AST 1613 - A warm family, Constitution Nurture, Yun Yijian was the judge

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1613 - A warm family, Constitution Nurturing, Yun Yijian was the judge

Very quickly, Shi Qingzhuang’s body temperature rose. Though she might have been a bit indifferent to others before, she was someone’s wife and a mother now, having been through basically everything. Therefore, she went to give Qing Shui a passionate hug.

She was the first woman Qing Shui had met in this world. Hence, no matter how plain their life might be, Qing Shui still had very deep feelings for her. The things that had happened between the two of them were all imprinted deeply within his mind. Thinking back to those times now felt as if everything just happened yesterday.

Qing Shui kissed her slightly cold lips as his hand slowly crawled into her pajamas and grabbed her bulging breasts. They were warm and smooth. They were also very plump and surprisingly spongy.

Very quickly, the alluring and bewitching sound of an orgasm rang. This went on for quite a while and by the time the room became quiet, the sky outside was already bright. The rest of Qing Shui’s women knew what he was doing. Hence, none of them bothered him.

However, Qing Shui and Shi Qingzhuang came out quite early. The people from the Qing Clan didn’t have their breakfast together. Everyone had only gathered together to attend the reunion dinner last night. After that, they each headed back to their respective homes.

Qing Shui’s branch was one of the liveliest. A few of his slightly older children worked together to prepare food for themselves. In actuality, cooking was also considered to be an ability. Hence, Qing Shui gave his children knowledge regarding food as they approached adulthood. Furthermore, he also taught them how to prepare some of the dishes. 

Deep down, his women understood well what went on last night. It had just been a night since they had last met, and Shi Qingzhuang looked slightly brighter and more brilliant. It was quite easy to figure out with the flirtatious expression across her face. Despite having knowledge of what happened, no one mentioned anything about it. The only thing which came into their minds was how good their husband was at having sex. It was obvious that one woman wouldn’t be enough to satisfy him. 

Qing Shui looked at his wives and revealed a satisfied smile. The things which Qing Shui were most proud of were not his strength nor appearance, but rather his women and children. 


In the morning, Qing Shui went to the backyard only to find that his children were also there. It was mainly due to the challenge this time. Luan Luan, Changfeng, Qing Zun, Qing Yin and Qing Ming were all present. They were the candidates chosen to take part in the battle. As for Qing Yan, she might possess decent strength, but Qing Shui felt that she was not yet ready for battles. In fact, she despised them.

“Daddy!” Luan Luan shouted out in joy when she saw Qing Shui.



The others also greeted Qing Shui happily. Qing Shui tapped on the shoulders of a few of his brats and extended his arms to gently pull his daughters’ noses before saying with a smile, “Today, I am going to help you guys by performing Constitution Nurturing on you.”

Luan Luan’s strength was too fearsome. Luckily, she possessed a unique physique. Qing Shui remembered teaching her the Divine Beast Possession, but he didn’t know to what extent she had cultivated it. What form would her Divine Beast take?

This was just something in the past. Qing Shui first helped them by performing Constitution Nurturing to power up their foundations. This was the most appropriate moment to stabilize their foundation strength. By doing so, it could help increase one’s cultivation within an appropriate range. As to how much it would help increase, this would depend on the talent which the individual warrior possessed. Even if it didn’t manage to increase one’s cultivation level, the person who went through it would still benefit a lot. It was just like a pavilion; regardless of how many floors it had, strengthening its foundation would mean strengthening its base. Its importance was obvious, since strengthening the foundation could immediately help decide the overall height of the pavilion. The same also applied to a person’s cultivation. 

To put it another way, this could be considered as increasing one’s talent. Basically, Luan Luan didn’t improve her strength. The Constitution Nurturing this time only stabilized her foundation even further. Not only would stabilizing a person’s foundation help with reaching higher levels of cultivation, it would also improve fighting ability. The overall quality of their bodies would improve, just like how the base of a building was strengthened. The building might not be tall, but strengthening its base could help it resist against destructive powers like earthquakes or other forces of nature. 

