AST 1658 - Immortal-defying force, Immortal-defying Inheritance, another False God Divine Tribulation’s Encounter

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1658 - Immortal-defying Force, Immortal-defying Inheritance, Another False God Divine Tribulation’s Encounter

While watching the attractive and passionate look of a woman with an otherworldly beauty, she, as a woman, also found her extremely beautiful and alluring. She could also clearly feel both of Qing Shui’s and Yiye Jiange’s rhythm as they merged into one. 

The impact which she received mentally made her feel like a small boat in the middle of a boundless ocean. A boat undulating freely across the sea without any restraint. This kind of impact was more like a kind of excitement. It couldn’t be described as a comfortable sensation. It was more likely to be a feeling resulting from taking a peek at other people doing things from the side. 

It was human’s basic function to feel the seven emotional states. At the moment, Muyun Qingge wasn’t sure if her emotions were ignited from the scene which she saw but she realized that slowly, over time, she had begun to stop resisting it.

Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange enjoyed each other’s presences for almost half the night. The two of them, who were so indulged in what they were doing, seemed to have forgotten that there were other people near them. The thought of other people clearly seeing what they were doing never even crossed their minds. Hence, some of the embarrassing positions, as well as the pleasure they had with them, were all seen by Muyun Qingge. 

Eventually, by the time the two had calmed down, Qing Shui noticed Muyun Qingge. He could sense a faint Heavenly Dao around him. They were like a pair of eyes. As this happened, he revealed a strange expression on his face. 

“What’s wrong?” Yiye Jiange asked gently.

“Nothing. I was just reminded of the Dragon King Palace.” Naturally, Qing Shui wouldn’t confess to her about it as this would only cause Yiye Jiange to feel ashamed to the point where she might never dare to show her face in the public ever again. She would definitely feel awkward next time when she was in front of Muyun Qingge. In the future, it’s very likely that it would be hard for her to contribute anymore. More importantly, he feared that this would leave Yiye Jiange with a traumatic experience. 

Everything which happened in a woman’s chamber should be kept a secret. Outsiders mustn’t be allowed to take part in it. It would have been better if they were all Qing Shui’s women. Otherwise, one would feel like they had been completely exposed by an outsider.

On the next day, when the three once again ran into each other, the situation was really awkward. However, the only thing Yiye Jiange was certain about was that Muyun Qingge must have known what she did with Qing Shui in her room. From her view, she only thought that Muyun Qingge might have heard some noises which led her to find out what they did. She didn’t know that she had actually seen everything that they were doing.

Similarly, Qing Shui also felt really awkward. Initially, because of how she had stripped in front of him in order to get her wounds treated, he was supposed to be the one who had gained an advantage from her. But now, not only both him and his woman were seen naked by her, they were even seen when they were in the middle of sexual intercourse.

Luckily, the person who saw them was a woman. Every time when he thought about himself being seen having sex with his woman, he wouldn’t know how he should feel. Muyun Qingge also knew that Qing Shui noticed her presence. The reason being that she could sense her Spiritual Sense interacting with Qing Shui’s. 

All three of them shared the same feeling. But all of them also acted like nothing happened before. After they had their meal, Muyun Qingge came up with an excuse to stabilize her strength and left in advance. Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange also didn’t bother to convince her to stay behind.

“It’s your fault! Sex is the only thing you think about.” Yiye Jiange said in an upset tone. 

“Ah, well, I thought I had heard someone saying that she’s clung onto me to the extent that she couldn’t even budge.” Qing Shui chuckled

“Die!” Yiye Jiange blushed as she knocked Qing Shui’s head.

“Jiange, tell me. Would you prefer our baby to be a boy or a girl?” Qing Shui asked in a mischievous tone. 

“I have never promised to give birth to your child.” Yiye Jiange got embarrassed and responded.

“But I have implanted my seed into you.”

Qing Shui once again got knocked on his head, “...Do you really mind whether the child is going to be a boy or not?”

“No. I just want to see if you would prefer a boy or a girl.”

“...I like both of them.”

“Well then, why don’t you give birth to twins of mixed sex?”


In a flash, three days had passed. For the past few days, Qing Shui had been to Sunset Palace a few times. After realizing that everything was going on normally, he went back to the Sea King Palace. Muyun Qingge also occasionally left the Sea King Palace, leaving the entire place to Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange alone. 

