Chapter: 1390

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1390 - Working Together With Custodian, Phoenix Dance's Left Custodian Will Take Action?

The Cloud Flutter Organization was very interesting. It wasn't very big relative to the Phoenix Dance Organization.

The Cloud Flutter Organization was very lean, filled with elite members. These two members were also experts, especially the lady, who was slightly stronger than the man.

"May I ask who the two of you are? Why have you come to look for me?" Qing Shui smiled and walked up to the two of them, signaling for them to take a seat.

Qing Shui brought out some tea sets from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, getting the tea ready almost instantly without any delays. It was as if the tea was prepared in advance. He filled their cups.

The two of them politely gestured the same. The man smiled and said, "I'll cut to the chase. We're from Cloud Flutter and our Organization wishes to become friends with you."

"Oh, right, I'm Yun Yijian and this is my wife. We can represent the Cloud Flutter. I wonder if you have any plans to consider our request," the man smiled and said again.

Qing Shui smiled. While they only said that they wanted to be friends, they were actually looking to work together with Qing Shui. This was only a more indirect way of saying things. Qing Shui smiled and looked at the two of them, "Are there any benefits for us to become friends? Why don't we just talk openly?"

"Are you aware that the Phoenix Dance Organization already has their eyes on you? Do you have the confidence to stand up against them?" Yun Yijian looked at Qing Shui as he continued to smile.

"The Phoenix Dance Organization has targeted me?" Qing Shui was surprised. Linghu Yu said that as long as the Che Clan didn't ask for assistance, the Phoenix Dance Organization wouldn't take any action. Could it be that the Che Clan had requested assistance? He felt that this couldn't be the case. Although they had lost quite a number of experts, that was only enough to let Che Clan lose an arm or even not being able for them to have lost an arm.

"The Che Clan shouldn't have requested assistance from the Phoenix Dance Organization, so why would they have their attention on me?"

"The Che Clan really didn't request for assistance from the Phoenix Dance Organization but the Phoenix Dance Organization will definitely take action. It's because their Left Custodian is a relative by marriage with the Che Clan. Therefore, they will be sending people after you even if the Che Clan doesn't ask for assistance."

Hearing this, Qing Shui understood. Relatives by marriage... Che Clan's relative was really powerful. Left Custodian... Qing Shui knew of the status of the Left Custodian. In this world, left comes before the right. Although on the surface, both the Left and Right Custodians were on equal ground, if there must be one side who was stronger, it would definitely be the Left Custodian.

There was no number one in literary world and there was no number two in martial arts. No matter how evenly matched two parties were, there would always be a winner in a battle. Therefore, the position of the Left Custodian was on equal grounds with the deputy head. They were also considered to be reporting to one, yet above many.

It would be a lie for Qing Shui to say that he wasn't worried. He lifted his head and looked at Yun Yijian. "Go on. How can we be friends?"

"I have an elder in my clan whose lifespan is nearing his end. I hope that Miraculous Physician can help to extend his lifespan by a little. As friends, we'll help you to stand against the Phoenix Dance Organization," Yun Yijian looked at Qing Shui and said seriously.

"Can Cloud Flutter stand up against the Phoenix Dance Organization?" Qing Shui asked, not completely trusting.

"The Cloud Flutter isn't as powerful as the Phoenix Dance, but they can't do anything to us either. If they were to wipe us out, then they wouldn't be able to survive either. Since I gave my word, I'll definitely be able to do it. However, it'll be very hard for me to help you on the matters concerning the Che Clan. Why don't I get a few people from the Cloud Flutter to stay with you and to protect you? " Yun Yijian gave it some thought and said.

"There's no need for that. It's fine as long as you guys can help me to fend off the Phoenix Dance. Oh right, I'm a person who cares a lot for my friends. I shall have to trouble Brother Yun then," Qing Shui said very seriously and then raised his tea cup toward Yun Yijian.

"Then I'll take it that you've agreed," Yun Yijian smiled and said.

"I'm Qing Shui, you can just call me by my name!" Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Alright, Brother Qing Shui. I shan't stand on ceremony then," Yun Yijian also said happily.

Qing Shui felt that he had a decent judgment for people. This man was bighearted and had great manners. He was definitely a powerful existence in the Cloud Flutter Organization. This was because he was very strong and still had a lot of potential.

Power. Only when one's power reached this level would they be able to come into contact with people of the same level. In the past, False Gods were like legendary existences but now, they truly existed. If you hadn't reached this level, you wouldn't know that the other party was a False God no matter how close the two of you were. Birds of a feather flock together. This was what influence circles were like.

"How much more lifespan does you elder has? Is his condition urgent?" Qing Shui gave it some thought and asked.

"There's still half a year."

By this time, the person himself would almost be able to accurately sense how much life they were left with.

"You have such great trust in me?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"I trust you as a person. You didn't say that it was impossible, meaning that it's definitely possible," Yun Yijian smiled and said.

Hearing his words, Qing Shui smiled, "Do I pay a visit to the old man or is it convenient for him to come here?"

There were other people here. Qing Shui didn't wish to leave this place.

"You're busy. We'll be the ones to come over. Although the Old Master is only left with half a year worth of lifespan, his abilities are as strong as ever," Yun Yijian said directly.

"That's good too. Then Elder Brother is welcome to come anytime."

"Alright, I'll head back first then. If it's possible, I'll come again tomorrow with Old Master," Yun Yijian stood up and said.

The lady stood up as well. She had only smiled to greet Qing Shui at the beginning and hadn't said anything thereafter.


