AST 1616 - The showdown between the younger generations of Qing Clan and Nalan Clan(3)

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1616 - The showdown between the younger generations of Qing Clan and Nalan Clan(3)

Qing Ming didn’t have any Hidden Weapons in his hand. Every two times he attacked his opponent, he would toss out a Hidden Weapon. It’s just that every time he did it, he was trying to scare his opponent only. Nalan Jian was very cautious. He tried to avoid him almost every time. Qing Ming on the other hand, would take the opportunity when he dodged to try and land two hits. He managed to make his opponent feel nervous, though it was just a little.

“Hidden Weapon!”

Qing Ming constantly tried to annoy him. This time, Nalan Jian seemed to be unaffected by it. Qing Ming retreated and once again took up his hand, “Hidden Weapon!”

This time, Nalan Jian dodged swiftly. But like before, there was nothing. Nalan Jian was furious. Fighting like that was like playing monkey in a circus. Every time his opponent lifted his arm, he would have to dodge it. It’s as if he was trying to run away. But every time he did it, nothing came up. If there was at least once when Qing Ming unleashed it, at least people would think that he was trying to be cautious. But yet, nothing came up, this only came to make people think that he was being played.

Qing Ming’s smile looked cold. He looked as if he was disdained with Nalan Jian. Nalan Jian was enraged. Even if there was really a Hidden Weapon, it’s not that he was not confident he would block it. He was just trying to be cautious. But at the end of the day, he was still young, once blood started rushing through his head, he immediately charged towards Qing Ming.

Qing Ming smiled and took a step backward. Once again, he lifted up his hand, “Hidden Weapon!”

Qing Ming retreated in a skillful way. While retreating, he constantly had his hand lifted up, “ Hidden Weapon!”

Hidden Weapon!

Hidden Weapon! Hidden Weapon…… Hidden Weapon!”

At the moment when Nalan Jian was about a meter away from Qing Ming, he felt numbness across his neck. It felt as if he got bitten by a mosquito. A needle as thin as a bull’s hair could be seen on his neck. Qing Ming took this opportunity to slap Nalan Jian with his dagger out of the arena.

Nalan Jian’s body was feeling numb. He needed time to activate his Light Saber. It wasn’t a technique which he could use whenever he wanted to. Qing Ming aimed for his face with his attack and injured him to the point he spouted out a mouthful of blood. He even lost half of his teeth from the attack.

Qing Shui smiled. Somehow, Qing Ming’s personality was a bit similar to his own. Qing Ming was already holding a grudge ever since he saw Qing Zun getting injured. Regardless of what kind of battle technique the Secret Art of Light Saber was, if you were allowed to use it, I would naturally be allowed to use poisons and Hidden Weapon.

“That’s nicely done! I knew all along that brat from Nalan Clan was a good for nothing. To think that he would temporarily blind his opponents with light. Even I myself almost got blinded by that light.”

“That brat from Qing Clan is also quite evil. It’s as the saying goes, there is a rock to every scissors.”

“That’s true. How the two clans are going to fight each other have nothing to do with us.”

“That being the case, Qing Clan is still quite a friendly clan. Have you ever seen people from Qing Clan oppressing other people and taking unfair advantage of the weak before? Also, I am going to assume that you know that the Imperial Cuisine Hall belongs to Qing Clan. Need I inform you about how Imperial Cuisine Hall is doing?”

“Exactly. I personally know the old man from Qing Clan. He would always have teatime together with my grandfather. He is a really great man. There are a lot of people here who has received blessings from Qing Clan before. There was a granny from my neighbour’s home who was sick but didn’t have any money to see a doctor. When Imperial Cuisine Hall was made aware of that, they cured her without charging any fees. They even managed to find jobs for her children. Now, their whole family is living a great life and don’t have to worry about basic clothes and food.”


This was indeed the case. Though Qing Ming might seem evil, no one had ever seen him bullying others. Even if he was to do it, he would only do it to some of the spoiled brats from aristocratic clan. He only targeted the princes and young masters who bullied others by relying on their clan’s background. Through his actions, external forces started gathering towards Qing Clan without himself noticing.

