Chapter: 1367

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1367 - Yehuang Duxin, Death, Another kind of ending

The battle was still going on. It was under the influence of Qing Shui’s Nine Palace Laws. Not only was their speed affected once again, due to the Gravity Law, they felt uncomfortable moving their bodies as well. Other than that, their total energy consumption had also increased.

The white tigers, which Yehuang Guwu summoned, were even fiercer and more tenacious than demonic beasts of the same grade. After only four hours, it would disappear automatically. Within those four hours, if they were to engage in battles, it would also slowly consume their spiritual qi. If the consumption of the qi was too much, they would still disappear before the four hours were reached. If they were to be hit directly by devastating force, they would disappear immediately.

But against the group of people in front of them, at the very least, they wouldn’t disappear in advance. After all, the strongest person among this group of people had strength which was below 2 million sun.

Yehuang Clan had never felt so upset before. How many years had it been? All along, they had always stood at the highest peak within Yehuang Country. But today, they were actually forced into such a corner by two juniors. As for the reason for it, they found it just as hard to accept.

If Yehuang Duxin had treated Yehuang Guwu better at that time, maybe there would have been a different scene today. It might not even be a problem for Yehuang Clan to progress into the continent’s city. But now, they were in danger of getting their entire clan eliminated.

You may escape the will of heaven but never evil of your own.

Now, almost everyone from Yehuang Clan hated Yehuang Duxin. If killing Yehuang Duxin now could help recover peace for Yehuang Clan, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

The survival of a genius and the survival of the entire Yehuang Clan was something which could never be compared. Yehuang Duxin on the other hand, was really muddle-headed at the moment. He found it hard to believe all that was happening right in front of him, at the moment. He was already a Grade One False God Warrior, yet today, he was being forced by someone to the point where he couldn’t even fight back.

Could it be that he had really been wrong this whole time?

Yehuang Duxin only thought about this now. In the past, he was the prodigy of his clan. Despite being a junior, he already possessed a high position within the clan. Living like this for many years was what contributed to the personality he had today.

He watched the supports of his clan falling down one after another. His heart felt as painful as if it were being cut by a knife. If the supports of his clan were to be gone, the only thing which awaited Yehuang Clan and himself would only be death.

“Whatever happened already happened. Must you really level this entire place? I made a mistake, I will admit my sin to your mother.”

Yehuang Duxin rushed in front of Yehuang Guwu and said loudly.

“Back then, how did their entire family meet their doom? Why didn’t you stop at that time? There were so many of them who were innocent. And they were all looking at me. Tell me, do you think I can stop now?” Yehuang Guwu looked at Yehuang Duxin coldly.

Yehuang Duxin felt a deep remorse in his heart. But what he felt even more strongly was a sense of helplessness. Him and this supposed daughter of his, shared no affections for each other at all. The reason he acted this way was because he couldn’t afford to see Yehuang Clan meet its demise.

“I want to let you see Yehuang Clan’s demise.” Yehuang Guwu calmly looked at Yehuang Duxin. Back then, this was precisely how helpless she felt looking at people from her clan slowly collapsing.

She wouldn’t soften her heart against Yehuang Duxin. Only by returning him the favor little by little would she be able to gain peace. Only by doing this would she be able to let her father and mother in the afterworld to rest in peace.

“Move!” I still don’t feel like killing you yet!

Yehuang Guwu led the white tigers along and immediately rushed forward together. In just a moment, he got pushed backwards and spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood. Despite this, he had only suffered some injuries. Yehuang Duxin, who has been weakened, could only wander in front of the great gate of False God.

The people who were still present below were all aristocratic clans. Chi Clan was hesitating right there. They had already contacted the seniors from their clan. Now, time was almost mature, if they really did come.


Qing Shui and Yehuang Guwu once again used the Nine Continents Mountain to kill another warrior. Now, including the leading old man, there were six of them left. Including Yehuang Duxin who was barely considered a False God warrior, seven of them still remained.

