AST 1627 - Getting Through Another Heavenly Meridian and Earthly Meridian

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1627 - Getting Through Another Heavenly Meridian and Earthly Meridian

Tantai Xuan gently hooked her hands behind Qing Shui's neck, her body trembling throughout the process. She whispered softly in his ear. "Don’t go overboard."

Qing Shui’s glee was apparent from the smile on his face. Tantai Xuan was a reserved woman; it was a difficult feat for these words to leave her lips. Qing Shui held her tightly to himself, the tip of his tongue pecking her earlobes for a split second.

Tantai Xuan's body tensed suddenly. Consequently, her hands tightened around Qing Shui subconsciously, highlighting to Qing Shui that he had touched a sensitive spot.

With her right in front of him, Qing Shui watched as Tantai Xuan’s eyes closed and her lips pursed. He could see that she was nervous; his lips fell upon her forehead, eyes, and nose before finally reaching her sexy lips.

As Tantai Xuan kept her lips in a thin line, Qing Shui slowly sucked on them. His hands which were around her waist slid down towards her perky buttocks and grabbed them. They felt smooth, delicate and bouncy.

Tantai Xuan opened her mouth by instinct, and with that, Qing Shui's tongue slithered inside, in pursuit of hers.

Tantai Xuan's body was gradually relieved of its tension and began responding to Qing Shui. Qing Shui's hands slid to and from her waist and hips slightly.

Her breath was growing rapid, and her fresh breath had a faint fragrance. There was chewing gum in his past live, but in this world, the scent came from nothing else but her own body.

It was said that women had a nice scent to them; it seemed now that the assumption had some truth to it. It wasn’t that there was no one like this in his past life, but there were few. These things were also affected by the environment and personal physical condition. They would require diligent upkeep of their appearance, even things like the soles of feet. With any amount of walking, no matter how much one tried to take care of it, they would never be as good as the top of feet.

When Qing Shui's hand reached into Tantai Xuan's lapel and seized her abundant chest, she swiftly pushed herself away from Qing Shui. However, Qing Shui hold on her was tight and so only their lips separated.

Qing Shui didn’t expect such a big response from her. Tantai Xuan grew shy, wanting to break herself away from Qing Shui.

"Xuan'er, be mine!" Qing Shui whispered softly. Tantai Xuan was frozen in shock for a second before granting Qing Shui a bitter laugh. "You won’t be able to persuade me; I'm not ready yet. Next time, maybe."

Qing Shui was happy enough to hear Tantai Xuan's words. This was a huge improvement and he laughed, “Aren’t you flustered?”

“You’re the one who’s flustered.” Tantai Xuan shot back in embarrassment.

"I'm very flustered indeed. See, it’s already showing itself to you." Qing Shui stuck his body close to Tantai Xuan.

The hard object poking at her lower abdomen frightened her; she didn't dare look at Qing Shui. Instead, she gazed down towards the raised tent before raising her head again. She reached over and twisted Qing Shui's ear. "You're despicable."

"Miss, this is normal. In fact, I should cry if I’m not having any reaction." Qing Shui's hand was still gripping her chest. The kind of smooth texture that could escape his grasp anytime made Qing Shui feel a strong impulse.

"You’re not allowed to take advantage." Tantai Xuan said.

Qing Shui didn’t realize that this woman, pure as a fairy, had such a flirtatious side. Their faces were less than a fist apart in distance, able to smell every breath they the other breathed.

"Do you like it?" Qing Shui's fingers teased the tip with a special technique. In combination with his words, it reduced Tantai Xuan into a tremble.

"Xuan'er, let me have a look!" Qing Shui said with a hand, teasing her desires as he whispered in her ear. Then, he flickered his tongue into her ear.

Tantai Xuan's heart rate raced at once. Qing Shui's hand made her feel both comfort and unease; as though she wanted him to hold her with all he had, to use full force in their contact.

“I promise to do nothing else but have a look; I’m sure it must be beautiful.” Qing Shui guaranteed.

Tantai Xuan thought about it; since they had already reached such an extent of intimacy, it wouldn’t be overboard to let him have a look. In honesty, she could feel her resolve growing unstable. She was aching just at the thought of his scene with Yu Ruyan back then... the voice, the expression and the look on Yu Ruyan’s face. 

Qing Shui slowly unravelled her top. His ability to undress was also several times more proficient than in the past. Tantai Xuan instinctively stopped him twice, but her clothes were soon taken off.

In that instant, two mounds of snowballs escaped in a bounce, snow white and firm. The exquisite pink peak had Qing Shui lunging forward.

This time, Qing Shui didn’t discuss anything with her before lunging forward with his face and lips.

By the time Qing Shui had taken off his own clothes and became one Tantai Xuan, two hours had passed. Tantai Xuan could now understand the reason behind Yu Ruyan’s expression.

“Keep calm and breathe, let your Qi pass through the Yang Channel…”

Qing Shui told Tantai Xuan about the Duo Cultivation Technique. A pure energy entered her body from his own, then returned after a cycle before entering again, passing through numerous meridians…


It went through a Heavenly Meridian. This didn’t surprise Qing Shui as it continued. He could feel the increment of his own pure energy. Tantai Xuan was surprised beyond belief that her own might had increased this rapidly.

