AST 1625 - Successor of Great Demon King Inheritance, Leng Feng, Trifles

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1625 - Successor of Great Demon King Inheritance, Leng Feng, Trifles

Qing Shui froze. He didn’t expect that successors of Demon King Inheritance had already begun to gather. There were three during their encounter with the Niu Clan previously and Ye Mei wasn’t alone this time either.

However, Qing Shui didn't know why she targeted him specifically and he looked around in confusion for the person who was stepping forward. When Qing Shui saw the person who appeared by Ye Mei, he was also once again shocked.

He was a burly and strong man, standing at about 2.3 meters with a blue cloak. He had big eyes and thick brows, exuding an oppressive aura.

The reason why Qing Shui was shocked lied in the fact that there were two protruding horns on either side of the man's head the size of a baby’s fist. Those were covered by his hair.

Successor of Great Demon King Inheritance!

This was the Successor of Great Demon King. The Great Demon King King was one of the most powerful Demon Kings. Legend has it that the Great Demon King was a successor of an ancient Great Demon God. Hence, it was rumored that blood of the Demon God flowed in the veins of Great Demon King.

This man looked exceptionally mighty and with his height, he would be a prominent figure wherever he was. Not to mention, this man was much stronger than Ye Mei.

"Brother Feng, this man is a successor of the Battle God Inheritance, but the woman is indeed a successor of the Demon King Inheritance. What should we do?" Ye Mei smiled as she walked up to the man.

The man frowned and looked towards Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan. His attention didn't stay on Tantai Lingyan for long before it shifted to Qing Shui. His profound gaze seemed to contain a kind of unspeakable power, both domineering and calm.

It was the first time Qing Shui had seen a man retracting his attention from Tantai Lingyan this quickly. It was not pretense. Such gesture couldn’t be faked.

"Demon Lord, I’ve known you for a long time now. I wonder if you would be interested in joining forces." The man said to Tantai Lingyan, his voice reverberated.

Qing Shui thought his voice sounded nice, like the unique voice of the Great Demon King. It had grandeur and was repressive, carrying its own brand. It wielded its effects without help.

Tantai Lingyan glanced at the man. "You must be a successor of the Demon King Inheritance. I don't know if your mission is the same as other successors. You must be trying to gather successors of Demon King Inheritance."

The man nodded. "I'm Leng Feng. My Inheritance memory urged me to gather other brothers and sisters of the Demon King Inheritance. Although we are successors of the Demon King Inheritance, it doesn’t mean that we are evil. Successors of the Battle God Inheritance are actually successors of the Battle Demon Inheritance, only that the name was changed to Battle God Inheritance. During ancient times, we were Demon King and they were Battle Demon. Eventually, they won and became Battle God. From then on, they’ve taken advantage of that title to this day."

Qing Shui watched the man who held an air of leadership and said, "You may be decent but you have forgotten about the blood of the Demon King. It can’t be changed."

The man shook his head. "This has nothing to do with the blood of the Demon King. It has something to do with the speed of our inheritance cultivation. As long as the foundation is firmly established, the probability of the situation you talk about will be greatly reduced. However, the foundation of our inheritance is difficult to establish, which gave birth to the rumor about the blood of the Demon King."

"Since you have seen through my identity, we have our own separate missions. I can tell you are not someone who would change your mind easily. So, let’s take it to a battle of fists." Qing Shui said with a smile and stood up.

"How is that possible? You’re fine?" Ye Mei looked up at Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan in disbelief.

“My name is Leng Feng. I’m here to discuss an alliance with Demon Lord. It seems that it’s impossible. I’ll forget about this issue on the relationship we have as successors of the Demon King Inheritance. We’ll be enemies the next time we meet."

With that, the man turned to Ye Mei. "Mei'er, let's go!"

"Leaving so soon? We have yet to settle the score on your poisoning," Qing Shui said with a smile.

Smiling back, Ye Mei was surrounded by a black fog which enveloped them. Qing Shui reached out with a fist but as the dark fog dispersed and there was only a little trail of blood on the ground. They were gone.

Night Demon was best at concealment and escape. Qing Shui had already predicted such an end but it was undoubtedly still a pity. The strength of the man named Leng Feng shouldn’t be inferior to Tantai Lingyan, and one should know that her might was as terrifying as it stood.

Qing Shui didn’t feel great having them escape. Before, he had allowed the Niu Clan's Demon Child Niu and Successor of Thunder Roc Condor Demon King Inheritance to leave. However, these two had the audacity to drug them, and so Qing Shui wanted them to bleed. The weapon he used was laced with toxin as well.  The concealed weapons used were also toxic enough to keep them busy for a while. This was what it meant to treat others as they had treated you.

Looking at the darkening sky, Qing Shui smiled. "Let's head back!"

Tantai Lingyan nodded after some thoughts.

Qing Shui held her hand in his and used Nine Continents Steps. In all honesty, it wasn’t necessary to take her hand but either she didn’t know or she liked it, he still took a liking to use this method with her.

Qing Shui gazed in close proximity until they were near Demon King Palace. They stopped to summon the Hellfire Phoenix instead and flew their way to the Demon King Palace.

