AST 1652 - Going home, Marrying Yiye Jiange

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1652 - Coming Home, Marrying Yiye Jiange

“Jiange, how about we go back for once? Every time I go back, Luan Luan and the rest always look forward to seeing you return.”

“Sounds good, but if we go back, how do we face your mother and the rest?” Although Yiye Jiange and Qing Shui previously had a murky relationship, they did not break through the last barrier of relationships. So When they were husband and wife back home, it was only because of Luan Luan.

Back then, they didn’t think about it so much. Thus, it didn’t matter to them if others assumed they had a relationship. Ever since Luan Luan was young, they have always acted like a couple then. But right now, it actually turned into reality.

Turning something fake into reality - many things can turn out like that.

“You’ve always been my wife and everyone at home knows. We even have a daughter.” Qing Shui chuckled as he enjoyed seeing Yiye Jiange blush in embarrassment.

“Everyone at home knows it was a lie and Luan Luan wasn’t that old then. How old were you when you left and bringing back a daughter that old, who would believe it? Also, everything became clear when my brother and sister-in-law came too.” Yiye Jiange said in annoyance.

“My mother couldn’t be more delighted if she knew such a great woman could become her son’s wife.”



Yiye Jiange’s strength saw tremendous leaps, even more than Qin Qing, with Qing Shui’s help and it was on par with the leaps of Tantai Lingyan. All these made Qing Shui feel that it was somehow linked to the mysterious Duo Cultivation.

Hence, he didn’t continue helping Muyun Qingge raise her strength and bade her goodbye before leaving straight for Dancing Phoenix Continent with Yiye Jiange.

Returning back actually only needed a short amount of time and once they left Sea King Palace, Qing Shui immediately used Five Elements Divine Flags and reached Dancing Phoenix Continent’s Yehuang Guwu.

This was Qing Shui’s marked position in Dancing Phoenix Continent. If he was alone, he could immediately appear beside Yehuang Guwu but since he brought Yiye Jiange with him, they could only reach Yehuang Country.

“Let’s go see some friends!” Qing Shui smiled at her and said.

Soulsearch’s Imperial Cuisine Hall was doing well and he exclaimed delightedly upon seeing Qing Shui: “Old Brother, you’ve finally shown yourself.”

Immediately taking Qing Shui to the top level, there remained his old room which was in exactly the same shape.

“Where’s sister-in-law and my godson?” Qing Shui laughed gaily as he didn’t see them. When Soulsearch’s son was born, Qing Shui was asked to be his godfather.

Qing Shui didn’t reject either.

This time, no matter what, Soulsearch was not going to let Qing Shui leave and made sure that he stayed for a day. Qing Shui didn’t reject and immediately invited Old Man Puyang Qing and the others.

After all, the Puyang Clan was just like family now, although in the future it might change.

Yao Qubing also improved a lot here and became Soulsearch’s right-hand man. His personality was very good, other than being a little haughty in the past, but after meeting Qing Shui, Soulsearch and Yuansu then realized he paled in comparison.

The feast was sumptuous and there were no outsiders. Puyang Qing was stunned when he saw Qing Shui as he couldn’t discern his strength - it was unfathomable and he couldn’t even hazard a guess.

When Puyang Qing came, he brought a little lass and now she had already grown up quite a bit into a pure and exquisite little flower. Seeing Qing Shui, she happily greeted him: “Hello Uncle, I remember you.”

When she was small, Puyang Qing used to brought her here to eat.

Qing Shui liked the little lass and regardless of whether Qing Long can marry her in the future, she was family no matter what and so he gave her a bangle.

Qing Shui then introduced Yiye Jiange to them and even Puyang Qing couldn’t help but sigh. Why have all the most exemplary women under the skies gone to Qing Shui? They were all the most outstanding regardless of temperament or cultivation.

When Qing Shui said he would stay here for a night, he actually spent the whole night talking to Soulsearch and Puyang Qing while Yiye Jiange left with the little lass after the feast ended.

The next day, Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange bade them farewell and rushed towards the Imperial City.

With the Nine Continents Steps and Hellfire Phoenix, it took them about two days. Leaning on the back of the Hellfire Phoenix, they felt a sense of comfort and enjoyment as they looked at the empty city which was as bright as the stars.

They say one’s state would raise or change depending on the person they interact with, just like turning red when coming into contact with cinnabar or turning black when coming into contact with ink. Qing Shui was different when he was in front of Yiye Jiange compared to when he was with Huoyun Liuli or Zhu Qing.

Huoyun Liuli was like a demoness and Qing Shui felt very flippant and loose in front of her. Basically, there was no pressure at all. Zhu Qing felt like a little girl while the likes of Canghai Mingyue, Yiye Jiange, and Tantai Lingyan gave him a little pressure.

Thankfully Qing Shui’s adaptive ability was very strong. Now that he had broken into Divine, his self-confidence rose by a lot. Even with that said, his feelings for his women still hadn’t changed.


“Being with you is really fun. Now I’ve finally found the joy of being a woman. I’m also a girl so, of course, I wish to have everything a girl should have.” Yiye Jiange murmured quietly.

She could feel it when other men looked at her. If it was not lust then it was resistance. The latter was because they knew that no matter what, they would not cross paths. This was what a sensible person would think.

“Now that you’ve become a woman, do you feel blissful?” Qing Shui reached his hand into her clothes.

