AST 1532 - It’s Not Easy for Two People to Have Affections for Each Other at the Same Time

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1532 - It’s Not Easy for Two People to Have Affections for Each Other at the Same Time

In the end, the old man agreed to Qing Shui’s request. Qing Shui sometimes found the world of martial arts to be really unreasonable. Gossip could be a dangerous thing; even if one may lose his power, he cannot give up on his pride.

Family always came before justice. In all honesty, even Qing Shui himself wasn’t sure if he was the one who incited most of these phenomena. As a matter of fact, Qing Shui only recently found out that the Gu Clan and the Qin King Manor had been bearing grudges against each other and slowly accumulating them. His appearance this time might have just been the catalyst for it.

Qing Shui didn’t care if it was the truth or not. As long as the Gu Clan dared to make him the center of this matter, in return, he wouldn’t let them off so easily. Since when had he become a person who could be so easily taken advantage of?

Qin Royalty also took such matters seriously. On the other hand, Qin Qing seemed really relaxed. She was in her father’s study room when Qing Shui was speaking to the old man. 


“Little brat, you came!” Qin Baifo looked at his daughter and smiled.

His daughter was indeed very outstanding. Outstanding to the point that until now, she had still yet to find anyone who suited her. Part of the reasons was also because as her father, he believed that there was no one who could match up to her.

“Daddy, may I know some things about the Gu Clan?” Qin Qing sat down opposite to Qin Baifo and got to the point immediately.

“Little brat, what do you wish to know?” Qin Baifo sounded very calm. 

Seeing that her father was very relaxed, Qin Qing felt a sense of relief in her heart. She wasn’t sure about how strong her father was, but she knew that he was able to settle any problems which her siblings could be solved. She was only made aware of how influential her father was when she was older. She had also managed to learn quite a few things about him. For example, her father was one of the most outstanding people among his generation and how he managed to face off against an entire clan by himself in the past. It was no ordinary clan either, it was an aristocratic clan.

The thing was, ever since she was young, she had only seen her father with a gentle expression. It was as if he had never gotten mad once. Despite that, she was aware that if anyone had dared to bully Qin Clan, they would be in big trouble.

“Did I cause any troubles to the Qin Clan this time?” Qin Qing asked gently. 

“Hehe, Gu Clan? They still have a long way to go until they can cause troubles to our Qin Clan.” Qin Baifo said gently.

This kind of heroic spirit had managed to make Qin Qing smile. After that, she said gently, “He resembles daddy a lot. He is also a man with heroic spirit. It’s just that sometimes, he can be a bit too arrogant.”

“Really? Little brat, what do you think of Qing Shui?” Qin Baifo didn’t ask her in a straightforward manner. He was beating around the bush before finally settling down on his main concern.

Qin Qing smiled, “He is a really good person. Daddy, why would you ask something like this?”

“I don’t plan to interfere with one of the biggest decisions you have to face in your lifetime, nor will I let other people interfere with it. I am really keen on seeing how peerless is the man whom my daughter looks up to.” Qin Baifo revealed a relaxing smile.


“Daddy, are you making fun of me? I have yet to find anyone who appeals to me. When I find him, you will definitely be the first person whom I bring him to.” Qin qing blushed. She was like a little girl in front of Qin Baifo.

“Alright. By the way, Qing Shui is a really proper young man. In fact, he is one of the most outstanding men I have seen among his generation.” Qin Baifo smiled and proclaimed. He was testing his daughter’s reaction with every word he spoke.


“He is indeed a decent and outstanding man. Outstanding to the point where I feel that even I may not be able to match up to him.” Qin Qing said after a moment of thought.

Qin Baifo smiled upon hearing what she said. He stopped asking anything further. He already knew everything just from observing her. If nothing unexpected happened, he wouldn’t interfere with this matter. But since he was already aware of this, he would also be keen on observing it. He was satisfied with Qing Shui. There was nothing to complain about when he met him. With his experience in life, he was more or less able to see through a person’s personality.

“Throughout one’s life, it’s not easy to meet someone whom you like and at the same being liked by that someone.”

