Chapter: 1428

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1428 - Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation, Battle with Dragon Palace

Hua Rumei came at this time and, after hearing Qing Shui’s word, asked in surprise, “Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation is powerful?”

“Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation was a symbol, those who could cast the Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation were beyond experts within the field of formations. Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation was a large Heavenly Dao formation. It could increase the allies’ Heavenly Dao while debuff the enemies’ Heavenly Dao, the formation was like a prison of heaven and earth, a formless debuff.” Qing Shui said after thinking for a bit.

“Then what should we do?” Hua Rumei furrowed her brow as she asked. She had known that False God martial artists were highly reliant on Heavenly Dao. If their Heavenly Dao was debuffed, then it would certainly be frightening. That was because the power of their Heavenly Technique would be limited.

“Drag it out, we will drag it out until they can no longer hold on to their formation. Since the Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation had a huge consumption, it could not withstand an endurance battle. Right now our goal is to defend, observe, and react as needed.” Qing Shui said after much thought.

However, Qing Shui felt that his Heavenly Dao had not been affected much. He was not certain whether it had been because of his unique constitution or his overpowering abilities. Either way, it was a good thing.

“Then how come we can’t see their people. There’s not a trace of them from what I can see?” Hua Rumei asked softly.

Qing Shui took out several Heavenly Vision Talisman which he had drawn last night, slapping one directly on to Hua Rumei’s body. He hesitated for a second, then slapped one onto the Demon Lord. Lastly, he slapped one on himself.

Hua Rumei was shocked when she saw silhouettes, beasts, and the tall five-colored flag.

"Dragon Palace, those were members of the Dragon Palace.” Hua Rumei said with disbelief.

Demon Lord was also watching. Qing Shui distributed the Heavenly Vision Talismans. Each Heavenly Vision Talisman could last for 24 hours. Luckily, he was drawing them last night and couldn’t stop himself. Now it had come in handy. Looking at the countless amount of people across from their group, he was not that nervous. This confidence largely came from the Heavenly Talisman and Emperor’s Qi.

"Get everyone to form the formation, the will attack soon.” Qing Shui looked at the circumstance and concluded that a full-scale attack was imminent.

Demon Lord Palace’s advantage was knowing the enemies’ existence, but the enemy did not know that the Demon Lord Palace forces had knowledge of this.

Of course, Demon Lord Palace’s disadvantage was that some of their Heavenly Dao had been debuffed. However, Qing Shui’s Phoenix Battle Intent could only raise their strength by 10%. Even if it could not completely negate Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation, it was almost equivalent, especially when the formation could increase the strength of allies.

Qing Shui took out several Divine Shield Talisman, Godly Force Talisman and so forth… Then he let them slap it on their own bodies.

He gave some Heavenly Talismans to some of the stronger martial artists to use for debuffing the enemies. Even though the talismans could not be used against everybody, Qing Shui had the Emperor’s Qi. Although it wasn’t at its peak, it could debuff 20% of the enemies’ strength. Adding that onto Qing Shui’s Phoenix Battle Intent, it could change the course of this battle.

Phoenix Battle Intent!

Just a short while, Demon Lord, Hua Rumei, Qing Shui, Jin Ci and crew had their strength increased by 20%.

This had surprised all of them. It was terrifying to have this extra strength regardless if it was a group fight or one on one.

Demon Lord and Hua Rumei was weirded out. They knew that Qing Shui had other horrifying debuffing abilities, and at this rate, he could drag those with a strength that doubled theirs to around their own level.

Hua Rumei ordered the others to ready themselves. Once the enemies rushed into their formation, they would attack them fiercely.

If Dragon Palace knew what Demon Lord Palace had in store for them, they would not rush in the way they were currently doing. Dragon Palace thought they could attack recklessly when the opponents had not readied their defenses and rush to massacre the Demon Lord Palace forces.

Against these formidable martial artists, there were no difference between day and night, therefore they did not wait for night time to sneak attack.

Closing in!

Qing Shui waited until everyone was prepared. He had already told them not to rush out, but to fight them where they were or retreat a bit, although there was a limit on how far they could back up.


Qing Shui had given each person several Heavenly Thunder Talismans. They have truly proven their usefulness. Once the majority of the enemy forces stepped within the perimeter of the attack, they did not hesitate to attack. The power of these Heavenly Thunder Talismans were increased the more there were, and the damage was additional.

A giant explosion resounded. Nearly a thousand Heaven Thunder Talisman was used in the explosion. The power could not be described, as many Martial Emperors and Peak Martial Emperors instantly perished……

Even the beginner False God martial artists were critically injured, and another round of explosions were no longer required. The enemies quickly retreated outside the perimeter, but several elders rushed in instead.

Qing Shui was not certain whether it was because they were overconfident in their abilities or if they could not stop as they rushed in.

Regardless, if they entered then, he would not let them leave.

Heavenly Talisman!

Qing Shui casted the Heavenly Talisman out and simultaneously he used Emperor’s Qi.

Consecutive debuffs were casted onto the opposition while his own strength was increased - the strength difference was far too great. Within two breaths time, the battle was decided.

Within more than half of their strength gone, it was basically an instant kill.

"What should we do now, rush out?” Hua Rumei looked at Demon Lord then turned to Qing Shui as she asked.

