AST 1660 - Remarkable Enticement, Breakthrough of The Sunset Palace Mistress

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1660 - Remarkable Enticement, Breakthrough of The Sunset Palace Mistress

Actually, they were all just words of courtesy. Qing Shui smiled, “Rest assured. They would be willing to form an alliance.”

The Sunset Palace Mistress smirked and said, “My name is Luo Qingcheng.”

Qing Shui got to know her name at last, thinking that he had never really addressed her previously. When a woman told you her name, she had, at least, considered you as a friend. Otherwise, she wouldn’t tell you. Moreover, it was through this kind of half-initiated way.

“As the name implied. A remarkable beauty.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Qing Shui didn’t mean to provoke her. He couldn’t keep avoiding her because she liked him. That would seem as if he was hiding something, making the other party uneasy, thinking that the other hated her very much. That would be seen as signs of wanting the counterpart to leave.

The Sunset Palace Mistress smiled, “It’s the first time you complimented my beauty. Beautiful for real?”

“I remember this is not the first time complimenting you, I wouldn’t tell a lie. Let’s go, I’ll help you strengthen your body today and then help you break through tomorrow.” Even though Qing Shui complimented her, he dared not to keep tangling on this matter.

The Sunset Palace Mistress had a full figure, yet it was full and well-rounded at the right places, and lean on where it should be. She had very attractive and voluptuous curves, especially on her chest, waist, and bottom.

This was still while wearing a layer of clothes. Standing in front of Qing Shui, the bulge over the chest was solid, full and upright. It was enormous, but it wasn’t a tiny bit of a nuisance. Truly the manifestation of perfection.

Qing Shui tried hard to restrain but still couldn’t help letting his eyes wandering twice. The Sunset Palace Mistress held out her hand and waved in front of Qing Shui, “If you enjoy staring so much, Why don’t I take off my clothes?”

Qing Shui shook his head at once, “Silly, lust is part of human nature. Please don’t seduce me.”

Looking at Qing Shui’s solemn face despite the constant stares on her chest, she couldn’t hold back her laughter. There was an unspoken enticement in her magnetic voice. She did not hate Qing Shui staring at her. Perhaps it was because she liked him, but she didn’t find a good excuse for herself.

Even though the Sunset Palace Mistress said it that way, her face still flushed a little. She was a mature lady. She was only this shy while facing Qing Shui, as the others lacked the capital to deserve such expression of hers.

“I will be waiting for you, until the day I grow old.” whispered the Sunset Palace Mistress.

Qing Shui smiled helplessly. He was not pretending. He just simply did not want to bear any more responsibilities. Loving someone required one to undertake the responsibilities of love. He had spent too much time coming through the storms. Hence, at the moment, he didn’t want to mess with Muyun Qingge, Sunset Palace Mistress, and Xue Nuo.

Men liked beautiful women, but to like is not to love. It would be easy if Qing Shui was the kind of man who leaves after taking advantage. Yet, he was not. Furthermore, he really did not fall for them.

“Why is it so? I’d always thought that I would end up with one woman, but now I feel sorry for them.”

“Although I’ve never experienced love, I at least know that love is unconditional. There’s nothing to be sorry for.” Sunset Palace Mistress looked at Qing Shui and smiled.

“Alright, let’s drop that love topic. There’d be a hundred ways to tell it when it’s told by a hundred men. Let me help with your constitution nurturing.”

Qing Shui helped Sunset Palace Mistress by carrying out the needle therapy. There wasn’t much awkwardness throughout the procedures.

The toxins excreted from Sunset Palace Mistress’s body weren’t a lot but still left her embarrassed, as she watched how the black liquid dripped from between her fingers.


Qing Shui knew how she felt as it had happened to other women too. After all, the smell was very unpleasant. He smiled, “It’s already considered to be an extremely low amount of toxins coming out. Your body is fine.”

There were barely more than ten droplets of them, but the stench of each droplet was quite intense.

Qing Shui brought and cleared out the small bowl. At the moment, the Sunset Palace Mistress still had needles on her body. She opened her mouth wanting to say something, but she didn’t, only leaving a gentle look in her eyes.


After Qing Shui took out the needles, he kept thinking. A lot of things had happened these few days. Mainly, there was an enormous breakthrough in his own strength. Much coincidentally, he got the Benevolent Golden Buddha.

Thus, that allowed Muyun Qingge and Yiye Jiange to become powerful Divines.

Very soon, the Sunset Palace Mistress would be a powerful Divine as well.

Qing Shui was certain about the Sunset Palace Mistress. After all, there was Muyun Qingge as an example. Both of them were similar.

The next day, Qing Shui started to excite the Sunset Palace Mistress’ bloodline straightaway. In the legends, the Mermaid Tribe had the blood of the Mermaid God in their bodies. it was predominantly excitable. However, if it were to excite a Mermaid of Martial Saint Level, she would never become Divine. Not even False God would be possible, regardless of the efforts paid in.

It was only possible if the peak level of False God was achieved.

Everything was happening in an orderly manner: Activating, leading and then causing False God Divine Tribulation, False God’s final and greatest False God Tribulation.

Looking at this False God Tribulation, Qing Shui could guess Sunset Palace God’s breakthrough strength should be similar to Muyun Qingge but it wouldn’t outshine Yiye Jiange.

