Chapter: 1370

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1370 - Unexpected Breakthrough, Eighth Heavenly Layer, Paragon, Elementary Level: Paragon Heavenly Technique

She was reluctant to accept it… Her life had just started. She was reluctant to lose it so quickly. On this day, she had become his woman, but could she really only enjoy such a short moment of happiness?

The icy flame was constantly eroding Qing Shui’s Dantian. His Dantian had already been intruded. The ice flame-like aura made Qing Shui feel really uncomfortable. He had never expected for things to be like this. Originally, he thought that everything had turned out fine. He never calculated that he would be forced into such a situation.

Qing Shui felt that his body was getting colder and colder. Though faint, his Dantian had begun to hurt. Furthermore, this kind of sensation was getting increasingly strong. It felt just like being cut by a knife. Qing Shui clenched his teeth, trying to hold on arduously. In fact he even felt like the extreme pain of disembowelment paled in comparison to the pain he was feeling now.

The icefire within Yehuang Guwu’s body felt as if it was infinite in amount. For now, Qing Shui could only block it as much as he could. He didn’t know what method he could use to do so. If he was really forced on a road of ruin, he didn’t know what he should do.

What did the saying “having one’s hands bound and unable to do anything” mean? Qing Shui was definitely feeling something like it. Despite the fact that he was powerful, there was no place in which he could find a use for his strength. There was only a thin line of distance between the two places... but one would lead to heaven, and the other to hell.

Yehuang Guwu didn’t know what she could do. She wanted to take the icefire back into her body as much as she could, but this thing was no longer within her control. She could do nothing but only feel Qing Shui’s body as they both slowly got colder and colder.

There was more and more icefire qi within his Dantian. Similarly, the qi was also constantly increasing within his meridians. It felt as if the vitality across his entire body had been locked.

Time passed by little by little. Qing Shui felt as if he had already been frozen solid by the ice.

Force of Rebirth!

Qing Shui operated the Force of Rebirth across his body and slowly tried to cancel off the icefire qi within his body little by little. This was Qing Shui’s last ability to survive. If this proved to be useless, Qing Shui wouldn’t know what to do.

The Force of Rebirth revolved slowly as it tried to cancel off the qi. Despite this, it was also quite limited, as it could not keep up with the icefire qi entering his body. Taking everything into account, Qing Shui’s body condition was still worsening little by little.

Qing Shui’s consciousness was getting weaker and weaker. Yehuang Guwu intended to do carry on with her previous move again. She couldn’t afford to see Qing Shui leave this world like that. She said to herself in her heart that even in death, she must walk in front of him.

Qing Shui’s vitality was getting weaker and weaker. It has gotten to the point that there was only a single strand left.

Yehuang Guwu clenched her teeth. She was getting ready to make her final decision. As her vital force was fading, a portion of Force of Rebirth suddenly transferred into her body.

The tears across her face once again dropped down.

Yehuang Guwu was aware that Qing Shui was doing it on purpose. If this went on, Qing Shui would definitely die in front of her. This way, the Force of Rebirth within his body would still have to soar its way up into her body. Hence, the only thing she could do was stop. This way, he would be able to live a bit longer.

Qing Shui’s consciousness began to blur.


An unknown amount of time passed, and Qing Shui’s body suddenly shone with bright light. An enormous aura spread out without any warning. It felt like it was going to spread its way across heaven and earth.

Abruptly, Qing Shui opened his eyes. The entire room was filled with a mysterious light.

Yehuang Guwu also opened both of her eyes. At this moment, the two were still connected to each other like before. However, Qing Shui’s body was no longer cold like before. On the contrary, it was really warm.

His body temperature was also slowly increasing. Suddenly, Qing Shui felt as if the entire world had gotten brighter. As soon as he unleashed his Spiritual Sense, it immediately enveloped a large area. His entire body felt as if it didn’t belong to himself, yet it also felt like it was his own body. This power he felt...give him a feeling of invincibility so strong that he could even blast the skies into pieces.

He had actually broken through without any warning….