Unconsciously, Qing Shui’s position within the Demon Lord Palace had become mysterious. Even Hua Rumen did not realize she had let Qing Shui decide many things.

Demon Lord was also looking at Qing Shui. The meaning was clear: Qing Shui, make the decision.

Qing Shui panicked for a second, not knowing how to feel about this. She was the godly existence of the Demon Lord Palace, yet she was letting him make the decision now. He felt that this woman had already made a decision, yet wanted to listen to his opinion.

"No need, they will soon stop using the Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation. When the time comes, we will face them. This time they have learned a steep lesson from trying to sneak attack.”

Dragon Palace’s formation master who casted the Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation was really unlucky to have met Qing Shui here. Otherwise, they would have severely wounded Demon Lord Palace this time. Instead, it was Dragon Palace who had been severely crippled.

The loss this time was made up of mostly high level Martial Emperors and Peak Martial Emperors. These were the hope and future of the sect. This time, they had lost about 1000, if not at least 800 men. Rushing in like fools, most of those who died were the younger generation. They simply could not wait and unwittingly rushed in. All that remained were incomplete corpses.

In just a short while, the morale of Demon Lord Palace has raised significantly. They knew that this was all due to Qing Shui, otherwise they could not severely cripple the opposition. They assumed that Demon Lord Palace was going to be severely crippled, those that would have lost their lives were the ones between Martial Emperor and Peak Martial Emperor. Many of them felt that Qing Shui had saved their lives.

Indeed, not long afterwards, Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation was canceled. Demon Lord Palace also canceled the spiritual sense aura isolating Maze Formation.

Dragon Palace’s forces were camped in a position further away, they had a standoff with Demon Lord Palace.

"If they don’t make a move, then we will take the initiative!” Demon Lord ordered decisively.

Demon Lord Palace forces had only reached halfway before the opposition all came out, they stood in a weird formation while waiting for the Demon Lord Palace members.

"Who was the one that broke through this old man’s formation technique?” One elder looked at Qing Shui and said.

Qing Shui looked at the elder. He had a plain round face with a large nose and mouth, giving off a spirited feeling.

"Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow Formation might be a formidable formation technique. However, old mister seems to not have mastered the arts very well. Using this formation technique while neglecting the fundamentals, in Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow, you could only use Earth Transformation.” Qing Shui laughed as he spoke.

"Your appearance was the biggest surprise. I had the utmost confidence that my formation technique would bring an end to the Demon Lord Palace. Unfortunately, the Demon Lord Palace had you. Young man, you have quite the appearance. Why would you join forces with the evil forces such as the Demon Lord Palace. If you want to join the Justice Alliance, I can refer you and your future would be absolutely bright.” The elder tried to sow dissension between Qing Shui and Demon Lord Palace.

"Justice Alliance? What is justice?” Qing Shui heard the words and laughed.

"The Justice Alliance encompasses all people of righteousness who carry an aura of vast vital energy and promote justice with a strong sense of principle. Just like our Dragon Palace and Taixu Sect.” The elder continued to explain.

"Are you not embarrassed saying these things old man? This sort of self-flaunting display, do you believe others are blind? I won’t say much, but your words made me feel as though you are using the name of good to trick people. Moreover, do you not know shame?” Qing Shui said without holding back.

"You…you… don’t know good from bad, those who side with Demon Lord Palace will meet a terrible end. If you insist, then we will not waste any time, set up the formation!”

Right after the elder finished, a row of people immediately set up the formation.

"Young man, you are also a formation expert, how about we battle it out today?” The elder looked at Qing Shui.

"Alright, how would you like to battle?” Qing Shui naturally had no objection.

"We will both set up our own formations, then allow the opposition to strike it to see who can strike down the opponent’s formation. If both of them are struck down then we will see who has fewer casualties. If both were not struck down then we will still see who has fewer casualties. How about it?” The elder thought for a bit before speaking.

"And if one of us wins? Then what?” Qing Shui asked as he nodded.

"If one of us win? Nothing really, we are dueling with our formations. We are enemies, got to choose a method. If you have the ability, then wipe us out, otherwise we will wipe you out. Perhaps, you could opt to run away as well.” The elder laughed.

"That seems so. Then who will cast their formation first?”

"We will each send one person out to duel, the winner will set up their formation first, the loser will attack and strike the formation.” The elder suggested this as a fair method.

"Palace Lord, let me fight this battle, how about it?” Qing Shui asked as he looked at the woman.

The woman nodded, "Be careful!”

Qing Shui laughed in joy. The woman’s tone was calm, but Qing Shui felt like he was hallucinating, as the feelings in these words felt different.

"Thank you!”

Qing Shui walked forward into the center to face the opposition. Having come out for battle, the opposition was surprised, especially the elder who knew formation techniques.

The one who walked out from the opposition was a very old elder. He was wearing embroidered clothing which gave off a luxurious yet dignified aura. He looked composed - one look from anyone and they would recognize him as an elder from the Justice Alliance side.

“Young man, your coming out to battle had me surprised. Does the Demon Lord Palace not have anyone? They need a formation master to fight?” The elder stood there and spoke to Qing Shui directly.

"Who made a rule that the formation master could not battle?” Qing Shui laughed without a care.

"Fine then, we shall begin. Watch yourself, I will not go easy on you.”

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