Chapter: 1426

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1426 - Devil Slaying Battle Blood Formation, Encounter with the Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bear

“Would you mind letting me have a look at your Battle Blood Formation?” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“No I don’t, here!” Zhan Yu smiled and passed the Battle Blood Formation to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui immediately started to look through it. He discovered that this formation was mainly used as a kind of restraint to joint attacks. It increased the user’s morale and circulated the strength of their blood. Somehow, it felt like a kind of strength of youth from his previous incarnation. It was filled with hot-bloodedness.

No wonder it was called the Battle Blood Formation. Of course, the positionings within the formation also coordinated with each other. All in all, it was a simple yet effective formation.

“Elder brother Zhan, this formation is really easy. Not to be offensive, but if you encounter a person with equal strength who happened to be proficient at setting up formations, you will fall towards the passive side if you can’t defeat your opponent in one move. Once that happens, the whole situation will worsen.” Qing Shui closed the formation and passed it back to Zhan Yu.

When it came to things related to formations, it has been an indisputable fact that Qing Shui was very knowledgeable at it. One look was all it took for him to realize the mysterious principles of the formation itself.

“Younger brother Qing, it seems that you are an expert in formations. Rumei was the one who gave me the Battle Blood Formation.” Zhan Yu said with a smile.

Qing Shui was reminded of some of the decorations around Hua Rumei’s courtyard. They all somehow foreshadowed some sort of formations. Furthermore, they were all very powerful. In comparison to the Grand Elder, her formation was equal, if not even better than his.

“Will you mind if I help you make some amends to the formation?” Qing Shui looked at Zhan Yu after thinking for a while.

After all, it was a formation given to him by Hua Rumei. He feared that Zhan Yu would disagree to it. There was a lot of people who would be unwilling to destroy things given to them by the people dear to them.

“Of course I won’t mind. In fact, I couldn’t have asked for more.” Said Zhan Yu, carefree.

Qing Shui took out the Devil Slaying Formation. “Elder brother, why don’t you first have a look at this and do some research on it? Brother Jin, you shall join too. I am going to do some research on the formation first. I will develop a better one as soon as possible.”

Naturally, Jin Ci happily agreed to it. Zhan Yu nodded his head. He also summoned some of his most impressive subordinates from below.

In the meantime, Qing Shui approached Hua Rumei’s tent. He had never expected for Hua Rumei to be Zhan Yu’s fiance. He had not heard even the slightest news about it prior to this. However, it was not like there was a need for the others to tell him about it.

But in Qing Shui’s opinion, Zhan Yu was truly a decent individual. It was just that he would not last longer than ten years with how he was now. If necessary, he would not mind helping him out a little so as to help him lengthen the time at which both him and Rumei would seem suitable for each other.

Upon entering the tent, Qing Shui realized that the Demon Lord was also in there. He was stunned and smiled, “Milady, so you are here as well.”

“Yes, are you looking for her for urgent matters?” The Demon Lord stood up while speaking. She should be getting ready to leave.

“No, it’s nothing that important. Why don’t you give some suggestions as well? Let’s investigate it together.” Qing Shui said with a smile.

Once Qing Shui put it this way, she would naturally have to stay behind.

“I suppose the Battle Blood Formation was invented by elder sister. I would like to blend in other formations into it. Why don’t you guys take a look at this formation first? In the meantime, also explain to me about Battle Blood Formation. Oh yes, elder sister, you won’t mind, would you?” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“Did he tell you everything?” Hua Rumei said a bit embarrassingly.

“Tell me what?” Qing Shui asked seriously.

“Forget it, stop pretending. Alright, actually, this formation was invented by the me and the Palace Lord. It is intended for killing the opponents swiftly, in a spurt of energy resembling that of a tiger.”

Hua Rumei smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui passed over the Devil Slaying Formation. He gave each of them one and said, “There are pros and cons to it. For example, they can’t fight against people slightly stronger than them, nor will they be able to attack with a spurt of energy. Basically, they will completely be on the passive side. If the strength of their blood is weakened, the formation will basically be done for.”

