AST 1621 - The outstanding woman was the same as how she was before. Cold and beautiful to the point she could topple over cities

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1621 - The Outstanding Woman Was The Same As How She Was Before. Cold and Beautiful To The Point She Could Topple Over Cities

Qing Shui was unable to keep himself calm properly and slightly avoided eye contact with her. But as he thought more about it, he felt that he couldn’t be the one acting passively and once again moved his gaze to the cold but soul-taking beautiful eyes.

Tantai Lingyan looked at Qing Shui’s slightly lowered long eyelashes. His thin eyelashes were really long. Compared to the fake brows from his previous incarnation, they weren’t in the least shorter. His eyelashes looked genuine and looked many times better than those fake ones. 

“I have been back for a few days. There were various things going on in my house. I came as soon as I settled the matters there. When I first arrived, I couldn’t wait to see you.” Qing Shui felt like he had gone back to the first round of a match again. 

“Is your trip back here this time going to be a short stay as well?” Tantai Lingyan lifted her brows and revealed her white teeth. Her action like this often stunned Qing Shui and naturally, it happened again. When he came back to his senses, he revealed an awkward smile. 

“I am nothing more than an ordinary fool. You don’t have to take it to heart if I look distracted. No men wouldn’t be when they saw you……” Qing Shui found himself an excuse which he believed was the truth. He was confessing his feelings. 

“That’s just an excuse.” Tantai Lingyan wasn’t angry. 

“I swear to God, I am telling the truth. Even if you don’t believe in my ability to control myself, you still need to believe in my charisma.” Qing Shui really liked discussing this kind of topic with her. The reason was that it could help thaw some of the ice in her heart.

“What kind of charisma do I have? Why do every man fear me?” Tantai Lingyan seemed to be not against talking about these. In fact, she seemed to be in a great mood. At the very least, now, Qing Shui believed that she was treating him like a friend. 

“When standing beside you, I feel a degree of inferiority in my heart. I can’t think of anyone other than myself who could talk to you naturally like this. Why don’t you try smiling more so that people won’t feel as distant from you?” Qing Shui said in a joking manner.

“You are just a common person. Did you trick a lot of women?” Tantai Lingyan didn’t look at Qing Shui as she held up the teapot and poured tea for the both of them. 

“I am no more than a common person. Until now, I am still hesitating whether I should confess to you. Do you think I shall do it?” Now, Qing Shui once again felt some unfamiliarity with Tantai Lingyan. Hence, he needed to say some of the stuff which he mentioned before again. 

“No, I am not used to listening to those kinds of topics. When are you leaving? Let me treat you to some wine.” Tantai Lingyan said shaking her head. 

This time, what was different about Tantai Lingyan compared to the past was that the faint smile on her face seemed to be slightly deeper than before. He was unsure if it was only for him, or she had been like this recently.

“Are you reluctant to let me leave? If you are, I will stay behind.”

Tantai Lingyan shook her head, “I am not. But this time, I am heading out as well. I can feel someone who also has a Demon Lord Inheritance summoning me.”

Qing Shui’s heart thumped. He remembered the disadvantage of having Demon Lord Inheritance. When a person with the inheritance reached a certain extent of strength, the Demon Lord Energy within them would condense into Demon Lord’s Blood. By then, they would experience a great change in nature. Though it might not mean that they would lose themselves completely, by then, he knew what he would have to do. It’s not that their personality would change totally. By then, the things which they thought as outrageous in the past would become normal to them. 

This was how Demon Lord was. It’s not that they would lose their original personality. Only their nature would suffer changes. Though they might be their same old selves, the things which they did would no longer be what they used to do. They would begin to see everything through.

“Do you know about Demon Lord’s Blood?” Qing Shui asked in a worried tone. 

“I know. Those with this inheritance would condense Demon Lord’s Blood. The blood decides whether the person with such inheritance was strong or not. I knew what you wanted to say, but you couldn’t just listen to these things without any proof. Don’t you think so?” Tantai Lingyan asked calmly. 

