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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1453 - The Great Sun Dynasty, Sun Sect, Begin!

Qing Shui felt a blow to his heart. Demon King Inheritance? The one who fought to the death with the Battle God ages ago was the Demon King. Did that mean he was destined to cross swords with her? 

This was no joke. The thought of her as an enemy had never crossed his mind. However, now that he had obtained the Battle God Inheritance, he wanted the descendants of the Battle God to rise once again. If Tantai Lingyan also wanted to revive the descendants of the Demon King, there could only be war between the two. 

Tantai Lingyan looked at Qing Shui without anger or joy. She just stared at Qing Shui emotionlessly, looking amused. 

Qing Shui shook his head and said, "Hey woman, have you ever thought about gathering all of the Demon Lord's descendants to return its former glory?" 

The Battle God and the Demon King both had their own glorious ages. That was the root of the current problem. If that was the woman's objective, he would probably bang his head against the wall.  

If that was her plan, what should he do? 

Hearing Qing Shui call her 'woman' again, Tantai Lingyan grinned ever so slightly. That alone was enough to stun Qing Shui. At that moment, her smile was like the melting snow and flower blossoms of spring. 

Examining the blank look on Qing Shui’s face, she started to become flustered for the first time. What feeling was this? She couldn't help but smile after seeing Qing Shui's troubled look. 

It had been years since she last smiled; there had never been a good enough reason to smile. Yet, recently, things were starting to change for her because of this man. Not only had he helped her increase her own strength, but she also would not have gained so much during the Ancient Ruins expedition without him. 

She turned away slightly and said, "My ancestor was a Demon King, a good Demon King, but during my grandfather's time, the 'people of justice' wanted our treasures. At first, they tried to marry our family members. When that didn't work, they used force and even killed our family. I obtained the inheritance, but I was sabotaged as well. I was forced to seal it away, and the Old Turtle used its Heavenly technique to hide me inside Crystal Palace." 

After hearing the woman briefly explain her backstory, Qing Shui sympathized with her but was also relieved at the same time. The incident that stole her family from her and forged her strength were utterly unjust. 

She was the Demon King Inheritor, but she had no bloodlust and was not cold-blooded or violent like other Demon Kings. She only had her hatred for her enemies. She might have been the the inheritor, but unlike Qing Shui, she did not have any attachment to the inheritance. 

 Of course, Qing Shui could choose not to inherit as well since the Battle God's consciousness had already disappeared, but Qing Shui could not do that. He would do his best to carry out his promises. If he could succeed, even after that, he would have no regrets. 

"There is no need to worry. I have no interest in the Demon King. Those Demon Kings only want to wreak chaos. I might be the Demon Lord, but I will only take action against my enemies," Tantai Lingyan looked at Qing Shui as she spoke. 

Hearing her words, Qing Shui sighed in relief. The weight of the worry eased, and he relaxed. 

"If, one day, we really cross swords like you said, would you kill me?" Qing Shui asked curiously. 

"I will!" the woman replied.  

The words stabbed into Qing Shui like a knife. He stood there, speechless, with a bitter smile on his face. 

"I didn't kill you then, so I will never kill you. Do you really have to overreact?" Tantai Lingyan could not bear seeing Qing Shui like this. She had not realized when she began to pay attention to others’ emotions. 

Qing Shui sensed that but hid his joy. This was what he had always wished for.  

"Of course, when someone you treasure with all of your being could kill you without any hesitation, you'd feel uncomfortable, right?" Qing Shui seized the opportunity to confess his feelings. Only an idiot would not understand his meaning. 

Tantai Lingyan did not reply. In situations like this, her reply would always be delayed. She knew the man in front of her tended to step out of his bounds. 

"Lingyan, humans must not only live for revenge. It doesn't mean you should forget about it, but if you keep letting it get to you, it will slowly blind you. There are many beautiful things in life. Perhaps these things could benefit you and help you exact your revenge more quickly." 

"Tell me then, what meaningful things are there?" Qing Shui’s words left Tantai Lingyan confused. 

 "Things like learning how to cook, sewing your own clothes, or falling in love. People say women love children; maybe you could adopt one..." Qing Shui did not dare suggest that she give birth to a child. 

Tantai Lingyan stared at Qing Shui speechlessly. After some thought, she said, "Why don’t I adopt one of your children...?" 

Qing Shui almost choked. The elder children were not suitable, and she would not adopt the little ones. It was only a joke in the first place, since now was not the time. 