It’s just that he didn’t know how powerful his aura from before was. It immediately spread its way outwards and caused a ruckus amongst quite a lot of warriors. Now, a lot of people in Yehuang Country City already knew that a formidable warrior had appeared in the city, but they didn’t really know who it was.

Qing Shui’s aura was very powerful. It’s the same as the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant back then. It was that-level of overwhelming aura. This kind of aura meant that in the future, he would turn out to be a powerful being. Although he had good innate talent, he would need quite a long time to achieve it just like the legendary Dragon Species. Once the condition was met, they would definitely turn out to be powerful beings. In the middle of the process, not only could they not afford to die young, they would also need time to achieve their full potential.

Qing Shui felt that everything was fine now. His body was now perfectly normal, but the two seemed really worn out because the clear water from before in the bathtub had turned brown and dirty. It smelled terrible.

Qing Shui swung his hand and caused the two pails of water to evaporate. After that, he immediately took out quite a huge amount of water from the realm. He also took out some plum blossoms to freshen the air.

Qing Shui and Yehuang Guwu dipped themselves within the clear water. It felt really comfortable because their bodies were still connected. It's just that this time, there was no icefire qi.

“Little Wuwu, I can’t thank you enough. As the saying goes, this is indeed “a set back turned into a blessing instead. I ‘ve broke through. In the future, you can finally be an ordinary woman, a woman who belongs to only me. Don’t you want a child? How about let us make a baby now.” Qing Shui said happily.

This time, Qing Shui had truly walked past the gates of hell. Now, he knew that at the last moment, his Qi of Rebirth had broken through. The powerful Qi of Rebirth triggered Qing Shui’s vitality. Soon after, his entire Dantian went through an unusual change.

While talking, Qing Shui had actually taken a peek at his Dantian before. The current state of his Dantian was exactly the same as the situation which he saw previously, when he first stepped across the Great Gate of Heavenly Dao.

The Golden Pellet was gone. Now it turned into a tiny person wearing golden armor, whose face couldn’t be seen clearly. The armor across his body looked imposing, holding the Nine Continents Mountain in one of his hands and the Big Dipper Sword in the other. Below his feet was the Five Elements Divine Flag…….

To think that such thing was really possible. The Seven Colored Pellets were on top of the tight person's forehead and the Emperor's Pellet were on the top of his head. An abundant Divine Force filled up within his Dantian. This was a power which he had never felt before.

“Qing Shui, you don’t know how scared I was.” A happy smile hung across Yehuang Guwu’s face. Everything would be fine as long as Qing Shui was fine.

Prior to this, Qing Shui was well aware that this woman was willing to die just for him. For a woman, a proud woman especially, to be able to do something like this, what else shall he not feel content for? What was there that he couldn’t afford to give her?

“I know. Oops, did i just enter the wrong hole……?”

“Go and die, be more serious, what kind of situation are we in?” Yehuang Guwu blushed and said in an annoyed tone.

“What situation are we in? Tell me, what situation we are in.” While asking, Qing Shui moved his body, thrusting his hips forward.

“En!” Yehuang Guwu was unable to hold back as she let out a soft moan.

The breakthrough from before should be related to the nameless technique. By relying solely on the Force of Rebirth, he was also barely able to keep himself alive. It’s impossible for him to breakthrough using that alone.

What followed was a series of mysterious matters. Yehuang Guwu was really happy and satisfied. She used to think that she would never be able to enjoy the love between a man and a woman. She never expected that a day would come that she could stay with the man she loved.

Qing Shui, after surviving through a huge crisis, experienced another change of mental state. Maybe he had sex to release the excitement in his heart as well as the feeling which he couldn’t describe in words. Besides, this was the most beautiful thing which could happen in the mortal world.

From Qing Shui’s perspective, no one could match up to Yehuang Guwu in terms of how she flirted. Especially under this kind of circumstance, she seemed to know Qing Shui really well. She seemed to be really open in terms of this, just like the combination of a upper-class woman and a prostitute. As a matter of fact, she wasn’t just any normal lady, she was the prettiest one who belonged to he himself only.

