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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1511 - Metamorphosis Pill, The Demonic Beast That Grew By Leaps and Bounds

Qing Shui smiled: “What should I call you? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Where do you come from? What are your hobbies? What do you like?…”

The woman blankly stared at Qing Shui. She knew that Qing Shui was just joking, and shook her head while smiling. She found out that this guy was different from other men, like two opposites. The man in front of her was very calm and wasn’t afraid of accidentally giving off the wrong impression.

“I’m Qin Qing, from the Ice Domain Dynasty.” the woman answered lightly.

“Qin Qing is a wonderful name, very fitting.” Qing Shui said smilingly.

The woman smiled and looked at Qing Shui: “Are you perhaps exaggerating?”


“No, what I’m saying is true. I’m not one to exaggerate things.” Qing Shui replied.

Qing Shui wasn’t in a hurry to use the Nine Continents Steps. While riding the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant to fly into the depths of the Kunpeng Mountains, Qing Shui and the woman exchanged some words on the journey and got to know each other better.

As night approached, they were able to find a cavern. Qing Shui said with a smile: “Let’s stay here for tonight, we’ll continue our journey tomorrow!”

“Alright!” Qin Qing said bluntly.

Qing Shui helped Qin Qing set up her tent first, and set up his own not too far away. He then promptly made some food, and they each went back to their own tents.

When Qing Shui saw that there wasn’t much time left, he impatiently went into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and checked on the Diamond Fruit with his Heavenly Vision Technique.

The Diamond Fruit, which increases the strength of the body, was exceptionally effective with people of extraordinary blood vessels and bodies and would increase their power by at least twofold.

Each person and Demonic Beast could only consume one, and it could be put into medicine!

“Good stuff!” Qing Shui was very happy because Qin Qing had generously given him half of it.

According to the standards, this fruit could only be found serendipitously. After leaving enough for himself from the half, the first people he thought of giving these to were the ones closest to him, which was a natural thought. This woman only had five of the Diamond Fruits, and her Demonic Beast and she had already eaten two of them. The remaining three should have been left for her relatives, but perhaps she didn’t have enough?

Qing Shui didn’t think that she might have other demonic beasts, so he thought about it for a bit but didn’t get it, so he didn’t want to think about it anymore. He simply just ate one. The Dragon Slaying Beast, Hell Nightmare Beast, Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, and the Thunderous Beast each ate one, the rest of the demonic beasts could only watch...

Qing Shui was also out of options. There just weren’t enough, so he could only give them to the ones that he used the most. Besides, they still had the Diamond Fruit Tree, so there was no need to be afraid. Qing Shui, who had many Magic Treasures, could make a batch of Diamond Fruit ripen earlier.

Qing Shui, who ate the fruit first, had an extraordinary body, but he was astonished at the results. The Nine Yang Golden Body broke through again, and even the Paragon of the Dantian was also shining brightly with the gold plates on his body brighter than before.

The strength and flexibility of his body increased by at least twofold and the most important thing was that his constitution changed dramatically. Originally it was the Extreme Yang Body, now it seemed to have gone one step further.

The Paragon had also changed a bit. The power of the Paragon Golden Armor went from the threefold previously to the sixfold that it is now, a dramatic increase. In addition to the strength of his own body, he felt like a cockroach that could not be killed.

Qing Shui returned to consciousness after a while. This time was really a great stroke of luck and was not something that should be taken lightly. This was even more important than defeating someone else. With the body strength now, even the old masters of the Se Clan wouldn’t be able to hurt him much.

Having done all of that, Qing Shui now inspected his demonic beasts, whose strength increased. Along with some of its raw strength, though on paper it seems negligible, the strength of their bodies had doubled at the very least.

The Dragon Slaying Beast’s power level and sharpness, as well as a little of its speed, all were a part of its body’s power level. The Hell Nightmare Beast’s doesn’t even need to be mentioned. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and the Thunderous Beast had theirs increase about one to one and a half times.

After enjoying themselves for a while, Qing Shui finally began to prepare the Medicinal pill.

Metamorphosis Pill!

The Diamond Fruit was a reward by chance and of course, the ingredients exclusive to the Gold-back Bear King were also by chance. This time the focus was to find treasure.

The ingredients required for the Metamorphosis Pill were also very precious, even more precious than the ones for the Six Yang Pellet, which was obtained in Linhai City, where Qing Shui would visit every now and then to fish.

The strength of the Pure Gold Fishing Rod was not to be doubted. All that which were missing were the ingredients from the Gold-back Bear King.

Actually, Qing Shui still didn’t know why he needed the ingredients from the Gold-back Bear King, all he needed to know was that the Gold-back Bear King came from some strange transmutation, was rare, extremely strong, and without any special techniques, it would have been impossible to obtain the ingredients. So rare, that it would have been a once in a lifetime occurrence.

What surprised Qing Shui was that making the Metamorphosis Pill this time had gone extremely smooth. He didn’t make any mistakes, and even created two of them. With the rest of the ingredients, Qing Shui felt that he could make a lot of them.

Metamorphosis Pill!

It was able to let a demonic beast go through metamorphosis once, changing its internal structure dramatically, allowing it to use any type of strength. However, it could only eat one with a 100% chance of metamorphosis with the effect depending on the talent and vitality of the target.

Although the effect was very vague, Qing Shui’s eyes lit up. This was something that could only have happened through sheer luck. This time the Gold-back Bear King’s materials could have created a lot, there was enough to save, and each demonic beast could only use one of the Diamond Fruit.

It also didn’t take that long to create, seven days. Qing Shui found out that those seven days were if the process was taking its time, but right now it took seven days.

