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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1444 - Learning the Divine Truth Hearing Technique, He is Yan Zhongyue?

The effect of the “Angry Egg” was, as its name hinted, to enrage the opponent and lead them to lose their cool. Even though the opponents would be able to tell that something was wrong, they would find themselves unable to keep their cool about it. The situation was precisely the same as when a person insisted on splashing the yolk on you even if it meant they would have to collide the egg against the stone.


Qing Shui spotted the brothers with surname Lu. But at this moment, these two people were looking even more unbearable than ever before. Both of their eyes were as red as if were in a bullfight. The moment when they spotted Qing Shui, they immediately rushed to him.

The gap in strength between Qing Shui and that of the brothers with surname Lu was too big. Qing Shui could have instantly killed them with relative ease. 

While they were on their way charging towards Qing Shui, two old men suddenly appeared and stood in the path of the brothers with surname Lu. They looked at Qing Shui furiously, “Young man, what a ruthless heart you have. Why would you lay hands on the people from Divine Beast Sect? No matter how you look at it, we are still from the same side.”

“A straight person does not resort to insinuations. Stop pretending. I am sure that the both of you must be feeling really happy. Isn’t this kind of outcome precisely what you guys have wanted?” Qing Shui said with a smile. 

Noises of demonic beasts galloping could already be heard from far away. Qing Shui and the group immediately retreated and stopped hurting the people from Divine Beast Sect. They used the Nine Continents Step to head back to Demon Lord Palace.

Once Qing Shui and his group vanished, the people from Divine Beast Sect all dropped their glasses. It was completely out of their expectations. As they kept an eye on the Ancient Golden Eye Dragon Ape Beast that was slowly approaching them, they quickly went up to the brothers with surname Lu, telling them to try and calm down the Ancient Golden Eyed Dragon Ape Beast. 


The brothers with surname Lu didn’t dare to act recklessly. As much as they were angry, they did not lost their mind completely. Without further delay, they let out a sharp roar at the Ancient Golden Eyed Dragon Ape Beast and, at the same time, made a gesture towards the other direction. 

While the people from Divine Beast Sect was still in distress, the beast tide had finally advanced their way towards the direction in which the Lu brothers pointed at. It was the same direction as  two of the sects that walked the correct path. 

“Elders, let’s leave this place immediately. These Ancient Golden Eyed Dragon Ape Beasts were in an unusual state. I’m afraid that they might not be easy to deal with. It’s best if we go now!” The Lu brothers said, wiping off the droplets of sweat across their forehead.

“Alright, everyone, retreat immediately!”

The old man from before was also traumatized with what happened. If they were to let these terrifying gigantic creatures gain a chance to get close to them, it would be hard for them to even to run away. Fortunately, the Lu Brothers possessed the Heart of Demonic Beast. They were capable of communicating with even formidable demonic beasts like these. Towards humans with Heart of Demonic Beasts, the demonic beasts would usually be really friendly.

The ones who ended up on the receiving end of the beast were the two forces that had gone down the correct path. Despite the sects being very powerful, the Ancient Golden Eyed Dragon Ape Beast was not a normal beast at all. From past experiences, dozens of people have been killed or injured, and the casualties were still increasing. 

With the aid from Nine Continent Steps, Qing Shui and the group immediately arrived at the entrance and exited the Ancient Ruins.

As usual, the entrance of the Ancient Ruins was still crowded with people. But the amount of people who entered the ruins were limited due to the minimum strength required by the ruin itself. Despite this, this place was still suitable for treasure hunting for people with all sorts of strength. Outside of the Ancient Ruins, the mountain itself was also a really good place to hunt for treasures. The entrance of the Ancient Ruins had merely become a place for groups of people to gather together.

When Qing Shui and the group exited the cave, they still attracted a lot of attention. Despite this, the people from Demon Lord Palace did not stop their steps. They rode on the demonic beasts and left. No one dared to stop them in their way. Despite this area being located within Soaring Dragon Continent, it was located at the external part of the continent itself. Besides, after the boost in strength they have been experiencing this time, they would not fear anyone who stood in their path. 

