Chapter: 1348

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1348 - The change in half a year, Dragon Elephant, Qing Shui at peak Martial Emperor

There were also quite a few people in the Qing Clan whose strength had achieved a pretty good level like Canghai Mingyue, Hai Dongqing, Mingyue Gelou and Mu Qing. For now, it was unnecessary to take into account the children. With Qing Shui around, the kids were already standing at the top of their age groups.

The people who Qing Shui were a bit worried about were Shi Qingzhuang and Zhu Qing. Yun Duan was slightly faster compared to them. As for those two, they were progressing only slightly faster than the people from Qing Clan. Now though, Qing Shui was already raising the innate skills of the people from Qing Clan. Furthermore, the effects also worked out quite well. The speed at which they improved had shockingly grown a lot faster. Prior to this, they were too weak. Ever since their innate skills were altered, the speed at which they improved had become many times faster than before.

Regarding this matter, the two girls also felt a bit upset, particularly Shi Qingzhuang. There wasn’t that big a gap between the age of this intelligent and beautiful woman and Qing Shui’s. She was one of Qing Shui’s earliest woman. She might not have said anything about it, but she was unsatisfied with her own strength.

Zhu Qing, on the other hand, was content with it. For most of the time in a day, she would be the one to look after the children. Whenever someone needed someone to take care of her children, she could just deliver them to her. Regardless of whether she was taking care of one or a bunch, she was still taking care of them. In addition, with more children, the atmosphere would become more lively.

Qing Shui had attempted many things, including his medicinal pills and acupunctures. Unfortunately, she was still only able to absorb very little of it. Even Qing Shui himself, had run out of ideas. The only thing he could do was to strengthen her constitution.

Qing Shui had told them to not rush things and become distracted from their goals. Now that he thought about, the Violet Gold Bloodline Pearl might be helpful. For the past six months, Qing Shui had been letting her cultivate her Blood Force. It had produced quite a decent effect. This was to help make the Violet Gold Bloodline within her body become even more tenacious.

The six months time had also made Qing Shui feel even more refreshed. His demonic beasts had sufficient time in the realm to take in the energies within their bodies. All of them had already gone through substantial changes.

All along, Qing Shui had paid a lot of attention on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant in the last six months. This was equivalent to more than ten years within the realm. During this time, he didn’t cut down on his intake of medicinal pills. Furthermore, the Dragon Force which he had absorbed in the past as well as some other things had also stabilized greatly. Apparently, they had all burst out during this time. Not only had his raw strength increased significantly, but also even some of his battle techniques had undergone enormous changes.

His raw strength had achieved an amount worth forty-five sun….. Actually, Qing Shui knew about all of this. During the entire time, he has been observing his demonic beasts. It seemed like the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, the Heaven and Earth Battle Beast, had also gained a lot of strength during this time. This made Qing Shui wonder if he should break through towards “Immortal Demons”.

Qing Shui quickly looked down.

Dragon Elephant Force, passive battle technique, permanently increased raw strength by seventy times.

This had also increased! Qing Shui remembered that, two months ago, it had used to be sixty times.

Mighty Dragon Elephant’s Recklessness, five times of the exact same attacks. It could hit at most fifty targets.

The amount of targets which could be attacked had increased yet again by ten. This was the group killing battle technique owned by Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. Its offensive strength had also increased significantly.

Mighty Dragon Elephant Storm, Great Perfection Stage, an attack which was worth eight times its raw strength. There was a fixed chance it could cause numbness to the targets around the surroundings and immobilize them.

Its strength had increased yet again. Ever since the Dragon Elephant Bloodline awakened greatly, its strength once again underwent changes. This battle technique had already begun to shine.

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion: Within three thousand meters of distance, user could instantaneously leap to a location.

Diamond Sword Qi: Instantaneously shoot out a Core Qi to attack the opponent. It contained very powerful damaging power. It could reduce 20% of the opponent’s speed. The effect could last for two hours.

Vajra Subdues Demon: Once used, the targets within a thousand meters would experience a 10% reduction in strength. The amount of targets must not exceed fifty. The effect lasts for two hours.

There were no changes for these three battle techniques. Despite this, Qing Shui already felt really content.

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack: Instantly activate ten times of the user’s physical strength to attack a single target.

