AST 1566 - Return to Linhai City, Effort will be paid off eventually

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1566 - Return to Linhai City, Effort Will Be Paid off Eventually

Qing Shui was still a little depressed, he had no way to maximise the power unleashed from the Golden Battle Halberd but he could already be considered somewhat satisfied right now. The Nine Continents Mountain when Qing Shui was using the Golden Battle Halberd, can achieve roughly about 3 billion sun in terms of attack power.

Right now, Qing Shui felt if even he just casually used the Nine Continents Mountain to smash around, there should be almost no one who could withstand his strength.

“Alright I will listen to you. I will not use them casually then.” Qing Shui smiled.

“You can listen to whoever you want to listen to. What has it got to do with me?” Muyun Qingge pouted lightly. When she glanced up at the sky, she realised half the day had already passed.

“Let’s go. Pack up and let’s be on our way!” Qing Shui already started to pack up his tent. He didn’t ask Muyun Qingge about how much her strength had increased. Honestly speaking, he didn’t have an intense desire to know.


Qing Shui didn’t hide anything, he directly used the Nine Continents steps, shocking Muyun Qingge once again. Qing Shui then gave a simple explanation.

“You have so many secrets on you. What else do you know?” Muyun Qingge smiled as she asked curiously.

“For women that are curious about me, it’s very easy to become my women. You better be prepared in your heart, the price to pay for your curiosity is very great.” Qing Shui joked.

Muyun Qingge’s expressions turned somewhat unnatural. She didn’t say anything and turned her head away slightly. The two of them mounted on Qing Shui’s Hellfire Phoenix and soared through the air.

“Are you angry?” Qing Shui saw that Muyun Qingge kept silent and couldn’t help but be concerned about that.

“Do I look like someone that’s so petty? I’m not angry.” Muyun Qingge replied.

“Yup, you do look like it. It’s said that women’s capacity for tolerance is very small. If not why do they eat so little during meals?”

Muyun Qingge knew Qing Shui was trying to make her laugh. She complied and smiled at Qing Shui, “Don’t worry, I’m alright.”

Qing Shui also smiled back, “Miss, why don’t you tell me more about the Sea King Palace. I’m really very curious. Didn’t you say that your Sea King Palace was in danger that time? I wonder if it’s convenient to tell me more about it.”

“There’s nothing inconvenient. There are a total of three Sea King Palaces underneath the Ice Ocean Domain but there are many powers attached to them. Right now, the other two Sea King Palaces wished to work together to devour our Sea King Palace.” Muyun Qingge used the word ‘our’ in her conversation.

Qing Shui stared at her. She sensed that she just said something she shouldn’t have said and hurriedly turned her head over. “The Sea King Palace of mine and Jiange’s has the best location and is also the wealthiest. If our enemy was only one of the other Sea King Palaces, we naturally wouldn’t be worried. But we would be done for if they joined hands.”

“If we rush there now, will we be able to make it?” Qing Shui asked in concern.

“I think we can fight them to a draw now as my strength has increased a lot. They shouldn’t be able to do anything to me.” Muyun Qingge’s tone still contained a little uncertainty.

“I guarantee that we will definitely be able to beat them. Trust me.” Qing Shui smiled. If he didn’t join and Muyun Qingge fought alone, there shouldn’t be any problems for her to restrict her opponents. But if he joins in, he was confident that he could guarantee her a victory.

However Qing Shui still didn’t know if being underwater would have any suppressive effects with regards to him and the demonic beasts. Hence, his heart was filled with a little trepidation.

Muyun Qingge smiled, “I believe you!”

Although she said it this way, she couldn’t help but not to trust his words. Now, she can only depend on her explosive increase in strength and try to end things fast while her opponents were still in shock. If things drag on, the situation wouldn’t be optimistic for them.

Ice Ocean Domain!

Qing Shui saw the Ice Ocean Domain. This time that he was back, he planned to return to Linhai City to take a look, yet he was also worried about the safety of Yiye Jiange. He hesitated, “Should we rush back to the Sea King Palace? Would Jiange be in any danger?”

“Don’t worry, even if the two of them joined forces, it won’t be so easy for them to devour us.” Muyun Qingge was filled with confidence when she said that.

“In that case, let us return to Linhai City today and proceed to the Sea King Palace tomorrow?” It was already around noon.

“Alright then!” Muyun Qingge knew that Qing Shui should have something important to do, hence she agreed with a smile.

The two of them directly returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. When Qing Shui returned, many people showed up there to greet him. After all, it has been a very long time since he came back.

Lan Linfeng, Ziche Sha, Xue Nuo, Yu Niang, Yin Tong, Ling Fei…

When they saw him, all of them felt extremely joyful. The relationship between Yin Tong, Lan Lingfeng and Qing Shui wasn’t something the passage of time could dilute. The three of them had a very close connection and were brothers although the same blood didn’t flow through their veins.

“You finally returned. Who is this beautiful miss?” Lan Lingfeng’s mouth twitched as he asked Qing Shui. But his eyes were on Muyun Qingge.

Ziche Sha instantly twisted his ear, “Have you stared at her enough?”

Qing Shui smiled and changed the subject, “Are you guys together already?”

Ziche Sha’s face turned red, she released her grip on Lan Lingfeng’s ears. Lan Lingfeng then smiled, “Damn it, you are still the same old Qing Shui.”

