Chapter: 1382

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1382 - Killing Everyone, Linghu Yu, The Phoenix Dance Organization Is Huge

The Paragon Strike was one that had a 100% hit rate and this made Qing Shui very happy. Furthermore, its prowess seemed to be more powerful than imagined. The Paragon Strike seemed to be similar to attacks that could neglect certain defenses. It was because by rights, it should be impossible for this power to be able to beat that huge golden turtle into this state.

The bloodthirsty demonic vines continued to wrap around and lash out against the golden Origin Qi turtle, slowly depleting away its energy. Qing Shui didn't call out the Treasure Hunting Pig but had instead used the Nine Palace Laws and other reinforcements to increase the turtle's rate of depletion.

He knew that they couldn't afford to have their powers depleted at such a rate.

Just then, Qing Shui used some battle techniques to increase the pressure, controlling the bloodthirsty demonic vines. The Five Elements Divine Refining Technique was really a heaven defying existence. It seemed that there was a need for him to also cultivate the other elements. They might prove to be very powerful in the later phase.

Golden Sword!

This was the sharpest attack. When cultivated to the highest level, it was said that there was nothing which it couldn't destroy. This attack was one that was meant to be put to use together with the bloodthirsty demonic vines and cultivated together with the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique. The cultivation of the Golden Sword required one to be able to slash through the bloodthirsty demonic vines to be considered a success.

Qing Shui's bloodthirsty demonic vines was one that had gone through a mutation before and thus it wasn't easy to be able to cut through it. Even he himself felt that it was a little impossible. However, he still felt that it could be cultivated. Currently, he focused his primary power on the Golden Sword.

Ever since Qing Shui had gotten the Treasure Hunting Pig, he had felt that there was no need to cultivate the Golden Sword anymore. It was because the prowess of the Treasure Hunting Pig was even greater than his current Golden Sword. However, he would need to work together with the bloodthirsty demonic vines and render the target unable to move. Otherwise, the Treasure Hunting Pig could be easily sent flying. Right now, the Treasure Hunting Pig's speed was still increasing. In the future, after it had become a Spiritual Medicinal Beast of an even higher grade, its prowess would be even more terrifying.

However, Qing Shui had now decided to cultivate the Golden Sword. Its speed was unrivalled and the sharpness of the Golden Sword couldn't be matched either. Killing people with it was something that could be done with great ease. The Treasure Hunting Pig could remain being the Spiritual Medicinal Beast it was, occasionally helping out to kill other beasts.

The Nine-Nine Divine Nebula Formation and other things he had didn't just increase the bloodthirsty demonic vines' sturdiness but also the sharpness of the Golden Sword...

It was a pity that he couldn't increase the prowess of the Nine Continents Mountain any further, otherwise, it would be even better...

Qing Shui felt that he was being a little too greedy and smiled. Then he continued to slash out the Golden Sword toward the huge golden turtle relentlessly. With a flash, the Golden Sword let out a crisp sound but there was no change to the huge golden turtle at all.

Qing Shui wasn't surprised. He would be surprised if he could break through the golden turtle's Origin Qi shell. He was waiting for the right time. During this period of time, the Devouring Laws and the bloodthirsty demonic vines had both been increasing the opponent's depletion ceaselessly. The depletion by the formation was already several times or even ten times that of the normal rate of depletion in battles. Right now, it was even more terrifying and they wouldn't be able to hang on for long.

The huge bloodthirsty demonic vines were blood red in color and so thick that they seemed to be like big trees soaring up into the sky. However, the blood spikes appeared extremely terrifying. As it continued to lash out relentlessly, the feeling and visual impact it gave made Qing Shui feel exhilarated. It was a feeling that once anything was entangled by the bloodthirsty demonic vines, it could forget about ever getting itself free.

The people who had formed the formation were extremely anxious now. The rate at which their Origin Qi was being depleted made them feel at a loss. With the bloodthirsty demonic vines tangling them, they had already entered a desperate state. The Eight Trigrams Golden Turtle Formation could only sustain for not more than 30 minutes. The prowess of the formation was so strong that it could increase their abilities by multiple times. However, the well-known weakness was that it couldn't be sustained for a long time.