“We are aware of this as well. But it’s too hard to add a formation into another formation. It’s not possible. The requirement for it is too high, especially for high level formations of such.” It’s rare to see the Demon Lord taking the initiative to talk.

“I figure you both should know about the Nine Palace Positionings? Actually, it’s difficult to add a formation into another formation. But there are also alternate ways to achieve it, Mystical Gate, Escape Arts, Nine Palace, Five Elements, they are all factors that can be made use of. After that, then only shall we try to solve those minor conflicts. Following time, they will blend into each other completely. This is the Nine Palace Eight Trigram Formation, this is the Nine Palace Eight Trigram Sword Formation, it may help for you two to take a look at them.”

Following on, they began to research it and blend them together, although Qing Shui was still the one in charge of mostly everything. He came here to understand thoroughly about the Battle Blood Formation. Within four hours time, Qing Shui has already blended the basic part of Devil Slaying Formation and Battle Blood Formation together.

Devil Slaying Battle Blood Formation!

Devil Slaying Formation was an positioning formation. It had a fixed path which could help increase vitality and battle prowess. Most importantly, it could produce Devil Slaying Qi, causing the entire formation to be covered with a sort of blurry qi which could help to hinder the enemy’s eyesight. It was capable of even hindering Spiritual Sense. If combined it with the violet Battle Blood Formation, the formation would help the user to draw out the full potential of their battle prowess and also increase their vitality by many folds.

The two girls were extremely surprised when they witnessed it. They had never expected for a person to be so knowledgeable in formations. Now, even the Demon Lord herself was surprised with Qing Shui. After all, he had too much knowledge for an individual. In addition to all the things he knew, he was an alchemist and a physician. It was more than enough for him to stand at such a high position.

The two girls were naturally able to understand the motive of Qing Shui doing so. Once Battle Pavilion became strong, the Demon Lord Palace would also become strong.


Both of the girls were experts in formations. Qing Shui did not hesitate to share the formations with both of the girls, nor did they reject it.

On the same day, Qing Shui and the girls managed to perfect the formation. When they had time, they would let the Battle Pavilion practice it.

Regarding the Battle Blood Formation, the people from Battle Pavilion have practiced it to the point of formation. Now, they only have to blend in the Devil Slaying Formation and add a few more positionings to it. Even though it was a bit difficult, all of these people had decent talents.

Cotton Pavilion chose the path of assassination. Qing Shui passed on his Nine Palace Step and Nine Palace Eight Trigram Formations to them. It wouldn’t take long until they became like a tiger that had grown wings.

These people weren’t idiots. Naturally, they were able to see through Qing Shui’s hard work. They were aware of Qing Shui’s relation with the Demon Lord, but they were unclear as to the exact nature of that relationship. They did not believe they shared the sort of boy-girl relation. But the fact that he was able to hang out with the Demon Lord and Hua Rumei already proved that he was definitely no ordinary person.

Now, Qing Shui would use Nine Continents Step to make haste to his journey everyday. He would use the remaining time to cultivate formations. This was the fastest method for him to increase his overall strength. At the same time, however, the set bar for the individual’s talents and intelligence was also very high.

Whenever he had used Nine Continent Steps, there were a few times when he ran into Beast Tide. Among these Beast Tides, there were a lot which were of the Asian Dragon Species. Some of them were also enormous ancient demonic beasts. Without further hesitation, Qing Shui would continuously unleash his Nine Continents Steps. There were times when he almost got interrupted. This was happening in mid-air. In a Beast Tide, beasts were basically everywhere, in the air as well as on the ground. In comparison, there would be fewer of them in air.

This time he once again, very unfortunately, ran into such a place. But it wasn’t a Beast Tide, it was just a herd of demonic beasts. Furthermore, this also occurred the last time he unleashed his Nine Continents Steps.

“Everyone, get ready for battle!” Hua Rumei’s voice could be heard by everyone.

Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bear!

This was a herd of Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bears. Each and everyone of them were sized as huge as a small mountain. Qing Shui and the group has actually arrived right in the centre of the herd. They were surrounded by almost a hundred of these gigantic beasts.

Roar! Roar!