Seven days of full concentration. This is already an ability that an average Alchemist did not have, and also is the reason why the success rate was so low.

Well, Qing Shui did have a high level of concentration.

The time passed in boredom. Qing Shui was someone that was patient enough to stand being lonely, continuing for three days until he stopped, which was short of the time needed for refinement, but there were already 20 Metamorphosis Pills in Qing Shui’s hands.

Immediately he gave a few of the demonic beasts one pill each. Naturally, the few that he gave to were the more important ones, the rest didn’t have the same extravagance. After that Qing Shui silently watched, waiting for the metamorphosis to begin.

What surprised Qing Shui was that the first one that went through metamorphosis was the Seven-Headed demonic dragon spider.


It shattered in one sound, the seven brains were joined with another, making it the Eight-Headed demonic dragon spider. It shone with a silvery light from head to toe, but none of them shone with the brilliance of the dragon head in the middle.

Using the Heavenly Vision Technique, Qing Shui was very impressed.

Eight-Headed demonic dragon spider!

Its raw strength hit 500 Yang. Qing Shui was stunned, he didn’t think that the addition of that one head would have increased its strength by that much. He didn’t know the true difficulty of adding that last head, and although he was stunned, he was even happier.

Five Qi Origin: The Eight-Headed demonic dragon spider’s Innate Skill, forever raising its raw strength by 100 times, zero consummation.

The change of the Five Qi Origin didn’t make Qing Shui baffled in the slightest, with its strength increasing to what it is now, if it didn’t increase by 100 times, he would have felt that it was weird.

Corrosive Poison Web: The Eight-Headed demonic dragon spider uses an inescapable attack, which comes with an extremely strong corrosive poison that is also very sticky. The durable silk is so tough that it would be hard for even swords to cut through it. The damage of the poisonous web is 15 times the damage of the user.

Poison Silk Entanglement: the Eight-Headed demonic dragon spider shoots an entangling poisonous silk line with a range of around 5000 meters. It has an amazing speed, with a strong stickiness and poison. The attack is about 25 times the power of the user.

With a small increase in distance, the strength of the attack improved a lot.

Spider Swarm Attack: The special ability of King Demonic Beasts, it allows the user to add subordinates around it to its attack. Those subordinates could be anything up to a Seven-Headed demonic dragon spider, and some of them were special demonic dragon spiders.

With the possibility of evolving its subordinated to Seven-Headed demonic dragon spiders as opposed to Six-Headed demonic dragon spiders, this was a great improvement.

Flying Spider Silk: Passive Skill, Zero consumption, increases speed forever by 40 times.

Flying Spider Silk also increased by a good amount and was much stronger than the one of the Seven-Headed demonic dragon spider.

Sharpness: The Eight-Headed demonic dragon spider’s foot sharpness remains unmatched, now with a potent poison and piercing ability.

Unyielding Shield: The Eight-Headed demonic dragon spider’s defense is strong.

Spider Dragon Head: Passive Skill, increases the Eight-Headed demonic dragon spider’s sturdiness, sharpness, and the sturdiness, stickiness and poison of the spider silk by 20 times. It also increases attack, defense, and stamina by 10 times, zero consumption!

Qing Shui was very satisfied. Although the attack of the Eight-Headed demonic dragon spider wasn’t that high, it was supposed to be a Shield Beast and had a strong Control power.

The next was the Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant. Qing Shui was actually especially waiting for the change with the Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant because it would be able to feedback to his own strength.


After a series of roars, the Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant’s body increased in size, its neck thicker than ever, but it seemed to have grown longer as well. Shining brightly, the two horns on the top of its forehead even shinier than before. If you were only looking at the head and neck you would have thought that it was a dragon.

But behind the neck was a large elephant body, then the tail of a dragon.

Up until now, the Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant’s raw strength was a whopping 2000 Yang, this metamorphosis really made it way too strong.

Dragon Elephant Force, Passive Skill, forever increasing raw strength by 100 times!

That hadn’t changed, seems like this is the maximum.

Mighty Dragon Elephant’s Recklessness, an attack with 20 times strength, at most hitting 50 targets.

The number of targets hadn’t changed much, but the power of it had risen by a good amount, which pleased Qing Shui already.

Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp, Perfection Stage, an attack with 50 times raw strength, with a high probability of causing paralysis on anyone within range.

Seems like its might increased again...

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion: Can teleport anywhere within 5000 meters.

Diamond Sword of Qi: Spits out a tongue of Qi as an attack in an instant, deals a lot of damage, can decrease the speed of its target by twofold, which remains for two hours.

Vajra Subdues Demons: Decreases the strength of enemies within 1000 meters by onefold with 200 maximum targets, lasts for two hours!

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack: an instantaneous attack with 80 times attack, single target!

100 times, Qing Shui was stunned for a while before he came back to his senses. It seems that from now on the Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant can finally be a part of the helm of attack, in addition to it having eaten the Diamond Fruit, it would really be scary.

Dark Infernal Flames: the Dragon Elephant’s Dark Infernal Flames allow it to attack with three times as much armor piercing ability, also increasing airborne speed by five times.

Dragon-Scaled Armor: Passive Skill, increases the defense and attack of the Dragon Elephant by 14 times, the strong attack and defense is the basis for the Dragon Elephant’s strong power.

Dragon Elephant Might: Afflicts all non-Dragon Elephant beasts with a strong pressure with at least one times raw strength, at most making them lose fighting power, this ability doesn’t affect other targets as much. Zero consumption, passive skill!

Heart of the Demonic Dragon: Its large dragon head allows it to increase its own strength by another two times, resisting most harmful statuses.

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