AST 1543 - Blackfire Demon Ox, Titan Ox?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1543 - Blackfire Demon Ox, Titan Ox?

“Save it, if you were my enemy, I would have killed you a long time ago.” Qin Qing summoned back her weapons and snorted.

“Sister Qing, you are starting to become more and more feminine. You look so much better this way.” Qing Shui looked at Qin Qing’s slightly angered face and smiled.

Qin Qing was really upset. Qing Shui was the kind of man who wouldn’t bother even if oil or salt went inside him. Unless Qin Qing really got angry, she wouldn’t have any methods of dealing with him. She said in an upset tone, “If you are complaining about not having anything to do, why don’t you go and make some food?”

Qing Shui nodded. Qin Qing looked back at him and smiled as well. Deep down, she felt something unusual within her. It was the same as when two people lived together. This kind of emotion had made her feel a bit weird.

While looking at Qing Shui’s back, Qin Qing had an unusual feeling which couldn’t be described with words. She had never been this close to another man, both physically and mentally. She felt that she had already crossed her spiritual boundaries.

Qing Shui abruptly turned around only to see Qin Qing staring back at him blankly. He immediately showed his white teeth and smiled. At the moment when Qin Qing realized that he noticed her expression, she got a bit nervous and quickly withdrew her sight. Her face immediately blushed.

Qing Shui turned around and walked far into the distance. Deep down, he was happy. It seemed that, as it turned out, she did have some feelings for him.

As Qin Qing looked at Qing Shui’s figure as he left, Qin Qing felt happy.

Seeing that it was still quite early, Qing Shui decided to do his morning exercises. He wanted to familiarize with his techniques first before he improved his strength. After that, he started hunting for some animals in the surroundings. Along the way, he also picked up some vegetables.

He peeled off the skin of the vegetables and started washing them. Qing Shui managed to execute all of these really smoothly and there was even a sense of beauty when he performed these. Qin Qing, on the other hand, stood from the side and looked at Qing Shui. She wasn’t able to help Qing Shui when it came to things like these.

“Qing Shui, do you think that it’s better for a man or a woman to cook?” Qin Qing asked while eating the food which Qing Shui passed to her. 

“How do they relate?” Qing Shui said, bewildered by her question. 

“Across the continents, the majority of men think that cooking is a representation of a useless man.” Qin Qing said softly.

“Somehow, I think that people with these kinds of thoughts are the ones that are useless. Cooking is an activity which has a huge part in affecting a person’s state of mind. Cooking for the person you love, surprisingly, is an enjoyable thing to do.” Qing Shui smiled and looked at Qin Qing.

Upon hearing that, Qin Qing couldn’t really say anything back. She smiled, “You are indeed different from other people. Sometimes, you tend to just not care about what other people say and stay true to your own opinions. But I feel like some of the things you had said sound quite reasonable as well.”

“What do you mean ‘some of them sound reasonable’? All of the things which I had said are reasonable. Everyone is the same regardless of whether they are a male or a female. The only exception is if a person is able to give birth or not. Otherwise, there really is nothing to care so much about.”

“How vulgar!” Qin Qing screamed out loud. 

After having their meals, Qing Shui and Qin Qing started looking around the area. Other than a few medicinal pills which they managed to find, they didn’t really obtain anything. As Qin Qing decided to leave this place, Qing Shui thought about it and planned to stay here for a few more days.

“This is for you. You should increase your strength first.” Qing Shui passed one of his Nine Revolution Golden Pellet and Fortune Golden Pellet to her. Both of it might no longer be useful to him. 

For the enormous Green Dragon, Qin Qing wasn’t sure if it could still consume it. After all, the bloodline it possessed was a bit unusual. Thus, Qing Shui wanted to give it a try. In any case, there might still be some effects on the dragon. The only thing which they weren’t sure about was the extent to which the pills would affect it.

Qin Qing looked at the medicinal pills which Qing Shui gave her. It seemed like the effects which they brought upon were also really unbelievable. She was aware that Qing Shui was an alchemist and that he possessed fearsome medical expertise, but she never expected for him to be able to refine such formidable pills.

After looking at the medicine and hesitated for a while, Qin Qing decided to keep it. Somehow, she felt that she would never be able to pay off everything which she owed Qing Shui. Since she already knew that she couldn’t do it, she stopped thinking about paying off the debt.

Qing Shui didn’t read too much into it. He liked her and wanted to make her his woman. Though that might be the case, he wouldn’t force her to do it. If the feeling didn’t reciprocate, he wouldn’t try to force it, nor would he find himself able to do that.

In a flash, three days passed. Qing Shui didn’t have many things to do during the day. Basically, he would stroll around and examine the area. He wanted to see if there would be any useful things which he could collect from the surroundings. He even went so far as to run off to the bottom of the Spiritual Spring to have a look. Eventually, it paid off as he managed to find a Stone Snow Lotus in it.

