AST 1641 - Dao Force, Qing Shui’s strength, a battle to the death

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1641 - Dao Force, Qing Shui’s Strength, a Battle to the Death

The moment the Grand Elder finished speaking, people could already be seen rising up into the sky one after another. Qing Shui also followed along and went up into mid-air. There were four participants from the Yin Clan. As for the Hong Clan, they sent out ten representatives for the match. Most importantly, Yin Tian didn’t take part in the match. Instead, Old Man Wang took his place and represented the Yin Clan instead.

“Am I seeing things? Old Man Wang, the cook, Old Man Wang!”

A person shouted out in shock. This went on and caused a ruckus around the area. The amount of shock which they received from this phenomenon was way too much. Old Man Wang was considered to be quite a well-known figure in the Divine Moon Immortal Sect. This cook was a very, very good friend of a particular sect’s Sect Lord. He was very close to the Yin Clan.

Despite that, a lot of people wasn’t aware of Old Man Wang’s existence.

“Is he really a cook? Could it be that the Yin Clan has truly run out of people on their side? An immature and inexperienced brat, and then a cook. As for the other two people, they are more normal in comparison.”

“Exactly! What’s worse is that there are only four of them taking part in the match. Look at the Hong Clan’s side. Not only are they all experienced old men, there are a total of then of them. Somehow, I feel that this time, the Yin Clan is in quite a risky situation. Look, Yin Tian didn’t take part in the match. It might be true that he is injured.”

“I think so. If Yin Tian was in perfect health, the Hong Clan wouldn’t have acted so boldly. The only thing I can’t seem to figure out is why they send out a cook. Could that cook be an expert warrior? But if that’s the case, why would he want to settle down as a cook?”


As soon as they went up the stage, they immediately went to their respective positions to form the Four Symbols Formation. Qing Shui probed the opponents opposite him. They were all old people. Furthermore, as he thought, they possessed formidable strength. Indeed, an Immortal sect was on a totally different level from all the sects which Qing Shui had come across in the past.

Qing Shui wasn’t familiar with his opponents but Feng Xi had already begun explaining to him about some of their abilities. It’s necessary for her to go through a brief introduction about their opponents so that he would be mentally prepared for what’s to come.

“The two old men that are at the front, they are existences as brilliant as the Big Dipper and as stout as Mount Tai in the Hong Clan. The old man on the left hand side who is wearing a white gown is called Hong Hong. As for the other one in the blue gown, his name is Hong Gu. They were both stronger than me, but compared to your uncle at his peak, they are slightly inferior to him. I don’t know if they have gone through any breakthroughs recently.”

Qing Shui was listening to Feng Xi’s instruction while gazing at his opponents. His Spiritual Sense was unable to accurately pinpoint the opponent’s strength, yet he was able to tell that there was a huge gap between his and his opponent’s strength.

Qing Shui’s current raw strength was worth around eighty thousand sun. Under the effect of Seven-colored pellets, Paragon, Golden Battle Halberd as well as the Diamond Staff, he managed to achieve a fearsome strength worth sixteen billion sun.

Qing Shui’s physical combat prowess was now worth around two billion sun. However, his fearsome physical defensive capability had far surpassed that of a normal False God warrior. Even his own attacks now wouldn’t be able to cause any damage to him.

The lowest strength a Divine Warrior could have was ten billion sun. The requirement to enter Divine Grade wasn’t great. The real challenge came when things started to have to do with Divine Grade and Heavenly Dao Divine Will. Furthermore, there would also be a powerful force suppressing warriors once they stepped into the Divine Grade.

A hundred billion…… Qing Shui’s defensive prowess had achieved a hundred billion suns worth of strength. He was almost near the peak of First Divine Grade. This was the effect of the Paragon Golden Armor and Diamond Staff. Of course, part of the factor which contributed to this was also due to his own defensive prowess.

Feng Xi’s strength was worth about thirty billion sun. She was still at one of the earliest stages of a Divine warrior. Divine warriors below a hundred billion sun of strength were all considered to be First Grade Divine Warriors. Furthermore, there was also the term one Dao Force, which was used to address a Divine Warrior with a billion sun worth of strength. Warriors with a hundred Dao Force were considered as the lowest grade Divine Warriors.

Qing Shui’s current offensive prowess was worth around a hundred and sixty Dao Force. This was just slightly stronger compared to Old Man Wang. Despite that, he was still at First Grade Heavenly Dao. As for his overall strength, Old Man Wang didn’t tell Qing Shui how much it was worth, nor did Qing Shui intentionally inquire about it.

