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AST 1450 - Qing Clan Reunited, Preparing to enter the Soaring Dragon Continent

Qing Shui supported Qing Yi, he could feel that his mother’s body was trembling. When Qing Yi had left the Fifth Continent, she had once told him that his father wasn’t dead yet. This was also the reason why he had discovered the grave in the Yan Jiang Country.

Since that time, almost ten years had already passed. This time was truly unexpected. Qing Yi also didn’t imagine that she would be able to meet the person she was most familiar with in such a short time.

Qing Qing released her hug on Yan Zhongyue, “Daddy, go over. Mom must have missed you a lot.”

Yan Zhongyue nodded his head. His eyes were red as he slowly walked over. His footsteps were heavy and filled with strength, but only agitation and guilt could be seen on his face. By the time he walked over, Qing Yi’s face was already covered with tears.

“You are still are still alive!!”

Actually, Qing Yi hadn’t dared to be certain about whether Yan Zhongyue was still alive. She had always hoped for it to be so, and now, upon seeing him in front of her, it was as if the knot in her heart finally loosened.

“I’m still alive. We truly have a good son and daughter. If not, we wouldn’t have been able to meet each other ever again. All these years have been hard on you... I’ve made you suffer…” Yan Zhongyue’s eyes teared up as he held onto Qing Yi’s hands.

Qing Yi also was holding onto Yan Zhongyue’s hands. Both their hands were held tightly as tears continued streaking down Qing Yi’s face. This wasn’t tears of sadness, but rather, the tears of a kind heartache or happiness. She had longed for this day for over forty years. Now, her wish was finally fulfilled.

Yan Zhongyue and Qing Yi separated. He turned to Qing Luo and Qing Yi’s brother as he bowed deeply. He hadn’t taken good care of Qing Yi at all, and had even caused the Qing Clan to suffer so much.

Qing Luo laughed; he was extremely happy now. He knew Qing Yi had always never forgotten Yan Zhongyue and this was the reason why she didn’t choose to remarry. Now that Yan Zhongyue had returned, it could be said that this is a perfect ending. In any case, the things from the past had already happened, so he was content to let bygones be bygones. Naturally, the hatred he had also gradually vanished.

Next, Qing Shui started introducing his wives and children to Yan Zhongyue. The children were all very curious with regards to this ‘grandpa’ who had newly appeared and started pestering him with questions. Yan Zhongyue happily hugged his grandchildren, feeling blessed in his heart.

At the very beginning, Qing Shui y told everyone that his father lost his memories. This was the reason why nobody blamed Yan Zhongyue at all.

In fact, in the past, Yan Zhongyue had always been a good person. It was only his clan members that were nasty. They held the Qing Clan in disdain and looked down on it.

Upon knowing what happened to Qing Qing, Yan Zhongyue initially wanted to go back to his clan to demand an explanation from his family. However, those people had already died, and even the old ancestor was no longer there. He thus decided that his clan was dead to him. As a father, knowing his own daughter was being abused by his own family was something extremely painful. There was no way he would be able to forgive this so easily.

After that, Qing Shui and the others left first. They knew Yan Zhongyue would surely have many things to say to Qing Yi.

“Our son has truly grown up.” Yan Zhongyue held Qing Yi’s hand as they sat down in a pavilion.

“Yeah, he’s really been a sensible kid ever since he was young. To bring me to the Yan Clan to look for you, he worked hard for several years. However, when we arrived there, they actually said you…” Qing Yi suddenly felt extremely cold.

“There are many scum in my clan. What hurt my heart the most was that my father and the others actually didn’t take good care of Qing Qing. I’m honestly very disappointed. Since they thought that I was already dead, I will just treat it like they are dead to me.”

“Zhongyue, don’t blame your father. He tried his best but there were no solutions. If he knew that you were still alive, he would surely be very happy!” Qing Yi sighed, knowing that her husband missed his clan very much.


“Don’t worry about Qing Qing. She has long forgiven her grandpa. Also, the other malicious individuals are no longer around anymore.”

“How about Qing Shui?” Yan Zhongyue sounded somewhat worried. He knew that this son of his separated gratitude and grudges very clearly. He could be extremely ruthless if the situations called for it.

“Don’t worry about our son. I will talk to him. When there’s a chance, I will head over to the Yan Clan. After all, that’s your home, and his body also has the blood of the Yan Clan.”

“Thank you dear.”

“Is there still a need for thanks between us? Could it be that you don’t love me anymore?” Qing Yi pouted at Yan Zhongyue.

“The first things that came to my mind after I regained my memories were your face and Qing Qing. Back then, the things I couldn’t let go of the most were none other than the two of you. If I had truly died back then, I would surely have died with regrets.”

A sweet smile appeared on Qing Yi’s face.

“I have something to tell you, but promise me you won’t get angry okay?” Yan Zhongyue felt extremely nervous when he thought about what he was going to say.

Qing Yi took a deep breath, preparing herself as she replied, “Okay go ahead, I won’t be angry.”

“I lost my memories for over ten years and I married another woman.” Yan Zhongyue spoke softly as he stared at Qing Yi.


Qing Yi also had thought of this possibility before. In fact, she even imagined he had countless women with him now because Qing Shui, the son of this man, had so many women…

Qing Yi was an understanding woman. She actually laughed when she heard Yan Zhongyue’s words. “Just one?”

“Just one. Absolutely. If I didn’t lose my memories, I would never ever have gotten married again.” Yan Zhongyue solemnly expressed.

“I forgive you. Let’s find a chance for all of us to meet up.” Qing Yi knew that since things had reached this step, she could only try her best to accept it happily.