Looking on, as time was almost up, both Qing Shui and Yehuang Guwu once again coordinated with each other. This time, they did it with the intention to kill.

Nine Continents Mountain

The white tigers had sealed off the retreat routes.

As this happened, they only had one way left to retreat. Right at this moment, Qing Shui used his most powerful binding battle technique.

Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines!

The enormous Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines was at a totally different caliber than before. The demonic vines were red like blood. It was as if it could drag down the entire sun and moon from the sky.

The formidable barbed tips of it were flashing with blood-colored light, causing the hairs all over a person’s body to stand without their own awareness.

Treasure Hunting Pig!

Qing Shui summoned the Treasure Hunting Pig. This tiny thing was already a Grade Four Spiritual Beast. It’s speed has once again gone through a change in quality. Now, even a Grade One False God warrior would be unable to hurt it.

It penetrated through the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines and stole away the life of a False God Warrior.

Warriors lived through their days by licking the blood on the tip of their sword. Even for a False God warrior who was already standing at the top of the pyramid, they would also have no way of jumping out of it anymore. Qing Shui never expected for himself to be able to recycle the life of a False God so soon.

In less than two hours time, only three False God warriors from Yehuang Clan remained. They weren’t sure if there were still more left. But for now, everyone already knew that the outcome had been decided.

During this time, the lower ground was already packed with people. Puyang Clan, Du Huji, almost all of the top notch people in Yehuang Country were here. After all, this was a battle between False God warriors. It was a sight which was hard to be seen even in a hundred years.

Puyang Qingxin was also feeling particularly stunned. Where did this woman come from? She was even more enchanting than Qing Shui himself. Qing Shui himself was already enchanting enough, indeed, similar things tend to come together. Yehuang Clan had truly been blind this time.

He knew Yehuang Guwu. What’s weird about it was this woman’s strength. He didn’t know where she came from. But one thing which he was aware of was that she was Qing Shui’s woman. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Puyang Clan was really lucky.

Compared to Puyang Clan, some clans would feel extremely regretful. Back then, when Qing Shui first came, there were even some people who tried to make things difficult for him. There were also some clans which regretted not building a good relationship with Qing Shui. Basically, it would have been impossible for them to try to build up a good relationship with him. When one was poor, frustrated and have difficulties in doing everything, only the friends which they made at that time would be true to them.

For now, it was quite easy for Qing Shui to face off against three False Gods along with the six white tigers. Let alone among the three people, one of them was Yehuang Duxin, who was already injured.

The fall of Yehuang Clan was something which couldn’t be changed anymore. Even if a few were to remain alive, there would be other clans coming to step on Yehuang Clan.

“Yehuang Xingfeng was a member of Yehuang Clan. The blood flowing within you was the very blood of Yehuang Clan. Regardless of whether you admit it or not, you are someone of Yehuang Clan. Listen, people from Yehuang Clan, if we die today, she will be the Clan’s Head of Yehuang Clan. In the future, even if she decides to kill you, it still won’t be able to change this,” the leading old man shouted loudly.

The old man was doing this mainly to seek a chance of survival for people from Yehuang Clan. It was better to be killed by her than to be killed by others. Let alone that she definitely wouldn’t kill all of them. Hence, this was the only way for Yehuang Clan to survive.

As if other people from Yehuang Clan wouldn’t know about it. Hence, he came to agree with it. The people from other clans on the other hand, naturally, they would also be able to see through it. In any case, the things which he just said were really powerful.


A loud and clear crying noise of a baby came through. A woman came forward and hugged a little girl.

“Could you bear to see them die? Look at how similar you look to her. Even if you don’t recognize her to be your sister, will you bear to see this child, who is only a few months old, die?”

This little brat looked very similar to Yehuang Guwu. Actually, there were already quite a lot of women and children below who were from Yehuang Clan grouping up together, crying. As long as they weren’t stupid, they would already know that Yehuang Clan had fallen. The fate which awaited them was really cruel.