It changed! Even this had changed!

Dark Internal Flames: The dark flame below the dragon elephant’s feet could enable the attacks of the dragon elephant to contain 20% of offensive strength to break armors. Simultaneously, it also raises 20% of the dragon elephant’s speed in air.

Dragon Scale Armor: Passive battle technique, increases the defensive and offensive capability of the dragon elephant by three times. Its powerful defensive strength and offensive strength were the dragon elephant’s biggest capabilities.

Looking at the last one, Qing Shui was stunned. He never expected for the final technique, the Dragon Scale Armor, to be a particularly important ability. Increasing by three times, that would mean multiplying its raw strength by four. Taking this into account, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant would achieve nearly one hundred and thirty thousand sun worth of strength when it performed the Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack.

Within six months time, Qing Shui had refined the feedback strength received from the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant three times. His raw strength had achieved a strength of twenty one sun. If it had been only one time, Qing Shui himself also wouldn’t dare to refine it, but this was a whole three times.

Qing Shui’s cultivation during this time had also helped him increase his raw strength by one sun. This was how had he ended up with twenty one sun worth of raw strength.

This way, by taking into account the supplementary abilities like the Big Dipper Sword and others within his Dantian, Qing Shui would had achieved more than ten thousand sun, nearly one hundred thousand sun worth of strength. If the chance to double his attack prowess was met, he would achieve nearly two hundred thousand worth of strength. The attack of the Nine Continents Mountain, on the other hand, was already close to reaching the weakest strength of a peak Martial Emperor. It had now achieved an offensive strength worth two hundred and ninety thousand sun.

He would be lying if he said he wasn’t proud. The attack of the Nine Continents Mountain was very quick and it also consumed Spirit Energy. Compared to people of equal strength to him, Qing Shui’s Spirit Energy was way stronger. The Spirit Energy within his Sea of Consciousness was many times more compared to other people. Added on that the Nine Continents Mountain didn’t really consume a lot of the Spirit Energy, for now, the Nine Continents Mountain was one of his biggest weapons. It contained almost three hundred thousand worth of offensive strength and it had terrifying power from the Shield Attack.

Now, one random Spirit Energy Attack from Qing Shui would achieve almost a hundred and forty thousand sun worth of strength. If he was to use the Seal of Rocs, it would achieve nearly two hundred and eighty thousand sun worth of strength. It had violated the chance to double in prowess and right away broke through to a strength worth five hundred thousand sun.

The chance to double in prowess wasn’t really an actual strength. Hence, Qing Shui could surpass five hundred thousand worth of strength without having to break through to being a False God Warrior. Other than that, Qing Shui hadn’t really stuck close to some of the rules of the Nine Continents. He believed in his Ancient Strengthening Technique even more.

Now, the Ancient Strengthening Technique had long since achieved peak Seventh Heavenly Layer. During this time, it had also made a lot of progress. Qing Shui felt as if he was standing in the middle of a journey to the top of the mountain. The great door towards the Eighth Heavenly Layer was already within sight. Even though it might still be far away for now, Qing shui already felt confident that he could make his way up.

Furthermore, he was very confident with this. He felt that he would definitely be able to achieve it.

Once he broke through to the Eight Heavenly Layer, he felt that he would be able to let go and accomplish a lot of things he wanted to do. The Eighth Heavenly Layer would definitely make his body even more powerful.

Qing Shui didn’t know if he could break through to five hundred thousand sun worth of strength by relying on his own strength. In other words, under the situation where the chance to double his prowess wasn’t met, his strength was beyond five hundred thousand sun. That would mean that his raw strength would need to be as much as forty sun. Other than cultivating alone, he also had the Yang Pill. Added on to that, he also had the enormous variable, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, Qing Shui felt that it should be very soon that he would achieve it. By then, he would have to get himself ready to break through to the False God Grade as well as the Eighth Heavenly Layer. Once he achieved False God, he would be able to pay a visit to the continent cities or the large cities nearby.

Even though he might have not broken through to False God, Qing Shui felt that he was already the first person right below the False God Grade, the reason being that he had the Emperor’s Qi and Vahra Subdues Demon. Seeing that the Dragon Force of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was becoming increasingly powerful, the Vajra Subdues Demon had become even stronger. Five hundred thousand sun worth of strength would right away be reduced to three hundred and fifty thousand worth of strength. It could be said that it would be hard for the opponent to even block his Nine Continents Mountain. The effect of three times of his own speed as well as his Shield Attack... it would be tough for an opponent with three hundred and fifty thousand sun of strength to even hold it back.

