Chapter: 1404

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1404 - Seven-headed Demon Dragon Spiders, a Few Women, Qing Sha Wants to Leave

Luan Luan was waiting for people to know that Yiye Jiange was alright. Besides, everyone was happy after growing in power so much and their worried hearts were finally relieved. Qing Shui told them so that they wouldn’t continue to worry baselessly as after all, they had been gone for a long time.

This day was also a special day: Qing Zun was breaking through to the Xiantian level!

This was a start, because the other few kids would also break through in a short amount of time since it wasn’t that special for people to break through to the Xiantian level at this age. This is definitely an age of power.

14 years old!

The most important part was that Qing Zun and the rest of them had very strong foundations. Although they are now only Xiantian, the speed of their training wouldn’t be hindered in any way, steadily improving as time passed.

The 14 year old Qing Zun was already a big boy now. He was already 175cm on account of his good genes, about the same height as Canghai Mingyue. Despite that, his face was a little tender, and his thoughts were not considered mature. This was Qing Shui’s oldest child, but he wasn’t the oldest in the Fourth Generation of the Qing Clan’s. The potential of Qing Shui’s child wasn’t small, and he now was already a Martial King level martial artist.

With Qing Shui here and having taught him since childhood, becoming a prodigy is not too far fetched.

Girls reached puberty before boys, so Qing Yin was just a little shorter than Qing Zun. Quiet as water, she was very mature, earnest, and strong in temperament.

Qing Yin actually had already reached the Xiantian level, but only in temperament and in not martial arts. Her Nine Palace Steps were also rather mature, and her Taichi fist was the strongest among her peers.

Once they reached the Xiantian level, they were able to start training like adults. Qing Shui possessed many ways to cultivate, but at the same time he was very strict with them. If they suffered now, they would suffer less later.


A few days later, Qing Shui had to leave. There were the two elders here, so he wasn’t worried, especially since even Yehuang Guwu was here. Qing Shui left for the Central Continent, leaving the Seven Headed Demonic Dragon Spider at the Qing household.

Here in the Fifth Continent, the Seven Headed Demonic Dragon Spider’s strength was undefeatable. Qing Shui let it protect the Qing Clan until he was able to bring the people of the household with him.

The Seven Headed Demonic Dragon Spider now was very strong. That one False God Tribulation had given it many benefits.

Its physical strength had reached 50 sun. In this period of time it increased by almost five times, almost to the strength of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant or the Firebird. The Seven Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was a control-type monster. It had a lot of room for improvement.

Five Qi Origin: the Seven Headed Demonic Spider’s innate skill, perpetually increasing physical strength by 70 times, zero consumption.

The change of the Five Qi Origin still made Qing Shui a little astonished, because this allowed him to see that the potential of the Seven Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was very strong, not much inferior to the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant or the Hellfire Phoenix. The Seven Headed Demonic Dragon Spider also had the blood of the dragon, so it had a small dragon head.

Corrosive Poison Web: Seven Headed Demonic Spider makes an inescapable attack with a strong and sticky Corrosive Poison. The web is hard for even blades to cut through and the damage of the poison is ten times that of physical strength.

Ever since the Seven Headed Demonic Dragon Spider had gained its dragon’s head, its strength and technique had continually increased, to the high level it was now.

Poison Silk Entanglement: the Seven Headed Demonic Spider can shoot a poisonous silk with a range of about 3000 meters. With a quick speed, the pestering silk’s stickiness and poison are both very strong, and damage is 15 times that of physical strength.

The distance hadn’t changed, but the attack power and might had both increased a lot.

Spider Swarm Attack: the special power of the King demonic creature. Combines the strong spiders around her in her attack, evolving them into a Six Headed Demonic Spider at best, with a 100% chance of creating a special Demonic Spider.

This technique was pretty useful. For example the Explosive Demonic Spider, which could wrap around an enemy in a second, sacrificing itself to explode and causing damage equal to many times its own strength. After all, it traded its life for this technique...something like this could also happen for the Vajra Demonic Spider or the Poisonous Demonic Spider...

This power was really strong!

Flying Spider Silk: Reactive Battle Technique, zero consumption, perpetually increasing speed by 30 times.

Flying Spider Silk was very important for Control Demonic Creatures. It’s still a Reactive Battle Technique, which was great because it had zero consumption.

Sharpness: the Seven Headed Demonic Spider’s sharpness of its eight legs is unmatched, in addition to having extremely strong poison and piercing effects.

Unyielding Shield: The defense of the Seven Headed Demonic Spider is very strong.

Demonic Spider Dragon Head: Reactive Battle Technique, increases the Seven Headed Demonic Spider’s physical firmness by ten times, sharpness and the Demonic Spider Poison Silk’s firmness, stickiness and poison… in addition it increases attack, defense, and stamina by five times, zero consumption!

In this way, the Seven Headed Demonic Dragon Spider’s attack power could increase to more than 30000 sun. This amount of power could barely be classified as peak Martial Emperor. Adding that terrifying control power, it was a type of control that even False God Pinnacle powers could not escape.

Placing the Seven Headed Demonic Dragon Spider in the Qing Household within the Central Continent was absolutely a flawless plan. This way Qing Shui could be relieved, and work without concern outside.

Yehuang Guwu was no longer in the Western Oxhe Continent. Even if Qing Shui wanted to go, he couldn’t, because if he did he’d need Yehuang Guwu to get there first. Then he could use the husband-wife teleportation ability to teleport him there.

However, Qing Shui had already told Yehuang Guwu to do so. Back when Qing Shui had arrived at the Qing household, she had already gone to the Western Oxhe Continent.

Qing Shui was heading out to the Western Oxhe Continent, and Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan were also there.