Once the Eight Trigrams Golden Turtle Formation was broken through, then they would have to face Qing Shui and the bloodthirsty demonic vines as they were. The bloodthirsty demonic vines were also considered a spirit energy attack. When that happened, they wouldn't even be able to fend off the sharp attacks of the bloodthirsty demonic vines.

However, what else could they do now? It would be useless even if they were to admit their loss. They were here to kill Qing Shui. It wasn't a matter of whether they could admit their loss or not.


With a loud sound, the golden turtle exploded. Without the protection from the Eight Trigrams Golden Turtle Formation, these people were all tangled up by the bloodthirsty demonic vines. Some of the people who were already in a weakened state to begin with just died and disappeared...

Amidst numerous cries of agony, silence fell. Only a rare few people could still barely hang on with the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation.

"Go on, say it. Why are you here to kill me?" Qing Shui smiled and said. However, his refreshing smile made him seem like a devil to his enemies.

"We underestimated you. But there'll be more people coming." After saying that, an old man gave up resisting and the bloodthirsty demonic vines pierced through him instantly.

The remaining people didn't even hang on for the time for half an incense to burn before they were all turned a large pool of blood, absorbed by the bloodthirsty demonic vines.

Everything fell quiet, leaving nothing behind. Qing Shui didn't even get a single drop of blood on him. After he patted his hands and was about to head down, Yehuang Guwu and Yuan Su came over.

"They're people from Yelang Clan," Yehuang Guwu said.

Qing Shui guessed it as well and thus smiled, "No matter who they are, as long as they dare to come, I'll let them disappear forever."

"Qing Shui, you don't plan on taking the initiative to attack?" Yehuang Guwu smiled and asked.

Qing Shui shook his head, "Right now, we can only take what's thrown at us. We're unfamiliar in this continent's capital and there are many people who don't take a liking to me. I don't want to have to run away together with the two of you. Therefore, I'll put up with it for a little longer."

Yehuang Guwu smiled, "This young man is now mature and knows what tolerance is."

Qing Shui was stunned and pulled her over, slapping her once on that well-rounded and perky beautiful butt. The crisp sound was very clear in the silent night sky and Yuan Su blushed even though she was just standing at the side.

Yehuang Guwu felt anxious as well and bit on her lower lip as she looked at Qing Shui with her beautiful eyes misted, "Can't you save me some face? Sister Su is still around..."

"Then let's go back to the room in a while." Qing Shui grinned.

Yehuang Guwu's face blushed even more and she got out from Qing Shui's grasp and took Yuan Su's hand as she said to him, "We'll be going back first. You should go back to have an early rest as well."


There was no clan that could remain calm after losing over ten False God cultivators. Therefore, it was easy for Qing Shui to find out who had took action against him last night. He would only have to ask around a little.

Yelang Clan!

The Imperial Cuisine Hall was opened for business and the regulations were set once again. There would be a day in every ten days where free medical treatment would be provided. The Imperial Cuisine Hall's unique regulations were still being spread out at a rapid rate. Because there were limited products, they weren't put up for sale to the public and only the Imperial Cuisine Hall's customers could purchase them.

The Imperial Cuisine Hall's customers would have to pay an annual fee but not with money. The payment would be done through precious stones, medicinal herbs, rare items and other things. Right now, Qing Shui had a great need for medicinal herbs as well.

However, the operations for the Imperial Cuisine Hall didn't go on as smoothly as expected. Right now, the business wasn't considered good. There was an invisible power that caused many people to stay far away from the Imperial Cuisine Hall. This was what Qing Shui was feeling. He had no idea if it was those regulations the Imperial Cuisine Hall had that had scared the people away.

Regardless of whether business was bleak, Qing Shui didn't care. If it was gold, it would shine sooner or later. He wasn't worried.

One day, an old man appeared. There was a fatty next to him. Compared to how he was the day before, the fatty was already a lot thinner.

Linghu Tui!

