Chapter: 1414

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1414 - Vice Imperial Empress, Poison Immortal Sect, Life Poison, Hua Rumei

The tone of women since ancient times has always been orderly, in addition to that cold, unique face, it could make anyone feel pressured.

But when Qing Shui hears a woman he just stares blankly, what she said was supposed to be for him, there’s no need to be like this, no need at all.

“I don’t know, I think there’s nothing wrong, I want to exhaust my strongest power to change everything that I want changed,” Qing Shui said after pondering for a moment.

“That’s your freedom, but this here is the Demon Lord Palace , as you will know in a bit, you still have business here?”

Qing Shui smiled bitterly, “Not anymore…”

He knew that she normally treats people this way, so much so that he thought that he thought she was already being nicer towards him, at first he thought that she wouldn’t even meet him, had that been the case he would have done things differently,

But when she looked at herself, she didn’t feel any uneasiness, as though there was nothing wrong, indifferent, she was indifferent to everyone, and it has already been mentioned that no one could melt into her heart.

The opposite of love is indifference, and not hate, with the absence of love, hate will follow out, love really cuts very deep!

“Then I’ll go to sleep first, why don’t you sleep earlier too!” Qing Shui said lightly.

He was once able to shamelessly give her gifts, but now with the addition of the Demon Lord Palace, he instead feels as though it were something impossible to do, even though he had planned it this way, but he needed time...

Qing Shui left, the woman stood there for a good while, but didn’t look for Qing Shui’s departing view, and didn’t go back either.


The Medical Pavilion!

The Medical Pavilion is one of the Earthly Branches of the Demon Lord Palace’s 12 Earthly Branches, and also an important Branch, because all of the healing and medical related things were conducted there, Qing Shui was given special permission by the Grand Elder to enter the Medical Pavilion, and was coming in with one of the stronger Alchemists of the Medical Pavilion.

Having been here for so many days, it could be said that Qing Shui was well acquainted with the people of the Medical Pavilion, there weren’t many, but it had a high status, and here it was better to go without than with a substandard choice, here the doctors were not bad compared against Soulsearch and Yuan Su, and had Soulsearch not met Qing Shui, he wouldn’t even compare to the people here.

Qing Shui’s strength within this group of Medical Experts has already been displayed, so his rank within the Medical Pavilion had been steadily increasing, so much so that he could be considered a teacher.

Within the 12 Earthly Branches, the Medical Pavilion had a small amount of people, but it wasn’t weak, in comparison, the Alchemist normally held other posts at the same time, like the Poison Maker, which had other Old Monsters, which in turn had a few Sure Kill Heavenly Techniques.

The Medical Pavilion also had manny medical books, many of which were unheard of, and it also had a few Old Monsters that taught Qing Shui some stuff that they knew, after all Qing Shui had also taught them many unthinkable Medical Skills, and also some Medicinal Pills, the benefits were more than enough.

People all knew how to be grateful to each other, especially the ones who were older, having seen pretty much anything and everything after being alive for such a long time, the most important thing was that Qing Shui had obtained Alchemy Recipes that allowed him to continue forward.

The Quadruple Portion Alchemy Recipe!

An Old Monster gave that to him, having been in possession of it for countless years, and gave Qing Shui a portion, there were some things that counted as being given to the receiver, for example Alchemy Recipes.

“Old Monster, the Vice Palace Lord’s sickness recurred, it’s more serious now.”

It was at this time that a hurried voice was heard.

“Qing Shui, go, let’s visit there together,” the Old Man left while pulling Qing Shui with him without an explanation.

The Old Monster was the Old Man that shared the Quadruple Portion Alchemy Recipe with Qing Shui.

The Vice Palace Lord?

Qing Shui thought as he walked, the Vice Palace Lord of the Demon Lord Palace?

He didn’t ask since he would know in a bit.

They quickly arrived to the deeper parts of the Demon Lord Palace, not too far from the Ice Palace, this was a manor that was tranquil as a spring day, the guards were also women, very similar to the women that guarded the Ice Palace, both were powerful.

The buildings here were very luxurious, the courtyard full of flowers, grass, and residences, besides it was all arranged in an interesting way, Qing Shui was able to to conclude that this is because of the existence of an elder that was not in the least inferior.

The Demon Lord Palace still has many strong people, which doesn’t seem weird after some thought, perhaps one day picking a fight with the Soaring Dragon Continent.

“Qing Shui, don’t say too much, this woman’s temper is very weird,” the Old Man reminded Qing Shui.

Once they entered the building they smelled a faint medicinal fragrance coming from the room, the room was white in a very casual and comforting way, Qing Shui looked over and immediately saw a woman leaning on an embroidered sofa bed in the drawing room.

A mature woman, with an indeterminable age, just that her face was very cold, very indifferent, now her face turned deathly pale, as though there wasn’t a speck of color, her lower half covered with a thick blanket.

“Why don’t you guys go, there’s no need for healing,” a woman said as they entered the room.

“The Palace Lord commands that we must heal her,” the Old Man said lightly, smiling.

“Old Monster, in any case you can’t even heal her fully, I’ll just bluntly tell you that, even though I am already crippled, but they also have many dead, if we calculated it I’d say that I profited,” when the woman said this a little bit of color returned to her face, it seemed as though she was a little excited.

“Golden Jade Life Replenishing Ointment!”

Qing Shui slowly said to the woman.

