AST 1655 - Hope, Sunset Palace Mistress, Killing

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1655 - Hope, Sunset Palace Mistress, Killing

"You bitch. Do you really think that I wouldn't dare to kill you? Objects that I've taken a liking to can forget about escaping from my clutches. Attack fiercer! It's fine as long as she remains alive!"

The Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King seemed to have been enraged. This lady had humiliated him time after time. He liked such ladies who had status and was headstrong, and enjoyed even more upon seeing them submit under him.

Although the Sunset Palace Mistress was injured, her attacks were still very fierce and didn't end up being at a disadvantage. However, it was clear that the Sunset Palace Mistress would eventually lose. It was just a matter of time before that happened.

Toward the humiliation and the shouts from the Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King, the Sunset Palace Mistress didn't pay it any heed. It might be because she had too much on her plate at the moment since she was injured and could only be on the defense, rarely attacking. If this were to go on, she would only end up being defeated.

"Submit to me and I'll spare the lives of the others from the Sunset Palace. Resistance is futile. Even if you were to die, I won't let you off. If you were to die, I'll massacre everyone from your Sunset Palace. You should know that I never joke."

These words cause the Sunset Palace Mistress to lose all thoughts of committing suicide. Earlier on, she had thought of committing suicide and it would be best if she could let her body disappear completely. She might be able to do that and it could allow her to protect her chastity. However, the members of the Sunset Palace would be subject to a massacre. Although she won't be the one to kill them, she would indirectly cause their death.

"Palace Mistress, don't concern yourself with what will happen to us. Escape quickly! It won't be too late for you to return to seek revenge in the future!" Someone from the Sunset Palace shouted loudly.


The one who shouted died on the spot immediately, killed by that Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King.

Not only did this not scare off those from the Sunset Palace, on the contrary, it fueled their anger even further and started to curse the Golden Sand Palace. Since they were no match in terms of strength and had no other way out, they could only attack verbally.

After killing some of them, the Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King stopped. He then looked at his few subordinates who were still engaged in the fight and snapped, "Trash, come back."

The Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King dashed out toward the Sunset Palace Mistress, smashing down with a fierce punch, leaving behind a print of a tiger.


The Sunset Palace Mistress managed to divert some of the force, but she was still forced back by a far distance. However, before she was prepared to make another move, her enemy's fist once again smashed toward her like a hammer that was going to split the skies.

The Sunset Palace Mistress was injured to begin with and if she were to take this blow, she would probably not be able to fight anymore.

She felt desperate. If she were to forcibly take it head on, she would be left with insufficient power to even commit suicide. If she was apprehended, she would end up in a horrible plight. She wasn't afraid of death. She was afraid of being humiliated.

She couldn't ignore the Sunset Palace. Otherwise, even if she were to die, she wouldn't be at peace. Looking at the huge fist that was smashing down fiercely, she gave up on resisting. She had no other way out.

There was no one who could help her. She was a lady and she thought she was very powerful. However, it was still hard for her to survive. Even though she had struggled, she couldn't win...

The Sunset Palace Mistress kept her beautiful eyes opened, calm as water without any ripples. Suddenly, she felt a silhouette appearing before her. She felt that it was very familiar to her, but she soon shook her head. Why would she suddenly think of him at this moment? There was no one who would come to help her.

It was as if time had come to a stop. She looked at the familiar silhouette before her, thinking that it was an illusion. However. this illusion appeared very clear as if it was real.


A loud sound rang out, and the Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King's figure was sent flying away by Qing Shui.

The Sunset Palace Mistress looked at this figure in astonishment. At this moment, she now knew that it was real. To think that he had come... the person she thought of at the very last moment had come. When did he become so powerful?

The Sunset Palace Mistress saw the familiar smile from Qing Shui when he turned his head. At that moment, feelings of happiness, agitation, excitement, and grievance gushed up. She went up and wrap her arms around Qing Shui, not being able to hold back her sniffle. Although she had tried her best to control her sound, her shivering body showed that she was aggrieved, just like a pitiful child.

Qing Shui pat her tender back and could not bear to push her away. Thankfully, after a while, the Sunset Palace Mistress let go of Qing Shui while feeling a little embarrassed. After all, there were many people around them.

"Who are you? Why are you interfering in the matters between me and the Sunset Palace?" After being sent flying by Qing Shui's attack, the Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King felt very unsettled. When he saw the Sunset Palace Mistress' actions earlier, he felt both jealous and astonished. Where did this person with such strong cultivation come from?

Qing Shui paid him no heed but instead, looked at the Sunset Palace Mistress and said with a smile, "I'm here to thank you for taking care of the Sea King Palace. I hadn't expected to encounter this. Thankfully I didn't come too late."

"Your appearance is really surprising. I had thought that no one would come to help me. I had no friends." The Sunset Palace Mistress said, a little dejectedly.

"I'm your friend. You aren't willing to be friends with me?" Qing Shui smiled and looked at this charming lady.

It wasn't that she wasn't willing to be friends with Qing Shui. She wanted them to be husband and wife but she knew that Qing Shui wouldn't agree to it. When that happened, they couldn't even be friends. Therefore, she smiled at Qing Shui, "You're my friend. It's enough to have a single friend in one life."

Qing Shui smiled, in full agreement as to what she had said. In fact, it was already sufficient to have someone who knew you well.

"Let me help you settle the things here first." Qing Shui took out some medication for injuries and got her to distribute to those who were injured. A few of the Battle King Crabs had suffered from serious injuries.