Actually, Qing Clan had a considerably good reputation around this area. One of the major reasons for it was due to the existence of Imperial Cuisine Hall. Other than that, Qing Clan would also from time to time, support the old men without sons or daughters. Qing Clan didn’t lack in money, Qing Shui has always strongly believed in the quote “What comes around, goes around”.

The people around the arena was discussing very loudly. Naturally, Nalan Clan was able to hear it. This caused them to feel a bit upset. They were aware that Qing Clan had only been here for a very short while, but now, it seemed like they shared good relationships with the commoners as well as some of the aristocratic clans here. If they were to be here even longer, they would achieve much more.

Qing Ming was calmly standing on the arena. It’s was if he never used any powerful battle techniques. What he was doing was dealing with his opponents the same way as they dealt with him. Furthermore, he made Nalan Clan feel a bit stupid throughout the whole process. After all, it’s similar to when a person was in a situation where they dodged and faced the attacks at appropriate times.

This time, it didn’t take long before another young man from Nalan Clan came up onto the stage. For the time being, everyone was thinking that this might be the end for Nalan Clan. Within such a short period of time, they have already switched a number of junior participants.

This was a young man with a more plain look. He was expressionless and seemed to be wearing ordinary outfits. In his hand, he held a bamboo sword. Overall, he gave the people an impression that he was an extraordinary person.

Qing Shui was stunned upon seeing the young man. He was a warrior with decent talent. Unfortunately, he didn’t learn the right techniques. He was just like an unpolished gem. The only unfortunate thing was that no one from Nalan Clan was capable of carving him.

His name was Nalan Ping. He was the illegitimate son of Nalan Zhenghong who was one of the three brothers of Nalan Clan’s Clan’s head. Though he might not possess any status in Nalan Clan, he lived his life very plain. Since young, he never intended to compete with others in anything. He also wore the most ordinary clothes. Despite that, he possessed decent strength. Maybe it was due to this that he managed to still stay in Nalan Clan.

His name was Nalan Ping. His name represented his desire to live a plain life. His mother was a subordinate. When this kind of things happened, he already got kicked out by Nalan Zhenghong’s eldest wife. Nalan Ping found his mother a shelter outside. Luckily, Nalan Clan didn’t continue to put pressure on them. Nalan Ping was still young, hence, he could only stay in Nalan Clan to ensure that he got his money. His mother would still need them for a living.

He was expressionless, so much so that for some days, he wouldn’t even speak once. He was considered a weird person in Nalan Clan, yet he possessed great strength. Beside, he was Nalan Zhenghong’s only son, no one would want to pick on him. Even an illegitimate son would still be considered as his own child.

Nalan Zhenghong wasn’t the clan’s head. But he had a considerably high status in Nalan Clan.

Qing Shui never expected to receive so much news from merely asking Nalan Ping questions. It seemed that his understanding towards Nalan Clan was quite vague.

The two didn’t say anything. Qing Ming immediately charged his way towards Nalan Ping. The reason being that he knew if he didn’t make any move, Nalan Ping wouldn’t act.

As soon as both sides started fighting, Qing Shui noticed that the brat from Nalan Clan was quite talented. To think that he managed to learn strategy without guidance from a master.

The skill to be on the passive and counter opponents wasn’t an easy thing to learn. Even Qing Shui didn’t teach the younger generations strategy in battle. The reason being that this was related to one’s personality. For now, Qing Yin was the only person who just started learning it.

Qing Shui had only taught them how to leverage the power across their body, the art of energy diversion and also their body motions. These strategies would still be very useful. As for the ability to strike only after the opponent has struck, it required the user to have very high mentality. It would be impossible for an impulsive person to learn it even if they died. In order to learn this, one must cultivate their patience and nature.

Nalan Ping planned his retreating route as his way to advance towards his opponent. He insisted on taking a step back every time his opponent attacked. Though that might be the case, he felt that he was slowly making his way forward. He never clashed the bamboo sword directly with Qing Ming. It seemed he also managed the art of diverting his energy quite well.

Qing Shui was observing Nalan Ping. If this brat was brought up well, he would definitely turn out to be one of the strongest warrior in terms of Taichi from his generation in the future.

This ancestor wasn’t someone who could be compared to the ancestor from his previous incarnation.

