AST 1678 - Enhancing The Foundation

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1678 - Enhancing The Foundation

Seeing her expression, Qing Shui held her and walked around slowly. He didn’t overly force her, even until now Qing Shui still didn’t pressure her excessively. Only by gradually inducing her passion, eventually, she would burst it all out.

“Although we’re expecting each other not to come back in the soonest future, we should still stay a little longer,” Qing Shui smiled.

“Mm, I think so too.”

“Why would you want to go back?” Qing Shui asked while strolling.

“It’s the same everywhere, actually there’s no place that I’m exceptionally reluctant to leave. It’s good here, it’s good in Demon Lord Palace too, as well as Linhai Imperial Cuisine Hall,” Tantai Lingyan smirked, gazing far away.

At that moment, she couldn’t hide her sight of loneliness, despite being much faded than before. Qing Shui felt deeply sorry looking at her but he couldn’t express it. He embraced her tenderly and empathetically.

“Am I very pitiful?” Tantai Lingyan whispered after she apparently felt Qing Shui’s empathy.

“No one in this world could sympathize you, no one deserves to. I just feel a bit hurtful and sorry. I must have accumulated merits in past life, so God sent me to protect you by your side. I will hold you tight. Lingyan, promise me not to leave me no matter what, we’ll face it together, alright?”

Qing Shui actually sensed ambiguity in her words, as if she’d disappear any time. That made him extremely worried.

“Really?” Tantai Lingyan raised her head and stared at Qing Shui.

“Yes, for real. Absolutely.” Qing Shui said in a serious tone.


Tantai Lingyan chuckled gently, her fresh breaths burst on Qing Shui’s face. It was aromatic and soft. Qing Shui realized that he couldn’t resist this woman at all, he lost his self-control again.

“Even my bones are melted, you took away my spirit. Let me taste some sweetness!” Qing Shui snapped out and said rascally. He held her close and tight in his embrace.

“My mind is a total mess now, you silly……” Tantai Lingyan murmured, leaning her forehead against Qing Shui’s forehead. She could sense Qing Shui’s feelings.

Tip of Qing Shui’s nose pressed against Tantai Lingyan’s nose. Qing Shui had his heart racing wildly and uncontrollably. Yet, he could remain calm and appreciate this moment of precious serenity. Looking into her captivating, half-opened beautiful eyes, a slight tinge of redness on her jade-like complexion, Qing Shui leaned over with his lips.

In fact, their lips were just an inch away. He leaned over at an extremely slow pace, literally giving time for Tantai Lingyan to void it.

Yet, deep down he was anticipating that she wouldn’t void it.

As he felt the delicate feeling and refreshing fragrance, he saw those gently closed, beautiful eyes. He kissed her deeply and slowly, seriously, meticulously……

At once, Qing Shui felt as if the pores all over his body open up. The spiritual and physical impact made his blood racing speedily in the whole body.

Tantai Lingyan tensed her entire body and clenched tightly. She didn’t know where to place her hands, even her lovely little ears flushed to become adorable pink.

Qing Shui gently sucked and bit her delicate lips. His tongue swept through her scallop-like teeth, his hands caressed her tiny waist softly. Yet, he dared not to cross the border.

Qing Shui sensed that her patience was built up to its limit, any of his subsequent action would trigger her fierce response. Thus, he kept the pace slow and did not bluntly advance.

Qing Shui pulled his head away slightly.

“Was it enough?” Tantai Lingyan’s alluring and enchanting face blushed even more. Her lovely charm was fatal.

Qing Shui showed her with his actions immediately. He leaned over and kissed again as she finished her words. His flexible tongue intruded her mouth swiftly and chased after her soft, squishy tongue skilfully.

After some time, Tantai Lingyan pushed Qing Shui away, slightly panting. She glanced at Qing Shui half-pleased and half-annoyed, “Gave you an inch, now you want a mile.”

“You’re my woman, I’m pampering my woman, how is that inappropriate?” Qing Shui smiled mischievously.

“Qing Shui, godmother is worried about their injuries, when will they recover?” Tantai Lingyan shook her head, avoiding the topic.

“One month, at least one month.”

“Then, let’s stay here for a month, alright?”

“Of course, I’m alright with anything you said!”

The following days were tranquil and peaceful. Qing Shui spent his days comfortably too, despite the fact that he and Tantai Lingyan still didn’t break the final wall of relationship. Yet, it’s only right now that they could be regarded as an actual couple.

Even though everything had happened when they first met, but that was an accident. It had been over twenty years already, this woman was only a girl in Qing Shui’s eyes.

Ying Tian and Lao Wang had almost recovered from their injuries, but still required some time to be fully healed. Basically, they had no major problems anymore at the moment.

Time flew even though it’s a one-month period. Qing Shui felt really great within this month, this was the first month that he and Tantai Lingyan defined their relationship. It was a spiritual breakthrough, their physical contact remained at kissing.

Qing Shui did not advance anymore. Though he was not a Romeo, he felt the fluctuation of Tantai Lingyan’s heart. It might be related to the incident that happened when they first met. Thus, he knew that he still needed time to open up her heart gradually and naturally.

One month later, Qing Shui passed a letter to Ying Tian before he left, asking him to deliver this letter to the men of Demonic Saber Immortal Sect if they were to come.

Qing Shui’s letter was only to allow them to know his existence. Since they didn’t come, it proved his previous prediction right. So, this letter would serve its purpose by then.

“Girl, Qing Shui, you have to be careful on your journey,” said Feng Xi heavy-heartedly.

“Godmother, you have to take care too. We’ll visit you after some time,” Tantai Lingyan said to Feng Xi.

Ying Tian, along with other men from Divine Moon Immortal Sect sent Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan far away, until they could no longer see their shadows.

Ying Tian heaved a sigh, looking at Feng Xi, Ying Sha, and the others, he was emotionally stirred. He wouldn’t have had everything he had today if it was not because of Qing Shui. He was rescued by Qing Shui again and again; and this time, even the whole Divine Moon Immortal Sect was saved.

He knew his entire family could never return the favor. Hence, he stopped thinking how to repay that kindness. He was a wise man, so was Feng Xi. They knew the background of Tantai Lingyan and recognized what they ought to do. It’d be Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan’s home here, it’d also be a foundation. He must enhance this foundation.

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