"I'm already the elder sister-in-law of the Miraculous Physician."

Saying that while smiling, the lady left. As she sashayed, her well-embodied figure set off flames in one's heart.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose while Yun Yijian smiled, "This is just the way she is. Please don't take it against her."

"Why would I? Elder Brother has good fortune." Qing Shui could tell from Yun Yijian's expression that he adored this lady a lot, much more than he did himself.

"You're very blissful as well. Both of your wives are unrivaled beauties."


Yun Yijian hadn't finished his words when he heard the soft grunt from the lady. He choked back whatever he hadn't said and smiled awkwardly when he saw Qing Shui's teasing smile.

"Sister-in-law really has a way of teaching her husband!"


The Yun couple left and Qing Shui headed back to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Yun Yijian hadn't said a lot regarding the Cloud Flutter and Qing Shui wouldn't ask either. They were barely considered friends now but it was a working relationship. If the relationship was a happy one, then they would become friends, good friends.

Having Cloud Flutter coming into the picture let Qing Shui heave a sigh of relief. After all, if he had to deal with the Phoenix Dance now, Qing Shui felt that his only option would be to escape.

Cultivate... The Phoenix Finger was now considered Qing Shui's greatest reliance. It was because the people he would be up against would subject him to only be able to take their attacks. If he were to wish to win, then he would have to rely on the Phoenix Finger.

The Paragon Golden Armor allowed Qing Shui to be able to fend off the attacks from Heavenly Technique's killing moves. Formations were an exception as well. Qing Shui wasn't very afraid of formations. He was more concerned about Heavenly Technique's killing moves that would catch one off guard. It was an unknown fear.


The night passed by peacefully. Late morning the next day, Yun Yijian came. There was also an old man who looked like an ancient wood. The old man wasn't considered to appear amiable. He appeared very out of the picture just by standing there but yet seemed to be very ordinary-looking. He would be easily neglected and yet could easily attract attention. It was a very strange feeling.

The old man got himself a "Guest Card" from Qing Shui.

"Brother Qing Shui, come, let me introduce you. This is my clan's Old Master. Old Master, this is Qing Shui. His medical skills are very amazing," Yun Yijian said happily.

"Sir, you've reached a crucial point. If you can try a little bit more, then you'll be considered to have reached great heights!" Qing Shui smiled and greeted the old man.

A hint of surprise flashed on the old man's face as he assessed Qing Shui seriously. A smile broke out on his not-too-amiable face. This made him appear to be a lot more gentle.

"Miraculous Physician Qing is the most outstanding young man I've seen. The geniuses whom I've met in the past are only at the level of being able to help to carry your shoes. Your identity as a Miraculous Physician is really good," the old man said happily.

"I'm flattered." Qing Shui led them upstairs.

"I'm known to be harsh with my words. Having lived for so many years, the number of people I've complimented can be counted with a single hand," the old man smiled and said and then stopped there.

Yun Yijian knew this. Even he himself only received an "acceptable" rating from the old man. However, this appraisal was already something that would make many people extremely jealous. While others had praised Yun Yijian to the skies, he had only gotten an "acceptable" from the old man.

However, what Qing Shui received had surpassed him by too much. Their gap was something which couldn't be closed.

Sixth story!

Qing Shui helped the old man increase his lifespan in one of the rooms here. The effect was good and the speed was very fast as well. In less than four hours, the old man seemed rejuvenated, exuding vigor. Impurities were expelled and his vitality was extended.

The old man was stunned for a very long time, before he let out a sigh and looked at Qing Shui, "This is too heaven-defying. Your medical skill is as heaven-defying as your cultivation. People from your clan will probably wake up from their sleep with smiles to have a member like you in the family!"

"Sir, I can only increase your lifespan by this much for now. However, under normal circumstances, you should be able to attain a breakthrough and then your lifespan will increase by a lot more," Qing Shui smiled and said.

"I'm already prepared for death. Little Jian has been trying to find ways to help me extend my lifespan and also approached many physicians. However, all of them couldn't do anything when they assessed my condition. I hadn't been holding hopes today and just didn't want to disappoint this child. This result is too much of a surprise. I apologize for having doubted you earlier," the old man said very seriously.

"Old Master, there's no need for you to be so serious about this. This is very normal and isn't much." Qing Shui hadn't expected that the old man still had this side to him.

"Qing Shui, can I call you this?"

"Of course. It's what should be done."

"Alright, I'll get straight to the point. Cloud Flutter will always treat you as our greatest friend. What we value is your unrivaled potential. Don't blame me for being practical. As you moved on, the people around you have been changing constantly as well, right? The ones who won't change would be your closest kin and closest friends. Therefore, I hope that we can become the closest friends. One day, when you've managed to toss Cloud Flutter far behind you, then Cloud Flutter will disappear by itself. However, this old man still hopes that if it's convenient, you can extend a helping hand as well."

Putting other things aside, with just Qing Shui's medical skills alone, if some elders who were the pillars of the clan were to reach their end of their lifespan, what would it be like for their lifespans to be extended by several hundred years?

"Alright, I promise you. As long as others don't let me down, I'll never let them down," Qing Shui said surely and didn't stand on ceremony.

"Alright, I'll fight for your life even if it's at the expense of my own. I won't even hesitate to put Cloud Flutter on the line," the old man said.

"Is the Phoenix Dance Organization planning to go all out against me?" When Qing Shui heard what the old man said, he was astonished. After all, what the old man said had already revealed sufficient information. For Cloud Flutter Organization to go all out... Everything was clear now.

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