"Umm...Let's go to the Great Sun Dynasty first. We'll discuss it in detail after the Soaring Dragon Organization matter is over," Qing Shui replied.  

 "Do women really have to know how to cook, sew, and take care of children?" Tantai Lingyan asked curiously. 

Qing Shui rubbed his forehead and said,"No, where I come from, men are the ones who cook because women do not have the strength to carry the heavy pots. Our men sew clothes because men know what women look good in. Children are raised by both parents; otherwise, the child might develop trauma.”  

Tantai Lingyan gazed at Qing Shui; she was not sure if what he said was true, but she knew he was only trying to mediate. Then she said, "To be honest, I know that many people don't like me. No one wants a woman who is as cold as ice." 

Her statement shocked Qing Shui. 

"Shocked? I might be cold, but I'm still a normal human being." Tantai Lingyan squinted. It was so subtle that Qing Shui thought it might have even been his imagination. 


The Great Sun Dynasty! 

They entered the Great Sun Dynasty three days later. It was one of the Three Great Dynasties and had a relationship with the Great Yan Dynasty. They were both leading organizations in the Soaring Dragon Continent. Based on the Great Yan, Qing Shui suspected that the Great Sun would not be easy.  

Sun Sect! 

Qing Shui's group set off for the Sun Sect. In the past, the Sun Sect was a force involved in the battle against the Demon Lord Sect and had even been considered one of the main forces. The Sun Sect held a high position in the Soaring Dragon Organization and served as a patron in the Great Sun Dynasty.  

Because of this, Qing Shui did not feel that annihilating the Sun Sect would be a problem. Otherwise, they would not have invoked the wrath of a strong force. 

They would begin to extract their revenge with the Sun Sect. Although they had already begun the process, they had not been as strong as they were now. This time, they aimed to bring down the entire Soaring Dragon Organization. 

The Sun Sect was the main sect of the Great Sun Dynasty due to the Sun Mountain Range, which was considered a mystic place. It was full of lush greenery, birdsong, and fragrant flowers, giving off a peaceful atmosphere. 

The four-man group arrived at Sun Mountain. Gazing at the Sun Sect from afar, it appeared vast and majestic. The sunrays here seemed special. Sunlight filled the area, yet it wasn’t hot in the least. 

The Sun Sect's techniques were also unique. They were based on sunlight just like the Yin Moon Sect, which based their techniques on absorbing the essence of moonlight. 

This was a sect with explosive fire power and domineering techniques. 

The four arrived at the main entrance of the Sun Sect. 

"Who dares attack the Sun Sect? Die!" shouting aggressively, one of the guards emerged. 

Seeing this, Qing Shui stomped on the floor and used Mighty Elephant Stomp. 

 Might Elephant Stomp! 

The place suddenly collapsed, and the attack blasted the guard before him away. Originally, Qing Shui had not wanted to act so rampantly, but he had not expected the Sun Sect to be this arrogant. He could not understand them. Since things had taken this turn, it was no longer necessary to hold back. 

A rumbling sound thundered, and the surrounding buildings collapsed. The loud sound spread afar, and even the people who rushed towards the battle turned back and fled. Screams filled the air. 

Some rushed towards the inner parts of the Sun Sect, obviously intending to report. Qing Shui did not stop them; this might work, too. 

"What do you think, Lingyan? Should we level the sect?" Qing Shui asked without turning his head. 

 Hua Rumei was surprised; she did not know when the two became so close as to call each other by their names. She stared blankly at Qing Shui and the Demon Lord. 

 Zhan Yu was also shocked but said nothing. 

Tantai Lingyan replied, "Let those small fries go. We musn't let the big fish escape." 

Qing Shui expressed his agreement. 

 It was at this moment that a few people flew towards Qing Shui. There were only around ten of them. Qing Shui felt that their opponents might have underestimated them. 

The leader of the group that had just arrived had white-grey hair and eyes as sharp as blades, which inflicted discomfort and unease in others. His expression changed the moment he saw Tantai Lingyan. 

"Oh, it's you. I thought you were dead. You stopped hiding in the Demon Lord Palace and came here to die, eh? Did you actually think that the old monster of the Tantai family was still around?" the old man sneered at Tantai Lingyan. 

"I came to send you to my father so that you could beg for forgiveness. Take this!" 

Tantai Lingyan unleashed her fury immediately. With just a flash, she was already beside the old man, thrusting forward her Crimson Blood Sword. 




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