Yehuang Guwu’s expression looked really cold. She was looking at the little brat. Back then, Yehuang Duxin could kill the innocent as he pleased. But these people were all innocent. What kind of sins had this child, who was only a few months old, committed? If she was to do the same thing as him, then wouldn’t she have made herself worse than a beast?

Suddenly, Yehuang Guwu felt that the things she has been doing in the past weren’t right either. She turned around and looked at Qing Shui. He was smiling while looking at her. His eyes contained tolerance, forgiveness as well as a trace of complexity. But at the moment when she looked at him, that trace of complexity he had seemed to be gone.

Yehuang Guwu had finally come to understand. He was trying to let her understand it. The sudden realization, which hit upon her, caused an unusual change to her body. Her strength had also grown further. Now, there seemed to have been a crack in the great gate to False God.

This kind of realization may seem easy. Only the person involved in it, would find it really hard to jump out of it. Forgiving their personal enemy…… Letting go a portion of their enemies at the moment when they could easily kill off every single one of them….. This was a very hard task to achieve, especially in Yehuang Guwu’s situation, the reason being that she had already harbored this kind of thought for more than ten years. It was very tough for her to stop.

At the moment when the old man from Yehuang Clan saw Yehuang Guwu’s expression, he laughed loudly, “We can die. This way, even if we’re in the underworld, we will still have the face to meet our ancestors.”

At the moment when the old man finished speaking, blood started coming out from all seven of his apertures. After that, he immediately fell down from high up in the sky.

The old man committed suicide.

Qing Shui felt a bit of sorrow in his heart. For someone who had reached this kind of age, they had learned to see everything through. Among these people, more of them cared more about the inheritance of the clan. Compared to the clan’s inheritance, their very life was something not even worth mentioning.

Now, including Yehuang Duxin, there were only two False God warriors. At this moment, every hope they had had already turned to dust.

“Speak, I will agree to all your conditions. After that I will kill myself in front of the graves of your parents to apologise for my crimes.” Yehuang Duxin knew that Yehuang Guwu wouldn’t annihilate them completely. And now that knowing the juniors of the Yehuang Clan wouldn’t be bullied by others, he was more at ease in his heart.

Even though Yehuang Guwu had thought things through, the fact was that she had killed a lot of innocent people. She mustn’t do the same things as him. But those who got involved in the massacre back then, so long as they were involved in it, they must all die.

“The entire branch of my father’s family died. All of those who were involved in the scheme at that time must die. I don’t want anyone to be excluded from it.” Yehuang Guwu spoke slowly while looking at Yehuang Duxin. To her, this man was nothing. Family love wasn’t something which could be counted just by blood-relationship.

“For this, I can inform someone to do it immediately.” At the moment when Yehuang Duxin finished speaking, he let out a sharp whistle to below. An old man flew up. Yehuang Duxin also didn’t try to hide anything as he informed the old man about what to do.


Yehuang Duxin died. But the last remaining False God warrior of Yehuang Clan didn’t. Yehuang Guwu allowed him to lead Yehuang Clan. She refused to be the Clan’s Head of Yehuang Clan. But she guaranteed that for the time being, no one would dare lay hands on Yehuang Clan.

Their era was gone. The False God warrior of Yehuang Clan who remained was considered to be one of the youngest apart from Yehuang Duxin. His potential was still not burnt out yet. It was just that as to what extent he could lead Yehuang Clan, this was a question yet to have an answer.

The problems had been solved. This kind of ending was still something which was beyond anyone’s expectation. Even Qing Shui himself was a bit surprised with it. Initially, he thought that Yehuang Clan, or at least, this branch of Yehuang Clan would be annihilated completely. But to his surprise, at the most crucial moment, she changed quickly and came to see the truth.

Sometimes, the rule of “an eye for an eye” may not always work.

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