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AST 1487 - News of Yiye Jiange

Qing Shui and the three arrived at the Yunlang Street Dueling Platform. There was a large crowd before their eyes. Of course, this was to be expected, but the size of the crowd was still quite surprising. 

There were crowds of people and sounds of lively discussion everywhere, all talking about the eldest daughter of the Xue Clan. Although Qing Shui had already heard much about her, here he heard even more bits and pieces of information.

This time the eldest miss of the Xue Clan was serious. Sigh, the fate of children in large families was that they didn’t have a say in their marriages. The eldest miss of the Xue Clan was the favored one in her family, but she also had this one opportunity. None of the others in the Xue Family could avail such an opportunity. 

Now, Qing Shui finally understood to a certain degree why some large families formed marriage connections. It was a strategy for surviving in the world.

Qing Shui knew that family clans didn’t want their children to be unhappy, but children of large family clans received the best treatment and prime status. The family’s intention for their children was to have them repay this by contributing oneself to the overall strength of the family.

This kind of custom in the large families naturally made one side fashion the marriage but the other to strongly reject it. The stronger side would look down on the weaker party and appear kind, but maybe this time, families would be happy. After marriage, they made love and had children. Large families needed connections, so there were some who were happy and some who were not. The eldest miss of the Xue Family was an exceptional beauty fancied by many. The Xue Family was strong, but they know that it was only superficial. 

The males of the land were masculine. No matter how strong, they must fight it out. The eldest miss of the Xue Clan had beaten many of them. However, even if someone managed to beat her, there would still be many who would come to challenge for her.

Slowly, the sun hit its peak and the dazzling sun began to shed thousands of golden rays of light. It was like a scene from a film, warm and beautiful. One could only imagine seeing such a sight.

The eldest daughter of the Xue Clan had arrived!

Not knowing who shouted, Qing Shui followed everyone’s gaze and looked to a distant spot, where a single woman had appeared.

The woman appeared to be very young. She wore a soft snow white dress that covered her from head to toe. It outlined her exquisite body completely, which could be clearly seen from the exterior of her opaque dress.

Her physique was slender, her white boots made her look like a general as she walked over, and in between every step she took, it was like as if lotus flowers had bloomed.

She had a picturesque face, but there was no sign of any makeup. She had an unimaginably unique yet alluring look, a little aloof and cold. The enchanting air around her somehow erased almost all traces of it.

She stood on stage, surrounded by a few elderly men and women who were inconspicuous. Qing Shui knew that these elders were not here for the vibrant scene.

“I believe everyone knows why I have this arena set up. I will not say much. I will stand here for four hours. Within this time, if anyone is able to defeat me, I will immediately be betrothed to that person. The Xue Clan assures that any man who beats me under fair conditions, if that young man still stands at the end of the four hours, he will become my husband.”

The voice of the woman was gentle and elegant, yet also smooth and clear to everyone’s ears. Just listening to her was an enjoyment, so much so that one could become addicted. It was an indescribable sensation.

After the eldest daughter of the Xue Clan finished speaking, silence followed as many people’s blood began to boil to the point of explosion. They had heard this before as news had spread, but it was not as impactful until they heard firsthand. 

At the moment, nobody went up. It had already been thirty minutes and still, no one had stepped up. This was quite normal, as no one wished to take the lead.

Let alone not being able to beat the eldest daughter of the Xue Clan, even if they did, they still had to accept challenges until the end of the four hours. It was unfair, but only in this way would it illustrate the strength of that person.

There could be a trick to go up at the last minute, but there was still the problem of beating the eldest daughter of the Xue Clan. Moreover, to take turns was vital, as each person had a maximum of three attempts. That would allow many to restore their strength, so trying to be tricky was impossible.

“Since no one wants to go up, I will start it off. Miss Xue please show mercy.” A young man went up.

“Isn’t that the fifth son of the Wang Family?”

“Yes, it’s Wang Laowu!”


Qing Shui didn’t hold back and let out a laugh. Wang Laowu, he had often heard of this famous “diamond bachelor”, but he had not expected to actually meet him.

Back then, diamond bachelors had to fulfill two conditions: having their own business and being the successor of a wealthy family.

Handsome and smart: one had to have a unique taste of their own. Highly educated: with an overseas degree of high education. Strong capabilities: have a strong ability to solve problems and undergo growth with a positive attitude, having tenacious fighting spirit despite setbacks, and entrepreneurship. Low Profile: always avoiding speaking too much about themselves and trying to blend in like ordinary people, trying to avoid the disturbance of the outside world...