He did not know how many people the Ancient Golden Eyed Dragon Ape Beast was capable of killing. Initially, he had intended to take down Divine Beast Sect. Now, however, he felt that it would help lighten a huge burden with them here. The best chance for the Divine Beast Sect to survive would be to make compromises. It was unlikely that the two forces would suffer a total annihilation. With that being the case, it was safe to assume that the two forces would begin to feel hostile towards Divine Beast Sect. This could help divert away some of the enemies of Demon Lord Palace.

Along their journey back, Hua Rumei was really happy. She was riding on the Ancient Fire Snake. 

Qing Shui on the other hand, rode on the Hellfire Phoenix. He was casually thinking about something while high up in the mid-air. The Joyous Sage left really early. He didn’t know if there would still be people from Soaring Dragon Organization coming to stop him.

Since he had nothing to do, Qing Shui decided to take a peek at the Divine Truth Hearing Technique.

Speaking of the Divine Truth Hearing Technique, it reminded Qing Shui of the mythological creature, Six-eared Macaque, from his past incarnation. It could undoubtedly be considered a really terrifying creature. Its strongest skill laid in its ability to hear. 

It was unclear how strong Qing Qing’s Four-eared Macaque was, and it was also unknown if it was capable of hearing anything. After all, the story from his past incarnation was based only on a mythology. It could not be proved whether it was true or not. 

The Divine Truth Hearing Technique that Qing Shui had obtained, however, was truly terrifying as well as mysterious. As long as one practiced the technique to its extreme and become able hear the sound of the Nine Continents, one could hear any sound. One could even discern between which was true and false.

Time went on little by little. Qing Shui had totally immersed himself within the Divine Truth Hearing Technique. The fact that the technique showed up in the Ancient Divine Shrine already meant that it was quite a decent technique. 

By the time Qing Shui looked through it, he let out a long sigh. He had already memorized the method to cultivate it deep within his mind. But he was not sure if the technique was that valuable. Even if he were to cultivate his hearing skill to its maximum, what would he need to hear for him to use such a technique?

Despite this uncertainty, Qing Shui still decided to cultivate it. It were not as if he was short on time. For all he knew, he might gain something unexpected from it. 

Suddenly, Qing Shui found himself engulfed within a formidable Spiritual Sense. He was already at the border of Soaring Dragon Continent. He lifted up his head only to find about ten people standing in his way. Formidable auras were emitting from each and every one of them. Without a doubt, they were powerful warriors. In fact, they might be even more powerful existences compared to the Joyous Sage himself.

The Joyous Sage was also among the people standing in their way. They were obviously members of Soaring Dragon Organization.

Qing Shui’s eyes at this moment were sharp as swords. As he appeared ahead of everyone, his figure resembled that of a roc opening up its wings. He eyed the man on the opposite side who was leading the group. 

The man looked elegant like jade. He seemed to have just entered his middle-age. He wore ordinary clothes, but it looked really graceful when worn by him. The noble aura which he was emitting was abnormally strong. 

Qing Shui reacted dramatically because the man’s look strongly resembled that of a man whom he had seen in a picture. It was just that the aura emitted from the both of them were slightly different. This man’s aura was a lot more powerful. Furthermore, there was a kind of nobleness in him in which no words could describe.

With his hands behind his back, the man looked back at Qing Shui. They shared a strong resemblance with each other in terms of their look. If the man had been twenty years younger, he would have looked even more like Qing Shui.

“You really do look alike. In fact, I was a bit unconvinced at first. What a coincidence this is.” The man revealed a faint smile.

“Is there a green mole on your body that’s close to your third rib?” Qing Shui asked gently.

The man trembled. He had lost twenty years of his memory. That part of his memory was totally blank. He might have had a tiny bit of them left, but no matter what he did, he was unable to grasp it. That mole was a secret. He hid it so that almost no one would know about it. 

“Who are you? Do you know me?” The man seemed unusually agitated talking up to this point.

