AST 1536 - The battle ended just like that? Gentle and Charming

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1536 - The Battle ended just like that? Gentle and Charming

Qing Shui had already prepared to bet everything, but at this moment, a light flashed in front of his eyes.


Qing Shui saw the old man formerly rushing towards him being sent flying in an extremely sorry state. It was only then when Qing Shui clearly saw the identity of the man that suddenly appeared before him.

Qin Baifo!

Qing Shui smiled. This man was truly very strong. At this moment, Qin Baifo presented an extremely calm attitude, but his gaze was on the old man that was knocked away by him.

“The face of the Gu Clan was completely thrown away. Did you think that my Qin King Manor has no one? Or did you not place anyone in your eyes? No matter how you want to play, I shall accompany you to the end.” Qin Baifo spoke. His voice wasn’t loud but everyone spectating below could hear it clearly.

As the sound of his voice faded, the voices of people down below instantly erupted.

“The Gu Clan is too arrogant. Isn’t that breaking the rules? They even dared to smack the face of the royal clan?”

“Qin Baifo’s strength is really terrifying. This man has always kept a low profile but when he erupted forth like today, he was like a fierce tiger. This young man definitely has something to do with Fairy Qing. Maybe he is her man.”

“Well, he has the strength to match up to Fairy Qing.”


“Qing Shui, you can leave first. I shall take care of things here.” Qin Baifo smiled.

Qing Shui nodded his head. He was heavily injured due to the side-effects of consuming the berserker blood pill, which were kicking in. Hence, Qing Shui got off the battle platform but he hadn’t left the area yet.

“Are your injuries serious?” Qin Qing came beside him, staring at his injuries with worries in her eyes.

“Upon seeing you, I feel that my injuries aren’t serious at all. Earlier, I thought that I would never be able to see you again in this lifetime. How scary that was. When that thought flashed through my mind, even my soul trembled.” Qing Shui gently smiled, staring at the worried but still flawless face of Qin Qing.

Qin Qing’s heart trembled. This man was not afraid of death but instead, was afraid of never seeing her again. She couldn’t be sure if what he spoke was the truth but she knew for sure that he was in love with her.

“You are so heavily injured, can’t you be more serious? Let me take a look at your wounds.” Qin Qing mumbled after some time.

“Let’s wait for Uncle Qin to finish the battle.”

Qin Qing, in fact, was also very worried about the battle on the platform. She only temporarily got that off her mind when she saw Qing Shui covered in blood. But, now that Qing Shui put it this way, in addition to her seeing him act like nothing was wrong, she nodded to his suggestion in agreement.

“Qin Baifo, you are no good soul either. Didn’t you also sneak attack me earlier?”

“Sneak attack you? You are not worthy. Don’t you feel your earlier actions were extremely shameless? An undying old freak like you actually uses such a method to sneak attack a junior. I’m ashamed of you.” Qin Baifo continued smacking the face of the Gu Clan, cursing them.

“So much nonsense. Show me that your strength is able to match the skill of your mouth!” The old man didn’t want Qin Baifo to continue talking. He directly lashed out at Qin Baifo.

Qin Baifo waved his hand. Qing Shui discovered that Qin Baifo’s battle techniques were similar to Qin Qing but the way he executed them was much more brilliant in comparison, as well as being superior in terms of power.

Nine Leaf Ripple Palm.

With Qin Baifo in the center, layers of ripples appeared in his surroundings, gushing towards the old man. These gentle and calm looking ripples suddenly exploded with extreme might upon meeting their target.

The old man was in the middle of rushing towards Qin Baifo, but the ripples spread across the air akin to a spider web, restricting the old man’s speed.

The old man’s speed greatly diminished and the movements of his hands and legs were restricted as well.



Spatial cracks then appeared around the old man and after the explosion, the spider web was destroyed in many places.

However, the old man was only slightly injured. Qin Baifo didn’t act with the intent to kill.

After 15 minutes, a person from the Gu Clan appeared in the air. “Stop. Our Gu Clan has been defeated.”

Qin Baifo was precisely waiting for this statement. It was impossible to completely eradicate the Gu Clan. Since this was the case, there was no longer a need to continue with this farce of a battle. The most important thing was that the Gu Clan had a backer. If not, he would already have beaten the Gu Clan out of this circle.

The old man who made that statement was one of the three strongest among the elders of the Gu Clan. One could say that the entire Gu Clan was controlled by them. Although the Qin Clan only had one such powerful old man and Qin Baifo himself, their potential was still higher than the Gu Clan because Qin Baifo was still considered young.

The Qin Clan and the Royal Clan had a very good relationship on the surface as both of them were surnamed Qin. However, if the Qin Clan wasn’t strong enough, everything would soon vanish.

Everything here was built on the basis of having enough strength.

The oldest amongst the elders was a very skinny man. He stood there, without exuding a whit of grandeur. His expression was gloomy, something close to disappointment when he saw how badly the junior generations of his clan had performed.

Qin Baifo didn’t say anything. He quietly stared at the old elder on the other end of the sky. This whole matter started because of the Gu Clan. They wanted to fight so they made a fight happen. Now they wanted to stop it just like that? How could there be such an easy thing in the world?

“This time around, it was the Gu Clan’s mistake. I represent the Gu Clan to apologize to this little brother.” The old elder stated, his tone was extremely cordial.

Although it was just a single statement, it was enough considering the status of this old elder. The old man didn’t apologize to the Qin King Manor but rather, it was to Qing Shui.

Qin Baifo didn’t press the old elder. The Gu Clan wasn’t really sincere in their apology either. In any case, it didn’t matter if they apologized because in fact, at their current level, both parties usually settled disputes by two ways. First, annihilating the other party completely or second, giving each other some face.