Certainly, Yiye Jiange was aware that Muyun Qingge was only looking for excuses when she said she had things to do and needed to head back. Besides, the both of them shared a relationship almost as close as blood-related sisters.

Unlike Muyun Qingge, Yiye Jiange was unable to awaken her Blood Force. However, Qing Shui noticed an energy that was even greater than the bloodline which Muyun Qingge inherited in her body. 

Immortal-defying Force!

Qing Shui didn’t know why such power would exist in her body. At one point, she had gained a few benefits from a number of places, twice from the Divine Temple, and once from the Ancient Divine Statue. Could this be the very reason behind the power she possessed?

In the past, Qing Shui had always sensed a mysterious energy within her body. This was also why she managed to achieve such a high level of strength despite her young age. Now that she was significantly more powerful, Qing Shui could finally confirm that it was the Immortal-Defying Force.

There were many kinds of things and people across the continent. Similarly, the number of people who came across unusual encounters every day were also immeasurable. It was precisely because of this that a colorful martial art world was formed. From time to time, geniuses with peerless talent would emerge in this world. 

For the past two days, Qing Shui had been hesitating whether he should awaken the strength within her or not. This kind of strength was almost the same as the Blood Force within Muyun Qingge’s body. The only difference was that the Immortal-Defying Force was more dominant.

Qing Shui thought about the Golden Buddha Generosity and the Diamond Staff. He thought to himself that there shouldn’t be any problems if he used his Five Elements Divine Needle accompanied by his Constitution Nurturing Divine Needle and Life-and-death Needles. Despite thinking this way, he was still hesitating if he should do it. 

He was in hesitation for three whole days but he never once mentioned it to Yiye Jiange. Though he might not have said anything, Yiye Jiange was able to tell that he had something on his mind. She went on and asked him about it. 

Qing Shui had no intentions of hiding it from her. He confessed everything. Yiye Jiange, who learned that there was an 80% chance that she would succeed, smiled and asked, “Do you wish for me to give it a try?”

“Of course I do! It’s just that I don’t want to see anything happen to you. So long as there is something which I am not 100% sure if it will work, I don’t really want you to risk it…”

Yiye Jiange felt a sense of warmth in her heart and smiled, “There is nothing that’s 100% in the world. Even if you have been really confident about something, accidents may still occur. An 80% success rate is already considered to be very high. In fact, when one thing has a higher than 50% chance to succeed, I believe that it can already be considered as something worth doing.”

Qing Shui might not be able to ensure her success but he could at least ensure her safety. It was just that once she failed, she would never be able to feel this strength ever again. This was also why Qing Shui hesitated whether he should do it.

Also, Qing Shui felt that his current strength was already enough to trigger her ability. Even if he had been stronger, he still wouldn’t be able to ensure her success. He would still have to face the exact same situation.

Since so many things had been happening recently, Qing Shui was really keen to make her more powerful. This way, the combined strength between her and Muyun Qingge would definitely become something that couldn’t be underestimated.

Qing Shui was also really looking forward to the time when his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal unlocked its ninth level. If that happened, he couldn’t fathom what kind of benefits he would gain from it. Also, he was hoping for the awakening of the Dragon Form of his Nine Animals Mimicry Technique so that he could cultivate it.

Eventually, Qing Shui made up his mind and gave it a try. He planned to give it his all for it to succeed. Besides, doing it later on didn’t seem like it would improve the current situation. Since his strength was already much stronger than hers, extending the gap wouldn’t improve the situation. 

If she succeeded this time then another Divine Warrior would emerge among his women. The Qing Clan would then enjoy the addition of another Divine Warrior into it. This was a great start. In the future, they would then truly be able to totally dominate an area.

This time, Qing Shui did it at a very slow pace. The reason being that he was 100% sure that Muyun Qingge would succeed and make it through when he was helping her. But now, the chance of success was only 80%. Even so, it was already considered to be a very high success rate. Besides, with Qing Shui’s unmatched skill in operating his Qi, things still seemed to be more on the bright side. After all, in the past, he managed to succeed even when the success rate only ranged from 10%-20%, let alone 80%. 

Everything went on smoothly at the beginning. This caused Qing Shui to let out a sigh of relief. Over time, Yiye Jiange’s body began condensing the Blood Essence of the Immortal-Defying Force. The energy gathering around it was becoming more and more powerful.

