AST 1540 - Battling The Poison Dragon

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1540 - Battling The Poison Dragon

Qin Qing looked at Qing Shui's appearance and couldn't help but poke at his head with her hand: "You're too excessive."

She also realized that this action was a little intimate and shook her head slightly. She knew she couldn't let her guard down as she had personally seen Qing Shui's skill at taking advantage of the situation to propose his requests. She could never live her own way.

Qing Shui scratched the back of his head, "Besides my mother and my women, no one else has ever touched my head."

"You have too many women!" Qin Qing smiled.

Qing Shui felt like he had jumped into a pit he had dug himself. Nothing was wrong with this, or else the noble Qin Qing wouldn't have taken the initiative to ask this question. Everything was good now.

Qing Shui nudged his nose awkwardly: "I don’t have that many!"

"Ha, ha, How come you feel embarrassed now?" Qin Qing smiled. She rarely saw this youngster's distressed expression, so it was only rational that she'd closely question him.

"I really don't understand it. Do you think a person's affection could be divided into separate parts?" Qing Shui said seriously.

"I feel it isn't possible. If you had to choose a single thing between two of your favorite things, eventually, one will rank higher than the other. Affection is one of the most selfish emotions. It's impossible to turn a blind eye, so how can it be separated into parts?" Qin Qing said calmly.

Through these words, Qing Shui already understood how Qin Qing thought, so he sighed helplessly: "Humans and things are different. I am very clear. I love them and am unwilling to give up on any of them."

"You're quite fickle. Alright, let's go look over there!" Qin Qing didn't nag about this question anymore. She had already completed her goal of expressing her way of thinking, but she could feel as if her heart had lost something.

"Sister Qing, can't you tell me what type of man you're hoping to be together with in the future? I will remember it in my heart to see if there's any further hope for me."

Qing Shui said while smiling. Actually, he held an extravagant hope in his heart. After all, Qin Qing had spoken those words before, so there still might be a chance, but today's words made him feel uncertain.

"Do you really want to listen?" Qin Qing looked at Qing Shui with a smile.

"Mhm." Qing Shui felt as if he was facing a deadly danger.

"I wish he would love only me." Qin Qing smiled at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was dazed. If it was his previous life, it was easy to fulfil this condition. If he had found such a remarkably beautiful woman in his earlier life, this condition was really nothing. It was precisely what a person would want.

But Qing Shui discovered that this was the most challenging condition. It was useless no matter how much effort he made as long as Qin Qing persisted on acting like this.

"Then Sister Qing needs to find a child to slowly nurture." Qing Shui thought a bit and said seriously.

"Damn you. Okay. Let's set out fast or else we won't have the chance to."

Qing Shui noticed that this part was a bit bigger than the rest of them, so he quickly set out to gather things. Even Qin Qing was a little astonished at his speed, because it was too fast.


By the time Qing Shui gathered half of them, an ear-splitting roar came from a distant place. Qing Shui didn't stop but instead increased the speed at which he was plundering.

"Alright. You're indeed a miser. Let's first deal with the Poison Dragon, and all these will be yours." Qin Qing laughed.

"I'm afraid that the fight will destroy this place." Qing Shui made the Dragon Slaying Beast go to hold it back for a while.

"I'll go take a look first then and help you delay it a bit." Qin Qing said and then flew towards the place where the roar came from.

Qing Shui laid down the things in his hand and followed behind, "I'm unwilling to let you take risks alone."

Qin Qing also didn't turn her head back, but her lips had nevertheless curled into a charming smile. She felt a peculiar feeling in her heart. She admitted that Qing Shui was the perfect man. The only thing which made her hesitate was that this man was the same as other men. Very. Perverted.

She knew this was a man's nature. A person with skill naturally wished to become stronger and desired to obtain good-looking women if he lay his eyes on them, as if he were conquering them. But she still had a dream in her heart which was for a man like Qing Shui to love her alone and her alone.

Another change was that when her mind was filled with his silhouette, she couldn't even tolerate thinking about any other man. At that time, she might not even mind if he also loved someone else other than her...

It was also for this reason that the lie she had spoken at that time might indeed become a reality.

When Qing Shui noticed the Poison Dragon, it was quite far away. It appeared to be like a black dragon, with black clouds and mist surrounding it. Hidden within the dense black fumes was that horse-like, incomparably giant pitch-black dragon.

Qing Shui was amazed. Out of all the dragons he had seen, this dragon was the best looking, with the figure of a genuine dragon. It didn't lack anything when compared to Qin Qing's Giant Azure Dragon, and perhaps even her dragon's bloodline hadn't reached such a high purity.

A loud dragon cry shook the entire place. Qing Shui was stunned by this scene.


The Dragon Slaying Beast seemed so tiny in front of this Poison Dragon, but its howls were apparently even more vicious. It seemed to become more vicious facing this giant Poison Dragon.


The Poison Dragon didn't seem to fear the Dragon Slaying Beast. Although 20% of its strength was being suppressed, the disparity between them was still vast. The Poison Dragon moved its terrifying body!


The Dragon Slaying Beast was sent flying. This made Qing Shui's heart tense up. He was terrified that the Dragon Slaying Beast would be hurt seriously, but he quickly understood that he had overthought. The Dragon Slaying Beast appeared in front of the Poison Dragon again, in perfect condition.

Qing Shui was still worried about the Poison Dragon's toxins all over its body. All of its attacks were poisonous in nature, and if someone without resistance to poison were to battle it, it'd be useless, even having superior strength.

Black Flamed Poisonous Ice!