"You can let go now!" Tantai Lingyan watched in silence as Qing Shui clutched her hand, who noticed his grasp got even tighter as they rode on the Hellfire Phoenix.

Qing Shui looked at their hands as if he only just realized. "Eheh, see, I didn’t even realize I was still holding your hand."

Tantai Lingyan shook her head. "How thick-skinned!"

After a day’s stay at the Demon King Palace, Qing Shui went back home. There was still some time before a month was up and so Qing Shui stayed at home for several days longer.

Thereafter, he went to the Puyang Clan. The Qing Clan and the Puyang Clan were relatives, with their children engaged to each other. However, whether the marriage would go through when they grew up would depend on their children. Both Puyang Qing and he had agreed that they wouldn’t force the marriage, as long as either party disagreed.

Soul Search was also good in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. With the support of the Puyang Clan and their skills, no one dared to create trouble in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Besides, no one would do so, especially towards a highly skilled physician.

In addition, the reputation of the Imperial Cuisine Hall was well-known. The Imperial Cuisine Hall was known far and wide in the Dancing Phoenix Continent City; some people even knew about the relations.

Qing Shui next went to see Di Chen, the Eldest Princess, and he had broken through the last layer of relationship. The meeting was naturally close. Di Chen had intended to hand over the Lotus Sect, but the latter didn’t agree. Hence, Di Chen was still holding on to the title of Sect Head. With the reputation of the Lotus Sect, their strength under Di Chen's leadership was rapidly increasing but it was a long road ahead. It was a long road to be on the level of an Immortal Sect.

Fortunately, they had all moved to the Dancing Phoenix Continent, right around the Qing Clan. This was why Qing Shui was able to travel without worries. After Yehuang Guwu had personally attended to garrison duty, relying on the Tiger Form, they could keep a foothold now.

Di Chen and Yu He were no less inferior. Eldest Princess, Qing Sha and the rest were also just a half day trip away from the Qing Clan. Qing Shui took only three days to arrive at Putuo Mountain.

Yehuang Guwu had been there several times since the Putuo Mountain moved. These women would visit Qing Clan from time to time. Most of them were Qing Shui's wives after all.

Qing Shui was just about to go to Putuo Mountain that day. The Putuo Mountain was located along Feng Yan Lake. The Putuo Mountain’s Ancestor had said that Putuo Mountain must be situated at the foot of a mountain and beside a stream, which was why he chose the location near Feng Yan Lake.

Behind Feng Yan Lake was the Phoenix Mountain. Feng Yan Lake was similar to the Phoenix Mountain. It looked like a phoenix with his wings widespread, taking off to the sky when seen from above. That said, it was remote, so no one lived here. You could come straight here from Putuo Mountain.

Though it was called Feng Yan Lake, it was quite large and linked to the Fengqi Sea. Putuo Mountain was built by the mountain. There weren’t many people who came to the Dancing Phoenix Continent this time either, perhaps only around hundreds of them. Still, half of them were skilled warriors. Western Oxhe Continent couldn’t make Putuo Mountain wither and disappear, just like the Putuo Mountain in Southern Viewing Continent.

When Qing Shui arrived, he just happened to see Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan as they strolled along Feng Yan Lake, as though they were discussing something happily. A clear laughter was constantly ringing out.

The appearance of Qing Shui filled them both with glee. Yu Ruyan ran towards Qing Shui and gave him a hug.

Somehow, the mature lady had let go of her own restraints. Qing Shui was happy to see her like that as well. At the side, Tantai Xuan watched with a faint smile.

After a long time, Qing Shui released Yu Ruyan. That was when they noticed Tantai Xuan watching them. Yu Ruyan grew embarrassed but still smiled naturally. “If Little Sister Xuan wished to give him a hug, I won’t mind.”

Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan were closer than blood relatives. They understood each other’s thoughts even without it being spoken.

Qing Shui stretched out his arm generously. "Come on. Take it as a treat for me."

Tantai Xuan flushed as she walked towards Qing Shui and gave him a gentle hug. However, before Qing Shui had a chance to reciprocate, she had already let go. Looking at Qing Shui’s gloomy look, she smiled happily.

The three of them hiked to the top of Phoenix Mountain. This had become a forbidden area on Putuo Mountain. In fact, the Phoenix Mountain in this area had been renamed to Putuo Mountain, just for the feeling of familiarity.

A long time had passed from the time between their last meeting till now. There was agony between two who were deeply in love. Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan weren’t any different. During this period of time, Qing Shui had only reunited with Yiye Jiange until recently.

Still, as Qing Shui's women, they understood that Qing Shui had always been away more than they were together. This had its own advantage of verifying their feelings for each other over time. It is said that feelings cannot withstand the test of time and distance. However, that was not applicable to Qing Shui and his women.

Qing Shui held onto Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan with each hand and felt an incomparable satisfaction. This world was unlike his previous life. This world didn’t enforce monogamy. There was no provision in this regard. As long as the man and woman were willing, he could marry as many as he wanted.

Although Qing Shui was holding Tantai Xuan's hand, he knew she wasn’t ready. He could feel that but had no intention of letting go of this woman. Thinking back, he recalled numerous incidents between the two and Yu Ruyan. Even his own body had been clearly seen during what happened with Yu Ruyan, during that fateful day.

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