Qing Ming was the last person who Qing Shui performed Constitution Nurturing on. Furthermore, as he did so, he also helped condense the energy within his son’s body. The Dark Emperor’s Qi shared some similarities with Qing Shui’s Emperor’s Qi. Once it was formed, it would be a very dominant force and would no undergo any further changes. 

Qing Shui thought to himself that in the future, if he and his son were to work together, they would turn out to be a terrifying duo. He himself was capable of weakening his enemies by 20%. If his son was to boost his allies’ strength by another 20%, even without including Qing Shui’s formations and Battle God’s Halo, they would definitely display fearsome strength. This didn’t even include the buffs of his Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and Vajra Subdues Demons. 

The Constitution Nurturing significantly increased Qing Ming’s strength. It improved by more than three times. Qing Ming possessed one of the most complicated foundations. For Qing Ming and Qing Zun, they would only experience the greatest improvement in strength at this time. When they reached a certain level, Constitution Nurturing would only help them strengthen their base and not their strength.

Anyone would understand that strengthening foundations was much better than directly increasing strength. 

Both Qing Zun and Qing Yin experienced an increase in strength by two times. As for Qing Ming, it was also three times for him. Furthermore, he also obtained the dominant Dark Emperor’s Qi. He had already surpassed the majority of people when he first began his cultivation. He also cultivated the Nine Palace Steps and took the Assassin Path. Now, Qing Shui had even taught them the Phoenix Finger. 

The path which Qing Ming was taking was precisely the path which Qing Shui once took in those years. Qing Ming had managed to cultivate the basic sword techniques to a very powerful level. In terms of basic martial arts, all of Qing Shui’s children had managed to practice every single one of them. Qing Shui was well aware that basic martial arts was a base. In other words, they were a foundation to aid in more advanced level of techniques to come. Once they were adapted to them, they would be able to change even the most rotten thing in the world into something magical. 

Qing Shui was a good example. The basic sword techniques which he executed certainly looked dazzling and caught people’s attention. Battle techniques might be very important, but without the Heavenly Dao and an appropriate realm, even the strongest Heavenly Technique would be trash. 

Changfeng’s cultivation was also quite decent. He was a simple and honest person. He had a good base and endurance, so he was suited for prolonged battles. Knowing that, Qing Shui taught him the Elephant Step a long time ago. Back then, this was what Qing Zi chose when she let Qing Shui educate his own child. 

The Elephant Step wasn’t considered a brilliant step but from Qing Shui’s perspective, there wasn’t such thing as good or bad techniques, there was only questions of suitability. If it suited the user, no matter how low-leveled it might be, the user would still be able to achieve perfection with it. Of course, a majority of them would have their own limitations. However, with enough talent, one would still be able to break through it. There was once a person who cultivated one of the most useless battle techniques into a Heavenly Technique. It was a Heavenly Technique unique to himself. In other words, he managed to display the effect of a Heavenly Technique with one of the most useless battle techniques.

The technique Changfeng cultivated was Qing Shui’s Bear Step, which consisted mainly of Bear Palms. Bears contained sufficient endurance and strength. It was just that Qing Shui let Changfeng combine his Nine Palace Steps with the Bear Step. The Bear Dazzle as well as Bear Clash were all battle techniques with great wounding prowess.

Half a day passed just like this. Qing Shui had gained quite a lot from today. After all, he managed to increase their strength a few times, which was already quite a formidable feat. It wasn’t just because of the clash against the Nalan Clan that Qing Shui decided to boost their strength. Even if everything had been alright, Qing Shui had still planned on doing it. 

The increase in strength caused Qing Zun and the others to be overjoyed. Qing Shui only performed Constitution Nurturing to help the children today. A few days later, he do the same to help the others. 

Given that he had just performed Constitution Nurturing on them, they would need time to stabilize and adapt to their newfound power. Hence, Qing Shui decided to leave the backyard. While walking, he began thinking about the Demon Lord Palace, which was located at the meeting point of the three continents.

He couldn’t help but wonder if Tantai Lingyan was still in the Demon Lord Palace. But for the time being, he was unable to depart toward the Demon Lord Palace. He figured he should wait. In a month’s time, he should have time to pay that place a visit. 

