Chapter: 1411

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1411 - Soaring Demonic Dragon, Dragon Elephant’s Might, Moyun Mountain

Shen Ling was a bit surprised, she was not someone who was so superficial but for a beautiful woman this was a particular concern of hers. Her beauty and expression could weaken an enemy’s strength by 20%, this was a subconscious effect, of course those who were sadistic were exempt from this effect.

Without much thought, he thought of another question. He needed to reach the Demon Lord Palace, in general most outsiders did not go to the Demon Lord Palace.

“You want to go to Demon Lord Palace?” Shen Ling asked while being shocked.

“Mn, Miss Shen, do you know which way the Demon Lord Palace is?” Qing Shui continued to ask.

“Yes I do, the Demon Lord Palace is situated on Moyun Mountain but outsiders cannot get in.” Shen Ling looked at Qing Shui.

“Not letting anyone in is not an issue, as long as I know where it is I can get in,” Qing Shui said with a laugh.

“Moyun Mountain is extremely vastand it is very dangerous there, are you sure you want to go?” Shen Ling thought for a bit.

“Can the lady please explain.”

“From here, head directly west. However, it is very far away.” Shen Ling thought and told him the approximate distance.

The distance Shen Ling mentioned wasn’t considered far for Qing Shui. It would only take a few days’ time. Knowing the Demon Lord Palace location, he was very happy, “You guys should return, pay attention to your safety.”

“Do you know the Demon Lord Palace? I’m afraid you will only run into danger,” Shen Ling said with a bit of a complicated expression. No matter what, he was her benefactor, if there was danger she should tell him.

“I have seen the Demon Lord several times, there should be no issues,” Qing Shui said after much thought.

“Oh, if that’s the case, then you be careful. You are my benefactor, I would not want you to get injured from my telling you the location of the Demon Lord Palace,” Shen Ling said with a smile. Her smile was inadvertently sexy to the point that it could capture one’s soul but it was also an innate ability of hers.

“You’re born with Bones of the Immortal Fox, this was the tune I played earlier and a zither, all as a gift to you. You are talented in music, let’s consider this gift as a treasured sword matching that of a hero.”

Qing Shui was not trying to buy favor but maybe he was. He wasn’t trying make friends with this woman or maybe he was, he couldn’t help but extend a helping hand when he saw her. In reality, Qing Shui wanted to establish rapport with the Divine Sound Sect for the future in case he wanted a partnership.

What made Qing Shui a bit surprised was that Shen Ling hesitated but actually accepted the gifts, “I already owe you so much anyway, I will not be overly polite. If I am not able to pay you back, I’ll just have to pay you back with my body.”

Qing Shui smiled and shook his head, “I already have a wife.”

“Are you brain-dead? What’s the problem of having another one? Am I not beautiful?” Shen Ling winked at him with her alluring pupils.

“Beautiful but I already have many wives.”

Shen Ling was a bit stunned, this man was very honest. In the World of Nine Continents many men had multiple wives, especially powerful men. However, most men would not tell a beautiful woman that he had a woman, especially not when he had many women. She felt a bit hurt and said, “If you already have that many, then it shouldn’t matter if I joined in, unless I do not have the charm?”

Sometimes women can be unreasonable.

Qing Shui could not tell whether she was deliberately trying to tease him, so he did not take offense to it. After all, this woman was very charming and could not be judged using conventional means. He did not look at her that way, but she was overly bold. This was evident from her conversations with Eternal Spring Palace’s Second Elder before.

“Alright, I’ll stop teasing you but remember to come find me at the Divine Sound Sect in the future.” Shen Ling laughed as she looked at Qing Shui.

“Mn, alright, mark my words from before, if I can’t marry I will come find you.”

A series of laughter resounded, the women rode away on their flying mounts.

Qing Shui shook his head, once he found the direction he needed to head towards, he used Nine Continents Steps. Divine Sound Sect was one of the Four Great Evil Powers and Eternal Spring Place was a sect of the Soaring Dragon Continent. They were a powerful sect.

Qing Shui did not know the strength difference between Soaring Dragon Continent and Dancing Phoenix Continent, but he had heard that they should be about the same. However, he felt that this was not absolute. According to the hierarchy of the Five Element Divine Flag, Soaring Dragon Continent should be a higher tier in strength than Dancing Phoenix Continent.

Moreover, the Four Great Evil Powers had little interaction with the Dancing Phoenix Continent. Though many powers within the Dancing Phoenix Continent were against the Demon Lord Palace, the real opposition of the Four Great Evil Powers were powers within the Soaring Dragon Continent. Dancing Phoenix Continent was just assisting a bit.


On the third day, Qing Shui used Nine Continents Steps. When he appeared at the landing location, a loud roar could be heard from the sky.

Soaring Demonic Dragon!

Qing Shui looked at the giant fellow and immediately recognized the identity of this giant beast.

Demonic Dragon could be considered an Alpha Dragon species. The Soaring Demonic Dragon in front of Qing Shui was about 300 meters long. Its menacing looking head was almost like that of a dragon’s but if one looked at it in detail they would notice that it lacked the dignity of a dragon. For example, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s head could be considered to be a real dragon head.

