.


As expected, one of the Twelve Heavenly Meridians was cleared this time!

The Eighth Heavenly Meridian had been cleared...

Eight out of the Twelve Heavenly Meridians had been cleared. A wave of exquisite energy erupted within his body. It was extremely pure and quickly blended within his body. Not long after that, another wave of pure energy rose and then entered Wenren Wu-shuang’s body through the place where they were connected. During the daytime, he had already helped her to nurture her constitution. This time, she was undergoing an earth shattering transformation.

Soon enough, a wave of even more powerful energy poured forth from Wenren Wu-shuang into his body.


For about two hours, their bodies would be strengthened every time it passed through. It would leave behind a trail of pure energy when it left their bodies. This carried on until that wave of enormous energy split into two in the end and melted into both of their bodies.

Before Wenren Wu-shuang could even exclaim in surprise, Qing Shui had already started moving. The room was instantly filled with alluring and delicate moans.

They didn’t stop until it was past midnight. Wenren Wu-shuang lay on Qing Shui’s chest languidly in bliss while watching him.

“My husband...” Wenren Wu-shuang’s reddened face was still quite elegant when she called out shyly and coquettishly.

“Did it feel good? Are you satisfied?” Qing Shui’s hands were gently caressing her rear. They were still intimately joined together down there.

“It felt great. Shuang’er only knows now that there’s something this pleasurable. No wonder you are always doing this with sisters.” Wenren Wu-shuang leaned over to shyly whisper into Qing Shui’s ear.

Her breasts were in full display before Qing Shui’s face. He naturally didn’t hold back as he savored one of the swaying roundnesses. The moment he gave it a strong suck, Wenren Wu-shuang instantly turned weak.


Wenren Wu-shuang was fast asleep but Qing Shui couldn’t sleep. The Eighth Heavenly Meridian had been cleared. The Fourth Heavenly Meridian from back then had reached its turning point which was akin to the small success stage and his strength had been raised very significantly.

When the Eighth Heavenly Meridian was cleared this time, his strength had also been significantly improved, much more compared to the time the Fourth Heavenly Meridian was cleared. In addition to Duo Cultivation and perhaps Wenren Wu-shuang’s constitution and Yin Physique, his physical strength was instantly increased by two sun.

His physical strength had already reached more than four sun. Over this period of time, the rate his physical strength increased through his own cultivation was very slow. He wasn’t sure if this was a reaction of possessing the Duo Cultivation technique and Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. In any case, he felt a little bothered by it. His cultivation had been improving agonizingly slow but as long as his physical strength increased by a little, his strength would increase considerably. But then again, he had the Seven-colored Pellet, Spiritual Weapon which was the Big Dipper Sword, Golden Pellet, Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Divine Nebula Formation and Arhat Rosary Beads. When he thought about it up to this point, it was fair enough because he was already viewed as a monster by others nowadays.

The Eighth Heavenly Meridian… Qing Shui had a suspicion now that this capability wasn’t only limited to only the ladies on the Portraits of Beauty. He had six women that were on the Portraits of Beauty, Wenren Wu-shuang, Canghai Mingyue, Mo Zun, Di Qing, Hai Dongqing and Yu Ruyan and this puzzled Qing Shui very much.

Yu Sunu and Mu Qing had also cleared one Heavenly Meridian each but he couldn’t determine if they were one of the ladies from the Portraits of Beauty.

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