So long as Qing Shui dared to say it, Yehuang Guwu would try to please him. Actually, there weren't many evil intentions on his mind. He didn't have any particular fetishes.

This lasted for half a day. Under that nameless technique, Yehuang Guwu also benefited a lot. Her foundations grew incomparably solid and her strength also erupted to over 100,000 suns, roughly around 160,000.

Within this hundred thousand sun worth of strength, the part which she gained the most benefit from was the enhancement of her body.

Yehuang Guwu was feeling really content as she leaned on Qing Shui’s chest. The pure and holy pupils of hers looked pretty and also a bit flirtatious. Those eyes were breathtaking, all the way to one’s bones. That satisfied look of hers could mentally satisfy men to the extreme.

This was a rare object, an exceptionally rare object. Both of her smooth arms were placed on Qing Shui’s chest. She had her chin resting on her arms as she stared at Qing Shui.

“Qing Shui, I am really happy. Today, it feels like it's changed from Hell To Heaven” Yehuang Guwu said happily.

“This is the best compliment I have ever received.” Qing SHui chuckled.


Qing Shui dressed up really tidily. Half a day had passed. Yehuang Guwu went out first. After all, Yuan Su and Soulsearch were still outside. They had been together for more than half a day.

Qing Shui was only able to sense his own strength now. He was currently already at Eighth Heavenly Layer. All along, he had been relying on the grade of his Ancient Strengthening Technique to look at his own strength.

Eighth Heavenly Layer!

Qing Shui sensed his own raw strength: two hundred sun!

This raw strength of his was really powerful. Following on, Qing Shui tried to sense his other abilities. Seven Colored Pellet, increased raw strength by thirty times.

The increase this time wasn’t too significant. Due to this, Qing Shui was a bit upset. Nonetheless, Qing Shui still continued to read further.

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation?

It’s gone…..

The Big Dipper Sword was also gone?

These had all become a part of the golden armored tiny person within his Dantian. This tiny person was Qing Shui’s Paragon.

What was a Paragon? Qing Shui didn’t know. The only thing he was aware of was that this tiny person was almost the same as the Golden Pellet he used to have. In terms of its strength, it seemed to be a lot more powerful. It helped increase all of his abilities by fifty times.

Qing Shui realized yet another change in his strength upon his breakthrough again this time. His raw strength had achieved two hundred suns. The Seven Colored Pellet increased his overall raw strength by thirty times, the Paragon increased it by fifty times, and the Nine Nine Divine Nebula Formation only increased his strength by one time.

Summing up all of these, Qing Shui’s raw strength reached at least six hundred thousand sun. The strength of the Nine Continents Mountain was now almost two million sun.

Under the effect of Arhat Rosary Beads, Seven Colored Pellets, Paragon, the Nine Nine Divine Nebula Formation as well as Seals of Roc, his Spirit Energy achieved a strength worth at least five million suns.

The only things which upset Qing Shui was that he was still unable to detect the specific strength for both the Big Dipper Sword and Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. Even the chances to experience double the prowess from the Big Dipper Sword seemed to have disappeared. This really annoyed Qing Shui.

Now that he possessed a Paragon, he received enormous benefit.

The Paragon in the golden armor had more than a few kinds of miraculous uses. This was precisely what made Qing Shui so powerful.

Elementary Level: Paragon Heavenly Technique

Golden Armor: Enable all of Qing Shui’s defensive abilities to achieve a strength worth three times his raw strength. It also helped to block against one fatal attack per day.

Paragon Single Strike: The Paragon Single Strike could be used once per day. Its offensive prowess was three times the user’s raw strength.

Shadowless Paragon: The user’s speed was raised by three times. It could be used once per day. It could last as long as 15 minutes.

This was Elementary Level: Paragon Heavenly Technique. The Dantian, because he had reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer, has once again gone through another transformation causing the golden pellet to turn into a Paragon.




Translator Note: Paragon in this context is something similar to Nascent Soul, the golden pellet (core) transformed into the shape of a human.

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