Now the Southern Sea Putuo Mountain was already under control of Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan. Both of the girls’ strength were developing rapidly, like a girl from a Portrait of Beauty. Qing Shui wasn’t startled; with the best innate skill and medicinal pills and techniques, being able to obtain the strength they had now was not too strange.

The two of them had already become some of the Western Oxhe Continent’s strongest warriors. 8000 sun! From the outside, this speed of cultivation was absolutely horrifying, but no one knew the inside story. If someone was able to see the miraculous medicinal expertise, medicinal pills, and innate skills the girls had, they wouldn’t feel as shocked.

Qing Shui had only stayed here for a day, so he and Tantai Xuan still hadn’t broken through to the last stage of their relationship. Qing Shui could at most kiss her and mess around a little.

Yu Ruyian also wasn’t pregnant. Her chance of getting pregnant was low, and added on to the fact she saw Qing Shui at most monthly, this wasn’t strange.

A day later, Qing Shui arrived at the Lotus Sect!

Now Di Chen was the sect leader of the Lotus Sect, being stronger than both Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan. She already had reached the lowest rank of the pinnacle of Martial Emperors. As to how much potential she had from absorbing the sacred objects of the Lotus Platform, Qing Shui wasn’t sure. All he knew was that her strength increased very quickly. Every time he saw her, she gave him a fright.

Besides, the Lotus Sect, Putou Mountain, and the Heaven Secrets Academy were now all connected together. They weren’t actually that close together, but their relationship was known. Di Chen, Yu Ruyan, Tantai Xuan, and the Eldest Princess had all met before.

Everyone had a mutual understanding, so they all knew each other as though they were like sisters. At the same time they all sighed, wondering what kind of a man they had found that would cause so many outstanding women to fall in love with him.

Originally, Qing Shui wasn’t too worried about the Desolate Sect, but now that he knew more, he was anxious. As for the pair of brothers who had the traits of a Demonic Beast’s heart, he felt that if they were able to reach the pinnacle of Martial Emperors they would conspire to take over the Western Oxhe Continent. Regardless if whether they could or couldn’t, they would still conspire about the Western Oxhe Continent. Then there’d be only one result: that they’d be squashed dead.

Di Chen’s Demonic Beast Blue Luan was also changing a lot now. Of course, the chance of it becoming a phoenix was low, because not every Demonic Beast with phoenix blood could evolve into a phoenix. But at least they’d be able to turn into an Alpha phoenix type of strong Demonic Beast. Now its strength had gotten to around 20000 sun, and it was one of the strongest here in the Western Oxhe Continent. Being able to evolve so quickly, it was inseparable from Qing Shui.

Di Chen had already talked to Qing Shui about it. As long as the time was right, he should move the Lotus Sect to the Third Continent. That place would be the location of the most action in the future, and only there would they become a great sect.

The Lotus Sect had a teleporter to the Third Continent. Unfortunately it was one way, so the sect could only teleport there, but not back. Besides, the price of using the teleporter was high, requiring a lot of demonic crystals.

Of course, teleporting over was only a thought. The rest of the party’s powers weren’t suitable for this yet. At least the Lotus Sect would be able to expand well in the Western Oxhe Continent.

Although the Third Continent was the realm of False God martial artists, the actual number of False God martial artists was way too little. Without enough strength you wouldn’t even meet one, so the land was still the realm of normal people. It didn’t matter where. Even if a sect like the Lotus Sect was to try to conquer everything they could see, they’d only be keeping control of one part of the Third Continent.

These premises made it so that meeting people that exceptionally strong was rare, and so conflicts happened rarely. Actually, a few strong people wouldn’t even have the time to attack every weak person they saw on the way, just like how a person wouldn’t kill every ant they saw. Even if they did have time, they wouldn’t feel much. Even if those ants were trying to offend them, they wouldn’t be interested in squashing them.

Finally, Qing Shui went to the Heaven Secrets Academy, which was already under the control of Eldest Princess. Her strength had surpassed that the two headmasters

When Qing Sha saw Qing Shui she happily hugged his neck. The Heaven Secrets Academy’s strongest member wasn’t Eldest Princess, but this girl. The Sky Pernicious Star’s makeup compared to the girl in the Portrait of Beauty was very similar.

Yan Jingyu, the Seventh Princess, and the rest of the girls’ strength were also improving quickly. The Heaven Secrets Academy also had many hidden geniuses rising to the surface, causing others to be slightly jealous.


“Dad, I need to leave.” Qing Sha said, resting and eating.

“Leave? Where to?” Qing Shui asked, surprised that the day had actually come.

“I need to go to the Sea Dragon Dynasty.” Qing Sha said lightly. Even though the tone was peaceful, Qing Shui was able to sense some heavy atmosphere concealed behind her words.

The Sea Dragon Dynasty was known to Qing Shui. The Western Oxhe Continent was much larger than the Fifth Continent and there were no limits on the laws of heaven and earth. On paper, its strength differed from that of the Third Continent’s by a wide margin, but Qing Shui knew that this place must have hidden many strong warriors.

The Sea Dragon Dynasty was also a Grade Four dynasty. The strongest in the Western Oxhe Continent was also Grade Four, so it comes as no wonder that many of the ones that exceed Grade Fours were also Grade Fours.

The Sea Dragon’s Dynasty was at the Southern part of the Western Oxhe environment, even farther south than the Blue Ocean Putou Mountain since it was actually on the southern border. The outlet that led to the Putou mountain was only a small part of the ocean, and couldn’t be counted as the actual shore, instead connecting into the Southern River.

“Silly girl, can you talk to me about how you feel?” Qing Shui gently said. He didn’t smile, but his tone showed love, acting as a pillar of warmth and comfort.

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