Hence, Qin Baifo decided on the second method. He politely spoke a few sentences and concluded the matter. Although Qing Shui was injured, the Gu Clan had many casualties. By now, Qing Shui had understood the terrifying strengths of the great clans and Qin Baifo - they were at the level of Peak False Gods. It seemed like it wasn’t going to be so easy to make a living here in the Haohan Continent.

“What? It ended just like this? How disappointing.”

“Shhhh... Talk softly. You’d best hope that the Gu Clan doesn’t annihilate your entire family.”

“After this battle, the Qin King Manor and that young man’s fame would surely shoot through the roof. Although the Gu Clan’s strength wouldn’t be affected too much, in the perspective of the continent, they were already considered a shade inferior to the Qin Clan. In the future, the disparity between the Gu and Qin Clans might be further and further apart.”

“If Fairy Qin really got together with this young man, wouldn’t the Qin King Manor enjoy a meteoric rise in the future?”

“Yeah, but it wouldn’t be a good thing if they rose too fast.”


The people from the royal clan didn’t appear. Qing Shui had no idea why neither. In any case, after the matter here had concluded, Qing Shui returned with Qin Qing back to the Qin King Manor.

Qing Shui was injured, so he excused himself first. Qin Qing went off together with him while the other important characters of the Qin King Manor gathered together to discuss crucial matters.

Qing Shui returned back to the pavilion Qin Qing stayed in. His now bloodstained shirt felt extremely uncomfortable. Qing Shui’s injuries were quite heavy as his body had been penetrated through.

“I’ll go handle my wound first.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Let me help you with it.” Qin Qing spoke as she looked at Qing Shui.

“It’s fine, I can do so myself.” Qing Shui replied after thinking for a little while.

“No. Let me help you. Should we wash the wound first?” Qin Qing insisted.

Qing Shui nodded as the two of them headed over to the bathing room. Qin Qing bit her lips and followed him in. After running the water, Qing Shui took off his upper shirt. There were two bloody holes that could be seen on his body.

The blood has already stopped flowing, but it would continue to spill out of the wound upon the slightest impact.

Qing Shui smiled as he stared at the helpless-looking Qin Qing. He knew that the Elder Miss of the Qin Clan had never dressed a wound for others before. Hence, she had no idea what to do next.

It was really difficult waiting on others. This was especially so for the first time.

Qin Qing was blushing. She took a towel and soaked it before helping Qing Shui wipe his body. It felt a little weird to be doing this for a guy, so Qin Qing decided to help Qing Shui wipe his back first.

Although this was Qin Qing’s ‘first’ time, she took things seriously and did it meticulously. This made Qing Shui have an indescribable warmth in his heart.

“Is it painful?” Qin Qing felt the atmosphere was a little weird because Qing Shui kept making light moaning sounds which caused her face to redden as her heartbeat quickened.

“Nope.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Then what are you moaning for?” Qin Qing breathily replied.

“It’s very comfortable and I can’t control myself. Ahh~!” Qing Shui moaned a little in an exaggerated manner.

“Rascal, you are angering me to death!” Qin Qing angrily slapped at Qing Shui’s wound, causing his moaning to turn into cries of misery.

However, she instantly regretted her action. “I’m sorry! Was it very painful?”

“It was so painful, I’m going to die!” Qing Shui brokenly replied. More blood started flowing out of his wounds.

“Who asked you to be so disgusting.”

“Little Qing Qing, aren’t you thinking too much into this?” Qing Shui was hiding some nefarious intentions as he turned over and smiled at Qin Qing.

“Do you still want another taste of it?” Qin Qing took the blood-soaked towel and washed it. She bent slightly to do so and her dazzling figure made Qing Shui feel a throbbing sensation. This was especially so when he saw how round the scenery was. Although she was clothed, that lovely outline caused him to be somewhat in a daze.

When Qin Qing finished washing the towel and turned back to Qing Shui, she instantly realized that he was looking at her. Her face blushed as she lowered her head. Seeing how shy she was made Qing Shui’s nether region throb even harder as it became erect to the extreme.

Although Qin Qing was still a virgin, she still had common sense. When she inclined her head, a blush as red as a setting sun could be seen on her face.

Qing Shui awkwardly coughed twice. “Let me do it myself.”

Qin Qing actually shook her head, contrary to Qing Shui’s expectations. After that, she helped him wipe his chest area. Qing Shui was stunned for a moment as he stared at her raven-black eyelashes that were trembling slightly. This shy look of hers gave her a sexiness that was indescribable.

Qing Shui was again dazed as he stared at Qin Qing’s face. Unknowingly, his hands were already around her waist, just as she was wiping his body. He basically had no more self-control.

However, the moment his hands came into contact with her soft skin, he instantly woke up. He felt Qin Qing trembling and he immediately released his hands. “I thought my self-control was still not too bad. But in front of you, I couldn’t control myself at all.”

Qing Shui smiled bitterly. However, Qin Qing laughed, “You must be having inappropriate thoughts. Stop finding excuses.”

Qing Shui then took out some medical powders. Qin Qing helped him bandage his wounds and this action inevitably looked as though she wanted to embrace Qing Shui. Qin Qing was truly magnanimous. Even when her chest accidentally came in contact with Qing Shui, she didn’t shrink away.

“Thank you!”

Qing Shui stared at this proud woman. Maybe it was because he helped her a lot before this, but he was still touched by the fact that she would do this for him. The main point was that he knew Qin Qing might really be fond of him in her heart!

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