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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1471 - Beast King Sword, he is the person who possess the Demon Lord Inheritance

“Old Man Moxiang?” Qing Shui was a bit puzzled. He felt that the woman meant to say that the old man was really powerful.

Naturally, the woman was aware that Qing Shui was inquiring about some of the things regarding the old man. She smiled and said, “The technique which Old Man Moxiang cultivates is the Demon Elephant Art. He has thick skin and tough flesh. He is also a very strong man. The best way to fight against him is through other unique ways. His techniques alone are too special. Ordinary people have very little chance of beating it.”

“Sect Lord Shen, do you feel confident about this match?” Qing Shui smiled and asked.

“If nothing unexpected happens, I should be able to win.” The woman didn’t give a definite answer.

Qing Shui stopped saying anything, as the battle in the arena has already begun. Old Man Moxiang took out a huge black hammer. It was forged by Demonic Metal, making it really dense and heavy. It didn’t seem like that when it was in the hands of the old man. It’s as if the hammer was made specially for him.

As soon as the battle started, Old Man Moxiang charged towards the granny like a cannon. The hammer cut across the air and formed unusual lines along it. It turned into an enormous elephant seal and made its way towards the old woman. 

The expression of the old woman from the Divine Sound Sect remained the same. She spinned the coiled dragon staff in her hand and revealed a circular ring. It was like a golden halo as it engulfed the elephant seal released by the old man.

She didn’t stop at that. Instead, she proceeded to release yet another light ring.

One Origin, Two Duality?

Qing Shui was shocked to realize that the granny’s attacks actually corresponded with the essence of Taichi. In his previous incarnation, there were people who managed to invent Taichi techniques. Naturally, it would also exist in this world. It’s just that until now, Qing Shui had yet to meet a person who had cultivated his Taichi technique to such a high level.

Though it may not be as skillful as Qing Shui’s, the old woman already possessed quite a high level of knowledge in her Taichi Technique. In Qing Shui’s case, his knowledge towards Taichi was at an entirely different level. He had even managed to cultivate the Taichi Golden Qi.

However, the old woman had created a branch with the Taichi Fist she cultivated. Qing Shui felt that later on, he could give the old woman some help. This way, it could prevent her from walking on the wrong path. 

The powerful elephant seal penetrated through the light ring but came to a momentary halt when it interacted with the second one. The old woman released yet another golden ring again with her Coiled Dragon Staff and destroyed the elephant seal. 

Coiled Dragon Single Origin Charge!

The old woman shot out her Coiled Dragon Staff with large force. A golden coiled dragon appeared and moved in circle as it charged towards Old Man Moxiang. 

The true meaning of Coiled Dragon was a dragon which secluded itself on land and had yet to ascend to the sky. The shape of the dragon leaned more towards being curled up. 

According to the fairy tales from his previous incarnation, the coiled dragon was a water dragon. It was thought to reside within the Eastern Lake. Like the Jiao Dragon, it shared deep relations with water and rain. But it could at most only ensure that the spring water never died. This was because the Coiled Dragon was incapable of flying. It didn’t possess any long horns, thus, there were also people who would describe Coiled Dragon as female Jiao Dragons.

Qing Shui has seen a few Jiao Dragons and even killed them before. The granny’s Coiled Dragon, for instance, shared a bit similarities with Jiao Dragons. They all had a dragon’s head but without horns. This was the biggest difference between the Jiao Dragons across the continents and actual dragons. 

Among the Jiao Dragons, there were some that were powerful existences. They weren’t in the slightest bit inferior to actual dragons. The only problem was that there were very few of them, and most of the strong ones had already gone through mutations. 


It was a loud and clear noise of a dragon’s roar. It possessed really strong pressure. 


The granny’s Golden Coiled Dragon Staff was like a giant dragon formed through the essence of Taichi. 


A continuous series of explosions rang. The sturdy and tall Demonic Elephant Old Man was constantly being pushed back. The strength of the Demonic Elephant Old Man wasn’t necessarily weaker than the granny’s, but he was still being suppressed by her unusual energy.