“You have really lost your memory.” Qing Shui shook his head.

The Demon Lord was standing beside Qing Shui. Her expression seemed really odd.

“Qing Shui, since you are now aware of who he is, do you feel that it is finally time for you to join the Soaring Dragon Organization? Rest assured, we won’t mistreat you. In fact, if you join us, the Dragon Head may be able to recover his memory bit by bit.” 

The Demon Lord remained calm and collected. The only thing she did was look at Qing Shui. Qing Shui was the first person whom she tried to trust. His decision would have a huge effect on her. 

“Dragon Head, you have been controlled by other people through the use of medicines. You are nothing but a poor puppet.” Qing Shui smiled and looked at the man. 

“You impudent brat, it doesn’t matter whether you are the Dragon Head’s son. Today, I am going to punish you!”

The man, on the other hand, he stunned. Meanwhile, another old man started charging towards Qing Shui. He abruptly thrusted out his punch towards Qing Shui. That fist quickly increased in size. It was about ten meters in size and it was flashing with red fiery light. 

Fire Mountain Fist!

“There is no place for you to talk here. Don’t you feel that you are belittling Dragon Head?” Qing Shui swung his hand and the Golden Battle Halberd immediately appeared in his hand. 

Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique, First Stance!

When it was finally Qing Shui’s turn to unleash it, he managed to unleash it a lot more skillfully than the Demon Lord.


With just one shot, he managed to pierce through the opponent’s fist. It seemed to have not experienced even the slightest reduction in strength as it penetrated through the old man. 

One second later!

As Qing Shui’s body trembled, the opponent was jolted back.

“With just a glance, I can already tell that you are intentionally aiming at the people from Soaring Dragon Continent. To think that you would actually use such a cheap trick to try to immobilize and kill us. Guys, go now! We will see how things go after we kill him!” The old man beside the man shouted out loudly. 

“Yes, Dragon Head, drop down the order to kill them!”


Now, the man was at a bit of a loss. It had been so many years. Even if he was to say that he himself was just a puppet, he didn’t really feel that way either. It was just that he had always felt that his subordinates only listen to the Patriarch. But then, it was also right for them to listen to the Patriarch!.

But deep down, he had always felt something was lacking in him. But no matter what, he was unable to figure out what purpose the mysterious old man had towards him. In fact, even he himself was trained under him. Martial Techniques, Medicinal Pills, all of these were things that were given to him by the Patriarch. He was indebted to the Patriarch’s kindness and owes him his life. As to why he had almost died, he was not clear.

Everything that he had was all given by him. What else could the Patriarch ask from him? The Patriarch could have taken away whatever he needed from him. Hence, it really made him scratch his head and wonder what he wanted. 

Since a long time ago, Qing Shui has already figured out that he lost his memory. But by the time he had confirmed that he was suffering from amnesia, he felt something fishy about it. Unlike meridians that have snapped, amnesia was incurable. For this sort of illness which had to do with consciousness, one could only recover by themselves.

This was also something which was out of Qing Shui’s field. If it really could be recovered, the only thing which Qing Shui had to do would be to help him recover back his memory. The problem was that Qing Shui was also taking another factor into account: amnesia caused by medicines. 

If he had really lost his memories from medicines, he might be able to recover it back by removing the medicine with an antidote. In the worst case scenario, he might still be able to help regain at least the memories which the victim has had deep impressions of. 

“Can we talk this out?” The man stared at Qing Shui and asked.

“Dragon Head, what is there for us to talk about with them? Do it. If anything were to happen to you, we won’t know how to explain to the Patriarch.”

The man’s brows knitted. It had always been about the Patriarch. Now, he would feel uncomfortable every time the Patriarch was mentioned. All the things these capable subordinates talk about was the Patriarch. 

“Get out!” The man shouted loudly. 

“Dragon Head!”

“Do you think that I won’t dare to kill you? Since when was it your turn to order me around?” The man looked towards the old man. His hand was already on the weapon. 

The others immediately backed off far away. 

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