Soaring Demonic Dragon’s strength was decent, it specialized in speed, with a formidable body, wind element type, can use formidable battle techniques such as Wind Storm, Wind Tornado, Wind Blade, Wind Confinement…

In fact, battle techniques of equivalent strength were about the same, the only difference was in the five elements, some would counter others just like natural enemies. With similar strength, if it was a natural enemy, then it would be very difficult to overcome, after all, every move would be countered.


A huge explosive burst resounded. A massive desert storm shaped almost like a mushroom blew up and, as if it was a solid substance, advanced towards Qing Shui with earth-shattering pressure.

Qing Shui had only seen scenes like this in pictures in his previous life, it almost felt like an apocalypse. However, right now, he was seeing it firsthand. Moreover, its power was much stronger than the ones from his previous life.

“Little guy, let the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant play with you.”

Qing Shui summoned the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

A spirited roar!

The roar resonated in the sky, once Qing Shui arrived he was already under attack but with his current strength, this attack would not damage him.

Even Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s loud roar and body size were stronger than the Soaring Demonic Dragon.

The roar stunned the Soaring Demonic Dragon.

It had immediately used Dragon Elephant Might right after that roar from before.

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion!

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack!

Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was swift, its huge body rushed over only leaving a false image. From Qing Shui’s point of view, the Soaring Demonic Dragon was huge but the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was even bigger. This collision surprised Qing Shui for a moment.

Instant kill. Such a giant beast was rammed by the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant to the point of only leaving blood drops raining down.

After all, Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s strongest attack was certainly horrifying, reaching nearly 30 million sun. Moreover, Dragon Elephant Might had a staggering debuff effect on the beast that was already weaker than Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. Originally, its strength was already half of Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, under the debuff of Dragon Elephant Might, it would be a surprise if it had not been an instant kill.

Nothing was left behind. Qing Shui looked at his surroundings then used Nine Continents Steps again. Afterwards, he summoned Hellfire Phoenix and flew directly ahead. He took a look at the scenery while thinking about what he would do in the future. For example, what would he do after he found the Demon Lord?

Once he thought of this question, Qing Shui started having a headache. If she asked him why he was looking for her, what would he reply?

This woman was not any ordinary woman. Any normal method would be rendered ineffective. If he said she was his woman, then it would make Qing Shui seem too naive. Even if they had a one night stand, it was due to circumstance. If it was due to that one time that she became his woman, then he would be like an immoral beast, once he did the deed he would get the woman.

There was no word of rape, nor was it a mistake or random relationship, because he could openly declare that this was his woman……

Along the way he had encountered several beasts, but they were all easily taken care of. Unknowingly, he had reached the Moyun Mountain.

Moyun Mountain was as the name described. It was a huge mountain range that went all the way up into the clouds. It was taller than the clouds. The clouds located here were all very high in altitude. This entire area was a giant mountain range, it was difficult to spot where the Demon Lord Palace was located.

Now that he was at Moyun Mountain, he wandered around. He might be able to find some clues regarding that woman. Now that things had gotten to this stage he was not in a hurry, he still needed to think about how to make contact with that woman.

In his last several encounters, Qing Shui had felt that the woman was ice-cold. It was too difficult to just barge into her life.

The second day, Qing Shui shuttled between the mountains aimlessly, suddenly he spotted a bunch of buildings. There was a dozen of them situated at the base of the mountain, Qing Shui’s heart skipped a beat.

“Halt, who are you?”

Several burly male voices, that were loud as a bell, transmitted over, they also tried to use their aura as a warning to Qing Shui. Qing Shui took advantage of the situation to descend, he had already put away the Hellfire Phoenix.

“Brother, you look very vigorous, I am heading towards the Demon Lord Palace. I wonder if brother knows which way the Demon Lord Palace is?” Qing Shui laughed while praising the man. Qing Shui felt relaxed, he felt fantastic talking to these people.

“Demon Lord Palace? Why are you going to Demon Lord Palace? Outsiders going to Demon Lord Palace will be killed on sight. If you don’t provide a valid reason, then today will be your day of death.” The leading tall and sturdy man was like a metal tower. Maybe it was due to his build, he gave off a sense of being a bandit, the muscles on his face were also very tough.

“I killed people from the Eternal Spring Palace, I am out of options, I want to join the Demon Lord Palace. Would brother be able to put in a good word for me?” Qing Shui knew from his discussions with Shen Ling, only those who killed people of the righteous powers and were left without options would join Demon Lord Palace.

“You killed people from the Eternal Spring Palace? Who did you kill, let us investigate.” The burly man wasn’t buying his claims.

“The Second Elder of Eternal Spring Palace, the old fart that was ugly, also some people that referred to him as eldest martial brother, the others were some young men…” Qing Shui felt he had no need to lie to them. With Demon Lord Palace’s information network, they should have record of this.

“Hard to tell. I had only recently heard that Eternal Spring Palace people were all killed. Come, come, enter. Joining the Demon Lord Palace is not difficult but I have to tell you the conditions.” The burly man immediately changed his expression and welcomed Qing Shui inside warmly.

“Now, you just have to prove that your strength is enough to kill the Second Elder of the Eternal Spring Palace,” the burly man said explicitly.

“Oh, if that’s the case, alright, then I’ll fight you. You should be around Eternal Spring Palace’s Second Elder’s strength level.” Qing Shui smiled as he looked at him.

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