Old Man Moxiang was enraged. Prior to this, the Wild Ghost Valley has already won one match. If he was to lose, the Divine Beast Sect would lose its face. He let out a huge roar and summoned out a few demonic beasts.

Dark Stone Demon Elephant!

There were four Dark Stone Demonic Elephants, each the size of a small mountain. They were really terrifying and specialized in earth type attacks.

The granny remained calm. Suddenly, she released some unusual rhythms with the Coiled Dragon Staff in her hand. Without saying, the Divine Sound Sect was proficient at making rhythms. As soon as the music started playing, the four Dark Stone Demonic Elephants started getting agitated. 

Demon Suppression Melody!

Suddenly, the Coiled Dragon Staff in the granny’s hand started making noises of surging thunder. There were even noises of dragon roars mixed in between. 

Nine enormous coiled dragons started gathering in the sky. They formed an unusual position and together, went on to strangle the opponent. 

Coiled Dragon Nine Slaughter!

This was the granny’s Sure-kill Heavenly Technique.

The face of the Demonic Elephant Old Man changed. He immediately retreated. However, by the time he did so, it was already too late. The Sure-kill Heavenly Technique locked onto its target. It had formidable speed. Furthermore, warriors who specialized in moving between different positions had no chance of dodging it.


As the Demonic Elephant Old Man backed off, he summoned the four Dark Stone Demonic Elephants in front of himself to block the attack. But even so, the four beasts died. After all, the strength of these beasts was way below the granny’s. The only fate which awaited them was to be instantly slaughtered. Despite this, they still managed to fight off against a few of the dragons. As for the remaining ones, they struck the old man, causing him to be critically injured. He was at his last breath.

As it turned out, the Divine Sound Sect won the match, which meant that Qing Shui’s assumptions from before were right. Not only was the old woman from the Divine Sound Sect powerful, her Sure-kill Heavenly Technique was equally strong as well. With a Sure-kill Heavenly Technique like this, it’s no wonder she dared to say things like that.

It’s unknown whether the Demonic Elephant Old Man could be saved. The injury he experienced was too serious. This caused Divine Beast Sect to be really upset. Though the Divine Sound Sect might have lost the previous match, the warrior who took part in the match was completely alright. As for the Demonic Elephant Old Man, even if he managed to make it through this alive, his martial techniques would be crippled. 

The middle-aged man from before once again spoke, “Are we starting the third match now?”

“As soon as you guys figure out who to represent the team, we will begin.” Qing Shui smiled and said. Things were already going according to plan.

According to the rules, no participants were allowed to represent the first four matches more than once. 

This time, Qing Shui changed his mind. He made Zhan Yu go out for the match only to surrender.

At the moment when both parties counted to three, yet another two people appeared on each of their respective spots.

The opponent this time was from Wild Ghost Valley. It was the same formidable old man.

“I surrender!”

As soon as the battle started, Zhan Yu admitted defeat and returned.

With this happening, the Divine Beast Sect won two matches. They were both won by the Wild Ghost Valley. Rather, it was the Demon Lord Palace who forfeited both of the matches. The Divine Beast Sect on the other hand, during the one time which they fought, not only did they experience defeat, one of their experts was also injured. Old Man Moxiang was a formidable existence in the Divine Beast Sect. 

Zhan Yu’s forfeit for the match shocked the people from Divine Beast Sect. Some people couldn’t help but start overthinking the matter. It’s still reasonable that they surrendered when they were up against one of the opponents from the Wild Ghost Valley. But to do it again for a second time…...

A lot of people began discussing amongst each other. They felt that somehow, the Wild Ghost Valley, Demon Lord Palace and Divine Sound Sect had dealt in some shady business.

It might have been a coincidence. Even though people might be talking about it, things weren’t to the extent where they would cause each parties to argue with each other.

“Shall we begin the fourth match?” The man’s voice rang. It didn’t sound as relaxed like before. 

“Yes!” Qing Shui smiled and said.

