Chapter: 1401

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1401 - Second Grade Formation Eye Stone, Yehuang Guwu False God Tribulation, Unforeseen Event

This could be considered as being provided help at a time of need. He had been moving back and forth for over a year, each time only bringing one person. The breakthrough now was a huge surprise.

Once he was done refining and smelting the Five Elements Divine Flag, he moved on to smelt and refine other items.

Maybe good things are better when they happen together, the Formation Eye stone also rose in grade. Now the speed and the formation’s power had increased by twofold. This was a twofold increase on top of his own formation power.

He was already happy. The Nine Continents Boots and Formation Eye Stone could enhance Qing Shui’s strength by quite a bit. This represented a battle prowess increase in the Five Elements, even if it did not have a form. At the same time, Qing Shui’s strength had also increased.

Time passed by slowly, Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s situation was still the same. Qing Shui had wanted the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant to break through so he would have another formidable False God beast fighter. Moreover, it would also mean that Qing Shui’s strength would rise even further.

That way, if Qing Shui decided to leave, he could leave behind a formidable beast. Now that there were old people here, leaving a formidable beast behind would make them feel at ease.


“Qing Shui, Sister Wu’s False God Tribulation is here.” Hai Dongqing rushed to Qing Shui’s room to inform him.

“After such a long time, it’s time it arrived. I will go take a look, make sure the others do not disturb her.” Qing Shui hurried out.

It had been a long time since Yehuang Guwu reached the False God grade, it was about time she had her breakthrough. Knowing that her False God Tribulation had arrived, Qing Shui was worried but not overly concerned because he knew she had a good foundation.

Yehuang Guwu was on a nearby hilltop. Qing Shui was watching from a distance away.

Yehuang Guwu was in snow-white plain clothes, with her beautiful hair draped behind her. She looked delicate without much effort, almost giving off an otherworldly aura.

The blue clouds converged in the sky, there was a vague feeling of everything in the surroundings mutually reacting to each other. This was the first time Qing Shui witnessed the False God Tribulation.

False God Tribulation was actually a trial to break through the gate to the next grade. Just like breaking through the barriers from before, False God Tribulation borrowed the power of thunder to temper the body. Those who were able to withstand it, would have their body strengthened to new heights, thus they’d enter the next grade.

False God Tribulation could only occur when one was the peak of their current martial realm, just before they are about to breakthrough they would experience the False God Tribulation. Only those who had reached a certain strength level could experience the False God Tribulation. If their martial realm did not meet the criteria, they would not attract the False God Tribulation.

Suddenly, a blue thunder struck down from the sky, it had the thickness of yarn but it directly struck onto Yehuang Guwu’s body.

Zap Zap!

A subtle noise resounded, a light blue light enveloped Yehuang Guwu’s body. She did not move her body, slowly waiting for the lightning to be absorbed into her body.

Qing Shui expanded his spiritual sense. He sensed the changes within Yehuang Guwu’s body. He was not very far from her but he was not close either.

Persisting for a few breath’s time, the blue lightning that surrounded Yehuang Guwu’s dissipated. The clouds converged in the sky once again, this time the energy being converged seemed to be much stronger than before.

The sky rained down slim lightning strikes again but even he could tell with the naked eye that the lightning strikes were slightly thicker than the last ones. It was limited to only being slightly thicker.

False God Tribulation’s beginning was to guide lightning towards the cultivator’s body to undergo refinement, this was the only way to withstand the later stages of the horrifying False God Tribulation. If the beginning was blocked, then the cultivator would lose the opportunity to pass the False God Tribulation.

At the beginning, False God Tribulation’s lightning strike were of the weaker kind. It was like a gift to enhance the cultivator’s body to allow them to absorb the energy without any damage. The benefits to the body could not be estimated.

Only after absorbing all the lightning, was the first stage of refinement complete. With this, the probability of passing the next stages of False God Tribulation was much higher. Unless the cultivator was one with incomparable inherent talent, they could deflect all the lightning to the outside.

Half an hour later, the lightning that struck downwards was already the thickness of the pinky finger. Moreover, there were at least a dozen bolts striking at once, it looked frightening. The crackle and rattling sound was especially crisp.

At this time, Yehuang Guwu was no longer absorbing all of it. She was partly absorbing and partly blocking.

While undergoing the False God Tribulation, one was to block some of the lightning but also absorb some of the lightning’s energy to change the body’s constitution. If all of it was blocked, of course the False God Tribulation would pass but the effect would be very weak. Even if the cultivator was blocking, they would still absorb a tiny bit. Thus, the weak effect would result from the weak absorption.

To completely absorb everything was impossible, he had not heard of anyone completely absorbing all the lightning from False God Tribulation.

If they could not block it, nor could they absorb it, then there would only be one result. The cultivator would fail the False God Tribulation and it would result in death!

Other people could block for the cultivator undergoing False God Tribulation, however the power of the strikes would be tenfold as strong, moreover it would be based on the strength of the person doing the blocking. For example, the tenfold power would not be using Yehuang Guwu as the base but it would be using Qing Shui as the base. It would be the equivalent of what Yehuang Guwu was experiencing but increased tenfold. It was better to let Yehuang Guwu deal with it.

Thus, on the World of Nine Continents, there were not many who would block during the False God Tribulation, those who block usually die. If they failed to block, the False God Tribulation would land on the person who was originally undergoing the False God Tribulation.

Thus, there was only one conclusion, the cultivators themselves must undergo the False God Tribulation.