As soon as Tantai Lingyan came into his mind, Qing Shui felt a strong urge to go and pay the Demon Lord Palace a visit immediately. Prior to this, he had heard news about the Demon Lord Palace. From it, he found out that the Demon Lord Palace had been very quiet recently. His father was also aware about it. The Demon Lord Palace and the Great Yan Dynasty, the dynasty which his father was in, had formed an alliance. There was also the Great Sun Dynasty and more. Hence, they possessed very dominant positions across quite a huge part of the area they resided in. 

The Nalan Clan must have known about all of these. But seeing that they were able to force the Phoenix Dance Organization to disband, it wasn’t surprising that they didn’t fear the Great Yan Dynasty. But now, from Qing Shui’s view, the Phoenix Dance Organization was also a fragile existence. After all, compared to before, his strength had already increased significantly.

Qing Shui felt a lot safer knowing that there was absolutely nothing he feared under the level of Heavenly Dao. 

Very quickly, the day of the battle arrived. This time, it was only the younger generations from both clans who were battling. News had managed to spread out swiftly and by now, everyone knew about it. Since the Qing Clan wasn’t spreading the news, it would have been none other than the Nalan Clan behind it. It seemed that the Nalan Clan had great faith in the younger generations of their clan.

Qing Shui felt confident everytime he thought about his children. It seemed that every parent or senior would tend to have lots of faith in the young generations. 

Basically, everyone from the Qing Clan was attending. The arena was one of the biggest ones around the area. It was located at a huge plaza. The plaza was already crowded. There were a few specified areas assigned for the aristocratic clans. As for the Qing Clan and the Nalan Clan, they each possessed their own specific pavilions. They could sit there and watch the matches from the window. 

The people who enjoyed this kind of treatment included the Nalan Clan, the Yun Yang and a minority of formidable forces as well as clans. This was provided, of course, only if they cared to show up.

“The Qing Clan is here!”

The Qing Clan had quite a decent amount of people in their clan. Each and everyone of them were outstanding: beautiful girls and handsome boys. Their arrival attracted quite a lot of people’s attention. Most importantly, the Qing Clan had a great influence on  the Imperial Cuisine Hall as well, it being Qing Shui’s business.

A lot of people had been blessed by the Qing Clan in the past. Hence, with something like this happening today, a lot of people hoped that the younger generations of the Qing Clan would be able to beat the Nalan Clan. This was quite ordinary. In any case, they had all been benefited in certain ways by associating with Qing Clan. It would only benefit them if the Qing Clan was powerful. At the very least, they would receive more benefits than if the Nalan Clan was the more powerful one. 

There was a referee for the match this time. To everyone’s surprise, the referee was Yun Yijian…

Qing Shui was obviously stunned when he saw Yun Yijian above himself. It seemed that the Nalan Clan shared quite a decent relationship with Yun Yang. Qing Shui remembered some of the times when he came across Yun Yang. Also, how was Tianhe Renmo doing? After a moment of thought, Qing Shui realized that somehow, he still managed to make a few friends. Tianhe Renmo was definitely considered one of them. As for Yun Yijian, he had always felt that the relationship they shared had been too realistic. 

In actuality, it wasn’t wrong to be realistic towards each other. As a matter of fact, it was quite an ordinary thing to do. It was just that Qing Shui felt that despite being realistic, it shouldn’t be done in such an obvious way. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Hopefully, Yun Yang had good eyes and was able to make good judgements for himself. 

Yun Yijian looked at Qing Shui and revealed a forced smile. After that, she said, “I don’t have a choice. Today, let me be your referee and go through with you about the rules of the match.”

Yun Yijian didn’t speak too much. It was unknown if this had to do with Qing Shui or other factors which had led to this. There was once a time when Qing Shui used to be very close to Yun Yijian. Since he didn’t make it back as a friend, he should make it up for her.

It wasn’t anything major. This made Qing Shui start to wonder if he was being too sensitive. In any case, he was back. It’s better to rely on himself than rely on anyone else. Thinking up to this point, he revealed an indifferent look on his face.

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