Qing Shui and his other clan members chatted in the great hall. When the others learned that Yan Zhongyue was the Dragon Head of the greatest organization in the Soaring Dragon Continent, all of them were incomparably shocked. He summarized the recent events and told them all to his family.

Yan Zhongyue’s return made everyone extremely happy. Once, long ago, the Qing Clan had hatred towards the Yan Clan. But now that they knew Yan Zhongyue was also a victim, in addition to the passage of so many years and the fact that Qing Yi was still in love with him, such an ending was for the best.

Qing Shui went to meet the two old men. These two old men had already integrated themselves within the Qing Clan after living with them for such a long period of time. With these two old men here, this place was akin to a city protected by walls of steel and a moat of boiling water.

With him being part of the Imperial Cuisine Hall, added onto the fact that Qing Shui had never harbored any designs on the Dancing Phoenix Continent, the Dancing Phoenix Organization still maintained a very good relationship with him despite knowing that he was someone from the Demon Lord Palace. 

The Dancing Phoenix Organization never had any dealings with the Demon Lord Palace before. On paper, they were enemies because the Dancing Phoenix Organization represented justice while the Demon Lord Palace had an evil reputation. In reality, there weren’t any dealings among the four great evil powers and them. In any case, the one power the Demon Lord Palace actually wanted to deal with was none other than the Soaring Dragon Organization.

The Dancing Phoenix Organization naturally knew of Qing Shui’s strength. This powerful expert that had no designs on the Dancing Phoenix Continent wanted an alliance with only the condition that the Qing Clan would be protected and remain unharmed? They would gladly accept this.

With regards to the Dancing Phoenix Organization, Qing Shui didn’t mind giving them benefits. Now, some of the major aristocrat clans and powers in the Dancing Phoenix Continent all had a very good relationship with the Qing Clan. With the Imperial Cuisine Hall, the status of the Qing Clan could be said to be rock solid.

After Yan Zhongyue and Qing Yi returned to the hall, they soon joined in the conversations with the others and after awhile, already half a day passed.

This lull lifestyle was extremely relaxing. In the blink of an eye, another three days went by.

During these three days, Qing Shui didn’t really have much time to do anything. He split his time into cultivating, alchemy, accompanying his clan members, playing with his children, going out with his women etc etc. 

Right now, the Imperial Cuisine Hall had a new doctor, a middle-aged female. As for her exact age, Qing Shui couldn’t tell, but one thing was for sure, she was extremely experienced in medical arts. She was someone from a great clan in the Phoenix Dance Continent.

Yuan Su was the main doctor here but usually, she wouldn’t act. She would usually be too busy and the other matters were left to the old man and this new doctor instead.

Yehuang Guwu and her daughter Qing Jun were also very happy here. The little kid was still very young but had recently learnt a few words. Nowadays, smiles appeared often and the little kid was very happy when interacting with the other children.

During the night, Qing Shui was naturally in the rooms of his women. Also, he used that nameless art and realized that the effect of strengthening his sperm was truly excellent. Both he and his women all felt extremely energized after doing the act.

This was a kind of potential energy that allowed one’s cultivation speed to increase, cultivation realm to level up, and comprehension rate to speed up, among other things. Now that his sperm was strengthened, the effect was naturally greater as well.

Yehuang Guwu still wasn't pregnant though, and her eyes showed a little guilt when she looked at Qing Shui. He could only comfort her. Such things couldn’t be rushed, and he also had no idea why Yehuang Guwu was in such a hurry. Could it be that she was afraid her chances of getting pregnant would diminish in the future?

There was still no news about Yiye Jiange, but Qing Shui wasn’t too worried about it. It was just that he had no idea where she was. Other than the Haohan Continent, if there was a mention of her at any other locations, Qing Shui would be able to find her.

The strength of the Qing Clan rose very quickly. This was especially so for the latter generations and Qing Shui’s women. Luan Luan entered closed-door seclusion and had been in there cultivating for a very long time. Originally, the old man was only responsible to teach Luan Luan alone. Now, he was also responsible for teaching Qing Zun and Qing Ming.

The other girls usually followed Yehuang Guwu. Yehuang Guwu was the least strict when she taught them, guiding them on whatever they liked the most. An example was Qing Yin. She loves melody, art, movement techniques and the Taichi fist. 

Now, Qing Shui also decided to add the Phoenix Finger to the repertoire to be taught. The whole clan was learning the Phoenix Finger. To do that, they had to first learn the location of the acupoints, meridians, inner organs, knowledge of the five elements… Luckily, they all already had some foundation and it wasn’t too difficult for them to pick up some of the finer points.

The Nine Palace Steps was a must-learn. It would be good to train them from a young age, making them forcibly memorize the positions. These children were all extremely intelligent and would show some improvements if they did put in the effort. Unknowingly, their cultivation levels started to rise. Because they were born in a continent that was strength-oriented, in addition to the fact that they were surrounded by so many experts, it was only natural that they would be interested in cultivation.

However, Qing Yin was the most relaxed, and she didn’t seemed to want to learn anything. Even so, her cultivation wasn’t weaker than Qing Zun and Qing Ming. This made Qing Shui laugh. This daughter of his was truly intelligent and had immeasurable potential. Strangely enough, it was that kind of casualness in her attitude that made her easily excel in things others strived so hard for.

After several days, Qing Shui decided to return back to the Devil Lord Palace before heading back to the Great Yan Dynasty. After two days time, Qing Shui and Yan Zhongyue directly departed.

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