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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1517 - Qin Qing’s Panic

The old man from the Hua Clan could only leave gloomily. That old man was unhappy but he didn’t dare to fall out with Qing Shui.

Qing Shui understood the hearts of these people. After many years of lording over others, these people all put on airs and only know how to bully the weak.

With regards to the Hua Clan, Qing Shui had no need to be polite at all. The Hua Clan still didn't know that they have been abandoned. Qing Shui knew they hated him but thought that their strength was equal to his. 

Time went by and two days had passed. Qing Shui didn’t head out. No matter what your clan was, if you want to get your illness treated, just come to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Qing Shui would only personally act if the patient had a good relationship with him or if he felt like it.

Usually, Qin Qing would cultivate in the backyard. She recently obtained the inheritance of battle god and needed time to get used to it. Upon inheritance, although the successor would be familiar with the battle techniques, one still needed time to be truly proficient in them.

On the way here, the time which Qin Qing had to familiarise herself couldn’t be considered short. Qin Qing would cultivate at night while resting on the back of the hellfire phoenix when they were travelling by the day.

Qing Shui still hadn’t seen the green dragon she owned but Qing Shui knew for sure that she had one. If she summoned the gigantic green dragon, the rush of impact to people would still be exceedingly great.

Green dragons, gold dragons, and white jade dragons are one of the few rarer and most grand species of dragons. Their strength was much greater compared to other dragons.

After walking to the backyard, Qing Shui discovered Qin Qing was stretching her arms out in a stance. That graceful figure wasn’t excessive and was extremely exquisite. All her curves were at the appropriate places and weren’t too excessive. Qing Shui didn’t think that the larger the breasts a woman had, the better it would be. It was the same for a man. It didn’t mean that you are more powerful the more muscle you have.

Qin Qing’s back was facing Qing Shui and her body is currently inclining to a side. From a certain angle, one could see the exquisiteness of her figure. Her rear was extremely perky, unable to hide despite her loose clothing.

Her legs were straight and slender. Qing Shui was taking the time to admire her figure until he realized that Qin Qing was looking at him while he was looking at her.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose in embarrassment. His actions were discovered completely. He could only smile and act casual.

“What are you doing?” Qing Shui casually asked as he smiled.

Actually, Qing Shui had some selfish motives. Because Qin Qing was a woman of the portraits of beauty. Ziche Sha might be very pretty but Qing Shui had no intentions towards her. He actually felt something for Qin Qing.

Up till now, Qing Shui had plenty of women. He loved them all fully with all his heart. Men were flirtatious creatures and Qing Shui had no choice but to admit this. But one thing he could say for sure was that even though he was like the rest, he was the best out of them all.

Out of the twelve portraits of beauty, Qing Shui obtained eleven and even found the beauties in question. Everything that happened made Qing Shui felt as though everything was already predestined. Qing Shui felt that he had a chance to be able to obtain everything.

“I’m cultivating some battle techniques.” Qin Qing laughed.

Qing Shui thought of his own phoenix form. Qin Qing was the successor of the Phoenix Battle God and after thinking for a bit, he spoke, “I might have some suitable techniques. Do you want to try learning them?”

“Sure!” Qin Qing straightforwardly agreed. She knew Qing Shui wouldn’t casually speak of things like this. Since he said it, the techniques he had would surely be suitable for her.

Qing Shui took out the Phoenix Finger technique and the Phoenix Cry sonic attack technique. What made Qing Shui surprised was that Qin Qing also liked the sonic attack a lot, but she still favored the phoenix finger.

Qing Shui demonstrated once and told her the essence of it. Qing Shui has taught Phoenix Finger to others before but the effect wasn’t good. Such a battle technique was originally prepared for a special group of people. 

Qing Shui had a strong feeling that Qin Qing could use the Phoenix Finger technique but after he taught her, he discovered the effect wasn’t as good as possible. The main reason was that the flow of energy was in the wrong meridians. There were too many meridians in the human body and it’s quite confusing to tell which is supposed to be the correct one.

“Can I check your meridians?” Qing Shui spoke after thinking for a while.

Qin Qing contemplated as she nodded. She truly loved these two phoenix-type attacks. She then asked, “How would you check my meridians?”

“Stretch out both your hands.” Qing Shui was very calm.

Qin Qing hesitated a bit, but when she saw the clear eyes of Qing Shui, her heart moved. For some unknown reason, her hands stretched out. This type of feeling felt a little marvellous.

A pair of snow-white jade-like hands appeared before Qing Shui. Qing Shui held on to it. Her hands felt slender and slightly cool to the touch. At this moment, Qing Shui felt his heartbeat quickened. But he also discovered that Qin Qing also felt somewhat ill at ease.

“Are you very nervous?” Qing Shui smiled as he asked.

Qin Qing stared at Qing Shui. “No!”

But Qing Shui could see a faint pink blush the color of peaches on her face. He was a bit startled. He didn’t expect that this goddess-like woman would be one filled with inner charm. Although the feeling wasn’t very intense, he was pretty sure of it.

“You are born innately with a set of charm bones. You must definitely have it hard to control the charm right…?” Qing Shui instantly regretted the moment his words came out.

Qin Qing stretched her hand out and rapped Qing Shui on his head. “If you continue speaking nonsense, I’m going to beat you up.”

“Didn’t you beat me up already?!”