The Poison Dragon suddenly shot a black venom towards the Dragon Slaying Beast to quickly trap it. Pitch black ice surrounded the Dragon Slaying Beast and then froze!

As soon as Qing Shui saw this, he waved his hand to send a flame towards the ice.

This flame was a combination of the Nine Yang Flames and Primordial Flames.

Qing Shui's flame dragon drilled its way inside.

Although the Dragon Slaying Beast couldn't free itself within the short term, along with the external help Qing Shui provided, it quickly escaped by exploding the ice.


The Dragon Slaying Beast came out from within and issued a dragon like howl, appearing angered, and then dashed towards the Poison Dragon once again, before being slapped away.

Qing Shui and Qin Qing had long ago brought their states to their top forms. Since he hadn't found any other demonic beasts, he needed to first make this Poison Dragon use up its energy and physical strength.

Nine Palace Laws!

Art of Pursuing!

Emperor's Qi!

Adding to the 20% suppression from the Dragon Slaying Beast, this Poison Dragon's speed had been reduced to almost half, and its strength had decreased by 40%.

The Poison Dragon sensed its strength drop and issued an angry howl.

Heavenly Talisman!

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui and Qin Qing began to disturb the Poison Dragon. The surroundings were already filled with black smoke. Luckily, both of them not only had the Poison Resistance Body but also had the Poison Avoidance Pearl.

The Heavenly Talisman didn't show any results. Qing Shui and Qin Qing exploited the Nine Continents Mountain, Nine Palace Laws, and Nine Palace Steps to evade with great difficulty.


The Poison Dragon faced towards the sky and issued a huge roar. Within its voice, a tint of a struggle could be felt. Immediately after that, Qing Shui felt the dragon's strength suddenly increase.

Rebelling Dragon Strength!

Qing Shui could sense that it hadn't escaped the suppression, but rather used a certain Heavenly Technique or a kind of innate battle skill which could promote its strength.

Yet, even if this was the case, it couldn't quite fully recover its original strength, but it did get pretty close. Qing Shui knew that this Poison Dragon was already nearing its end.


The giant Poison Dragon directly swept through using a Total Annihilation with unimaginable speed.

Qing Shui used his Taichi Arts to quickly throw Qin Qing out before he was sent flying by the Poison Dragon. Even if his body was quite robust, he still felt as if all the bones in his body had been broken.

But he knew they hadn't really broken down. His blood and qi billowed; what made Qing Shui feel baffled was that the Paragon Golden Armor hadn’t resisted it automatically. Only, there was no time to ponder. He could sense that this was just a normal attack. Although Qing Shui's strength wasn't that high, his ability to resist attacks was absolutely not weak.

Golden Battle Halberd!   

Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique, Phoenix Finger!

Qing Shui went up to face the gargantuan beast. Since the battle had begun, the Poison Dragon had now recovered a large part of its strength, so it was already impossible to hide.

Nature's Energy!

Qing Shui sent Nature Energy into the Golden Battle Halberd.


He finally landed a hit, but it was a pity that it only left a tiny scratch on top of the Poison Dragon's body. Qing Shui shook his head. At this time, Qin Qing nevertheless took out a snow white long sword in her hand.

This moonlight-like longsword was three feet and three inches long, slender, and seemed to possess a gentle immortal familial qi. Qing Shui now understood why Qin Qing had mentioned before that the Poison Dragon Pool had the Poison Dragon Flower. She must have made plans to come here long ago.

    Qing Shui decided to let the Dragon Slaying Beast follow Qin Qing. The Poison Dragon was also worried about the Dragon Slaying Beast. It had suffered from the Dragon Slaying Beast's sneak attack. If they fought directly, the Dragon Slaying Beast wouldn't be able to last, but if it kept using sneak attacks; even the Poison Dragon would have difficulty enduring them.

The longsword in Qin Qing's hand caused a beautiful white sword light to streak across.


A sharp and clear sound resounded out. Qing Shui was amazed to discover that the sword had left behind a wound on the Poison Dragon's body. Although that wound wasn't considered anything significant due to its large build, even a group of ants could bite an elephant to death. Even small injuries could become deadly. The most important point was that the wounds caused by this snow-white longsword wouldn't heal in the short term.

The Dragon Slaying Beast waited at Qin Qing's side to look for an opportunity to attack. Qin Qing's footwork was quite magical. Each step of hers seemed as if she was floating in the wind. Her steps didn't look sharp, but they nevertheless allowed her to evade the Poison Dragon's attacks just in time.

Together with the Dragon Slaying Beast providing support, even the Poison Dragon had no way out.

Qing Shui knew Qin Qing's forte was poison resistance, or else it wouldn’t be nearly enough to just rely on speed and cultivation. This was why Qing Shui felt anxious, because this Poison Dragon surely had a trump card it hadn't used yet.

Just as this thought appeared in his mind, he saw that the Poison Dragon's entire body seem to glisten and shine like a pretty black gem as it opened its mouth and spouted black clouds, which enveloped Qin Qing and the Dragon Slaying Beast.

Qing Shui was alarmed because he saw the Poison Dragon's giant tail rotate like a drill and move towards Qin Qing, who was inside the black clouds.

Nine Palace Steps, Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui directly used the Nine Continents Mountain and placed it to block the black clouds, and he blocked the path of the Poison Dragon. He had the Paragon Golden Armor so he selected the choice to resist the attack without any hesitation.


A golden light appeared on top of Qing Shui's body. The tremendous incoming power blasted him against the Nine Continents Mountain, which was knocked backwards towards Qin Qing and the Dragon Slaying Beast inside the black clouds.

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