Chapter: 1373

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1373 - Preparing to Head to the Continent's Capital, Setting Up A Branch, Five-string Zither, Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix

Qing Shui cultivated the Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix and during interims when he was taking a break, he would attempt to make the zither. When Qing Shui saw the different variations available, he was quite pleased. These few instrument options were a good match with Qing Shui's preferences. They were all zithers which appeared to be rustic and dignified.

Qing Shui didn't know much about zithers, nor had he came across them in his previous life. However, there were two types of zithers here, five-string zithers and seven-string zithers that were one meter long and close to one foot wide.

They didn't look very complicated but beautiful and dignified. Even though Qing Shui had no interest in music, when he saw a zither like this, he could not help but hope to have one for himself. It would be even better if he could play a piece.

The strings for the zither were made from the silk of the Ice Silkworm. Of course, many strands of the silk would have to be condensed together to make a single string. The Ice Silkworm didn't end up staying in Qing Shui's blood essence pool but was now living in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Qing Shui planted some mulberry trees for them and they were the most expensive kind. Iceshade Mulberry Tree.

Although the Ice Silkworms which Qing Shui had received weren't that numerous, it was more than sufficient for him to make a few ancient zithers. He made everything carefully down to the very last detail, not allowing for any mistakes. A zither like this would be very sturdy yet light and after completion, it would basically be very hard to be damaged.

Qing Shui continued on like this and by the time he had to leave the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he had just completed a five-string zither and he had also more used to the Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix. It was just a pity that he had yet to successfully learn it.

Qing Shui's Emperor's Qi was a technique that was like a legacy and it wasn't something that he could impart to others. However, the same couldn't be said for the Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix. He could impart that to others. Whether or not the others could pick it up would depend on themselves. The Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix was still considered to be relatively domineering.

Even with Qing Shui's great foundation, he had spent about three months in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to learn it but had yet to succeed. He would probably still require another two days. If it was someone else, they would need about a year. Furthermore, they wouldn't have the advantage that Qing Shui had in such techniques. Therefore, if other people were to wish to learn the Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix, they would need to take at least three years. And this would still be a conservative estimate.

Of course, some unique people might be able to learn it within a day.

After walking out, Qing Shui needed to find someone to test out the Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack. Yehuang Guwu was the person most suitable for the job. He took out the five-string zither as well as the cultivation method for the Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix and the Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack, handing them to Yehuang Guwu.

Yehuang Guwu felt very strange. She had no idea why Qing Shui was giving her a zither. Did he want her to practice the zither?

Could it be because she wasn't refined enough?

Women are said to overthink things. This wasn't considered much. All humans would be like this. When she saw the martial technique, her eyes lit up and she said, smiling, "Can I practise it together with Sister Su?"

"Sure. There are requirements for the Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix. It isn't easy to cultivate and has a requirement for one's cultivation level. Otherwise, no matter how hard one tries to learn it, it will be useless," Qing Shui smiled and said.

"I know this. A domineering technique like this isn't that easy to learn. Even I am not planning on learning it. I'll only be looking into practising the zither with Sister Su. In the future, I'll play the zither with Sister Su while you dance," Yehuang Guwu smiled and said.

Qing Shui almost choked. Looking at his expression, Yehuang Guwu chuckled. When a mature and charming woman wears such an expression, it's especially tempting and irresistible.

Three days later, Tianhe Renmo came. After not meeting him for some time, this man's cultivation had improved. When he saw Qing Shui, he was also taken aback. It was because he realized that he couldn't see through Qing Shui.

"You've attained a breakthrough?" Tianhe Renmo asked in astonishment.

"I was quite lucky and finally attained a breakthrough."

Right now, Qing Shui was considered to be on quite good terms with Tianhe Renmo and neither of them stood on ceremony with the other. Everything that Tianhe Renmo had today was given to him by Qing Shui. Right now, no matter what Qing Shui asked of him, he would definitely agree. Qing Shui could be said to be his benefactor.

