Chapter: 1350

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1350 - Yuan Su's Alchemy Recipe origin Returning Pill

Qing Shui threw a strange look at Yuan Su but didn't press on. He smiled and shook his head, "I'll be heading out for the next few days. You and Elder Brother will be very busy."

"Oh, alright. No problem," Yuan Su said, smiling with ease.

"If you have time, you should study alchemy recipes. It can raise your abilities and you'll receive great benefits."

During this period of time, Yuan Su had been busy learning medical skills and hadn't put in much work on alchemy recipes. Qing Shui didn't know if she still had other alchemy recipes on hand. Right now, the two of them were considered very good friends and friends should help one another.

Friends should help one another, allies or people working in partnership would be making use of one another.

Of course, Qing Shui wasn't trying to make use of Yuan Su. Each time he gained something good from Yuan Su, he would return the favor many times over. This was something which Qing Shui had always believed in. If others were to show him a hint of respect, he would return the respect multiple times over. if others were to make things easier for him, he would return the favour in three times or more. If others were to give him some benefits, he would return the favor three times or even 30 times. To sum it up, he didn't like the other parties to suffer from any loss. Of course, if people were to harbor any thoughts of trying to take advantage of him, Qing Shui would make sure that they would suffer greatly.

When Yuan Su heard Qing Shui's words, she smiled, "Young Master Qing has finally spoken. I'd thought that you'd already forgotten that I have this ability."

Qing Shui rubbed his head. After he had gotten closer with this lady, especially when her disposition seemed to be slightly different than what it was like in the past, most of the time she would still appear to be elegant, giving others a feeling of extreme calm and peace. However, sometimes, this lady would change to be different from usual. Qing Shui couldn't put a word to describe what was so different.

"Alright, I shall stop teasing you. With your current abilities, you probably won't fancy the other alchemy recipes either. The only one I can bring out would be this. However, I have no confidence whether or not it can be successfully refined either." Yuan Su smiled and handed Qing Shui a beast parchment.

The beast parchment was trimmed very neatly and not only was there no weird smell, there was even a faint fragrance. This was a pure white piece of beast parchment. Qing Shui felt that this should be the hide of a Fragrant Fox Demon.

Qing Shui received it. "Are the others useful for you? Actually, I also want to refine some medicinal pills which can increase the powers of someone of your level or even lower. When you get slightly stronger, I'll be able to let you improve at a faster rate just like Elder Brother is doing.

"Oh, I still have a few more here. You can have them. See if you can refine them successfully. Anyway, all my attempts at refining them had failed. I'll put my hopes on you." Yuan Su took out a stack of alchemy recipes, rendering Qing Shui speechless.

This lady was only waiting for him to bring this up. He had no idea if these were the alchemy recipes which she had come up with during the past half a year or if she had come up with them in the past. They should have been created for the past half a year. After all, she had gotten much stronger now and it was partially thanks to this.

"Then I shan't stand on ceremony." Qing Shui smiled and stored the alchemy recipes. He then took out the first alchemy recipe which Yuan Su had said that was something that might be useful for someone of his level.

When he opened it up, he saw three words written on it.

Origin Returning Pill!

Under the words, there were the combinations of various medicinal herbs. Qing Shui didn't take a closer look at them. There were mostly things which he had, knew of and he had also used most of them before. The requirements weren't high but there was a huge variety. In this alchemy recipe, there were definitely at least 70 different types of medicinal herbs as well as some materials from demonic beasts.

Qing Shui looked straight at the effect.

Increase one's physical strength by 10% or increase one's power by 10%.

Requirement: State Master.

Limitation: Each person can only take one each year. Peak Martial Emperor can only take one.

Qing Shui felt depressed. This medicinal pill was very powerful and could be taken repetitively until one had reached Peak Martial Emperor. It was a pity that he could only take one of it. Even with the Double Portion Medication, he would only be able to take two.

His physical strength had already reached 21 sun and 10% would make it two sun. If he were to take two, his physical strength could increase by close to 4.5 sun. It was quite significant. Right now, what he needed to do was to refine this medicinal pill and let the people around him take them. It was a pity that this pill also required one to be at the State Master level. Therefore, as long as the person could reach the State Master level, Qing Shui would be able to make them stronger. The combination of the yang pills and this Origin Returning Pill would be perfect.

"You should turn in earlier. Everything will be fine." Qing Shui stood up. It was already the next day and he could now enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Although expert level cultivators would find it harder to get stronger, there were more opportunities and the effects of medicinal pills available would also be much stronger. It was because there were many precious medicinal pills which couldn't be used by low level cultivators, unless they were some divine grade medicinal pills which could let a low level cultivator become a Martial Saint directly.The pill would already be considered a divine grade one if it could allow an ordinary person to directly become a Martial Saint.

The Xiantian Golden Pellet was a legendary grade pill but was the lowest grade amongst the legendary grade pills. Higher grade ones could allow one to reach Peak Xiantian or Elementary Martial King level. It would be hard for even top notch divine grade pills to let a cultivator directly attain a breakthrough to Martial Saint.

Yuan Su watched as Qing Shui returned to his room and continued to be in a daze for a very long time, even after Qing Shui's back view was no longer in sight.

Her relationship with him had once been very good and they had quite a lot of contact with each other as well. Her condition had been cured by him and her body had been seen by him. She was also the one who had asked to part ways. She had initially thought that she wouldn't want to meet him again. Back then, he had even said that he’d definitely not step into the Seven Stars Country again...

Back then, he should have been angry. She didn't know if she was considered to have forgotten about him. Usually, she would also think of him but she did not harbor any feelings of yearning. She just felt that there was a knot in her heart. After all, her pure and chaste body had been seen by a young man. Although there was no helping it since it was for medical treatment, it was still a fact that her body had been seen.

