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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1492 - Oblivious to Death; Escorted to the Manor

This guy sure was fearless to be picking a fight with Qing Shui. Even though they were in the great and strong Linhai City, Qing Shui had the right to be arrogant, for even the strongest warriors of the Ice Domain Dynasty would not pick a fight with him. 

The profligate brat in front of him was not even worth his time. These profligate sons must have been spoiled at home, otherwise they would not have become such wastrels. But there was no way that the strongest in the family was the one spoiling them. 

It was common for profligate sons to pick on commoners or on weaker clans. One had to consider the powers behind them despite their heinous behavior. However, when they got into trouble with stronger clans or strong forces, the higher-ups in their clan would not even give a second thought about sacrificing them. 

Qing Shui looked at the arrogant youngster, smiled indifferently and sneered, "What are you barking at huh, even when your Master has yet to say anything?" 

", Young Master, I'll slaughter him for opposing you." The young man said to Hua Ershao with hatred burning in his eyes. 

Hua Ershao cursed under his breath, "This brat had to involve me. The person he is scolding is you, you idiot." But he just smiled and replied,"Fine, go kill him. Don't ever come back if you fail." 

The young man staggered. Usually, Hua Ershao would send other men in during these situations, because he was only good at flattery, not actual combat. 

But today this young man pissed Hua Ershao off. Along with his words, he kicked the young man towards Qing Shui. 


The young man was startled by the kick. Qing Shui stretched his legs and kicked him back towards Hua Ershao. He would not hold back against cowards like this, who hid behind the protection of others. 

Killing him would be good riddance. But sometimes, it was better to make someone stop doing wrong things, as opposed to killing the person outright. 

With just one kick, not only did Qing Shui break his leg, he also impaired his sexual ability, yet left him alive. His leg would heal given time, but he would lose all his abilities beneath his waist other than walking. 

"How dare you hurt one of my men? I swear on my position as Hua Ershao, I will not let you get away!" Hua Ershao's expression suddenly changed and he shouted out. 

Many people shook their heads as they spectated from a distance. 

"Picking a fight with our second young master while bringing along two beautiful women, huh?" 

"Yeah. Moreover, they are outsiders. Such a shame!" 

Many people felt sorry for Qing Shui's group. It seemed like the second young master had a bad reputation. All thanks to the strength and influence of the Hua Clan, most people kept their anger to themselves. The second young master was not a fool. He would not mess with someone he should not mess with. 

Regarding outsiders, especially outsiders as young as these, what background could they possibly have? If they had a background, they would have been accompanied by strong people from Linhai City, who the second young master knew very well. These people were on their own and had been circling around town for the whole day. 

"I don’t care if you're the second young master or whatever. I don't have time to play around with you. If you leave me now, I'll act as if nothing happened." Qing Shui did not want to waste any more time. 

"Get him!" The second young master was infuriated. 

The men surrounding them charged towards Qing Shui. As expected of Linhai City's wastrels, they were nothing like those in smaller cities. They even had a Martial Saint Warrior with them. 

No matter where they went, Martial Saint Warriors all had positions of some sort. Since a Martial Saint Warrior was willing to lower himself and work under others, Qing Shui had no reason to hold back anymore. 

Smash! Whack! Crash! 

In a split second, everyone lay groaning on the floor. 

Qing Shui squatted beside the second young master. 

"Kill me if you have the balls! Or else the Hua Clan will never let you get away." 


Qing Shui slapped his face hard. 

"I don't actually dislike wastrels, but I absolutely abhor senseless wastrels like you. Do you know one wrong word can send you and your family into living hell? Idiots like you aren't even worth killing!" Qing Shui felt good saying this after giving a slap. 

The second young master began to feel terror. People would normally give in upon his mentioning Hua Clan. Life was easy going for him with the support of the Hua Clan behind him. 

One slap from Qing Shui woke him up from his delusions. This was someone who dared lay a hand on him even after knowing he was the second young master of the Hua Clan. The fear that Qing Shui's words struck into him numbed the pain of his slap with utter terror. 

Even until now, the ancestral teachings of the Hua Clan were still practiced. Whoever caused trouble should take responsibility for it. If he was unable to do so, the troublemaker was to be given supreme punishment – death. 

The second young master was afraid of dying; he was not yet ready to leave this world. Tonight, he would have gotten hold of the woman from the Yang Clan, and he still wanted to play more with the widow from the Wu Clan...... He must not die, he must not die, but he still felt the threat of death looming over him. 

"What, you don't believe that I would kill you?" Qing Shui smiled and snapped one of the young master's arms. 