“Who are you?” the woman just skipped over Qing Shui since some Alchemists and doctors would normally bring with them a Medicinal Apprentice.

“He is a doctor of the Demon Lord Palace, his Medicinal expertise is even better than mine, why don’t you let Qing Shui help you take a look?” the Old man smilingly said.

“He’s too young, how would he understand my situation, at least I know that the doctors that know me can’t heal me, as for using a pill, there’s too little of them.”

The woman said serenely while shaking her head.

“Where did you obtain your Golden Jade Life Replenishing Ointment?” Qing Shui lightly asked the woman.

“I inherited it from one of my elders, it has already been used up.”

“Our opponent must be very skilled to be able to create this type of poison.” Qing Shui was also astonished after taking a look at the woman’s poison.

“What, isn’t she severely hurt? How would it be poison?” the Old Man said after standing up.

“The wound isn’t life threatening, the thing that is is the poison, one similar to a goblet, which takes the life of the person along with it.” Qing Shui said slowly to the woman.

“Old Monster, I now believe your claim that his medicinal expertise is more than yours,” the woman said smilingly.

Her smile was very pale, but was still beautiful, a sort of beauty that comes with sickness, which makes people want to keep it and treasure it for a while, but who would dare do that, being in fear of this woman instant killing them.

“It is the poison of the Immortal Poison Sect,” the woman said while looking at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui didn’t care about what the poison was called, but this type of poison was life threatening, as long as the person was alive the poison would still be there, it was intractable, or at least he had never heard of anyone being able to get rid of it.

But this type of poison could be gotten rid of by other means, for example of the afflicted’s body was strong enough, they could expel the disease themselves, if they couldn’t expel it themselves they could transfer it, for example transferring it onto someone else, of which there were two types, one would be her man, the other her child, if she wanted to transfer it to her man her man would have to agree, but if she wanted to transfer it to her child all she had to do was wish for it.

“Qing Shui, do you have a plan?” the Old Man asked hopefully.

“He said that this is a life poison, as long as the person is alive, the poison cannot be gotten rid of.”

“Although it can’t be gotten rid of, but to allow you to recover, as long as I’m alive, you can live more than a thousand years with no problem,” Qing Shui smilingly said after some thought.

“Really? Is this really possible?” the Old Monster happily exclaimed.

The woman skeptically stared at Qing Shui.

“Well it’s supposedly possible, just that even the worse case scenario would be better than now,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“Even if you are put to death, if it is really a better result, I will definitely pay a visit to the Immortal Poison Sect, Mr. Qing, I believe you, just go do it with all your heart, there’s no need to worry about anything,” the woman’s temperament seemed to have improved a bit.

“There’s poison putting pressure onto the wound, that’s why it’s not getting better, if you eat this, it would allow your wound to heal,” Qing Shui handed over a Golden Fragrance Jade.

The effects of the Golden Fragrance Jade don’t have to be explained, this also improved their trust in Qing Shui, although it didn’t completely heal her, but because it improved a significant portion, the woman’s temperament improved a lot.

Life and Death Needles!

The Spring of Life!

Qing Shui took to these things very easily, this poison really couldn’t be unrooted, at least Qing Shui couldn’t think of a plan now, but he minimized the effects of the poison, but the poison’s effects would slowly get stronger, which is when he will need to get rid of the poison again.

Violet Jade Pendant!

Carved onto the surface was the way to control the poison: “as long as you carry this, even though the poison is still on you, but it will be very hard for it to resurface, if you lose this remember to ask me for a new one, without this, the poison would most likely come back after three to five years.

The woman stood in the room, not fully awake from this huge excitement, her hand still holding the Violet Jade Pendant that Qing Shui gave her.

She no longer held hope, even though she had fallen to this stage, but the cost on the enemy was much more, just that there was a bit of regret in her heart, she couldn’t kill the person that had given her the poison.

“I owe you a favor, which I will repay, no matter what, I can help you do to the most of my power,” the woman happily said to Qing Shui after returning from her euphoric trance, she can now be like a normal person.

Her age wasn’t young, but couldn’t be said that it was old either, and could be said that she was in her prime, still having a long road ahead of her, if she had died like this it would have really been a shame.

“That’s not necessary, I’m also a member of the Demon Lord Palace.”

“My reputation isn’t that great, having such a long list of kills, the amount of people that think well of me are rare,” the woman said after a long sigh.

Qing Shui understood her meaning, thought about it a little and said: “What’s your relationship with the Palace Lord?”

“The person that interacts the most with the Palace Lord here should be me!” the woman didn’t know what Qing Shui meant by his statement, but still happily replied.

“Oh, then that’s great, then if it’s possible, hypothetically if you and the Palace Lord need anything done, remember to ask for me,” Qing Shui said to the woman smilingly, with a tang of embarrassment.

The woman was distracted, then quickly became attentive, a smile forming on her face: “ You really are courageous, and I’ll support your way of thinking, but you should still be prepared.”

“Thank you, I know.”

“I’m Hua Rumei, if you wait for a bit more, the Palace Lord should return, here’s your chance! The woman happily said to Qing Shui.

As she finished footsteps were heard coming from outside, and a familiar shadow came into the view of everyone, every time it creates this impact, the ice-cold and colorless beautiful eyes catching sight of Hua Rumei: “mm, seems much better.”

These words were still as ice-cold as possible, but Qing Shui could feel that in comparison it was already warm as spring, unfortunately, he wasn’t the subject of the conversation.

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