AST 1592 The Blood of Demon King is Beyond Redemption, What Generates Love?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1592 - The Blood of the Demon King is beyond Redemption. What creates Love?

Qing Shui was reluctant to part as well but he was determined in not looking back at Yiye Jiange. He could feel her reluctant gaze burning onto his back and fought the urge to turn back out of fear that doing so would cause more grief for Yiye Jiange. 

Sometimes, you need to be decisive and unrestrained in your departure. Since she had chosen to stay in the Sea King’s Palace, Qing Shui wanted nothing else but for Yiye Jiange to feel at peace in her following days without him. That was why he had walked away in haste and didn’t show his attachment. 

    It was the correct choice for her and Qing Shui was pleased. He truly was. He had immense respect for his woman’s decision and of course, he had just as much desire to make her stay by his side but he knew that the probability of it happening was slim. 

Reaching the surface above the Ice Ocean Domain, he exhaled a long breath. It was the first time he had ever stayed underwater for this long. Even with his Paragon Water Shield, there was still a phobia of drowning. 

The atmosphere above Ice Ocean Domain was still gloomy and cold, and now greeting Qing Shui with the spectacular sight of snowflakes floating across the sky. It was a pity that being alone here brought a wave of sadness instead.

The appreciation of snow was dependant on one’s mood as well. With a good mood—for instance, if you had someone you adored watching them with you—a snow day would be beautiful. Now, however, Qing Shui was watching it dance across the sky with little excitement. 

Still, he was feeling alright on the grander scale of things. His trip to the Sea King’s Palace had increased his might drastically and he had even found Yiye Jiange. Hence, the thought of these accomplishments left him thinking that he ought to be happy about them, and with that, even the snow-clad domain began to look pleasing to his eyes. 

North country scene:

A hundred leagues locked in ice,

a thousand leagues of whirling snow… 

The mountains dance like silver snakes

and the highlands charge like wax-hued elephants… 

Qing Shui recalled a poem from his previous life, illustrating the scenery of a snow-covered land with grandeur. At the sight that embraced him right now, he could finally find a connection with the poem. The scenery, the domain, and even the atmosphere had far surpassed those from his previous life. 

Qing Shui strolled idly in the midst of this landscape of the Ice Ocean Domain. The snow would soon enough cover him to turn into the likes of a snowman, but this was deliberate on his part. The snow would not have been able to touch him otherwise.

When the skies had completely darkened, he used the Nine Continents Steps effect to leave in haste. In an instant, he left the snow-clad domain and traveled a great distance with just a single use of the skill. 

Linhai City!

Returning to Linhai City, Qing Shui’s state of mind shifted again. With age, one would have changes to their experience and ability. Even his heart had gone through continuous changes as well—this was the cultivation of the heart. 

The average person would have this as well. Changes to the state of mind could fill a person with charm, vigor, wisdom, and substance. Of course, this was an improvement to the state of mind—it was an experience that was accumulated and rich, and it was also an attitude. 

Watching the people around him, Linhai City suddenly felt small and a misfit for the people. The architecture around him was the same as before and the scenery here was decent too. Although it was cold, it wasn’t to the extent where it had become a flaw. Here was the picture of a bustling and flourishing scene.

Regardless of his previous life or now, he had loved such a setting. He had never personally witnessed those poverty-stricken images, or of the millions of refugees and neither of countless deaths. 

Perhaps many others would claim dislike too, but they were more concerned about themselves and their loved ones and displayed indifference towards those who had no relations with them. 

Qing Shui was different. Perhaps it was because of his overwhelming empathy, but even at the sight of those who had nothing to do with him, he would help if he could. If he could stop a massacre, he would. 

Qing Shui didn’t think himself as noble. The type of massacre he referred to was those that took away innocent lives of residents in conquered cities. However, if it was a fight between two unrelated religious sects, then he had no will to participate. He had witnessed his worth of such in the Nine Continents. 

The Imperial Cuisine Hall was still bustling and Qing Shui’s appearance spread like wildfire by the people within. Those in the Imperial Cuisine Hall had been made aware of his return, as well as many others within Linhai City. 

Lan Lingfeng, Yin Tong, Ling Fei, Ziche Sha, Yu Niang and the others approached him with glee. 

Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong gave Qing Shui a bear hug. Xue Nuo embraced Qing Shui as well and this time, Qing Shui carried her in their hug and spun her around. 

Qing Shui was honest. He regarded her as a sister, just like Qing Bei. Aware of this, Xue Nuo’s smile masked the trace of gloom hidden behind it.

She was extremely intelligent, sensing from gazes and gestures written in romantic novels. She could already tell that this man didn’t regard her as a woman he would love, and treated her much like the little girl next door. 

She wondered if perhaps she wasn’t pretty enough. She acknowledged she wasn’t as pretty as her elder sister but compared to Ling Fei and Ziche Sha, she wasn’t the least bit inferior. Turning towards Qing Shui, she spoke up. “Brother-in-law, have you found my sister?” 

“I did.” He grinned, stretching a hand out to ruffle her hair affectionately. This gesture wasn’t exclusive to Xue Nuo either, he had done it to Qing Bei, Luan Luan, and Yuchang as well. In fact, it was precisely why he ruffled her hair—to further reaffirm the notion that he only saw her as a sister.

“Don’t ruffle my hair, I’m an adult now. You’re not much older than me either. You’re not allowed to flaunt your age.” Xue Nuo retorted when she pulled his hand away, her heart filled with resignation. 