Behind the Hong Clan were eight old men. Qing Shui didn’t know who they were. But they possessed strength that was worth slightly more than a hundred Dao Force. Qing Shui was still able to detect at least this extent of strength. The Heavenly Dao had a self-protection effect, which was also part of the reason why Qing Shui could be so powerful. Otherwise, a False God Warrior wouldn’t have been able to detect any Heavenly Dao’s related strength. The same also applied for Divine Warriors at the lowest grade.

The people from the Hong Clan were very generous with sending out their warriors this time. It’s likely that they intended to totally annihilate the Yin Clan through this match. If they really managed to kill Feng Xi and Yin Cha, the Yin Tian who remained wouldn’t want to continue living as well. There were many ways in which the Hong Clan could make Yin Tian, whose power hasn’t fully recovered, completely disappear.

At the moment, Qing Shui was very calm. The only people who might be of threat to him were the two leading old men Hong Hong and Hong Gu. For the remaining ones, they wouldn’t be able to kill him instantly. As for the last two, Qing Shui felt that they could almost already be considered to be crippled.

“There are only four people from the Yin Clan, the Hong Clan on the other hand…… There are ten people participating in the match. Do you guys think that the Yin Clan will have any hope in winning?”

“Who knows. Is the Yin Clan not treating the Hong Clan seriously? Or are they in a plight with no way out?”

“All along, the Yin Clan has always had very few members in their clan. But throughout all these years, has anything ever happened to them? Is Yin Tian the kind of person who will watch from the side as his wife and son risks their life on the stage?”

“That’s also true. Could it be that the Yin Clan has never taken the Hong Clan seriously?”

“But it also doesn’t seem like so……”


The Grand Elder smiled before looking at the people from both sides and said, “I know that all of you aren’t in the mood to listen to the nonsense which either parties have to say. Since I have already stated the rules and the representatives from each sides have also been decided, I now announce that the battle begins. Each of you have fifteen minutes to get ready to get into the battle. As for this, I will let both of you to decide on your own. Once the fifteen minutes are up, you guys can battle right away.”

The Grand Elder immediately landed on the ground as soon as he finished speaking. In the meantime, both clans had already begun preparing their own weapons. Qing Shui took out his own Golden Battle Halberd and Diamond Staff.

Though Qing Shui could achieve as much as a hundred and sixty Dao Force with his current strength, he didn’t consider himself a Divine Warrior. The most obvious feature about a Divine Warrior was that they went through a process of rinsing after they broke through the peak False God Realm. Once that happened, Divine Origin Energy would emerge from their body.

The Divine Origin Energy was a passive ability only Divine Warriors possessed. It was a kind of existence which helped increase a warrior’s strength and vitality. The Divine Origin Energy would be formed within the Dantian. It’s just like what happened with the Paragon in Qing Shui’s body.

Hence, for now, Qing Shui didn’t know whether he should consider himself a Divine Warrior. With his strength alone, he had already achieved the earliest stage of a Divine Warrior. His defensive prowess and ability to resist against enemies’ attacks were even more fearsome.

Qing Shui took out his Diamond Staff and Golden Battle Halberd and immediately unleashed the Four Symbols Formation, Phoenix’s Battle Intent, Battle God’s Halo and Heavenly Talisman and used it on all of them. In just a short while, their strengths reached a formidable level.

In the meantime, the opponents weren’t just standing at the side doing nothing. They each took out their respective weapons. The two old men leading the group had the same weapon, a huge blade, the Giant Blood Blade. Though Qing Shui was quite distant away from them, he was able to sense the aura emitting from them. He felt really uncomfortable with it.

At the moment when Qing Shui saw the weapon which Old Man Wang took out, he was stunned. His weapon was a blade which looked just like blood. However, it shared a strong resemblance to a kitchen knife. Their only difference was that his blade looked a lot more domineering than a kitchen knife. It was also known as the blood-dripping devil slaying sabre.

Following on, they each summoned their respective beasts. Qing Shui summoned his Hell Nightmare Beast and Dragon Slaying Beast. His initial plan was to summon the Thunderous Beast, but he felt it was an inappropriate occasion to do so mas one careless mistake would cause it to be killed instantly.

Time went on little by little. At this moment, Feng Xi was already wearing a snow white long dress. The long sleeves hung down all the way to her knee. Yin Cha looked at the old man opposite him, “ I suppose you guys must have waited for today for a long time.”

