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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1476 - Di Chen’s Tender Feelings, The Ninth Heavenly Meridians Are Connected

The Puyang Clan also relocated to the capital of the Phoenix Dance Continent. The little lass of the Puyang Clan met with Qin Long. Zhu Qing also saw everything and knew that these two little fellows were probably in an arranged betrothal.

The little lass was much older than before. Her exquisite features made Zhu Qing take a liking to her the moment she saw her. Now, basically she spent half her time at the Qing Clan and half her time at the Puyang Clan. She had no parents, so Zhu Qing treated her as her own daughter.

Qing Shui, Zhu Qing, and Puyang Qing had discussed the matters before. Although the betrothal was set, they would still consider the opinions of the two children in the future, after they grew up. Even if they couldn’t be together at the end, they would still treat the little lass as their own.

Puyang Qing was naturally happy. After interacting with Qing Shui for such a long time, he was very clear of his character. He also thought that this was for the best. He didn’t want to force the little lass into a marriage. She had to follow her heart. So, although they hoped that these two fellows would fall in love with each other, it didn’t matter if that didn’t happen. 

Everything depended on fate. The worst that could happen would be a not too bad ending. Puyang Qing’s judgement was not bad as well. He also knew a little fortune reading and felt that the two had fate between them.

Qing Zun and Qing Min also participated in running some of the clan’s businesses. Qing Shui wanted to train their independence, allowing them to broaden their life experiences. This would only benefit them. As for increasing their strength, Qing Shui had other methods. However, to advance their states of heart, they had to first experience life by themselves.

Qing Yin and Qing Yan could take over the clan businesses if they felt like they wanted to. Qing Shui was very lax when it came to his daughters. In fact, the truly educated ones were his daughters. He wasn’t at home a lot, but he had to set an example as a father. All the children idolised Qing Shui, even the most difficult to teach, Qing Ming. 

Qing Shui went to the living room and saw that there were several children there.




All the children happily called out, and a few younger ones directly ran to Qing Shui. Qing Shui felt very happy in his heart as he stared at his children.

Children were the most precious things to all parents. This love was the most sacred of love. He thought back to his previous life. He knew it was impossible for him to return there. But even if one day it was possible, if he had to abandon everything he had here, he would choose not to return.

Qing Zun and Qing Ming had both become adults. Their height was a little shorter than Qing Shui and they both appeared somewhat underripe.  Mentally though, they were more mature in comparison to those their age. 

In the future, the future of Qing Clan would depend on them. Compared to his own time, the foundations now were much more solid. If there were no unexpected accidents in the future, more and more experts would be nurtured. Qing Shui was still confident about this.

In comparison to the past, the matters troubling Qing Clan had become much lesser. Almost everything had been solved. For those who put down their burdens, their state of heart would usually be upgraded. Especially for the women of the portraits of beauty, their improvement speed was so fast that Qing Shui could only click his tongue in annoyance when he compared them to his own rate of improvement.

Their physiques were stimulated and even the children they had given birth to all had extremely high talent. Initially, the members of Qing Clan hadn’t possessed very high talent until Qing Yi married Yan Zhongyue, whose talent could be considered not bad.

The strongest original members of the Qing Clan were only at the initial grade of Martial Saint. Only Qing Bei alone was talented enough to break through to Martial Saint without help. Qing You broke through as well, but he was slower than Qing Bei.

Martial Saints weren’t anything in Qing Shui’s eyes. They were merely ant-like existences to those truly powerful cultivators. However, it was different for the Qing Clan. The second and third generation wouldn’t be able to advance so fast despite there being spiritual medicine.

Many years ago, the Qing Clan didn’t even have a single Xiantian expert. Now, they already had Martial Saints in their ranks and could still continue to level up. As for the fourth generation, their aptitude and talent was much higher, so there was no need to worry about them.

As long as the fourth generation grew up, the status of the Qing Clan would be cemented. Qing Shui’s lifespan was very long and as the family expanded in the future, their number of experts would naturally go up.

Qing Shui wasn’t worried about this. What he was worried about was that everyone had different personalities. There might be no conflicts among the fourth generation but what about in the future? Would their descendants have conflicts and contest for power? Who would call the shots then?

There were truly too many problems if one paused to think about them. But since everything was fine now and he was still present, Qing Shui decided not to contemplate too deeply about it. In any case, strength was everything. With enough strength, who cared about calling the shots or not? You could call the shots if you were strong because simply, you could.

Hence, if one day Qing Shui decided to set a rule, he would never allow the strongest to be the clan leader. The clan leader naturally had to have a certain amount of strength, but he should be one of the weaker members in terms of personal power. Not only that, the clan leader must have rich experience in reading people and managing clan affairs. For those who wished to seize the position of the clan leader, they would have to think about it. Even if they defeated the leader, there would still be many stronger than him. And if they didn’t even request to be the clan leader, when would it be their turn?

All this had to be considered in the future. But as of now, there was no need to, as time was still long.


