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AST 1524 - Kill the Black Dragon! Dark Demonic Jiao King, Qin Qing’s azure dragon

The man responded with silence upon hearing the old man’s words. He then looked at the black dragon’s corpse before looking at Qing Shui. Deep down, he was struggling. He saw the woman who was as beautiful as a fairy beside Qing Shui and the stately Hellfire Phoenix in the sky. 

Deep down, the man named Leng Ye was extremely envious of Qing Shui. He had never come across anything that could make him feel so empty. All along, he had always been the target envy from others. He was the direct descendant of the Leng Clan from the Sacred Might Dynasty. In the future, it’s without doubt that he would take over the entire Leng Clan.

Though the Leng Clan might not be the royal clan of the Sacred Might Dynasty, it was the largest aristocratic clan in the dynasty. It was not in the slightest inferior to its royal clan. Leng Ye was everyone’s target among the young generation of Leng Clan.

He had outstanding talent, and he also hadn’t run into any major troubles while he climbed his way up to where he was today. He had the things which a person would want for eternities yet would still unable to get. Not only was he born with an outstanding family background, he was also really handsome. It almost could be said that he could get whatever that he desired.

But today, he took one of the worst experience he had ever experienced in his entire life. This kind of impact could be destructive to a person. The black dragon died, and so had the rest of his demonic beasts. He was reluctant to lose to Qing Shui. The only way for him to find peace again was to kill Qing Shui and take possession of everything which belonged to him. 

“Fight! Of course I will fight!” A ruthless expression flashed across the man’s face.

“Well then, let’s begin!” Qing Shui appeared in the sky at the moment he finished speaking. He was right next to the Hellfire Phoenix.

The man unsheathed his Immortal Slaying Sword and soared up into the sky. However, he didn’t launch any attacks at Qing Shui. Instead, he shouted loudly and abruptly twisted his body. His body lengthened by about two times. 

In just a moment, the originally handsome-looking man became really fierce. Two jet-black horns grew out of the man’s head. It only took a while for Qing Shui to figure out his opponent’s origin. 

Jiao Demon King!

The only thing which Qing Shui was unclear about was whether he had received the Jiao Demon King Inheritance from someone else or if he himself was originally a descendant of it. Qing Shui never expected for himself to cross fists with a foe at the Demon Lord level.

Qing Shui took out the Golden Battle Halberd and looked at his opponent, “Are you the descendant of Jiao Demon King or did you receive its inheritance from elsewhere?”

Leng Ye looked at Qing Shui’s expression and smiled, “I wasn’t paying attention before. It seems you guys possess the strength of the Battle God. You will not be leaving.”

Qing Shui smiled and shook his head, “You must think this through very carefully. You guys might not be able to stop us.”

“Don’t you think that you are overestimating yourself? Our lives wouldn’t be worth living if we couldn’t manage to take down just two of you.” Leng Ye looked at Qing Shui and revealed a cold smile. 

The two old men also appeared near Leng Ye. Qing Shui could feel the powerful energy fluctuation emitting from the old men. Qin Qing also appeared next to Qing Shui.

“The Sacred Might Dynasty is planning to win with numbers. To think that the people from the Leng Clan are so arrogant and despotic....” Qin Qing wasn’t loud when, but her volume was enough to let everyone hear what she said.

Everything that happened today was because Leng Ye had made a bad judgement after meeting Qin Qing. Combined with his superiority complex, little by little, it had led to this unresolvable situation. 

The hit which Leng Ye took from Qing Shui was too huge. If he were to let Qing Shui leave just like that, not only would it halt his cultivation, he might even regress.

Hence, he made up his mind that no matter what happened today, he mustn’t let Qing Shui leave. With two seniors from the Leng Clan present, he thought that it would be easy to deal with them.

Qing Shui quietly activated the Phoenix Battle Intent, Battle God Halo, the formations and Heavenly Talismans on the both of them. 

“Miss, if you don’t intervene in this matter, you can follow me and be my woman in the future. I will definitely make you the happiest woman in the world.” Leng Ye hadn’t forgotten to drive a wedge between the allies. Or rather, it was a better way of “fighting for” the things which he desired.

Qin Qing totally ignored him. She couldn’t even bother to look at him. She acted as if she didn’t hear what he said. This caused the man who cared for his pride more than anything else to lose his cool. Though he might be furious with this woman, his desire to conquer her was still unusually strong.

