AST 1579 - Kill, Victory, Plan

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1579 - Kill, Victory, Plan

It was definitely flying with grace, but it seemed like a dragon simply walking. Qing Shui had finally seen the genuine article or rather, the current scene gave him that kind of sensation.

The Golden Sea-Dragon Merman’s figure wasn’t that huge, but that body nevertheless felt overflowing with endless power. He wasn’t using the complete form of the Dragon Walking, but even the complete Dragon Walking of the Dragon tribesman Qing Shui had seen before couldn’t compare to this Golden Sea-Dragon Merman’s incomplete form.

Art of Pursuing!

Vajra Subdues Demons!

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant issued a strong debuff towards the Sea-Dragon Merman at this moment. It possessed enough defense but the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman it was encountering now possessed unusual strength.


The Dragon Slaying Beast used its most powerful battle skill against the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman, weakening 20% of the total strength of the Dragon Tribesmen. This was the innate skill of the Dragon Slaying Beast and was a battle skill that could neglect the target’s strength and couldn’t be countered.

Emperor’s Qi!

Qing Shui didn’t dare delay any longer and directly used the Emperor’s Qi. This made him relax his breath, while the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman rushing towards him felt as if his body was suddenly filled with metal…

Not only did his body become heavy, what made him panic was the uncontrollable feeling coming from the bottom of his heart. His body was already unable to keep up with the judgement of his spiritual sense and it seemed as if he had sunk into a quagmire. Each of his movements were slow and consumed a lot of energy.

This was the effect of Qing Shui’s Nine Palace Laws!

Qing Shui was currently using two Laws, but these Laws were more powerful compared to the past. They had now reached new boundaries. For example, the Gravity Law’s effect was quite terrifying and its weakening effect was even more so.

The Xuantian Seal and the Heavenly Talisman’s effects were quite clear, but Qing Shui didn’t bother about them. His Emperor’s Qi and the Art of Pursuing paired with the Dragon Slaying Beast’s weakening was already something the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman couldn’t endure

Thorn of Earth!

Qing Shui waved his hands towards the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman and a huge and sharp stone thorn appeared below him.  Of the five elements, Earth restrained Water. Qing Shui could use the Earth Wall, Earth Mountain, Earth Thorn and so from the Earth Element of the Five Elements Divine Refinement Technique. The Thorn of Earth was such an example.

The floating thorn which had a yellow halo suddenly rushed up and pierced into the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman’s body. It didn’t seem like it possessed much might, but each of the Five Elements was quite fierce. Water was the perfect example. There was no need to be afraid of a drop of water and also a bit of water, but a tsunami was quite awful. Earth was also the same. A piece of Earth wasn’t scary, but stone was also a form of Earth and so were Ores. The Earth condensed by Qing Shui using the Five Elements Divine Refinement Technique was sharper than the sharpest metal.


Things had happened very suddenly. Though the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman tried to evade, he was still pierced by it. A hole opened up in his hard skin and his strength had also fallen by a lot.

Qing Shui looked at the merman and waved the Golden Battle Halberd once again.

Five Elements Earth Dragon Drill!

This was created by Qing Shui, His Primordial Flames could use the Fire Dragon Drill and he used the Five Elements to create an Earth Dragon Drill. Using it once again, he operated the Nine Continents Mountain to block the escape path of the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman.

The Dragon Slaying Beast was blocking the front, so he didn’t dare to change the direction as the beast’s speed was quite quick. If he reversed and left his rear free to the Dragon Slaying Beast, he’d have a miserable end.


The Dragon Slaying Beast was sent flying by a slap from the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman’s huge claws. His body moved horizontally after that, because the Earth Dragon Drill was above him.



Although he had dodged more than half of it, he was still drilled into by the Earth Dragon Drill, causing a huge bloody hole to appear on his body. Golden coloured blood puffed out madly from it.

When under suppression, it’s common to often neglect the fact that the enemy also possessed some abilities. The injuries kept increasing. This was precisely the suppression of the Five Elements and was also the formidable aspect of the Five Elements Divine Refinement Technique. If one understood the enemy, then one could suppress him using the Five Elements. This in concert with the Weakening Formation would produce an inestimable ability.

Thorn of Earth!

Qing Shui kept using the Thorn of Earth to control the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman. Since his speed had dropped, he could only try to evade with great difficulty. The Thunderous Beast used this change to continuously use Thunderbolts, which further slowed the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman’s speed.

What Qing Shui didn’t realize was that this tactic was so effective because this Golden Sea-Dragon Merman belonged to the Dragon Tribe, and the Dragon Slaying Beast’s and the Emperor’s Qi’s weakening had a terrible effect on him.

Adding the Laws and the Five Elements Divine Refinement Technique into the fray, as well as Qing Shui’s current strength and the Phoenix Battle Intent, the Battle God Halo and Formations, it was not at all impossible to defeat the enemy. Qing Shui had knew he could win from the beginning.

Gold Water Imprint!

The Golden Sea-Dragon Merman was pierced by the Thorn of Earth once again, causing him to bellow. A water imprint appeared at this moment and it looked the same as the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman, just that it was made from water.