Before breakthrough, the Sunset Palace Mistress was the strongest. After breakthrough, Yiye Jiange would be the most powerful one. This was related to inheritance. The blood relationships of Drakaina and Mermaid were about the same. However, the Drakaina’s lineage was more tyrannical in strength while the Mermaid’s lineage was stronger in enticement. In short, they were six of one and half a dozen of another.

Things went exceptionally smooth for the Sunset Palace Mistress, even better than Muyun Qingge. There were only Qing Shui and Sunset Palace Mistress here. When everything returned to peacefulness, the Sunset Palace Mistress happily appeared before Qing Shui and gave him a hug.

“I am merely giving you a hug so don’t you reject me. Don’t worry, I won’t pester you. Just let me hug you.”

Qing Shui came to a profound realization now, it was way more attainable for women to pursue men as if they’re only separated by paper. On the other side, men going after women was as if there were mountains in between them. Despite his resistance now, a sense of tenderness and sympathy had seemingly sprouted from his heart. It could be associated with her liking him. Nevertheless, he couldn’t deny its existence. As the saying goes, love could be with or without reasons. The logic behind it was that love itself was unreasonable.

Qing Shui embraced her and felt the intense pressure on his chest. The thin fabric allowed Qing Shui to feel that silky smooth skin distinctly. The rising and falling curves of this skin-hugging sensation led to changes in his body.

Previously for the sake of needle therapy, the Sunset Palace Mistress only wore thin, light, sleepwear-like clothes with nothing else beneath.  There wasn’t much difference in their heights and those changes pushed against the most crucial part.

The Sunset Palace Mistress shivered, letting out a noise uncontrollably that caused a blood rush in Qing Shui. The Sunset Palace Mistress raised her head, her face flushed bloodily red. Qing Shui felt extremely awkward and said, “It’s the natural reflex. If there was no response with your embrace, then I should probably go to the physician.”

The Sunset Palace Mistress threw a glance at Qing Shui, gently pulled away from him, “I’ll go and change.”

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and shook his head helplessly. He finally understood why some men owned many women in his past life while others couldn’t even have the ones they tried very hard to go after. 

When Sunset Palace Mistress came out fully dressed, she was dressed in a mature and graceful way. Though, she was not a grown lady yet. She was only a young woman.

In fact, Qing Shui still couldn’t get how could so many great women be able to preserve their integrity over the years. Thinking of that, the only reason would be that they were way too excellent and that they failed to find the right ones.

That made Qing Shui feel very narcissistic since all these women apparently liked him.

The Sunset Palace Mistress’s strength was below 1000 Dao, but slightly higher than Muyun Qingge’s 900 Dao. Soon, Qing Shui found out her capabilities of God Dao and primordial spirit.

Remarkable Enticement!

The capability of Remarkable Enticement was similar to Muyun Qingge’s but her greater strength was to distract the opponent’s attention. Moreover, its effect on women was jealousy, stronger than the effect on men.

In a battle of life and death, it was life-threatening to be distracted. Hence, the Sunset Palace Mistress’s capabilities of God Dao and primordial spirit were still terrifying and they could be upgraded.

Qing Shui had a feeling now that all capabilities of God Dao and primordial spirits could probably be upgraded, yet it was not that handy to upgrade them.

After the breakthrough, the Sunset Palace Mistress gave out a faint, wispy aura, much more enticing than before. Remarkable enticement, it was really a remarkable enticement; the Sunset Palace Mistress knew of her own capabilities.

“How does it feel to be such a pretty woman? Are you happy?” Qing Shui looked at her, smiling.

It’s the same for good-looking men and women. They should be very confident. A capable man could still be confident looking ugly, but if a woman looked ugly, she wouldn’t be pleased even with her capability.

“It’s useless to be even prettier. You wouldn’t like it.” Sunset Palace Mistress smirked, looking at Qing Shui peacefully.

This didn’t make Qing Shui uneasy. If it was that look full of grudge, it would have further burdened Qing Shui, making him guilty.

To celebrate, the Sunset Palace Mistress made some dishes herself. She had learned to cook these days. While cooking, Qing Shui handed over some spices. When the delicious dishes were done, she couldn’t believe it herself, but soon after she knew that it must have been due to the spices.

Qing Shui gave her an Interspatial Silk Sachet. There were things like liquor and spices, and some medicine for skin nourishment.

“You treat me so well. Aren’t you afraid of me clinging on to you?” Sunset Palace Mistress grinned at Qing Shui.

“You won’t.” Qing Shui smiled. This woman was not that clingy type of woman.

She was a proud and lofty woman as she had admitted. She had already confessed her feelings so she was brave enough. It was Qing Shui who did not accept her at the moment, so she had already done what she should. If it didn’t end well, it was because she had not found her destiny yet, or they were not meant to be.

He opened up a wine jar, made by Qing Shui himself.

“Fine wine and fine woman, that’s wonderful. Cheers!” Qing Shui held up his glass, smiling.

The Sunset Palace Mistress laughed happily, suddenly realized it was alright this way too. It felt good. She felt warm in her heart. There was still somebody who cared about her in this world, helping her without ulterior motives.

Her biggest capital was her own body. She was willing to give it to him but he did not want it. Despite being a bit upset, it was also due to this reason that Qing Shui kept on complimenting her beauty. As beautiful as a woman was, she needed compliments too. Especially when they were from a man she liked.

“Thanks!” Sunset Palace Mistress smiled, holding up her glass. 

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