Though she might have put it this way, deep down, she wasn’t as calm as how she looked. The reason was that similar things had happened in her clan. It’s not as the rumors said, but it’s true that their nature would change.

It’s just like how much a person could endure, similar to a person smoking from his previous incarnation. A lot of people felt that they could take it. That was indeed true, as some managed to do so. But there was only a minority of them who could do it. It was definitely inappropriate to try to do it with their willpower alone. 

This kind of feeling was what Qing Shui wanted. Hence, he felt that there was still hope. The reason was that Tantai Lingyan’s mood was definitely not a normal person carrying Demon Lord Inheritance could compare to. It’s just that there was one thing about this inheritance that was on his mind. The stronger a person got, the more difficult it would be to control their feeling. 

Qing Shui was a bit worried deep down, but for now, he couldn’t change the situation. Prior to this, he had also planned his ways to make the woman fall in love with him. The reason was that love could cleanse the Demon Lord’s Blood. 

“Maybe, I fear that you will kill me by then.” Qing Shui said in a serious tone.

“Don’t you fear death?” Tantai Lingyan asked in a serious tone. 

“No. I can die for you, but I don’t want to pass away like that.” Qing Shui chuckled.

Tantai Lingyan trembled, but it wasn’t visible to Qing Shui. She believed what Qing Shui said was true. If anything was to happen to her, he would definitely not sit by and do nothing. Back then, he had once told her that he treated her like his family. 

“I won’t kill you.” Tantai Lingyan smiled and said. 

At this moment, Zhan Yu and Hua Rumei came out with dishes, “Why would you guys start talking about dying when everything is fine?”

While speaking, Hua Rumei put down the dishes in her hand. Tantai Lingyan didn’t say anything. Qing Shui stood up and smiled, “Let me go and serve you guys food.”

“Brother, will you be staying for a few days on your trip back here this time or will you settle down here?” Zhan Yu asked Qing Shui after he served all the food.

“I will have to leave within a month. There are still things I need to do. How have you guys been?” Qing Shui didn’t clearly state what he needed to do. 

“We are good. but the Palace Lord told us that she will be heading out presently. She said that she has been sensing a familiar energy and didn’t want anyone else to follow her. We were quite worried for her as well.” Zhan Yu didn’t say anything more after he talked up to this point. It was not necessary for him to do so. 

Qing Shui smiled and nodded, “Lingyan, why don’t we go together? It will be better than you traveling alone. I know that you are talking about someone with Demon Lord Inheritance.”

Tantai Lingyan seemed to be hesitating as well, but in the end, she nodded, “I think I will go with Qing Shui. As for you guys, stay in Demon Lord Palace.”

Qing Shui quickly smiled and said, “Alright then, sister and brother, why don’t you stay back here? You guys don’t have to worry about her anymore.”

Qing Shui was used to calling Zhan Yu his brother. Calling him brother-in-law made him felt like they were unfamiliar with each other. 

Zhan Yu and Hua Rumei smiled after looking at them for a while, “Alright then, be careful on your trip.”

Qing Shui happened to run into this incident after he came here. However, people with Demon Lord Inheritance all shared good relationships. Tantai Lingyan was the only exception. He didn’t know how things would turn out when they met each other this time. 

If Qing Shui hadn’t made it in time, she would have had to go there alone. As to the outcome of it, he would have no idea about it. Qing Shui wouldn’t have to worry if he didn’t find out about it, but since he made it in time, he felt lucky. 

After finishing their meal and chit-chatting about the past for a while, Tantai Lingyan stood up and left. After a few moments of thought, Qing Shui also left. In any case, he would only go with Tantai Lingyan to see who the person that invited Tantai Lingyan was after two days.