This was a pure water imprint and ripples flickered on top of it, distributing fatal vibrations just like a bomb from Qing Shui’s previous life. Brutal and devastating, the energy on top kept twisting continuously.

Thorn of Earth!

Qing Shui directly used a Thorn of Earth on this water imprint.

What amazed Qing Shui was that it passed right through it. The water imprint came together again, dashing towards Qing Shui with a quickening speed. This made Qing Shui feel that this imprint was similar to plaster and that it’d be inconvenient if it stuck onto him.

As Qing Shui was planning to deal with it, the water imprint suddenly changed into a gold color and enlarged in size, coming towards him while twisting.

Qing Shui felt troubled. Did he have to hide? This thing was water, it couldn’t be cut and it couldn’t be blocked. How was he supposed to resist it?

The Golden Water Imprint had already reached next to Qing Shui, so he attacked with the Golden Battle Halberd instinctively with the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm Imprint.

He had already cultivated it to the 8th wave and its might had become stronger than before. It was only that he hadn’t used it in a long time. He used it this time because he felt that this Golden Water Imprint was a bit demonic and the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm Imprint could suppress demonic things.

A gun was the king among a hundred soldiers, but a halberd was even more domineering than a gun. Qing Shui hadn’t expected that the Golden Battle Halberd would possess such might when the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm Imprint was used with it.

The Golden Battle Halberd sent out a huge image of itself possessing an intense Buddhist intent which was filled with solemn and unfathomable intent.


Loud sounds of explosions boiled the surrounding sea waters, almost making the water evaporate. The sea water would replenish and then evaporate again. This kept on repeating…

Qing Shui suddenly felt like something had touched his body and quickly invaded inside.

It was the Golden Water Imprint, a trace of it.

After it entered the veins, a water-like aura began to crazily wreak havoc inside. That brutal power seemed like it wanted to rip hisveins apart. Qing Shui had finally understood this Golden Water Imprint’s terrible aspect.

This was only a remnant trace of the Golden Water Imprint, but its destructive force was still atrocious. The Ying Yang Image inside Qing Shui’s body became illusionary as the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, his Titan Ox Strength, the Seven Coloured Pellet as well as the Paragon Vessel began to counteract this brutal energy.

The Golden Sea-Dragon Merman appeared a little weak after using the Golden Water Imprint, at least much weaker than before. He felt despair after seeing that Qing Shui wasn’t killed by the Golden Water Imprint.

Qing Shui looked at the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman with a smile on his face which appeared quite cold from the perspective of the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman, making his heart shiver.

“Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction. The Sea Dragon Palace and the Vicious Shark Palace have become excessively greedy. I don’t understand why you came to participate in this.” As Qing Shui said these words, the Thunderous Beast was continuously calling out Thunderbolts. 

“You unexpectedly have a Dragon Slaying Beast and also possess strange skills. My death today isn’t in vain. I never expected that I’d die like this, encountering an evil spawn unseen in 10,000 years.” The Golden Sea-Dragon Merman seemed to age as he said this. 

“Everyone has to take responsibility for his actions. You should’ve thought that such a day would arrive.”  Qing Shui said calmly. He knew that the Sea Dragon Palace and the Vicious Shark Palace were finished.

“Haha, I did think about it, but never expected that such a situation like today’s would happen.”

The following battle was without suspense. The Golden Sea-Dragon Merman returned to dust soon after, following after the Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King. The death of these two powerful existences dealt a significant blow to the army.

By the time the battle had ended, two hours had passed. The casualties of the Sea King’s Palace were over 10,000, but it was negligible when compared to the casualties of the Sea Dragon’s Palace and the Vicious Shark Palace. The Sea King’s Palace lost only a few experts and Muyun Qingge arranged for their burial, then went to placate each of the tribes.

Qing Shui, who was the main benefactor this time, was accompanying Yiye Jiange. He was helping her treat her injuries, and her injuries weren’t heavy. Once the final injury was treated, they nestled together. Although they had broken through the final layer of relationship between them, Qing Shui had endured for quite long and Yiye Jiange was a beginner to these matters. Both of them were now just like newlyweds.

Although this battle didn’t put a great pressure on Qing Shui, this kind of exercise after a battle was the best way to release the emotions in the heart.

The two of them intertwined till afternoon. Qing Shui looked at the bashful beauty in his embrace and felt satisfaction.

“Jiange, do you have any plans?” Qing Shui embraced her glossy body.

“Your sudden appearance has dissolved the present crisis so I don’t have any plans... you?” Yiye Jiange originally believed this time the Sea King’s Palace would get destroyed completely. If Qing Shui hadn’t appeared... the Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King and the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman were not warriors they could handle. Naturally, however, those two existences also might have not appeared if Qing Shui hadn’t appeared.


Qing Shui thought for a bit and said, “The most important thing for me was to find you and I’ve done that now.”

“Qing Shui, I obtained the Drakaina tribe’s inheritance. Qingge is like a sister to me and I am also a person of the Sea King’s Palace now. I like this place too. A grown up like me can’t always idle my time away by your side!” Yiye Jiange smiled.

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