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, “When are you guys planning on getting married?”

“Some time early this year I suppose.” Lan Lingfeng happily stated.

Ziche Sha also turned quiet. This made Qing Shui a little puzzled, why would these two suddenly be together. Although he didn’t know the story, he still felt joy for them in his heart.

“Sister-in-law, who is this big sister?” Xue Nuo said and smiled.

“Her name is Muyun Qingge, and she is a friend of mine.” Qing Shui replied.

“Big sis is so pretty, she is as pretty as sister Jiange.” Xue Nuo praised, her eyes filled with a hint of envy.

“You are very pretty yourself too. Are you acquainted with Jiange?” Muyun Qingge smiled and said.

“Yes! Does big sister also know sister Jiange?” Xue Nuo asked in astonishment.

“I’m very good friends with her.”


Qing shui and Yin Tong punched each other on the shoulder, “Wow you have improved a lot.”

“But I still can’t even catch up to your tail. The disparity between us is too great.”

“I don’t have a tail, you and Lingfeng should spar more often!” Qing Shui smiled.

“Elder sister, how are you doing recently?” Qing Shui stared at Yu Niang and smiled. He stretched his hand and tousled the hair of her youngest girl who was standing beside him.

“I’m doing well. You must be more careful out there.” Yu Niang stared at Qing Shui. Qing Shui was her savior. Qing Shui treated her like an elder sister and she treated him like a younger brother. But even so, she still feel a heart of gratitude for him.

After awhile, Tian Yi also came by. He naturally was very happy when he saw Qing Shui. To him, Qing Shui was like a master, Qing Shui had given him a great help in terms of medical skills. They were like master and apprentice but something more similar to friends, they also addressed each other as brothers but in Tian Yi’s heart, it was filled with reverence for Qing Shui. 

Tian Yi has been teaching Yu Niang’s children. In the past, Tian Yi had a powerful background and status but he was now all alone. During this period of time, everyone could tell that there was something going on between Tian Yi and Yu Niang but no one said anything. They all knew that sparks would fly sooner or later if both of them have feelings for each other.

Yu Niang was still very pretty. Qing Shui helped her a lot, nourishing her skin and retaining her beauty. He even gave her a Xiantian Golden Pellet. Back then, the young master of the Se Clan wanted Yu Niang precisely because of her charm and beauty.

Qing Shui was very concerned about Yu Niang but he wouldn’t meddle in her matters. If she and Tian Yi could really be together, he would only be happy for them in his heart. Matters of the heart have no way to be forced.

He grew fonder and fonder of Yu Niang’s children day by day. When they are all together, it reminded him of the feeling of home.

After that, everyone enjoyed a meal together, During the meal, they learnt that Qing Shui would be leaving the first thing tomorrow. Although they were somewhat reluctant, they all knew that Qing Shui most likely have very important matters to settle. They could only remind him to be more cautious.

Qing Shui gave them all some very good items. This was especially for some special flasks of wine. This made them all very happy because all the wine Qing Shui given them in the past were all already consumed.

He also left them many medicinal pills, wanting to aid Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong for their cultivation. He didn’t forget to remind them that although raising their strength was important, consolidating their foundations is the most important thing.


This time, Qing Shui returned in a hurry. But when he saw that all was well, he rested his heart at ease. Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong are both rapidly rising in strength. In the future, the three of them would have to fight together.

The Lan Clan in Linhai City was still considered very large. Now that they had a marriage alliance with the Ziche Clan, their influence naturally grew vaster and vaster.

During the night, Qing Shui and the two of them drank wine at the rooftop. The silvery moonlight cascading downwards, caused the ground to look like it was covered by a blanket of snow. It was extremely beautiful.

“Lingfeng, I’m very curious. How did you end up with Miss Ziche?”

Lan Lingfeng awkwardly smiled. Yin Tong also laughed.

Qing Shui asked again and again before they finally told him what happened. So it was because after Lan Lingfeng’s strength increased greatly, he confessed to Ziche Sha once more. Ziche Sha only said a single sentence to him - defeat me and you can have me.

That battle...not only did Lan Lingfeng won, he had even accidentally knocked her down and clumsily fell down himself when trying to help her up. His two hands coincidentally pressed on her twin peaks and their lips also met...

Such a low-level mistake sounded very mystical. But because of that beginning, Ziche Sha slowly accepted him.

Lan Lingfeng only had Ziche Sha in his mind. This was something many in Linhai City knew about. Once, he even vowed that he wouldn’t marry anyone unless the eldest miss of the Ziche Clan got married first.

This vow could easily cause women to be touched. But the prerequisite was that Ziche Sha must have feelings for him too. Now after so long, Lan Lingfeng’s love was finally requited. Qing Shui only had blessings for them both.

“I say brother, do you and Miss Muyun have something to do? Do you need our help?” Lan Lingfeng poured wine for the three of them as he asked.

“You guys better cultivate more first. If you wish to help me, the best thing you can do is to increase your cultivation.” Qing Shui smiled and said half-jokingly.

Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong knew that Qing Shui wasn’t kidding. They could only smile helplessly, “In that case, you must be careful brother. We still need you to select a large banner.”

“Don’t worry, my life is very tough. I won’t die so easily.

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