AST 1586 - Hacked Two People, Shamefully Retreated

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1586 - Hacked Two People, Shamefully Retreated

No one changed their battle formations just because some of the Black Demon Mermen had joined the fight. The Hundred Slayers Regiment was like a sharp blade. A few False God cultivators in the squad did not partake in the fight but maintained the formation instead to hold the line. 

This was so that they could keep the overall situation under control. Once if they had the formation under control would the prowess of the formation be amplified and unleashed.

“Qing Shui, the strength of these hundred troops is more powerful than before.” Yiye Jiange said as she stood beside Qing Shui.

“Your strength has increased a lot too.” Qing Shui said, reflecting on her growth.

Yiye Jiange gave him a side glance. She was aware of what Qing Shui was talking about. Everyday for the past few days, both of them had sex. The miraculous ability of duo cultivation was able to boost both of their strengths, especially Yiye Jiange’s. She was able to reap a benefit much greater than that of Qing Shui.

When she thought of the scenery where both of them were passionately enamored together, Yiye Jiange’s heart beat quickly. A faint shade of red blush appeared on her cheeks as well. This man was quite rough on bed too. He had demanded too much of her.

In the beginning, Qing Shui was fine. As the time went by, Qing Shui would slowly allow her to change into different poses. But now, he would just immediately use a set of techniques and perform them one by one…

This resulted in Yiye Jiange feeling embarrassed and helpless. She liked this man and she couldn't resist the yearning looks in his eyes. Qing Shui loved the way her mesmerizing and voluptuous buttocks would tremble as she moved along with his rhythm. 

When Yiye Jiange saw the passion in Qing Shui’s eyes, she would at times look behind for signs of other people. Unable to hold herself back from pinching his waist, she said, “Do you want to die?”

Qing Shui smiled as he watched this little woman blushing from embarrassment, “You are really beautiful!”

Yiye Jiange lowered her head slightly to regain her composure. She was still quite happy deep inside her heart. Women would make themselves pretty for someone they loved. They always hoped that they would be the prettiest woman in front of their beloved man.

“Alright. I say... you two have been together all day and you still feel so coquettish for some reason.” Muyun Qingge smiled as she approached them.

Qing Shui laughed awkwardly, “Are there any movements from the Sunset Palace?”

Yiye Jiange, on the other hand, was smiling with a calm demeanor. There was nothing to be embarrassed about, since her relationship with Muyun Qingge had gone beyond that point. Both of them had even shared a lot personal conversation with each other.

“Not yet, but they will appear sooner of later. I heard that the Silver Battle Crab King tribe is coming this time.” Muyun Qingge was slightly worried when she mentioned the name.

The legacy of the Sunset Palace was much richer than the Sea King Palace’s. There weren't many water tribes that could be considered extremely powerful that were under the reign of the Sea King’s Palace. Even the previous Sea Dragon and Shark Wolf Palaces had only a handful of powerful warriors on their side. 

The Sunset Palace was different. They had an abundant number of powerful warriors. Moreover, some of them even had the bloodline of the ancient battle tribe. This was their dominant asset and a legacy passed down from their lineage. Only if their bloodline was preserved would they be able to pass down their legacies to the next generations.

Qing Shui had heard of the Silver Battle Crab King tribe before. This was an ancient mutated tribe. In the beginning, there were only Ancient Battle Crabs. Once their power had reached a certain level, they would turn into Black Iron Battle Crabs, and after that, Bronze Battle Crabs. This was actually easy to understand. It was just like the human tribe who evolved from being Xiantian to Martial King to Martial Saint. They were all the same.

Above the Silver kind, there were also Yellow Gold, Golden Jade, and so forth. The evolution was endless. 

However, each level had its respective kings, and these kings were evidently different than others. To become a king, one had to sacrifice a lot of things. For example, the Silver Battle Crab King could never become a Yellow Gold Battle Crab, but he would never be less proficient than an ordinary Yellow Gold Battle Crab. Moreover, he would always be the king to all Silver Battle Crabs until another Silver Battle Crab King appeared. 

Qing Shui was quite curious about this particular tribe. If he were a Silver Battle Crab, he would never choose to become a king. This was only his thoughts. Others would say that it was always better to become a chicken’s head than a phoenix’s tail. Even a small king was still considered a king, and it would have the aura of a king to their respective kind.