False God Tribulation was still ongoing, it had already been an hour. The thickness of the lightning bolts was still about pinky finger width. However, the quantity had reached 50 bolts……


Yehuang Guwu summoned a white tiger. Immediately, it shared half of the lightning bolts. The White Tiger’s strength was many times stronger than Yehuang Guwu’s.

When the White Tiger was summoned, Qing Shui was worried that it would be considered to be borrowing the strength of outside help and thus triggering the tenfold power spike on the lightning strike. Although it was too late, if it was going to be dangerous, Qing Shui was definitely going to rush over there.

Fortunately, the result was good, there was nothing to be worried about.


Yehuang Guwu summoned another White Tiger, however Qing Shui already had furrowed brows. False God Tribulation was not such a simple trial to undergo, because of this, the amount of lightning bolts that struck down increased significantly. It was at a point where it seemed to be never-ending.

With Qing Shui’s current strength, he had not experienced a False God Tribulation. The reason was very particular. He was not sure whether he would experience a False God Tribulation but he threw this thought to the back of his mind as he watched in concern for Yehuang Guwu’s safety.

Qing Shui was very surprised. According to Yehuang Guwu’s strength and constitution, enduring through the first grade False God Tribulation should be easy. However, he had not thought it would be so troublesome. He had heard that the stronger a cultivator’s talent and strength, the stronger the False God Tribulation would get.

Yehuang Guwu had already summoned all the White Tigers, however the amount of lightning bolts was increasing. Qing Shui could see the fatigue on Yehuang Guwu’s face, even a bit of helplessness.

He unknowingly gripped his fists, he did not believe that Yehuang Guwu’s False God Tribulation would fail. He would not allow her to fail. Now the only thing he could do was to takeover Yehuang Guwu’s False God Tribulation, help her pass it, it would still be considered successful.

However, he thought he would wait a little longer, until there was no other way.

Unconsciously, Qing Shui got a lot closer, almost to the boundary of the False God Tribulation.

Suddenly, a mysterious power connected him and Yehuang Guwu together, something triggered in his mind.

Five Element Divine Flags!

This was a feeling originating from the Five Element Divine Flag, at the same time, a dozen lightning strikes were rushing towards Qing Shui.

Husband and wife joining forces?

The lightning struck Qing Shui’s body but was directly absorbed by him. Qing Shui felt that this did not count as blocking the False God Tribulation for Yehuang Guwu. That was because the False God Tribulation was still occurring where she was, only some of the lightning strikes were diverted to Qing Shui.

Moreover, with Qing Shui’s entry, Yehuang Guwu’s expression completely changed. She panicked to get Qing Shui to leave. Of course, she knew how horrifying the False God Tribulation would be and that only one person could undergo it.

“Little Wuwu, did you feel the fluctuations in the Five Elements Divine Flag? This is something we must endure together. With our combined forces as husband and wife, we can overcome anything,” Qing Shui said while laughing.

Yehuang Guwu was stunned, then allowed herself to sense it. She happily looked towards Qing Shui, “I thought today was going to be the last day we would see each other.”

“You are the fortunate fate of your husband, that type of thing would never happen. If it was to occur, I would block it for you. As long as I am alive, no one can take you away from me.” Qing Shui said warmly, his tone was not imposing at all, it carried a bit of familial warmth.

It was uncertain whether it was due to Qing Shui’s entry or whether the False God Tribulation was coming to an end, the lightning bolts were about the thickness of the thumb. The amount of lightning bolts also increased. Through this duration of lightning refinement, his raw strength also increased significantly.

Qing Shui saw that Yehuang Guwu was already at her limit, he immediately summoned the Hellfire Phoenix.

Hellfire Phoenix was a fire elemental beast, given it has the phoenix bloodline, it was resistant to thunder and lightning. Moreover, it could be said that its resistant to the five elements was very strong.

Seeing the Hellfire Phoenix, Qing Shui thought of Thunderous Beast, he quickly summoned it as well.

This time, Qing Shui was stunned even further. Thunderous Beast’s ability to absorb the lightning was on a horrifying scale. The changes were immediately and at a speed that even the naked eye could see.

Seeing the situation, Qing Shui summoned the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant as well as the Seven-headed Demonic Spider to allow them to absorb some of the False God Tribulation lightning energy as well.

Even though it was Qing Shui’s first time witnessing a False God Tribulation, he understood that the power of this current False God Tribulation was at least stronger than a Second Grade False God Tribulation, it could almost rival a Third Grade False God Tribulation.


The following events left Qing Shui in shock. Suddenly, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant roared, and rushed towards the clouds. More than a thousand lightning bolts struck directly at the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.


A roar that was like that of a dragon’s cry resonated between the heaven and the earth. The surrounding lightning disappeared but the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was enveloped and clad in lightning as it rushed towards the sky and into the clouds.

The crackling and rattling noises continued.

Qing Shui looked towards the sky with concern, he was not certain why the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant suddenly went on a rampage.

Yehuang Guwu could not comprehend the situation. Right now, she was like a completely exhausted person who no longer need to sprint. At this moment, she felt very relaxed, as if she had come from hell and landed in heaven. Before, she had relied solely on willpower to withstand the trial.

The crackling and rattling noises in the air seemed to become less frequent as time went on. The only thing that was visible in the sky was the outline of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. It seemed like it was rampaging about.


A loud sound!


The clouds in the sky were blown apart. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant surging with blue lightning appeared in the sky. Its body size grew by twofold, carrying an ancient fierce and tough aura as it enveloped the surroundings with its roar.

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