A person's trust in their benefactor could be said to not lose out to the trust that they put into their family, it even compared with their closest family members.

"For you to be looking for me so urgently, what's the matter?" Qing Shui indicated for Tianhe Renmo to take a seat.

"I know that Brother will definitely head to the continent's capital but I’m just aren't sure when. I hope to head there together with you. I want to go to the continent's capital as well," Tianhe Renmo gave it some thought and said.

The two of them had quite a lot of contact during this period of time and Qing Shui had also mentioned that he was going to head to the continent's capital. Right now, Qing Shui was considered to have established a relationship with Tianhe Clan, primarily because of him knowing Tianhe Renmo, as well as with the pair of grandfather and grandson, Tianhe Yu and Tianhe Hao. These three people from the Tianhe Clan were all very unique existences.

"I should be going next month. I need to take care of some matters this month and it won't be easy for me to leave."

Qing Shui hadn't planned to let Yehuang Guwu go with him since the Imperial Cuisine Hall still needed her. Otherwise, if Yehuang Guwu was at the central region, it would just be an instant for him to head there. However, since this couldn't be done, he needed to head back to the Central Continent to tell his family and tell them that in the future, his visits would be irregular.

"Alright. Next month, I'll come to look for Brother." Tianhe Renmo wasn't a person of many words.

"Let me be the one to look for Elder Brother before we head there directly." It was considered to be on the way for Qing Shui.

"Alright, then I'll be waiting for you at home."


"Qing Shui, why don't we move the Imperial Cuisine Hall to the continent's capital?" When Yehuang Guwu mentioned this, her face was a little flushed.

"Why? You can't bear to part with me?" Qing Shui smiled. He had thought of this previously. The Imperial Cuisine Hall had already established a reputation in the Yehuang Country and if they were to move out right now, there would definitely be many people who would not approve of this. It could even cause many sarcastic remarks to be hurled at them.

Qing Shui wasn't afraid of these. However, doing this would cause all the effort from earlier to go down the drain. Therefore, Qing Shui gave it some thought and eventually decided on setting up a branch in the continent's capital. To be honest, it would be hard to say which of the shops would end up being the branch and which would be the main shop.

"Yes, that's right, I can't bear to part with you. Are you satisfied now?" Yehuang Guwu chided.

"Let Elder Brother and Yao Qubing stay here and have Sister Su head to the continent's capital together with us and set up another Imperial Cuisine Hall somewhere," Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

"Really?" Yehuang Guwu was only suggesting this and hadn't thought that Qing Shui would agree. This was not within her expectations and she looked at Qing Shui, stunned.

"I only wanted to try saying this. Even though I'll miss you a lot, if you have things to do, then it's better for you to attend to your own things first. Will I be able to help you?" Yehuang Guwu was stunned for a moment before she quickly said.

"I've always had this plan. I'll miss you a lot as well and I'll feel more at ease with you by my side. I'll be less worried as well. With your abilities, you'll be able to suppress many people and it would be a lot more convenient as well," Qing Shui smiled and said. Right now, he needed to establish the foundations so that his family would be able to have a stable life when they come here in the future.

"That's great!"

Yehuang Guwu happily hugged Qing Shui and gave him two kisses.

It'd be good that Yehuang Guwu would also be heading to the continent's capital. The teleportation ability between the husband and wife Five Elements Divine Flag was very useful and it was really like how a wife would follow what the husband wished. As long as Yehuang Guwu was next to him, he would be able to return home and then come back. Of course, he would only be able to return home once a month.

Now that things were decided, Qing Shui had to discuss this with Soulsearch and the others.

With Puyang Clan around or even without, no one would dare to come and create trouble. Qing Shui spoke to Puyang Clan to get them to help take care of the Imperial Cuisine Hall if they could.