At the moment when the two of them arrived on stage, they both stunned. The reason being was that Qing Shui realized that the representative from the opposing side was the man who had been always talking. There was no doubt that he had retained his middle-aged look. 

The opponent on the other hand, was likely to be shocked to see Qing Shui being a representative for the match. Initially, the fact that Qing Shui represented both the Divine Sound Sect and Demon Lord Palace had already shocked him enough, but now, he had even come out as a representative of the allies. The Divine Beast Sect had already won twice. If they were to win one more time, there would be no need for the battle royale at the end. Since Qing Shui had come out to battle at this time, he must be really confident that he would win.

Could he possibly win at such a young age? The man was puzzled. The reason behind his young face was due to an unusual fruit which he ate, which was what enabled him to retain that look until he died. 

“Let’s begin!” Qing Shui smiled as he eyed the man opposite. 

“Alright!” The man slowly unsheathed a Beast King Sword.

He was the person who received the inheritance of the Demonic Lord from the Divine Beast Sect.

Deep down, Qing Shui didn’t dare let down his guard. He took out the Golden Battle Halberd. It seemed like this was going to be a long match. 

“No wonder you dared to come out and battle. To think that you received the Golden Battle God’s Inheritance. This is great; let’s decide who is stronger from this match.” The man felt delighted when he saw Qing Shui taking out his Golden Battle Halberd. For a moment, he got really fired up. 

As the saying went: “when drinking with a bosom friend, a thousand cups will still be too little”.

“You have also received the Demon Lord’s Inheritance. Furthermore, you are definitely an old fart.” Qing Shui smiled while looking at the man with the face of a middle-aged man. 

“You are wrong. You can’t judge if a person is young with just his physical look. Instead, you judge it by looking into the individual’s vitality. Since I have a young face and formidable vitality, I am considered young. You, on the other hand, may look young, but you have weak vitality. With that being the case, you can only be considered a person who is at the brink of his death.” The man didn’t get mad after hearing what Qing Shui said. In fact, he was attempting to return fire to Qing Shui with his words. Prior to this, he had already been hurt verbally by Qing Shui twice. Anyone would be upset despite how hard they tried to ignore it. Thus, when the opportunity came, he surely wouldn’t hesitate to fight back. 

“You are already so old and yet you still worry unduly over minor matters. Seeing that it doesn’t seem like any gods or demons will appear, why don’t we start now?” Qing Shui said in an annoyed tone. After that, he immediately slapped a few Heavenly Talismans on himself. 

Phoenix’s Battle Intent!

Qing Shui rushed to the opposite side. 

Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique.

The man had gotten upset with Qing Shui’s words. Seeing as Qing Shui was charging towards him, he immediately stomped the ground and did the same thing to Qing Shui. The graceful Beast King Sword formed a few gorgeous afterimages as it slashed towards Qing Shui.

Nine Palace Steps!

Nine Palace Laws!

Qing Shui avoided the man’s attack and thrusted his Golden Battle Halberd towards him. 

There was no flaw to this battle halberd. The best way to describe it was fast and fierce. 

The man was not in the slightest panicked with it. He avoided it like a jumping sparrow and shot his blade towards Qing Shui. In the middle of its route, the sword duplicated into three separate Blade King Swords which all charged towards Qing Shui at the same time. 

All three of these swords were real. They weren’t mere afterimages. Furthermore, the distances between the three swords was very small. It’s equivalent to the same blade gaining a three time boost in strength.

Nine Continents Mountain.

Qing Shui activated his consciousness and summoned the Nine Continents Mountain right in front of him. At the same time, he also moved back abruptly. With his Nine Continents Steps and current level in speed, dodging was an easy task for him.


Qing Shui’s Nine Continents Mountain was crushed immediately. The man saw Qing Shui backing off and revealed a sinister smile. Seeing that, Qing Shui’s heart thumped. Right at this moment, the man thrusted out multiple shadows the size of two fists towards Qing Shui. They travelled at very fast speed.

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