There were too many who strived for the position of the Silver Battle Crab King. This tribe was also a tribe with an enormous population. It would be difficult to increase the power of a cultivator as many had secluded themselves and continued to walk on the old path. Because of the endless realms, many had chosen to remain at their current form. This wasn’t necessary a bad thing. Each time a cultivator achieved a breakthrough, their future would become progressively more dangerous. Once they encountered a failure, their previous efforts would be wasted.

“Some of Chu Dongri’s brothers have moved.” Yiye Jiange reminded him when she saw Qing Shui deep in his thoughts.

“Let the leader of the Clam-men and the leader of the Yasha subdue them. Hundred Slayers Regiment, move out.”

Qing Shui was trying to train the Hundred Slayers Regiment, even at this moment. Otherwise, if he didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to break through his defense, let alone that of their enemies’. In fact, those who could break through Qing Shui’s defense were too scarce. He had truly become a real tireless diamond ever since he had obtained the Jade Kirin Dragon Vessel.

Even though the strength of the Sea King’s Palace wasn’t that powerful, the handful of experts they had called out were still easy to find. Chu Dongri and his other four comrades were powerful, but there were still a few False God cultivators among the Hundred Slayers Regiment too. Under the restraint of the formation technique and Five Elements, they had no chance of fighting at all.

The leader of the Clam-men had killed a middle-aged burly man. It was Qing Shui’s first time seeing the leader of the Yasha. Because of his gigantic body, he wouldn’t normally appear in any sort of normal banquets. However, he was still immensely powerful. 

The Yasha had an ugly appearance and most of the Yasha Tribe were quite hideous too, regardless the gender. However, there were exceptions. The royal family of the Yasha Tribe, Rakshasa, were rumored to be beautiful in both genders. Unfortunately, there weren’t any sightings of the Rakshasa in this area.

What had surprised Qing Shui was that the leader of the Clam-men and the leader of the Yasha were actually hidden experts in their respective tribes. Their battle capabilities was extraordinary and were effective against their enemies as well. Both of them had successfully restrained two of the Black Demon Mermen. They did not seek to kill their enemies but to hold them down instead.

The Hundred Slayers Regiment took the lead and aimed for the remaining three Black Demon Mermen.

An earthy air filled the sky!

Suddenly, the Earth element of the Five Elements formation by the Hundred Slayers Regiment shot out a gigantic roll of earthy air, which was aimed toward the opposing forces immediately.


A loud explosion ensued. The surrounding area was filled with sandstorms, causing the earth rocks to wreak havoc in the sky. The Hundred Slayers Regiment used the Earth element to build a dragon head. A Rock Dragon then quickly charged into the sky of earth rocks in an instant.

The Black Demon Mermon accepted the fight without much thought. While they had been suppressed by the Five Elements, the Hundred Slayers Regiment had received a boost to their attack and their defenses were greatly strengthened as well. Moreover, they were like fish in water as the sky was filled with boundless earth and rocks.

The giant Earth Rock Dragon Claw leapt toward one of the Black Demon Mermen and slashed his body. It opened its gigantic mouth and spit out another roll of earth rocks.

These were essentially the essence of earth rocks. As soon as the essence reached the exterior, it would turn into earth rocks, and would become bigger. The quality of these rocks was the purest of its kind. Once they entered one’s system through the mouth, nose, and eyes, the situation would become extremely dangerous. Those of weaker power would immediately explode upon impact.

Suddenly, a sharp earth-yellow colored arrow infused with a dense glow shot out from the Rock Dragon’s mouth. In a flash, the arrow pierced through a Black Demon Merman’s left eye, entering his brain before the arrow went out the other side. He died on the spot. 

This was the Five Elements Earth Essence Arrow!

This was the scenario of a False God cultivator using the formation to restrain the opposing force through a split-second kill. This was the weak overcoming the strong.

When Qing Shui saw this scenario, he laughed. The prowess of the Hundred Slayers Regiment had already taken a sharp form. They would eventually become stronger along with time. The Five Elements formation could virtually change into anything, be it an illusion attack, a combination attack, a convergence attack, and so forth. 

The previous defectors from the Sea King’s Palace who had seen the situation weren’t aware that that such thing existed in the Sea King’s Palace. Now that they had seen it, they were boiling with indignation. It should be known that their opponents were cultivators of the False God Expert Level. These were the strong ones from the Black Demon Merman tribe.