Feelings weren’t something that could be forced when one of the parties didn’t reciprocate. In fact, Yiye Jiange was also a reason her feelings remained as just a bud which hadn’t bloomed, and she would subconsciously restrain herself or even stifle the idea.


Her mood grew happier at the thought. She’ll just leave it up to fate. To be able to meet him this frequently and be able to act coquettishly in his presence, even hugging him, was a form of happiness in itself. Besides, nobody would gossip about it because she was his little sister. She’d be fine with just being his little sister. 

“Then why didn’t my sister return? Are you lying to me?” Xue Nuo eyed Qing Shui suspiciously. 

“What do I have to gain by lying to you? She has her own matters to attend to. The fact that I’ve found her puts my mind at ease. Now I can look for her whenever I miss her.” He chuckled. 

He swept his gaze towards the people around him. They were standing in line like it wasn’t a big deal. Lan Lingfeng laughed. “We’re blocking the way. Come on, let’s head in. I’ve already instructed them to prepare some dishes. Let’s have a good meal together. Oh right, you won’t leave in haste this time, will you?”

“That is, let’s spend a good amount of time together this time.” Yin Tong chimed in.

Ling Fei and Ziche Sha remained composed. After greeting Qing Shui, they stayed as listeners on the sidelines. Qing Shui, Yin Tong, and Lan Lingfeng were like brothers after the incident with their inheritances. Hence, he was in a pretty good relationship with the two women as well. 

Qing Shui and Ziche Sha had a bit of past but it was a good thing that nothing had happened between them. Ziche Sha had even found herself a partner and that fact pleased Qing Shui immensely. Otherwise, the brotherhood between him and Lan Lingfeng would have been a waste of effort. 

It goes without saying that Qing Shui hadn’t given up on her due to brotherhood—you can’t just let anyone have your woman. He didn’t give up Ziche Sha for him, and besides, she was an opinionated woman as well. Furthermore, Qing Shui’s women were his weakness. If he did develop feelings for anyone, then there was no way he would ever give them up to someone else. 

Qing Shui wasn’t the type of person who would want just any beautiful woman he laid his eyes on. He loved without discrimination but love came with responsibility, and his was already heavy enough. Even if he didn’t discriminate, he still had his own limits. Qing Shui was already at his breaking point. 

To add one more would increase his guilt, and he’d feel uneasy as a result. 

Since that was the case, Qing Shui might as well shut off his feelings to others. If there was anyone who could break down the walls, then he would let nature takes its course. This way, he would feel more at peace. 

Yu Niang’s four children were all healthy. The youngest girl was the most active and looked like a porcelain doll. She was only three, still at the stage where her memories were hazy, but she loved sticking with Qing Shui. 

Qing Shui took her in his arms when he sat down. He knew this had something to do with his aura—it was the work of his natural aura, and neither did he think he had some sort of unmatched affinity.

“Brother, I think you’ll have a pretty good career as a nanny.” Lan Lingfeng said with a faint smile. 

“Sure, send all your future children to me.” 

“You rascals. Spouting nonsense is truly your forte.” Ziche Sha retorted in haste.

Qing Shui and Lan Lingfeng merely snickered at her reaction. 

“Did anything happen in Linhai City while I was gone?” Qing Shui retrieved a bottle of good wine before Lan Lingfeng snatched it away and began pouring a cup for everyone. 

“If we’re talking about anything major, then there was only one thing.” Lan Lingfeng paused after pouring the wine, as though he’s trying to create suspense. 

No one rushed him, however, and even Qing Shui waited patiently, grabbing a piece of roasted meat for the little girl.

Lan Lingfeng shook his head, then continued. “A family of Demon King Inheritance appeared in the Ice Domain Dynasty.”


This time, Qing Shui frowned after Lan Lingfeng was done talking. The three of them had been successors of the Battle God Inheritance, along with Qin Qing. Till now, though, they had only met one person who had a Demon King Inheritance—Tantai Lingyan. That one of a kind, aloof woman who had a kind heart even though she was a successor of the Demon King Inheritance. 


During this period of time, Qing Shui gained a new level of confidence. Following the increase of his might, the demon attribute in him would increase as well. Once his personality began to change, a Demon King would eventually head towards another—that news left Qing Shui feeling unsettled. 

Now he was greeted with the information about another successor of the Demon King Inheritance, even a family of them. The appearance of the Battle God Inheritance successor had already indicated that successors of Demon King Inheritance would appear at some point. The conflict between the Battle God and the Demon God would continue as well and if it did, it would be on them to do it. 

“Do you think those people with Demon King Inheritance would be kind?” Qing Shui asked curiously. 

“Conscience. Everything boils down to conscience. However, it’s a pity that the might of the Demon King Inheritance would typically increase too rapidly that it would be hard even to retain your own conscience.” Ling Fei, who had remained quiet all this while, spoke up. 

“Along with the hatred in their heart, it’s just a matter of time before they’re lost in the blood of the Demon King. This is their instinct. Unless they have the heart of saints, they wouldn’t be able to avoid going on a rampage. Killing is the way of the Demon King, but there’s another way.” 

Qing Shui was intrigued. “What way?” 

“Love. Only love can change everything and everything has love. Even the wicked and evil or even beasts have feelings and so, only love can redeem them.” 

Qing Shui felt as though Ling Fei’s words had an element of Buddha… 

At the same time, it made him think of the saying: love comes from nowhere but lasts forever. It could force the living towards death, and the dead back to life for their beloved ones.

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