Though the Stone Snow Lotus might be precious, it wasn’t really that rare. However, this Stone Snow Lotus which lived within the Spiritual Spring was a completely different story. It might not be as good as a Poison Dragon Flower, but it could still help extend one’s lifespan. So long as a person still had a breath left, the Stone Snow Lotus would be able to save him. From here, it could be seen just how precious the Stone Snow Lotus was. Half of the effect it had was also thanks to the Spiritual Spring. 

At night, Qing Shui entered the realm and started refining his pills. At the same time, he also continued to take in the Seven Yang Pills. Qing Shui’s strength was improving at a fast pace. He was really happy about it.

Qin Qing had also received significant boosts to her strength. The Yang Pills had a powerful effect on warriors with unique body types. Qin Qing was originally already at peak False God after using the Nine Revolution Golden Pellets. But thanks to the Yang Pill, she once again received a tremendous increase in her strength. 

Under the effect of Qing Shui’s medicinal pills, the enormous Green Dragon, just like the Hellfire Phoenix, received significant strength upgrades. Its bloodline had become purer as well. This made Qin Qing felt unusually happy. From Qing Shui’s view, it’s only now that the Green Dragon began to have the true dignified look which a Green Dragon was supposed to have.

Qin Qing didn’t know what medicinal pills Qing Shui was making with his Poison Dragon Flower, but she also wouldn’t ask him about it either. She trusted Qing Shui deeply, to the extent that even if Qing Shui said that the Yang Pills were refined from the Poison Dragon Flower, she would still believe it. Though this might sound a bit ridiculous, it was the truth. 

By the time the two once again appeared at the corner of the Poison Dragon Pool, the pool now looked more normal. The only assumption Qing Shui could come up with was that it was because he took away the Spiritual Spring, resulting in the spiritual qi around the area no longer feel as abundant as before.

They proceeded to leave the Poison Dragon Pool valley. Throughout these few days,     Qing Shui gained quite a lot from the Poison Dragon Pool. He didn’t know exactly what the good treasure which Qin Qing mentioned was. The Poison Dragon Pool itself was already considered to be quite a good thing, but it might still not be the best thing which awaited them. This made Qing Shui felt more and more excited. 

Qing Shui wondered if the disappearance of the Poisonous Dragon and the Poison Dragon Pool would cause species like the Poison Snakes to leave this place.

As they continued to move forward, they arrived at the internal part of Black Demon Mountain. Black mist could be seen circulating around the area. Qing Shui himself also didn’t know what Qin Qing was seeking, to merit bringing him to this place.

Blackfire Demon Ox!

After walking out of the Poison Dragon Pool, Qing Shui entered an area which seemed to be a wide grassland. Never would Qing Shui expect for this place to have a herd of Blackfire Demon Oxen. Upon seeing Qing Shui and Qin Qing, they immediately charged towards them. 

The Blackfire Demon Ox was no ordinary demonic beasts. They shot out poisonous black smoke and they had huge bodies that looked as black as ink. Their entire body resembled that of black diamonds; not only did they look sharp, they also contained poison. 

Nine Continents Mountain!

As Qing Shui swung his hand, an enormous Nine Continents Mountain flew past the air. Qing Shui was trying to test the strength of the Blackfire Demon Ox. Could it possibly be even more fearsome than the Poison Dragon?


Qing Shui looked at the Blackfire Demon Ox which got hit in shock. He was well aware of how strong the Nine Continents Mountain was

“Is this still an ox?” Qing Shui said in shock.

“These Blackfire Demon Oxen were also known as the descendants of the Titan Ox. Within their body flows the blood of the Ancient Divine Titan Ox, whose body was tough and sharp. Each of their attacks contained poison and they were proficient in black flame attacks. Similarly, the flame which they release also contains poison.” Qin Qing smiled and said. 

“Titan Ox?”

These Ancient Divine Barbaric Oxen reminded Qing Shui of a race from his previous incarnation, the Barbaric Ox race. The Barbaric Ox King was an extremely powerful being. As he thought about this, he smiled. On many occasions, these things tend to make people feel unbelievable. Qing Shui even felt like laughing because of it.

“This place seems to contain some of the things which the Ancient Divine Titan Ox left behind. Why don’t we go and examine the area? But do remember that you will have to stay cautious at all times. If another Divine Barbaric Ox were to appear again, I won’t know whether we would be as lucky or not.”

No wonder this place was just as good as the Poison Dragon Pool. The Ancient Divine Beasts were entities at almost the same level of existence as Phoenixes and Dragons. The Divine Barbaric Ox was precisely an example of a Divine Beast which was stronger than the majority of dragon species. It was almost an equal to the legendary Green and Gold dragons.

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