"Ah, I believe you! I believe you! Please spare me! Please forgive my ignorance!" The young master screamed, but deep down he thought that if Qing Shui was bluffing, he would mangle Qing Shui's body with his own hands when the family executives captured him. 

"Now talk. Why did you stop us?" Qing Shui continued while smiling.  Of course he knew why they had been stopped. He was just asking for the fun of it while he waited for the other members of the Hua Clan to show up. He was just having trouble searching for a place to open up a clinic, but now he had found a place. There were plenty of manors on the Hua Clan's street. 

"Ah, I'm a bit short on money nowadays. I thought because your numbers were small, we could......" 

"Ah! What I meant was... I had my eyes on the women!" 

Qing Shui interrupted him before he could finish and broke his other arm, forcing him to spill the truth. He was now as pale as a ghost and his clothes were drenched in sweat. 

"I see, so you had your eyes on them." Qing Shui smiled and stared at the young master. The young master shuddered in terror, fearing Qing Shui might blow his brains off next. 

"I..I..I swear I won't do it anymore! Please forgive me!" The young master was almost in tears. 

"I guess that's enough." Qing Shui stood up, and kicked the young master in his groin several times. In the process, the young master passed out and joined the rank of the eunuchs. 

Qing Shui would never hold back against people like this who had already brought misfortune to so many women. It would have been fine if they did not pick a fight with Qing Shui, but since they did, there was no reason not to interfere. 

Qing Shui could tell that the group approaching them from afar were people from the Hua Clan. 

Those men were rushing straight towards Qing Shui. The two leading the group were old men. Their faces carried extremely scary expression, because this was the first time someone had made the Hua Clan lose face in Linhai City. 

Qing Shui slowly stood up, sizing up the approaching men. This time, the men were strong, but not very strong in comparison to him. Since the opponent had offended them first, they should be able to get something from the opponent as compensation. 

"You dare you bluntly stick yourselves out against the Hua Clan in Linhai City. Aren't you being a tad too arrogant?!" The old man's voice was soft but firm. 

The old man looked like he had just stepped into old age. With his grey hair, bushy brows and big glaring eyes on his broad forehead, combined with a squarish nose and a broad mouth full of white teeth, he emitted a mighty aura.  

The old man did not say anything bluntly, but labelled Qing Shui as an enemy and tried to intimidate him with words. Even if they somehow managed to talk things through, it would only be because he did not fully understand the situation. He would not make the mistake of underestimating someone who dared attack a member of the Hua Clan. 

He already saw how the young master had been reduced to waste, with his arms broken. 

He wanted to see how Qing Shui's attitude towards the Hua Clan was and then try to deduce the opponent's strength from there. This was why he labeled him as an enemy. 

Qing Shui smiled and looked at the old man. "Why do you always relate everything to the Hua Clan? I'm sure you know the situation better than me. It was just that I was a bit stronger. Otherwise, who knows what would've happened to me?" 

For a moment, the old man felt an urge to lose his temper, but he did not. He could sense that Qing Shui was not someone weak, but this was a situation where he could not afford to give in. He hesitated about what to do next. 

He sensed that the young man standing in front of him was not someone who could be dealt with easily. He did not want to risk putting Hua Clan in trouble. 

"Mister, we, the Hua Clan were in the wrong. I'm sure you also know that it is impossible for a clan to be perfect in all aspects. How about this? We will compensate you for anything you have lost, and we will also hold a feast for you to settle this matter." The other old man spoke. He was also a member of the Hua Clan. Although he had no direct authority, he could see things from a wider perspective. Because of this, most people in the clan listened to his advice, even those with high authority. 

As the saying went, old people were all-seeing. 

This words of this old man, named Hua Zhi, shocked the other old man, but he kept silent. This time, they were faced with a difficult opponent. Otherwise, Hua Zhi would not have said anything. 

"We’re fine without the feast. We just got here and, right off the bat, we were harassed by this young master. Moreover, he planned on taking our girls here. Don't you agree that it would've been reasonable if I had massacred everyone? Qing Shui calmly exhibited his animosity. 

The old man felt a chill down his spine. What hostility! The wrath of the strong should never be incurred. This bastard even dared to plot about taking a strong warrior's women. After the ordeal was settled, he should be imprisoned for 100 years to reflect on his actions. 

"We're sorry that one of our clan had offended you. It was appropriate for you to deal with him personally, but we should still compensate you. 

"We don't have a place to stay, and this street seems nice." Qing Shui said. 

"We have a manor built on the best spot here in the Hua Residence. I hope you won't mind and I can bring you there right now." The old man said, but his heart ached as he spoke. 

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