Hua Rumei noticed Qing Shui wanting to leave with Tantai Lingyan. She didn’t stop them. The both of them left with shoulders next to each other. There was nothing to complain about the Demon Lord Palace’s environments. The stones covering the ground were also quality mountain rocks.

Qing Shui didn’t want to be in front nor behind her. Hence, he decided to be next to her. Occasionally, there would be times when their shoulders collided with each other.

Qing Shui did it intentionally. Tantai Lingyan also knew it. She looked at Qing Shui’s clear eyes with an upset expression. His bright eyes of that naughty brat looked really innocent, causing her to feel a bit difficult to accuse him. 

With Tantai Lingyan here, Qing Shui felt really unnatural. He couldn’t say a lot of stuff. His jokes also couldn’t be too excessive. If he were to only talk about important matters, it would take long for their relationship to improve.

Qing Shui had a stand-alone place where he lived in the Demon Lord Palace. He once stayed in it. When he arrived there, he realized that the place didn’t have even a single dust stain in it. It looked exactly the same as before. Deep down, he felt a bit warm in his heart. He lived near Tantai Lingyan. From his window, he could see Tantai Lingyan’s room.

Prior to this, Tantai Lingyan left after telling him that he still lived in the same room. Qing Shui stood by the window, looking at Tantai Lingyan’s room. As he thought, after about fifteen minutes, she really did appear.

It was only until now when the sky began to turn dark. The bright moon slowly rose up the sky. The silver light it scattered looked really beautiful and hazy. Tantai Lingyan also saw Qing Shui. Qing Shui smiled at her and Tantai Lingyan returned it with another smile. It’s just that her smile was really faint.

This woman had given Qing Shui a deep impression. It continued for a long time. They have met before on a few continents. Until now, he was already someone with the Battle God Inheritance. Her, on the other hand, received the Demon Lord Inheritance.

The two who weren’t supposed to have anything related to each other had yet become fated to tangle with each other upon their first meeting. Qing Shui wasn’t able to confirm anything, but he was able to sense Tantai Lingyan’s gradual change. Though it was small, to Tantai Lingyan, it was already quite a significant change which took place in her. 

From his meeting with Tantai Lingyan this time, he found that she was no longer as cold as before. From his view, Tantai Lingyan was a lot more friendly now. Hence, he was more confident now. No matter what, he felt it was a necessity to make this woman happy.

On the next day, Qing Shui and his group once again gathered together, but in the afternoon, Zhan Yu and Hua Rumei left. Seeing that he didn’t have anything to do, Qing Shui went to the pavilion where Tantai Lingyan was.

“Is there anything you would like from me?” Tantai Lingyan gave Qing Shui an awkward look. 

Qing Shui smiled and looked at her, “You don’t have to be like this, do you? Am I not allowed to be here with you when I am free?”

In reality, deep down, Tantai Lingyan still felt a bit awkward with Qing Shui here. She knew that Qing Shui liked her. Though she might be cold-natured, she was still aware of that. Besides, a lot of things have happened between them. The most unforgettable one for her was the first incident which happened between them. No matter how hard she forced herself to forget about it, from time to time, it would still appear in her mind. At that time, she wouldn’t be sure if she was feeling angry or shy. As a result, her aura would become disordered. 

Instead of sitting on the opposite side, Qing Shui sat down beside Tantai Lingyan. This decision which he chose made himself feel really nervous. Though he was near her, they were still about half a foot apart.

The faint fragrance went into Qing Shui’s nose. He didn’t dare to look at Tantai Lingyan. He feared that he would see eyes which would hurt him. It was at this kind of time when he realized that he was also a fragile creature.

Instead, Tantai Lingyan was comforted by Qing Shui’s nervous and cautious look. As it seemed, he wasn’t as unbridled as she thought. On the contrary, even he had times when he was like this. He wasn’t the rascal she thought he was.

“Are you aware of the existence of the world underwater?” Qing Shui asked gently. Upon asking, he slightly turned his head to look at Tantai Lingyan.

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