Yiye Jiange’s delicate body shuddered and she gave Qing Shui the stink-eye. This vigorous bad egg was thinking about this all day long once he broke through the final barrier with her...

Qing Shui touched his nose and said: “Very fragrant!”

“You’re a scumbag.” Yiye Jiange shook her head and smiled.

And it was only this man who was able to be this impudent and wanton in front of her, to take advantage of her. She didn’t feel put-off and even felt happy on the inside. Was this love…?

Qing Shui pulled Yiye Jiange along into the entrance of the clan. The entrance guards were hired by Qing Shui and they greeted him in surprise.

Entering the courtyard, they saw Wenren Wushuang and Di Qing playing with both of their kids. Qing Teng and Qing Nuo were coming to three weeks old and they looked strangely at Qing Shui.

Wenren Wushuang and Di Qing were delighted to see Qing Shui and even more so when they saw Yiye Jiange. “Sister Jiange is back!”

Both women embraced Yiye Jiange and then Qing Shui as well.

Seeing the two little boys, Yiye Jiange quickly took out the gift she prepared for them. Maybe it was due to her aura but the two boys who looked like jade carvings did not reject her at all.

Yiye Jiange carried one in each arm and created a beautiful scene. Di Qing chuckled: “Sister Jiange likes children so much. Why not give birth to one?”

The people of Qing Clan all knew Luan Luan called her Aunt.

Yiye Jiange blushed and said: “You only know how to talk rubbish.”

The rest of the people came along at this point and it so happened that Luan Luan, Yiye Tian, and his wife were all home. Luan Luan pounced towards Yiye Jiange upon seeing her.


“Lass, you’re so big and yet you’re still sniveling.” Yiye Jiange lovingly held Luan Luan.

Luan Luan was already nearing thirty but was still very young on the main continent.

The separation this time was more than ten years and Luan Luan hugged Qing Shui: “Daddy, when will you be marrying mother?”

Qing Shui laughed as the lass was a sharp and witty one. He smiled: “I came back this time in order to marry her.”

Luan Luan smiled gaily: “Very good! Daddy is the best.”

Qing Shui exerted some effort while rubbing Luan Luan’s head.

Yiye Jiange naturally heard Qing Shui talking to Luan Luan and her face turned slightly red while her eyes turned moist. Seeing her family made her happy and she walked towards Yiye Tian to give him a hug: “Brother, I trust that both of you are well!”

“Good, being here is like being at home.”

Yiye Jiange’s tears flowed anyway.

“Why did you cry, lass? You don’t like seeing us?” Yiye Tian chuckled.

“I’m happy.” Yiye Jiange hugged her sister in law and reached out to rub her nephew, Yiye Tong’s head. He was no longer small like he used to be. When they first saw him, he was around ten years old but he was a big kid now.

Yiye Tong’s strength was not bad and his talent was good, and his cultivation of the Tiger Form had a considerable level of attainment. Although he couldn’t be compared to Mingyue Gelou or Yehuang Guwu, he was still outstanding and seemed to have a great future.

“Aunt!” Yiye Tong was slightly bashful. After all, he was unfamiliar with this aunt who seemed to be from the heavens.

Yiye Jiange laughed happily and gifted him a set of Fist Arts which were from the Sea King Palace. Although they weren’t the best, it was the best which he could use right now.

Very soon everyone from the Qing Clan came out and seeing that everyone was present, Qing Shui pulled Qing Yi and said to her: “Mother, my reason for coming back this time is to marry Jiange.”

Qing Shui had already gone through the marriage ceremony with all of his women at home already.

Qing Yi smiled. She was no longer that surprised since she had already thought of this day. Yiye Jiange was the benefactor of their clan and they’ve already known each other for almost thirty years. Twenty years ago, Qing Yi already thought that such a day might come but little did she expect that more than twenty years had gone by.

Qing Yi delightedly pulled Yiye Jiange’s hand and said: “You haven’t come home for so long. I don’t know where this little brat got all these blessings from and now you two have to spend a lifetime paying it back.”

“Aunt, you’re teasing me.” Yiye Jiange said in embarrassment.

Qing Yi did not correct her since they’ve yet to marry. If her guess was right, even after they got married, Yiye Jiange would probably not stay in the Qing Clan. Even if not many of his women remained here, she was still contented.

Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange’s wedding banquet was set for a week later but they did not inform many people. This was Yiye Jiange’s intention while Qing Shui wasn’t keen on publicity either. When two people at this level of strength are in love, they no longer felt the need for such a display and that it was sufficient to inform only the closest friends and family.

The wedding banquet would still need to be grand since the guests are their friends. There were also many who came uninvited, like the Baima Clan. Qing Shui didn’t know what the status was between the Big Miss of Baima Clan and Qing Ming but he didn’t ask. All he did though, was tell his children to be responsible. Likewise, they shouldn’t provoke others.

The wedding banquet didn’t turn out to be the peace and quiet they had in mind since there wasn’t any space in the end. After all, it was a celebratory affair and anyone who came was a guest. Moreover, Qing Clan’s Imperial Cuisine Hall had accumulated plenty of karma and goodwill in this area and many came bearing a gift without even attending. Many were also ordinary folk who received the grace of the Qing Clan and while they came bearing gifts which were not special, it was the thought that counts. 

Moreover, the Qing Clan doesn’t lack precious gifts so this kind intention made one really happy.

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