This realization made Qing Shui feel incomparably satisfied. A peak Martial Emperor was unable to hold back against his Nine Continents Mountain. If the grade of the NIne Continents Mountain was to increase twice again and his raw strength was to be increased yet again, an opponent may be crushed by the Nine Continents Mountain and end up in pieces? It didn’t matter whether they were False Gods or not. They would all just be eliminated.

Wishes were always beautiful. However, the grade of the Nine Continents Mountain wasn’t something which could be raised that easily. If it wasn’t because Qing Shui accidentally helped Puyang Qing broke through his barrier, it’s unlikely that he would break through as well.

Even for his current level, in the future, wasn’t something to be looked down upon. When his own strength increased, the offensive strength of Nine Continents Mountain would increase by three times that amount. For now, the phase it was in was already enough to be compared to Yehuang Guwu’s Tiger Form.

Speaking of Yehuang Guwu, her Tiger Form had gone up by one grade during these six months. It has increased from the Silver Grade to the current Golden Grade. Its strength was three times her raw strength, butshe was now able to produce four of them. Everytime she condensed one of them, it would only consume 10% of her overall strength. It could last for two hours. During its existence, it wouldn’t consume her raw strength.

Unless it got dispersed under absolute strength, it was controlled by consciousness alone. It was still the usual snow white enormous tiger with a size exceeding a hundred meters. This was a kind of bizarre form of energy.

Furthermore, the strength of Yehuang Guwu, who had stepped into the great door of Heavenly Dao, was also improving very quickly. Furthermore, she only cultivated the Tiger Form. The mysterious aura and strength within her body had been developed significantly. Originally, Qing Shui used to think that Yehuang Guwu would need at least ten years before she could flatten the entire Yehuang Clan. Seeing the way she was progressing now, it should take a lot less than that.

Three years should be enough!

Within six months time, the influence brought upon by the Imperial Hall had spread out through the entire Yehuang City. Even the nearby cities had people coming in and out very often to Yehuang Country to make friends with Qing Shui.

There were also people who came from Tianhe City and the countryside. However, they didn’t really try to establish deep friendships with Qing Shui. Within these six months, Qing Shui had yet to make any true friends. All of these people only came because they needed help from him. Until now, it’s too difficult for him to find friends like Soulsearch and the Puyang Clan. Hence, he would prefer a relationship where they both gained benefits from each other with these people.

What kind of benefits? Precious medicinal herbs, rare objects, and what came after that? Human emotions.

Hence, Qing Shui had benefited quite a lot during this time by helping others cure their diseases. Furthermore, he had also made a lot of people owe him a debt. During these six months, the Imperial Hall didn’t manage to find anymore suitable candidates. Nevertheless, both Yuan Su and Soulsearch, like in the past, had undergone significant changes as well. Their strength improved greatly, particularly in their abilities in terms of their medical expertise. Hence, Qing Shui had become more relaxed.

During the six months time, Qing Shui would help Puyang Qing four to five times every month. He did this constantly for six months and now, it had finally reached the final stage. The firm barrier had loosened. If no accident were to happen, it would take Puyang Qing at most one month to break through to False God.

Of course, the precondition was that he must succeed. Even if he were to charge in recklessly, there would still be danger. For example, his body might burst. This was considered one of the most damaging effects. He would still be considered ta False God Warrior, but he wouldn’t have the life to enjoy it.

The granny from Puyang Clan had smoothly advanced to become a Second Level False God and had becaome the strongest person in Yehuang City by name. Through communicating with the old woman, Qing Shui realized that a lot of dangers awaited in the False God grades. The gap between each level of False God was very big. Furthermore, the warriors had to face enormous risks in losing their life every time they attempted to break through a level.

At the moment when the granny broke through, Qing Shui was nearby. Qing Shui also helped perform acupunctures on her to protect her and to increase the chances of succees in breaking through. Qing Shui realized that, in the future, he still had things he needed to do with the False God Warriors. He could continue down the path of a doctor.

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