Qing Ming’s attacks were sharp like a sinister and fierce snake. Nalan Ping on the other hand, could do nothing but constantly defend against his attacks. The two of them were both being put at two extreme sides. Qing Shui wasn’t worried as he watched the battle. This sort of battle was also quite decent as it could help Qing Ming learn new stuff.

As Qing Ming held up his hand, a needle thin like a bull’s hair shot out. He moved his body and immediately appeared behind Nalan Ping in a mysterious way. Nalan Ping on the other hand, squinted and blocked Qing Ming’s dagger with his hand. He managed to avoid the silver needle by moving his head to the side.

Suddenly, Qing Ming’s dagger began surging with a dark energy.

A surprising scene appeared. Nalan Ping’s bamboo sword seemed like it got corroded right away and disappeared. This shocked Nalan Ping. Though his bamboo sword might not be a divine weapon, it was made of green bamboo that has lived for five thousand years. It was a lot stronger than normal iron. Furthermore, his bamboo sword had a life force, causing him to be able to wield it more easily.

Qing Ming wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. He abruptly got near him with the dagger in his right arm while he performed Solitary Rapid Fist with his left arm. Added on he had the Nine Palace Step, he managed to land a surprise attack at Nalan Ping. After all, Qing Ming’s dagger was very intimidating. After about thirty to fifty exchange of blows, he got blown out of the arena from an elbow strike landed by Qing Ming.


Nalan Ping was a bit sad when he returned to Nalan Clan. At this moment, a man with middle-aged look said softly, “You said it yourself that if you lose, you will leave Nalan Clan.”

“I know that, I will leave today.” Nalan Ping said calmly.

“Go to the cashier and get yourself five hundred silvers!” The man let out a sigh and said.

“There is no need for that, but thank you.” Nalan Ping turned around and left. The middle-aged person was Nalan Zhenghong. While watching the lonely figure leaving on his own, his eyes looked really complicated. Following on, he let out yet another sigh.

“Third brother, you are doing this for his own good. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to live up till now. He is an adult now. Even if he hadn’t left, he wouldn’t stay in the house any longer. Things would only turn out to be more awkward by then.” A man who looked a lot like Nalan Zhenghong said.

“I know, but I feel sorry for both him and his mom. He wouldn’t have earned anything even if he had stayed in Nalan Clan. It would be better if he left early.”

Once a person of an aristocratic clan became an adult, they would have to start dealing with some of their careers as well as cultivations. Normally, once they got married, they would leave the main clan. Besides, when they got babies of their own in the future, they would become a new branch of the clan. Only the direct line of descendants of the particular clan would be required to remain in the area of the clan which the base operations mostly took place.

Qing Shui felt really happy looking at Qing Ming. Qing Ming never hesitated to do anything as he had clear goals of what he wanted. He has got a strong sense of the things which he wanted to achieve. He also tended to view things with his own opinion. Qing Shui felt that he must be watched carefully as one flaw in his education might lead to him turning into a devil.

After that, by relying on Underworld King’s Energy and Hidden Weapons and poisons, Qing Ming managed to win three consecutive battles despite the injuries he suffered. Eventually, he got taken over by Qing Yin.

Qing Yin walked a different path compared to the majority of people. She possessed powerful Nine Palace Step. She was also quite well-trained in her Taichi Techniques. The other thing which she cultivated were melodies. This was the reason why Qing Shui agreed to let her go on stage even at this time.

The current representatives of Nalan Clan were totally different from before. The person who went up was a young man. He might seem to be around 13, but his actual age should be a lot older.

The boy was wearing black clothes. He looked really grave and stern. While gazing at Qing Yin, he slightly knitted his brows. Qing Yin was very beautiful. A sweet and fair woman was what a nobleman has always seeked for. Nalan Linfeng found it hard to lay his hands on her. Despite that, he knew that it was of utmost importance for himself to beat her. For all you know, unexpected events might even occur in the middle of the match.

Qing Yin didn’t say anything. She took out the Five-string Zither which Qing Shui gave her.

Her sleeves were swaying, she looked like a fairy walking over ripples. She started floating upwards. As she did so, a kind of Spiritual Energy started spreading out in the surrounding. It was just like water ripples. The Five-string Zither on the other hand, was floating in front of Qing yIN.

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