There was still no news of Yiye Jiange. Although Qing Shui wasn’t too worried about her, he still missed her. Now, he didn’t even know where to go to find her, and it had been such a long time.

The new year arrived. This year was a going to be a different one from the past year. It would be a year of relaxation. During the new year, Qing Shui shuttled across several locations.

“It’s the new year, what are you doing here?” Di Chen was shocked when she saw Qing Shui.

Di Chen was now the sect leader of the Lotus Sect. In addition, her strength had already surpassed the vast majority of the experts in the sect. Within the Lotus Sect, she was a god-like existence. At this moment, Qing Shui was holding her hand as they admired the snow scenery in the mountains nearby .

Qing Shui stared at her. She was as pure as ever and there was a happy smile on her face.

She now exuded a sense of immeasurability. Qing Shui felt like he couldn’t see through her. But when he saw her, that nefarious fire of lust lit up in his heart once more, although not as strong as before. Her aura resembled Yiye Jiange, not allowing for blasphemy.

“I came here to check on my Chen`er to see if she was doing well. Why? You don’t like for me to come here? Qing Shui laughed.

“I know you are angry, hence there’s no need for some things. It's fine as long as I understand your intentions in my heart.” Di Chen played down the question, speaking as a look of joy could be seen on her face. Hearing her melodious voice, Qing Shui’s state of heart felt as though it had been cleansed and purified.

“Suddenly I feel my lust has weakened when I look at you. Instead, I’m filled with a sense of wanting to worship you. Give me some confidence.” Qing Shui held her hand as he smiled.

A blush reddened Di Chen’s face. She then cast a rare charming glance before rolling her eyes at Qing Shui. This caused the flame in Qing Shui’s heart to light up, but he still didn’t move.

Di Chen slowly tiptoed, and leaned in with her face as she closed her eyes.

Qing Shui lowered his head and kissed her, slowly savouring the taste of her gentle lips. His two hands slowly embraced her while Di Chen’s hands were wrapped around his neck.

The surroundings were covered by a blanket of snow. There was an indescribable beauty. This kiss of Qing Shui lasted for a whole quarter of an hour, and there was even a lingering strand of sparkling translucent saliva, causing Di Chen to feel so shy that she buried her head in Qing Shui’s chest.

Di Chen was pure of heart, and she had never experienced things like this before. However recently, she began to yearn for these kinds of things. She knew the reason why was because she had absorbed the energy from the lotus platform. This was why she actually allowed herself to initiate the kiss. She was afraid that she would become someone void of all emotions.

“Qing Shui, stay behind tonight!” Di Chen laid in his embrace as she softly spoke.

This sentence caused Qing Shui’s blood to shoot up his brain. He whispered softly by her ears, “Stay behind for what, Chen`er?”

“You naughty rascal, I already said it so plainly, yet you act like you don’t know..” Di Chen was incomparably embarrassed.

“I want to hear you say it.” Qing Shui smiled.

“I want to have a child.” Di Chen in the end had no choice but to just say it...

Qing Shui carried Di Chen, and using the Nine Continent Steps, he moved into the depths of the mountains. With a wave of his hand, a tent appeared on the snowy ground. Despite the frosty weather, the temperature was nothing to cultivators.

Swiftly laying down formations, they then entered into the tent.

Di Chen was blushing. She knew what was going to happen later. She felt a little panic and also a little anticipation.

“Are you nervous?” Qing Shui carried her in a princess hug.

“Mhm.” Di Chen’s voice grew very soft.

Qing Shui placed her on the soft bed. The pristine white bedding made one very comfortable the moment it was seen. The two of them laid there in each other’s embrace.

He kissed her once again. This time, he gave a slow and lingering kiss. Di Chen gradually responded by kissing back. Qing Shui’s hand caressed her back and gently slid down to her perky and beautiful butt. Stroking her ass crack with his Soothing Hands, Di Chen’s body went soft. That comfortable feeling caused her to moan uncontrollably.

Unknowingly, Di Chen’s clothes were gradually taken off, leaving behind only her undergarments. Her exposed skin was smooth like jade, shining with a luster. Her svelte body and her marvellous contours would make a nefarious fire rise in any man’s loins. Her breasts were big but not disgustingly so. They were perfectly shaped, with a mix of softness and elasticity when cupped inside Qing Shui’s hands. 

Closing her eyes, Qing Shui slowly made his advance, removing the last of her clothing. A twin pair of snowy peaks appeared in view and Qing Shui could no longer control himself. He placed his face between them, motorboating her before gently nibbling on her nipples...


Di Chen tightly embraced Qing Shui as she tensed up. Qing Shui had entered a reality where a mixture of moistness and fire co-existed. The circulation of the nameless art sent a clear and pure stream of energy circulating through his body. As it revolved one time, the clear stream of energy entered Di Chen and circulated once within her body as well.


A clear sound rang out in Qing Shui’s heart. This was a sound only he could hear.

The ninth heavenly meridian had just been connected...

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