Right now, some people were beginning to find out what had exactly happened to the Black Scales Mermen. There was no need to hide this news to the public, so they allowed the others to pass this on. As a result, the Hundred Slayers Regiment instantaneously became famous.

Qing Shui wanted this kind of effect. Not only did the Sea King’s Palace have a protector in himself, tremendous support from the water tribe, and other mysterious forces, there were many other things that the opposition forces weren’t aware of.

Other than that, Muyun Qingge was from the Drakaina tribe, a tribe of peerless strength. No one really knew if they had a powerful force behind their backs either.

Qing Shui discreetly weakened the strength of Chu Dongri and his comrades, and during a critical moment at that. Because of his timing, another powerful Black Demon Merman died by the hands of a Yasha leader. Those who witnessed that scenario were beginning to palpitate with fear.

This was the loss of a High-Grade False God cultivator, not someone regarded as a chinese cabbage.

The Yasha tribe’s loyalty to the Sea King's Palace was undisputed. The Yasha tribe in this area were unpopular, which was true even in other areas as well. This was because the Yasha were just too ugly and horrifying. Moreover, they were savage and aggressive most of the time. However, there were some in the tribe who were able to distinguish between enmity and gratitude, and they were able to return kind favor as well. This was the only redeeming feature of the Yasha tribe. 

Muyun Qingge had taken in the Yasha tribe and she had even helped them defeat the Jadewater Clam-men, earning their favorable impression and loyalty.

Qing Shui intentionally helped the Yasha tribe this time because they were the least likely tribe to ever betray the Sea King’s palace.

Muyun Qingge looked at Qing Shui as if she was absorbed in her own thoughts. She felt that Qing Shui had made his move, but could not be certain of it. Some of Qing Shui’s weakening abilities could be locked in solely with his mind. There was no need to invoke them with specific movements.

When Chu Dongri saw two of his brothers killed in succession, he roared furiously. They had looked down on the Black Scales Mermen and Yasha, but now his men had actually died in the hands of the tribes he had despised.

The Black Demon Mermen had parts of the Black Demon Dragonfolk tribe in their bloodline, which was why in comparison to most of the water tribes, their status was considered more noble. They had always distinguished themselves based on their identity as nobles.

These rebel forces had mainly regarded the Black Demon Mermen with reverence. But now, when they saw the Black Demon Mermen losing harshly, their will to battle suddenly vanished in an instant.

Chu Dongri’s strength was powerful. While his people had disregarded the Sea King’s Palace, the strength of Qing Shui and the two women had received an enormous boost during that time. Chu Dongri’s power had already been exceeded, yet he and his people didn’t even know about it. They continued to treat the Sea King’s Palace as if the opposition force had no way to take them on.

The cruel reality made him regret everything. He wasn’t sure whether the Sea King’s Palace would be able to hold against the Sunset Palace, but he knew that he had become a sacrifice for this fight. If he had another choice from the beginning, he could at least be safe even before the destruction of the Sea King’s Palace had occurred. Based on his understanding, the Sea King’s Palace would not allow the Sunset Palace to torment their people first.

With their morale crippled, the Black Demon Mermen could not withstand the fight any longer. Chu Dongri had no choice but to shamefully retreat with his troops. He didn’t want to die, and he didn’t want his people to die either. Chu Dongri now understood that the Sunset Palace had allowed rebels like them to loathe and battle the Sea King’s Palace in the first place. If they were to sustain heavy losses with the Sea King’s Palace at the same time, it would be beneficial to the Sunset Palace.

He had already lost two brothers and he couldn’t fight anymore, so he chose to retreat to seek the Sunset Palace for aid.

During the moment when the Sea King’s Palace was pursuing them, one of the five brothers of the Black Demon Mermen was killed off while the remaining others fled in horror. Muyun Qingge did not allow her troops to pursue them any longer. Instead, she allowed them to rest up. If it was as she assumed, the Sunset Palace would soon show up to battle.

The Sunset Palace was obviously on another level compared to the Sea King’s Palace, or the Sea Dragon and the Vicious Shark Palaces. Some described it as the superior crushing the inferior. In fact, it was more appropriate for this sentence to describe a cultivator’s strength. Nearly 99% of the cultivators had the ability to suppress those of lower rank than them.




Note: Black demon mermen are sometimes known also as jiaos

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