At this point, Qing Shui could confirm that Yiye Jiange must have received the Immortal-defying Inheritance. This kind of inheritance was very obscure. Even Yiye Jiange herself wasn’t aware of it. 

Qing Shui felt very nervous because he was currently igniting the Immortal-Defying Force and both letting it and the Divine Force within to infuse into Yiye Jiange’s body.


This was a burst in strength which only Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange could feel. The Blood Essence from the Immortal-Defying Force had burst. Its formidable and exquisite energy was spreading around her body at a very fast speed. Qing Shui then quickly proceeded to inject needles across her body. Guiding the energy was equivalent to preventing energy blockage.

At this moment, Yiye Jiange was unable to see nor hear anything from the outside world. It felt as if she had totally been cut off from the exterior. The only thing she perceived was that her body felt as if it was about to burst. She clenched her teeth and operated her own martial techniques. This was something which Qing Shui informed her to do prior to this. 

Qing Shui’s hands were moving at a very fast speed. Very swiftly, a hundred and eight Gold Needles, as well as a Life-and-Death Needle, were all already injected across Yiye Jiange’s body. Following on, he continued to take out each of them to change their positions. His eyes looked as if they hadn’t blinked even once. His hands were also very firm and steady. 

Immediately, Yiye Jiange’s body was already soaked in sweat. Following on, a thin and exquisite blood droplet was seen. It looked fresh and magnificent. But as that happened, Qing Shui dared to not act carelessly. Qing Shui had expected for such a thing to happen. 

Just like this, 2 hours had passed. While watching Yiye Jiange who looked like a beautiful woman bathed in blood, Qing Shui felt pained. Luckily, she managed to barely make it through. The Qi Force within her body was slowly becoming weaker and weaker. By the time her Qi Force once again went through another change, Qing Shui immediately carried her up and dashed out of the room. 

The final False God Divine Tribulation was here.

While watching the slightly dispirited Yiye Jiange, deep down, Qing Shui was worried, “Listen to me. Be a good girl and hold on until it’s over. I will be your knight tonight.”

Yiye Jiange was very tired. There were some blood traces across her face which somehow gave her a bewitching charm. It was a kind of stunning beauty that couldn’t be described in words. As she looked at her own blood getting stained over Qing Shui’s body, she smiled, “If I really do make it through, you must make your words count.”

This was the first time Yiye Jiange ever responded to Qing Shui’s joke. The reason was that she knew that it was very hard for her to make it through. 

“If you can’t manage to make it through, I will face the consequences with you.” Qing Shui smiled and kissed her.

Yiye Jiange was really scared. She was aware of what would happen if Qing Shui joined in. The strength of the False God Divine Tribulation would immediately multiply by folds. The reason being that by then, it would take Qing Shui’s strength as its basis. 

“I will make it. I promise! Do not ever join in.” Yiye Jiange’s body started flourishing. This was a kind of excess strength generated from a person’s mind. It was similar to when a person suffering from starvation who was about to die and found out that there was food a hundred meters ahead of them. By then, even if they were out of energy, they would still burst in strength and leap forward knowing that there was a chance for their survival. 

This was precisely the effect Qing Shui wanted. Yiye Jiange knew about it. Despite that, she would still need to rely on herself to create it. She knew that if she couldn’t make it on her own, Qing Shui would definitely join in to help her. She would never allow this kind of thing to happen.

The False God Tribulation had finally made its grand entrance. It was obvious that hers was slightly more powerful than Muyun Qingge’s. Muyun Qingge was also present. She was standing with Qing Shui on a spot not far away from Yiye Jiange as they watched her go through her False God Divine Tribulation. 

Muyun Qingge was feeling very nervous. She was able to tell the situation which Yiye Jiange was in, but at the same time, she was also astounded by what this man was capable of. It didn’t matter if it was just about helping them trigger the abilities within their bodies. At least, he was able to trigger them. Usually, the path from False God Divine Tribulation to Divine Grade would take about a hundred years time at least to achieve. And this was still taking into account that said person was a genius. An absolute genius. Of course, there were also exceptional cases with certain people. There were exceptions for everything. For instance, the phenomenon that was taking place right in front of her at the moment was already a good example of this.

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