Its roaring noise which shook heaven itself caused the people to prostrate with fear.

These gigantic beasts had bodies resembling that of stones, except the stones were gold in color. Their golden bodies which were akin to flaring golden flames began to charge towards Qing Shui and the group.

The Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bears were demonic beasts with two attributes, metal and fire. It had terrifyingly powerful physical body. Its attacks were accompanied with the sharpness of metal attributes and the violence of flame attributes. They were also capable of resisting against Spirit Energy quite well. Even Qing Shui was a bit speechless when he saw them.

Their only weakness was that they were very slow with their movements. Or else, this herd would have been unstoppable.

Emperor’s Qi!

Qing Shui didn’t hesitate to unleash his moves. He managed to weaken the overall strength of that gigantic bear by 20%. Now, Qing Shui wanted to lower down the opponent’s speed.

Tidal Cloudwave Seal!

Seal of Xuantian!

Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix!

Phoenix Battle Intent!

Right now, Qing Shui didn’t dare to let down his guard. He immediately summoned the Dragon Slaying Beast. The beast should be able to move like a fish in water here. It was very fast and it was able to break through everything. Certainly, it was specifically used to counter against gigantic monsters like these.

Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines!

Qing Shui swung his hand and unleashed a number of Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines around the surroundings. He used them to halt the movement of the Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bears.

The others had already set up their formations. The Demon Lord and Hua Rumei have also started their battles.

Their weapons were very terrifying. Each time they attacked, they were able to cut off one piece of the meat of the gigantic monsters, causing the beasts to roar in agony.

Golden Flame Explosive Strike!

Suddenly, an enormous Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bear appeared right in front of Hua Rumei through some unknown means. Both of its palms were flaring with golden flame as it attempted to slap her.

However, Hua Rumei seemed as if she was dumbfounded. She stood there, motionless. This has caused a lot of people to panic.

This was the Heavenly Sure-kill Technique of the Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bear.

Qing Shui was about to make his move. But right at this moment, a bloody red shadow suddenly bumped into Hua Rumei. As Qing Shui swung his hand, he instantly unleashed a golden aura. But this golden aura wasn’t directed towards the Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bear. It was directed towards the red shadow.

Zhan Yu!

Qing Shui aimed his attack at Zhan Yu! Zhan Yu was bombarded by the force of the golden flame and got staggered by the attack. He flew out like a kite which has had its rope cut off and spurted fresh blood out of his mouth. The blood which he spurted out settled down on top of the bloody red battle armor, causing the color of the armor to look even brighter than before.

“Zhan Yu!”

Hua Rumei has come back to her senses. She rushed to Zhan Yu anxiously. Tears could be seen sliding down of her face.

Qing Shui’s figure charged towards the enormous Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bear.

Phoenix Finger!

Both of Qing Shui’s hands were already shining with golden light. He constantly struck the Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bear with tremendous force. The entire scene looked really magnificent. At the same time, heaving and noises of collisions could constantly rang out.


Suddenly, Qing Shui abruptly thrusted out his fist. The next thing which came into his sight was the enormous Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bear flying out backwards. When it fell onto the ground, it jerked a few times before stopping.


The enormous Ancient Golden Flame Demonic Bear suddenly exploded. The Dragon Slaying Beast had actually separated the limbs off the body of the gigantic monster.

The speed of Demon Lord’s sword was becoming faster and faster. At the same time, she was also continuously unleashing the Heavenly Techniques.

The Old Turtle was already protecting the others. With its defense, it was still able to withstand the attacks. After all, Qing Shui had already weakened the opponents significantly. Not only that, he had even boosted the strength of the people on his side. That being the case, the situation would have been a lot different. It would have been able to barely withstand those attacks.

Qing Shui immediately tossed a Golden Fragrance Jade towards Hua Rumei, “Sister, let him take this pill. Everything is going to be fine.”

Qing Shui communicated with the Dragon Slaying Beast and instructed it to strengthen its attack. As of now, the Dragon Slaying Beast was his most powerful beast. It’s almost as if it could instantly kill the opponent once it spotted their weak points. The Dragon Slaying Beast was one of the most terrifying existence after it dominated in speed.

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