Right now, Yao Qubing was like a completely different person from before. In the past, he had been too proud. Although he wasn't the son born from the legal wife of his father, he had the ability and thus was proud right down to his bones. However, staying in Imperial Cuisine Hall made him gradually feel that the pride he held was extremely ridiculous. His abilities were a far cry from the people here. What was there for him to be proud about?

He was a clever person. After such a long period of time, he had never thought of being treated on the same level as them again. Staying here could let him learn a lot of things and when Qing Shui had good things, he would also receive a lot of it. This made him feel that he had really benefited a lot for life.

"You want to head to the continent's capital to set up a branch?" Soulsearch asked in astonishment.

"We still don't have many physicians in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. With your medical abilities, you'll be able to hold your standing in an area. Many clans in the Yehuang Country will help to take care of you. Moreover, I'll also come back often," Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

"Sigh, I knew that this day would come. I just hadn't expected it to be so soon. No matter where you are, you'll remain the closest person to Li Ji, Little Yi and myself." Soulsearch knew that once Qing Shui headed to the continent's capital, they would have less time to see each other.

"There's no need to be like this. When we've found someone suitable, I'll bring the person here and bring you over. You still have to improve your medical skills further."

"I know, don't worry!"

Right now, Yao Qubing had already become a physician and no longer had to do odd chores like helping to bring things around.

The trials he had been put through during this period of time could be said to be a tremendous turning point in his life.


When Yuan Su knew that Qing Shui was going to bring Yehuang Guwu and her with him to the continent's capital, she was very happy. Yehuang Guwu was the one who had told her about it. When Yehuang Guwu saw Yuan Su's expression, she knew that this lady had completely fallen for Qing Shui.

The two ladies then happily went on to study the Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack together.

Not only did Yuan Su have unrivaled talent in creating alchemy recipes but she also had extraordinary talent in music. She was slightly better at it than Yehuang Guwu.

Very soon, the two ladies managed to make something out of it!


Time passed by very quickly and it the blink of an eye, 20 days had passed and it was time for him to head back home again. Within the 20 days, Qing Shui had managed to learn the Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix. For such techniques, it would be sufficient to just pick it up. One would be able to get familiar with it very quickly.

The two ladies also managed to finish the first part of the Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack and wrote down their thoughts and experiences. It was because Qing Shui knew that Qing Yin liked music a lot. For the past 20 days, Qing Shui had also made quite a number of zithers. Yuan Su and Yehuang Guwu each had one now.

It only took less than two hours for Qing Shui to return to the Qing Clan. This was something he wouldn't have dared to think about but it was now something which could be easily accomplished.

The moment he entered, he saw that Qing Zun and Qing Ming were sparring. After such a long period of building up their foundations, their foundations were completely established. It wasn't just the two of them. The same went for most of the people here.

Qing Zun's foot techniques had a stronger inclination to the Free Spirit Steps while Qing Ming's was toward the Ghostly Steps. However, the two of them were both using the Nine Palace Steps. It was just that the feeling each of them brought out was different.

Solitary Rapid Fist!

Back Connecting Fist!

Qing Ming used the Solitary Rapid Fist while Qing Zun the Back Connecting Fist. Right now, the fight went on very fiercely. Although Qing Ming was crafty and seemed to have the upper hand, Qing Shui smiled.

His eldest son wasn't someone to be easily dealt with either. Qing Zun had remained calm and unmoving like a mountain. Each time around, he would deal with Qing Ming's attacks with just the right power. There was an aura of justice in his movements and punches. It was like the Nature Energy.

It was considered to be quite good for him to be able to reach this level at such a young age. Although Qing Ming couldn't win against Qing Zun, Qing Zun couldn't do anything against him since Qing Ming had the advantage in speed. Therefore, all in all, Qing Ming was the one who held the initiative in the fight.

There was only one thing. Qing Zun's aura seemed to be more sustainable and compared with Qing Ming, as he was slightly stronger.

The other children suddenly noticed Qing Shui. Qing Yu was the first to noticed and after happily calling out for her father once, she ran over. Qing Zun and Qing Ming stopped as well.

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