Though Yin Cha only raised his aura just enough to greet his opponent, there was still a kind of sharpness which words couldn’t describe. He was the sect lord of a sect. After being the Sect Lord of the Divine Moon Immortal Sect for so many years, the aura which he emitted from his body was still very powerful.

Qing Shui now felt a bit unfamiliar with the man. He was not in the least like the gentleman whom he had met before. This should be the him when he was in a battle. Prior to this, he only behaved that way because he was near his family.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about. I dare say that the Hong Clan has always performed their duty well. We also never intended to ride on anyone’s head. But I just can’t accept the fact that two outsiders have come to bully the people of the Divine Moon Immortal Sect.” Hong Hong explained slowly.

“Haha, what’s there for you to worry about at this point? To think that you will drag the Divine Moon Immortal Sect into the topic. Who doesn’t know what kind of trash that the Hong Clan’s junior of yours is? Do you really think that I won’t dare to tell everyone about his doings? And he still dares say that he is wounded, he is asking for it even if he gets killed” Yin Cha said in a cold tone.

Yin Cha was speaking what’s truly in his mind. Of course, he didn’t deny that a part of it was to fawn on Qing Shui.

Qing Shui didn’t despise this kind of feeling. This was how it was between human and human. If a person was totally useless to the other, there would have been no point for the other person to take care of him. This wasn’t being realistic, it’s just a very usual development.

“SInce that’s the case, let us speak through our strength.” Hong Hong wasn’t enraged by it. He made his proposal to begin the match.

“Alright, let’s begin!”

Both parties were about a hundred meters away from each other in the sky. This was the amount of strength which the grand formation contained. As soon as both parties came into contact with it, it would become activated. However, the battle didn’t really seem that intense.

As of now, Qing Shui possessed fearsome defensive prowess. He could only barely make it with his offensive prowess. But Qing Shui’s ability had managed to significantly increase his strength as a whole.

Old Man Wang already managed to stop both Hong Hong and Hong Gu alone but he seemed to be in a disadvantage. As for Feng Xi and Yin Cha, they stood in the path of the remaining six warriors, leaving the two weakest ones for Qing Shui.

Qing Shui watched as the two old men charged towards him. Deep down, he didn’t feel nervous. Without much thought, he let the Hell Nightmare Beast and Dragon Slaying Beast to hinder one of the old men. As for the other one, he continued to make his way towards Qing Shui.

The battle wasn’t that intense. Qing Shui was keeping an eye on the surroundings and he couldn’t find much pressure in it. He knew that this situation wouldn’t last long. Since that’s the case, he was willing to be the person to make the battle intense.

With Qing Shui’s current offensive prowess, it’s difficult for him to kill even a single warrior. However, he could still cooperate with the others in the fight. He transmitted Yin Cha a message.

After that, he immediately unleashed his Art of Pursuing. At the moment when his opponent was still in shock, he further used his Emperor’s Qi.

Yin Cha was already prepared. At the moment when the old man shot his sword towards him, he immediately sliced through the opponent’s throat with his long sword.

Yin Cha believed in Qing Shui. He was long since ready for it. Hence, he sliced through the opponent’s throat without any hesitation under a very risky situation but he didn’t actually cut off his opponent’s head entirely.

The death of the old man shocked everyone from the Hong Clan.

Hong Hong and Hong Gu abruptly released their strength. To everyone’s surprise, both their strengths went up by a huge chunk. Now, they were almost equal to Old Man Wang who had received a boost in strength.

These two old men had actually managed to break through throughout these years. Qing Shui learnt about it from Feng Xi. With this being the case, Old Man Wang was forced to be on the passive side. There were a number of times when he almost died.

Qing Shui charged towards them along with his Dragon Slaying Beast. Without any hesitation, he tossed the Art of Pursuing at Hong Hong while using the Nine Continents Mountain to separate himself away from him.

However, Qing Shui’s Nine Continent Mountain couldn’t even manage as his defensive shield. After all, when in front of an old man with sixty billion sun worth of strength, its power was just very insignificant.

But right at this moment, Qing Shui once again tossed out his Art of Pursuing and Emperor’s Qi!

This action caused Old Man Wang, who was initially in great danger, to once again turn around the unfavourable situation. Though he might still be forced to stay passive, for a short period of time, him as well his demonic beasts shouldn’t be in danger.

At this moment, the two old men once again headed towards Qing Shui.

Even though the battle might have just started, the Hong Clan had already suffered one casualty. Without Qing Shui, the Yin Clan would very likely have been done for. Otherwise, the Hong Clan wouldn’t have been so confident. They could only blame their luck for Qing Shui’s appearance, a completely unexpected variable.

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