However, this person could be considered handsome, and his family background was also strong. Qing Shui understood with a single glance that this man should probably be very familiar with the eldest miss of the Xue Family. His job was probably to go up if no one did, to start things up.

The weapon of the eldest daughter of the Xue Clan was a long sword, silver-white in color and quite thin in comparison to Wang Laowu’s weapon, which was a long spear. The two fighting had qualities that were worth looking at, but Qing Shui knew that they didn’t put out any effort.

The result was quite accidental, the eldest daughter of the Xue Clan was ‘not careful’ and was unexpectedly hit on the shoulder by Wang Laowu. 

The majority felt that the blow was not light. Qing Shui was also quite surprised. He had originally thought that the eldest miss of the Xue Clan would drag out this first “fight” for a very long time. Instead, it was the opposite approach. 

Qing Shui thought of the accident and contemplated. The eldest daughter of the Xue Clan’s motive was to hold this event to find a husband. To enable this, they had Wang Laowu become the first person to challenge.

The Wang Clan was also a large clan, but they did not scheme much compared to the Xue Clan.

The direction that Xue Nuo fell was in the direction that Qing Shui and several people were at. It also just so happened that the three behind Qing Shui also fell just as the eldest miss of the Xue Clan fell before Qing Shui.

Following the little drama, Qing Shui did not know anything about the lady’s current situation, but she should not have suffered any harm. So why did she fall this way?

Ling Fei looked at Yin Tong and drew back a couple of steps as Qing Shui extended his hands and gently propped up the woman and put her down.

Qing Shui actually wanted to hug her out of instinct, but he didn’t want to unexpectedly provoke the woman.

The people surrounding them took note, but nobody came over, as the area was quite remote. Qing Shui knew that the young miss of the Xue Family had done this deliberately, but Qing Shui was wondering how she could be so clever.

“Do not hide. No one will pay any attention here.” In fact, the area surrounding Qing Shui was installed with a small array, so the appearance of the outside was fuzzy and vague.

“You are Qing Shui. Are you enjoying the fight?” The women with that pair of beautiful pupils winked curious looks at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was now surprised. This woman knew him. Confused, he asked, “Have you seen me before?”

“No.” The eldest daughter of the Xue Clan said simply.

“How do you know me?” Qing Shui became even more curious.

“I knew a sister. She was called Yiye Jiange. Are you interested in helping me?” The woman looked at Qing Shui with a smile.

A monstrous giant wave turned in Qing Shui’s heart. For a long time, Qing Shui had not received news of Yiye Jiange's. Although he knew she was alright, he did not have any news.

Suddenly hearing about her surprised him. He held on to the snowy young lady and asked excitedly: “Where is she, can you tell me?”

“First, you help me.” The woman looked at Qing Shui.

“Tell me where she is, then I will help you.” Qing Shui said anxiously.

“When you finish helping me, I will tell you.”

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and said, "How do I help you?

“Stand on the platform and fight.”

“But I do not want to marry you.” [ed. note: burned lol]

“Go die. Fake it if necessary. Just do as I say.” The woman broke away from Qing Shui, but her beautiful eyes never left him.

At this time, Qing Shui would have promised anything. He knew that today's fight was not over, and there was nothing left to ask.

“Good. I promise you, Now please tell me about her!” Qing Shui said helplessly.

"Sister is your wife. I also saw your portrait, so I recognized you at first sight. I know you are very strong. So I changed the plan. Before I had intended to find someone else. Instead, now it seems like you are appropriate.”

Hearing the woman's words, Qing Shui felt that she was too skillful. In fact, many things coincided in nature even casually. For example, today's coincidence was to find a woman who knew Yiye Jiange. Otherwise, Qing Shui wouldn't have known. Some coincidences became causes of things that would bear fruit in the future.

Qing Shui learned more about Yiye Jiange and this woman. It seemed like his wife had a good relationship with this woman,.His heart was pleased that she was always liked among her own. Otherwise, she wasn’t really her own woman.

“Jiange is now good!” Qing Shui asked gently.

“Good? She is well, a deity to the people. I am a little curious. Why does she like you?” Xue Nuo looked at Qing Shui with a smile, one revealing that she knew something.

Qing Shui touched his nose, “I was good. I'll settle for this for now. When the time comes, tell me where she is”

“Oh, that is certain.” The eldest daughter of the Xue Clan happily said.

Qing Shui saw the makeshift stage. On stage were a few people. The fifth child of the Wang Clan had already left, but this was not important. Qing Shui needed to learn about the whereabouts of Yiye Jiange.

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