“I know, I am able to feel it.” Qin Qing nodded and said. She understood what he meant. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been single until now. She was a person who was very picky when it came to finding someone she loved.

She didn’t know why she was unable to accept Qing Shui. In the past, she had already thought within herself that she would never want to share the man she loved with other people. But now, she felt that it would be hard for her to do so. Without much thought, she was able to figure out that Qing Shui definitely had other women other than herself.

She didn’t know what to do. She was reluctant to give up, yet if she didn’t, she also wouldn’t feel right in her heart. She was in a state where she had no room to advance or to retreat. Though it was normal to experience something like this, she never thought that it would be related to such matters.

“Other things aren’t important. The most important thing is how he is as a person. Little brat, I don’t want you to make any decisions which you will regret. Think wisely.” Qin Baifo stopped talking, after seeing that the time was almost up. He had faith in his own daughter.

During the time when Qing Shui came out, he happened to run into Qin Qing. Qing Shui was still acting like his usual self and so was Qin Qing. She had managed to let loose a lot. She greeted him with a smile. After that, they walked together, shoulder to shoulder.

“Are you planning to go for the first round?” Qin Qing asked while walking. 

“Yes, what’s up? Are you worried for me?” Qing Shui smiled and said. 

“Yes, you were dragged into this because of me.” Qin Qing whispered.

Qing Shui rubbed his brows, “Seeing that I love you so much, is it really that hard for you to say something sweet to me?” 

Qin Qing was stunned. She couldn’t help but start babbling. She smiled and said, “Please do count for me how many people you love.”

Qing Shui was also stunned!

“Is something wrong?” Qin Qing asked in concern. She thought Qing Shui was mad.

“I am counting but my own hands are not enough. Can you lend me one of yours?” Qing Shui said seriously.

“You are nothing but a scoundrel!”

Qin Qing left after shouting out loud.

Seeing as she left grumpily, Qing Shui didn’t know how he was feeling deep down. He could feel that Qin Qing liked him, but the problem was that she was still reluctant to approve of him. 

Now, he had finally come to realize that she was just the same as Yan Qingyu. Love, in her eyes, wasn’t supposed to contain even the slightest hindrance. The only difference between them was that Qing Shui treated Yan Qingyu like his own sister. Hence, it was also better this way.

But Qin Qing was different. Qing Shui would give it his all to go after her. Though that might be the case, he also wouldn’t force their relationship by any means.

If you love a person, you must learn to let them go. Loving a person doesn’t necessarily mean that you must use all methods to get her. Qing Shui had his own policy. If this woman didn’t love him, it would be pointless to keep her. If she really did love him but was unable to be with him due to certain reasons, then he would put everything at stake just to solve the existing barrier between them.


The appointed location was at one of Qin King City’s biggest arenas. There was one located at the plaza. News about the Gu Clan and the Qin Royalty battling spread around the entire Qin King City like wildfire.

Though Qin King Manor might be a very reputable clan, they were also very humble. In comparison to them, Gu Clan was a more arrogant clan. In other people’s perspective, Qin King Manor was one of the branches of the royal clan.

“Do you mean that the royal clan will interfere with this matter?” 

“If the Qin Royalty was unable to solve tiny matters as these, it would be better if they were removed from the list of royal clans.”

“Do you mean that the Qin Royalty is stronger than the Gu Clan?”

“What I mean is that the royal clan will not interfere with this matter before the problem is solved.”


By now, the Sky Dome Plaza was already flooded with people. Martial arts was a really popular trend across the continent. Fists were used for reasoning. When an argument broke out, the fastest way to solve it was by a fight with martial arts.

Both Qing Shui and the people from the Qin Royalty were already at one of the resting spots which belonged to Qin King Manor. The Gu Clan came even earlier than Qin King Manor. Furthermore, a referee had also been assigned for the battle today. The referee was also a member of the royal clan. 

Qing Shui was able to detect something abnormal from the expressions of the people from the Qin King Manor. Qin Qing was standing right beside Qing Shui.  