She had heard some evil tricks that could be used in this way which was why she had grown flustered before. However, if Qing Shui did harm her, she would concede. Soon, however, she knew that the man did not harm her.

Tantai Xuan could not believe  the extent of her increase in might. She had a special physique and with the inclusion of Qing Shui’s potential, Tantai Xuan’s strength had increased too drastically. It was of the purest form too, with some constitution nurturing effects included.


Another Earthly Meridian was broken through and even Qing Shui was shocked. Just like that, calm was restored after a good hour. At this time, Qing Shui began to move and started to enjoy the world with just the two of them.

Everything in the room calmed only when the skies turned dark. 

Tantai Xuan looked at the man who had made her feel as though she wouldn’t be able to restrain herself.  There was a little frustration with an equal mixture of hilarity in the situation; after what happened, she didn’t feel an ounce of panic. Instead, she felt a sense of security.

“You terrible thing. Didn’t you say you only wanted a look…” 

“Didn’t I seize the opportunity? You looked pretty comfortable earlier.” Qing Shui chuckled and watched the woman who was cuddled up next to him. 

“Hush, you’re not allowed to talk about it any longer. I’ll never believe you again.” 

After a while, Tantai Xuan whispered in Qing Shui’s ear. “Qing Shui, I like you!” 

“I like you too. Do you like what happened just now?” Qing Shui took one of her earlobes between his lips. 

“I do, but I’ve reached my limit now.” Tantai Xuan’s voice was very soft. If it had not been for Qing Shui’s exceptional hearing, there was no way her words would’ve been heard. 

Qing Shui didn’t move anymore but instead hugged her tightly. “You’re my woman. We’re family.” 

“This day came earlier than I expected. To be honest, I’ve already decided that I wouldn’t marry anyone else but you.” With her eyes closed, Tantai Xuan confessed lazily.

Qing Shui squeezed her hand. “There are many moments when I found myself really lucky, that God was truly kind to me to be loved by all of you. I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me all those years ago, atop the tiny village, that you’d want to marry me.”

“Are you trying to say that might is important?” Tantai Xuan smiled at Qing Shui. 

“Sometimes, I wonder how the same person could have such drastic changes.” Qing Shui reciprocated her smile with his own.

“What is there to wonder about? It’s the change in charisma. Might can make a person’s character go through drastic changes. Confidence is a form of it, and it’s charming. Might can change a person’s charm and that’s more important than appearance, or even character. Don’t you think so?” Tantai Xuan could already guess Qing Shui’s reply. 

Qing Shui thought it was true as well, just like it was the case for beautiful women. Now that he thought about it, those people who were attracted to the rich and powerful in his past life must have been attracted to the charm they exuded with their wealth. Being rich was a form of authority on its own. Officials who had might and money were even better; they all carried with them an imposing aura.


“My Xuan’er is the most knowledgeable. You felt your might increase too, right?” Qing Shui gave a peck to her cheek. 

“It increased a little too drastically; I’ve been worrying about that.” Tantai Xuan seemed as though she was just about to comment on it. 

“That’s very common. The disparity between us was pretty big before, so the drastic increase in your might is only normal. Besides, you have a unique constitution; this should be the maximum you’ll get.” 


Tantai Xuan breathed an inward sigh of relief at his words. “I had thought that you might have used some demonic tricks on me at first. Yet, at that moment, I would’ve conceded even if it was true.” 

Qing Shui reached out to stroke her hair as he smiled. “Silly girl. I’d rather hurt myself than ever harm you.”

A satisfied smile graced Tantai Xuan’s features. “The skies are already darkening, so we should get up. Go get Sister Ruyan later. Let’s go take a walk.” 

Although the place was remote, Tantai Xuan knew that Qing Shui would have a way to get them to the city. 

An hour after they got out of bed, with Qing Shui being the sole person who knew of the charming scene in between, the flush on Tantai Xuan’s face didn’t fade even after she had left the room. In fact, she had thought about never leaving it.

Once Yu Ruyan witnessed Tantai Xuan’s appearance, she understood what happened immediately. Besides, their rooms were close. Tantai Xuan’s face flushed an even deeper red at the sight of Yu Ruyan. 

Yu Ruyan walked over and held Tantai Xuan’s hand. “Qing Shui, did you bully Xuan’er?”

“Definitely not. I could hardly resist myself in doting upon both of you. How would I bear to bully her?”

Tantai Xuan suggested that they take a walk and Qing Shui had naturally agreed. Holding the both of them, he covered tens of thousands of miles with the use of the Nine Continents Steps, and they arrived in the city. 

“How about here? Look at the amount of people! Let’s take a walk and grab something to eat.” Qing Shui said as he watched the people milling about below. 

The two women didn’t have much of an opinion; it was fine with them wherever they went as long as it was with the people they loved. Even taking a walk outside to have some food was for the mere enjoyment of it. Some of the specialty dishes were pretty decent too. 

The street was full of finger food and seemed endless in variety. The food street here was something that he could never find in his previous life; a street here could easily reach up to a thousand miles. Furthermore, such streets were a common sight in this world. 

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