"They are very strong. Let me fight with you!" The Sunset Palace Mistress said worriedly.

"You're injured as well. Just take a rest here and watch me fight. It'll be very fast. Be nice." Qing Shui said confidently.

The Sunset Palace Mistress was a little of a panic as she gazed at Qing Shui's back. The words which he had said earlier made her feel very warm inside and when he told her to "be nice", her heart skipped a bit. She felt that she was like a docile lady, enjoying the protection from her man.

Qing Shui didn't know that she would think so much into it. Otherwise, he wouldn't have said that. He had only casually brought those two words up. He saw how pitifully she had acted earlier, and thus unknowingly said those words, really treating her like a little girl.

When Qing Shui came earlier, he had already heard what the Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King said. This brutal and powerful Golden Sand Palace Lord had taken a liking to the Sunset Palace Mistress' beauty and power. This was the reason for this battle.

While the reason for the battle appeared to be very simple, this was how things always worked. Benefits and greed would lead to battles. If a beautiful lady didn't have great power and a strong backing, she would definitely be bullied by others.

The Sunset Palace Mistress' abilities weren't too bad and ordinary people wouldn't be able to bully her. However, there were always people who were better and it was just a matter of time before they appear. This Golden Sand Palace Lord was one of them.

"Who am I? You don't have to know, but I saw that you were bullying my friend. Is that reason good enough for you?" Qing Shui asked as he walked toward the Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King.

"I don't care who you are. If you leave now, I can forget about pursuing the matter. I'm very clear whether the Sunset Palace has friends or not. I'd advise you not to be meddlesome. You're just a human and you can't bear the burden." The Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King bellowed loudly.

"Hahaha, we'll know after trying me out whether or not I can bear the burden." Qing Shui took out his Golden Battle Halberd and charged over. On his way there, many members of the Golden Sand Palace tried to fend him off, but they were all settled by a single sweep from Qing Shui.

"Everyone, charge! Kill him!" The Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King could tell that Qing Shui was very powerful. However, as a young human, how powerful could he be?

Many of the Golden Battle King Crabs, Violet Golden Battle King Crabs, Golden Sea-Dragon Mermen, and Shark Kings went charging toward Qing Shui. Just these members alone could drown Qing Shui with their sheer number.

In Qing Shui's previous life, the sheer volume of people could stomp people to their deaths. It went to show how great the prowess of numbers was. However, in this world of martial arts, power could change things. Take the current situation for example. As Qing Shui watched the countless opponents who were gushing toward him, he wasn't afraid in the least. The Golden Battle Halberd he was holding released a beam of golden light and with a big swing, it kept on spinning like a fire-wind wheel, taking the lives of those in the surroundings.

There was no one who was a match of Qing Shui. Moreover, after Qing Shui had crippled a Golden Battle King Crab in a single move, the others had shrunk back in few. Not many of them dared to face Qing Shui head-on anymore.

Right now, the Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King himself was feeling a little scared. He now knew that Qing Shui was on a totally different level and didn't give a hoot about them at all. This was what it meant to have someone strong amongst a bunch of weaklings. He was formidable and couldn't be stopped.

The Sunset Palace Mistress watched as Qing Shui's silhouette charged forth and killed groups and groups of enemies. She was astonished at Qing Shui's strength. When he came the previous time, she knew that although he was quite strong, it was definitely not the same level as he was now. He had been much weaker back then.

"Our Golden Sand Palace is a branch of the North Sea Dragon Palace. If you kill us, you can be sure that you’ll be pursued and killed by the North Sea Dragon Palace." The Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King bellowed, a little shocked and worried.

He had exchanged another blow with Qing Shui earlier and was dealt with serious injuries. They were clearly not of the same level and even if he were to bring out the North Sea Dragon Palace, Qing Shui might not necessarily give a hoot.

However, he had to try it. Otherwise, it would be over for him right now.

Qing Shui didn't kill all of them but crippled most of their cultivation. Many of them were unable to accept this fact and chose to commit suicide, especially those who were powerful cultivators. However, Qing Shui didn't plan on holding back.

"I don't care about the North Sea Dragon Palace. I only know that you guys must receive punishment and you deserve to die. You people must think about the consequences of the things that you have done. It's impossible for sinners to always have a smooth-sailing life." Qing Shui looked at the Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King.

After saying his piece, Qing Shui dashed out toward the Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King. He was like a sharp golden sword, piercing through the crowd and was unstoppable.

The Ancient Golden Sand Sea-Tiger King looked at the Golden Battle Halberd that had pierced through him in great disbelief. His life was seeping away and he was already regretting what he had done. He had been the one dominating this area since the beginning. While the Golden Sand Palace dominated the area, there were also quite a number of existences like the Sunset Palace. Most of them would appear to listen to the Golden Sand Palace, especially when dealing with external threats. The Golden Sand Palace was the leader amongst them.

It was a pity that this time around. What the Golden Sand Palace had done had infuriated the Sunset Palace Mistress. He wanted to merge the Sunset Palace and the Golden Sand Palace and for the Sunset Palace Mistress to be his woman. Greed and temptation had caused him to make the worst decision in his entire life. Even worse, he didn't have the chance to make amendments.

This was how people were. There were some mistakes that could be made many times without having to suffer from any consequence. However, there were also mistakes which could not be made, not even once. Just that one time alone could cause the person to be doomed.

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