When she had stumbled into the forbidden area in her clan and come to the Dancing Phoenix Continent, she knew that it would be very hard for her to return throughout her entire life. Although Qing Shui was quite talented, it was impossible for him to leave the five continents in such a short amount of time. The past two years were the toughest two years of her life.

The increase in her cultivation here wasn't worth mentioning. Although the population was mostly made of ordinary people, this was the capital city, a place where cultivators gather. However, the capital city was very big and it wasn't that easy for one to encounter powerful cultivators.

She managed to live quite a decent life through her medical and alchemy skills and earned herself quite a reputation. Many people wanted to take her into their clans or even into their own bedrooms. Yuan Su was very clever and by making use of the various powers, she would be able to turn the attention away from her temporarily.

The appearance of the Imperial Cuisine Hall let her see some hope. If she were to enter the Imperial Cuisine Hall, there were many fewer people who would dare to set their sights on her. However, she hadn't expected that the person behind the Imperial Cuisine Hall was Qing Shui.

At that moment, she didn't dare to believe what she was seeing. It was because this place was the Dancing Phoenix Continent. To think that she would meet him here! Although, for her part, she had tried to bear with it, only she herself knew how happy she had felt.

This was like what she had said, to be meeting a familiar person from her hometown in a foreign land. That feeling was very good, especially when one was in a bleak situation as if they were treading on thin ice.

Qing Shui walked to his room but he could still sense Yuan Su's gaze. It was a complicated gaze. He shook his head briefly and entered straight into his room and then the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

He had decided to go to the Tianhe Country to take a look the next day. Things in the Yehuang Country were already fine. With Puyang Clan around, the Imperial Cuisine Hall would be fine. As for the Yehuang Clan, Qing Shui was waiting for Yehuang Guwu to grow stronger. When the time came, he would see how she would be dealing with the matters.

Qing Shui was still unaware which of them was Yehuang Guwu's birth father. Of course, Yehuang Guwu wouldn't recognize him as her father. Her father was already dead. The reason she took this as her surname was for him and even her birth mother was forced to death as well. He felt that Yehuang Guwu wouldn't let Yehuang Clan off easily.

Picking up the stack of alchemy recipes, Qing Shui read through them and smiled. What had made Yuan Su so powerful was that she was able to group many medicinal herbs, which weren't that special, together. The number of medicinal herbs was far too terrifying and there could be over 100 types. This was also why no one could help her try to see if the alchemy recipes would work. It wasn't that easy to merge so many medicinal herbs together, refining them into medicinal pills. There would even be a large number of alchemists who would just say that they weren't really real alchemy recipes. It was impossible to combine so many medicinal herbs together.

Many of the medicinal herbs would clash with each other but Qing Shui soon discovered that there were some other medicinal herbs which could reduce the conflicts between some of the clashing effects of certain medicinal herbs and help blend them together. Qing Shui looked at the medicinal effects of these alchemy recipes. Most of them were pretty useless for him but there was still the Qing Clan and the kids which they would be useful for.

Qing Shui read through them one after another. Yuan Su's ability was very powerful. There was a very large possibility of him succeeding with these alchemy recipes. If they were in the hands of some other alchemists ordinary alchemists would just feel that it was impossible for these alchemy recipes to succeed. Powerful alchemists on the other hand, wouldn't waste their time on such weak medicinal pills. Moreover, the success rate was far too low.

Therefore, it was the best match when Yuan Su encountered Qing Shui. Qing Shui was the only person who could bring her medicinal pills into the world.

After reading through all of them, Qing Shui saved half of them, putting aside the other half which he didn't have all the medicinal herbs for. Another thing was that there would be clashes and thus they couldn't be used even if they were refined.

Qing Shui started refining the medicinal pills with the remaining time. However, it took him half a day more just to prepare the medicinal herbs. After spending one entire day on the preparation, everything was finally ready.

The alchemy process was dry and boring. The first one he tried to refine was the Origin Returning Pills. It was something which both he, as well as the people around him could use, bringing one from the State Master level to Peak Martial Emperor. This medicinal pill was considered to be quite powerful but it wasn't that easy to refine. There was one medicinal herb in it which he didn't have much of but could be replaced with the Spring of Life.

Qing Shui's hands were trembling. He didn't know whether he should feel happy or upset. The Golden Snake Grass... Qing Shui didn't wish to fail in his attempt. If he were to fail, both the Golden Snake Grass and the Spring of Life would be wasted.




Although starting off with failures wa within his expectations, Qing Shui still felt a little pained. However, he had failed multiple attempts. Even though he had quite a bit of Golden Snake Grass and Spring of Life, these were priceless things. To be failing even in the presence of the Golden Snake Grass was something which had happened when he was refining the Four-Yang Pills. In that situation, it was because the medicinal effects of the herbs weren't strong enough.

Qing Shui tried to keep his spirits up and made another attempt.


This time around, Qing Shui was so angry that he felt like puking blood. It was because when he reached the final two medicinal herbs, he had let his guard down, leading to the failure...

After learning from the previous two failures, Qing Shui would learn from the failures and avoid the reason he had failed in the next attempt while he merged in the medicinal herbs. However, he knew that it was still not time for him to let his guard down and as he kept his spiritual sense under a state of high concentration, the medicinal pills formed in the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron. He was waiting for that familiar sound.


The crisp sound was like the most moving cry. It was only then that he relaxed. He had finally succeeded.

The Origin Returning Pill. It didn't take up much time but was definitely a medicinal pill that required the most effort.

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