The old man was dressed plainly but there was a sense of prestige that was coming from him. He smiled and entered the Imperial Cuisine Hall together with Linghu Tui.

"Miraculous Physician!" When Linghu Tui saw Qing Shui, he greeted him happily.

Qing Shui smiled and walked over, "May I ask if the two of you are here to seek treatment or for something else? If you're here to seek treatment, then you must become a customer of the Imperial Cuistine Hall."


Linghu Tui was stunned. It was because Qing Shui was acting as if he didn't recognize him.

Linghu Tui could only look at the old man and smile bitterly.

The old man's eyes were gleaming as he looked at Qing Shui with a gaze as if he was looking at the most beautiful piece of jade in the world. He smiled softly and said, "May I ask what condition must one fulfil to become a customer of the Imperial Cuisine Hall?"

Qing Shui shot out a whole list of medicinal herbs as well as the weight and the age they were required to be.

The old man smiled, took out an interspatial silk sachet and handed it to Qing Shui, "Take a look and see if the things in here are sufficient."

Qing Shui didn't even check it before he put it away it, "It's enough!"

"Linghu Yu thank the Miraculous Physician for saving Tui`er. Although Linghu Clan isn't that great, we know that we must repay the kindness that had been extended to us." The old man smiled as he looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled softly and shook his head. "Although I have often provided treatment in exchange for some conditions, I have my way of doing things. If I need the patient's help for something, I'll tell the person before providing the treatment. If I don't say anything before that, I won't be asking him for payment for the treatment."

"Isn't this because you're trying to catch a bigger fish?" Linghu Yu smiled and said.

"Is there a need for me to do that? My aspirations aren't in the Dancing Phoenix Continent." Qing Shui sighed and said.

His statement carried a lot of impact. How many people would dare to say that they didn't think much of the Dancing Phoenix Continent? This was definitely arrogant. However, Linghu Yu had a strange feeling that this young man didn't seem to be joking. However, a larger part of him was still disbelieving.

After all, these words were like a fantasy. For his aspirations to not be in the Dancing Phoenix Continent would mean that the level of the Dancing Phoenix Continent was low and area was small. He wanted to develop in a bigger place. Then, there would only be one place.

The Haohan Continent!

"I assume that Miraculous Physician Qing is already aware that the person who had attacked you was the Yelang Clan. I wonder if you need Linghu Clan's help?" Linghu Yu looked at Qing Shui and said slowly.

"Not for now. However, I want to know some information. Will you be able to help me?" Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Of course. I can tell you everything that I know of."

"Is the Phoenix Dance Organization very big? Linghu Clan should be part of it as well, right?" Qing Shui had always been curious about this group.

Linghu Yu hesitated for a second before saying, "It is very big. One-third of the powers in the continent's capital are part of it. The Linghu Clan as well."

The one-third wasn't referring to one-third of the population in the continent's capital but of the powers. The power of an army was not in their numbers but in their quality. Therefore, there were some people who could stand up against over a million or even tens of millions of people...

"Is the Phoenix Dance Organization controlled by one power or by multiple?" Qing Shui felt that Linghu Clan should be able to give him an accurate answer. Otherwise, he would have to wait to pay a visit to the Dongye Clan in the future.

"The Phoenix Dance Organization is like a sect with multiple clans in it. Powerful clans can take up important positions such as Custodians and Elders. However, even the clan which takes charge of the entire force would have to get everyone in for discussion before making any decisions. After all, the clan that controls the Phoenix Dance Organization can't go up against the entire group by themselves."

Qing Shui finally understood. He smiled and said, "How does the Dongye Clan compare with the Linghu Clan?"

"Linghu Clan is slightly weaker but both clans hold the position of Elders in the group," Linghu Yu gave it some thought and said.

Qing Shui's eyes lit up. "Then that's good. I'd like to ask you about a person. Previously, someone had suggested for me to look for the Dongye Clan. I'd like for your help!"

Qing Shui smiled, took out Yan Zhongyue's portrait and placed it on the table.

Linghu Yu's countenance suddenly turned very strange and he looked at Qing Shui for a very long time. "You should have a very close relationship with this person, right?"

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