This sole desire had caused him to make up his mind to disregard all of the consequences which might result from the things which he did today. Furthermore, the Sacred Might Dynasty wasn’t someone who should be messed with, and so was his Leng Clan.

“Uncle, please make your move but try not to harm the woman.”

Both of the old men sighed. Since the Patriarch of the Leng Clan had told them to protect Leng Ye before and listen to every single one of his requests, they ought to act within their competencies. They must do whatever Leng Ye requested while at the same time making sure that his life wasn’t in danger.

It was also for this reason that the two old men nodded in agreement. Though the Hellfire Phoenix burst with formidable wounding prowess, it’s not that easy to grasp how powerful it could be. Sometimes, strength wasn’t necessarily determined by how much power could be drawn forth. But one’s strength was still very important. For instance, when standing in front of absolute strength, all tricks would become insignificant.

Strength! Once a person achieved absolute strength, he would no longer care about battle techniques. A random strike from him would be enough to destroy the entire place.

The two old men didn’t move much after hearing Leng Ye’s words. The only thing that could be seen were a few huge demonic beasts appearing high up in the sky. An earth-shattering aura could be felt spreading out.

Dark Demonic Jiao King!

Ten of them!

The Dark Demonic Jiao King was a being which came second after the Black Dragon among the Black Dragon Tribes. Surprisingly, each old man possessed five of the dragons. Furthermore, they all had already entered adulthood. Each and every one of them wasn’t inferior to the Black Dragon from before.

The Dark Demonic Jiao King was up to 80% blood related to the Black Dragon. Though it might not be considered an actual dragon, it was still a very powerful being. As a matter of fact, some of the mutated Dark Demonic Jiao Kings might even be more powerful than the actual black dragons.

A black aura flashed across Leng Ye’s body. Suddenly, a cloud of enormous black shadow went on to cover up all the Dark Demonic Jiao Kings. In just a moment, Qing Shui could already feel the auras of the Dark Demonic Jiao Kings doubling in strength.

Qing Shui knew that it was going to take a while for him to solve the problems today. This was likely one of the powerful Sure-kill Heavenly Techniques possessed by people with the Black Dragon Demon Lord Inheritance. To think that it actually boosted the strength of the Black Dragon Tribe by two times.

Qin Qing’s expression slightly changed. She pulled Qing Shui’s sleeves and took a step back. At the same time, a loud and clear dragon roar came through from high up in the sky.

Qing Shui finally witnessed the azure dragon which he had seen before. It shared a striking resemblance to the pictures of the azure dragon which QIng Shui had seen from his previous incarnation. It’s just that at that time, it didn’t feel as dramatic as seeing the azure dragon now. After all, what he was seeing now was a huge demonic beast which was about a thousand meters long. A part of the reason why he was shocked was also that from Qing Shui’s perspective, it was a very holy being.

Qing Shui wasn’t really interested with Red or Blue Dragons or the Black Dragon from before. But the azure dragon, on the other hand, was equivalent to a divine being. Back in his previous incarnation, it was said to represent the entire Chinese race. As a matter of fact, it’s said that all Chinese people were the descendants of the dragon.

There were only two species of dragons which could truly cause an impact on Qing Shui. They were the Green and Golden Dragons. The Five Clawed Golden Dragon for example. It was said that five claws were the most claws a dragon could get. The dragon which he saw in the totem from the legend in his previous incarnation was precisely the Five Claw Golden Dragon. 

The azure dragon was a mythical, divine spiritual beast. Eastern culture regarded the azure dragon as its totem. From Qing Shui’s perspective, both the Green and Golden Dragon were the most mythical existences in the world.

The appearance of the azure dragon caused the entire place to fall into momentary silence. The Metamorphosis Pill from last time had caused the strength of Qin Qing’s azure dragon to go through tremendous changes. As soon as it appeared, it let out a dragon’s roar which caused all ten of the Dark Demonic Jiao Kings to shiver. But at this moment, the man let out a similar dragon roaring noise to calm down the Dark Demonic Jiao Kings.

Qing Shui summoned his Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, Dragon Slaying Beast, and Hell Nightmare Beast. It seemed that this time, a tough battle was going to unfold. But even under this kind of circumstances, Qing Shui was still really calm.

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