“Mhm, stop your rubbish! Do you still want to take a look at my meridians?” Qin Qing was shy and angry at the same time. But she didn’t feel any disgusts towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui sent his spiritual sense and divine force into her meridians and he slowly spoke. “Feel the flow of energy.”

Qing Shui’s divine force flowed into her meridians drop by drop. Many of her unused meridians were all being used now, and there were even some smaller meridians that were activated.

Qin Qing was astonished. Because she discovered that after the smaller meridians are activated, the flow of her energy was much smoother than before. Although her strength didn’t rise much, her combat prowess shot up explosively.

Luckily, the majority of Qin Qing’s meridians has already been connected. At the very least, the meridian to channel and cultivate the power of phoenix finger was already connected, leaving only a few smaller meridians that were ‘locked’. But Qing Shui has already connected them earlier.

“Old brother Yin. Look at them holding hands, it has already been half a day.” Lan Lingfeng smiled, staring at Qing Shui and Qin Qing.

“You know only know to fantasize wildly. But it’s true that brother Qing Shui truly has luck- Ah!”

Yin Tong’s face twitched, but he saw Ling Fei smiling standing beside him while one of her hand was placed on the inner side of his thigh. Yin Tong smiled awkwardly and as they turned their head, they discovered Lan Lingfeng has already vanished without a trace.

Ling Fei also stared at Qing Shui and Qin Qing. Only after a while did she returned her attention back to Yin Tong. “Are you envying them?”

“Don’t you know my character? In my heart, there’s no one who could be prettier than you.” As he spoke, his other hand wrapped around her willowy waist and held her close to him.

Ling Fei’s eyes were like silk. Both her hands were placed around Yin Tong’s shoulder as she smiled. “Let’s return to our room!”

“You little demoness!” Yin Tong carried her as both of them disappeared in a flash.


Qing Shui blinked his eyes. But he didn’t let go of her hand. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling well. You can release my hand now.” Qin Qing replied.

“But it feels really good to hold your hand like this.” Qing Shui spoke in a casual and relaxed manner.

Qin Qing’s long eyelashes fluttered as her heart jumped. Qing Shui’s words gave her a strange feeling. Before this was the clearness of his eyes and the events that happened recently. Also, her hands were held by him and she was helpless to do anything.

Anyway, in this world, the relationship between man and woman can be considered to be quite open. Checking meridians and holding hands counted for nothing.

This world was very different compared to his previous world. An example was that it was fine for a man to have many wives. There were naturally many cases of a man with only a single wife and even a few rare cases where a wife had many husbands.

Qin Qing’s heart was a little moved because Qing Shui said that it felt good to hold her hand like this.

After a moment more, Qing Shui released his hold.

“I remembered it. Shall we test it out?” Qin Qing smiled at Qing Shui. She felt somewhat happy, but she didn’t understand why.

Qing Shui smiled as he nodded while taking some steps back.

Qin Qing’s movements were very slow but every action was extremely on point. Although she was somewhat shaky, she was a very serious woman. She slowly familiarised with the flow of energy in her body and the speed gradually hastened.

After some time, Qing Shui’s silhouette flickered and appeared before her. He stretched his finger out, wanting to tap on Qin Qing’s forehead.

Qin Qing knew that Qing Shui was training with her. This is much better compared to training alone. The two of them didn’t use much strength and sparred with the finesse of their technique and reaction speed.

Using the Nine Palace Steps in addition to the phoenix finger which he was more proficient in compared to Qin Qing, when using the same amount of strength, Qin Qing naturally wasn’t fit to be his opponent. After all, she just learned this technique, and even though she might have obtained the inheritance of the phoenix battle god, her proficiency in the phoenix finger was still inferior to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui stabbed out with another finger but this time because of the angle and his haste, the position was wrong. His finger landed right on Qin Qing’s bosom…

What was most outrageous was that his finger landed directly on her nipple. Although Qing Shui didn’t use much strength, the tactile sensation was still there. Feelings of softness spread from his fingertip into his mind.


Qin Qing’s body was a little numb after being pressed by him. What shook her even more was the rush of impact in her heart. This rascal did it intentionally.

She glared at Qing Shui and rolled her eyes before leaving. Qing Shui stood at his original location dumbfoundedly. He swore that it wasn’t intentional.

But for some things, what happened has happened. It wasn’t important if it was intentional or not. He had to have courage to face up to his mistakes and not try to find any excuses. This is especially true for things like this.

Qing Shui shook his head and followed after. He soon arrived outside Qin Qing’s room. After hesitating for a long while, he lifted his hand and knocked on her door.

“Who is it?” After a long time, Qin Qing’s voice sounded out.

“It’s me. Open the door!” Qing Shui hurriedly spoke.

Qin Qing had her back against the door. “If it’s nothing important, just discuss it tomorrow. I’m very tired.”

Qing Shui knew that this was an excuse. “Mmm, I’m here to see if you are injured. After all, I’m skilled in the medical arts.”

“Go to hell…”

“I will take responsibility, okay? Don’t be angry.” Qing Shui smiled in a helpless manner.

“You wish. Quickly go away or I might beat you up.” Qin Qing was finally feeling a little better. She wasn't angered at all. She knew Qing Shui didn’t do it intentionally, but even so, she couldn’t help but feel a little indignant.

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