“Qing`er, aren’t the royal clan and the Qin King Manor supposed to be close like brothers? Could it be that the Gu Clan has the royal clan supporting their back, and that’s why they were so bold as to challenge us?” Qing Shui asked with suspicion. 

“I have no idea. In actuality, Qin King Manor’s bloodline has gotten extremely distant from the royal clan’s. If not for the strength which Qin King Manor currently possesses, it’s very likely that we would not have any ties with the royal clan.” Qin Qing turned back and looked at Qing Shui. 

Her beautiful pupils looked really alluring. At this moment, Qing Shui trembled. He almost fell for her trap. Soul-takingly beautiful, it seemed that this was indeed true considering how some women were really able to achieve this state with their beauty. Ordinary men would never be able to withstand women like this.

“Could it be that the royal clan was planning to give up on Qin King Manor?” Qing Shui whispered.

“No, unless Qin King Manor suffers a total defeat this time. But in the short run, they still wouldn’t give up on Qin King Manor. It’s would only be that after some time, they would slowly start to forget about us.” Qin Qing smiled and said upon seeing Qing Shui’s distracted look from before.

An old man in brocade cloth walked up to the arena. He was one of the State Masters from the royal clan. He also possessed quite a honorable position. He briefly went through the rules.

Tag-team battle. This was the way two clans battled. Both sides would battle continuously until one side admitted defeat.

The old man was very straightforward. He announced the start of the battle as soon as he finished speaking.

“Qing`er, I am heading up now!” Qing Shui and Qin Qing were standing on a very secluded spot. In fact, both Qin King Manor and Gu Clan were both at a secluded spot. It was impossible for them to stay where the crowd was.

“Yes, be careful!”

“Aren’t you supposed to give me like, some sort of encouragement?” Qing Shui smiled and looked at her.

After hesitating for a while, Qin Qing extended her hand and grabbed Qing Shui’s hand. “I wish you the best of luck!”

Qing Shui held the tender hand tightly. Deep down, he felt really warm and touched, which words couldn’t describe. He was holding her hand really tightly as if he was really scared that she would disappear.

Qin Qing, too, felt conflicted in her mind. She had never felt as conflicted as she was now. She was reluctant to give up, but at the same time, she was also unable to make up her mind on it. For the first time, she who had always been firm, was feeling hesitant.

“I”ll just go with the flow. What’s the point in making yourself feel uneasy?” Qing Shui comforted her despite knowing that deep down, she was struggling.

Upon hearing Qing Shui mentioned the word go with the flow, Qin Qing felt touched. She revealed a faint smile on her face. “Thank you!”

While talking, Qin Qing slightly tightened her grip on Qing Shui’s hand.

By now, there was already a young man standing on the arena. He was a really young looking man. The man shouted loudly, “Qing Shui, come out now!”

This young man was none other than Gu Yelong.

Qing Shui let go of Qin Qing’s hands and his figure suddenly turned blurry. For a brief moment, Qin Qing felt an urge to pull him back.

Qing Shui smiled and looked at Gu Yelong in the arena. Gu Yelong on the other hand, looked extremely fierce. He couldn’t wait to tear Qing Shui apart and swallow him whole. It used to be that he was the only person who was aware of his own erectile problems due to unmentionable diseases.  Most of the people who knew about it died. But now, a lot of people were already aware of it. Thus, he found it necessary to kill Qing Shui. On their very first match, he already nominated Qing Shui to go up the arena.

“Actually, you can still pursue other things even if you are incapable. Even on your good days, you are at most only able to have sex once every few days. Even for that one time, you can only last for about fifteen minutes. Life isn’t all about that. You will still have to continue living. Go back!”

Qing Shui’s words were like salt being poured onto a wound.

“Die!” Gu Yelong never thought that he would bear hatred against someone to such an extent. 

But similarly, Qing Shui also found it hard to understand why a person like him, who had erectile problems, would want to go after Qin Qing. Until now, he was unable to figure out the reason for it. Could it be all because of his pride? Could he, only by doing so, find balance in his heart? Even if I was not capable, I would still want the most beautiful woman to be mine.

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