AST 1691 - Easternpeak Mountain, Meeting the Great Palace Master

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1691 - Eastern Peak Mountain, Meeting the Great Palace Master

Yiye Jiange didn’t have such thick skin. Although she and Qing Shui were already husband and wife, she still couldn’t endure Qing Shui’s dirty talk. She could only shake her head helplessly. She had always been the most understanding one, and she was also very clear of the Palace Mistress’s feelings for Qing Shui. Maybe it didn’t matter in her heart if Qing Shui had one more woman. In her eyes, the Sunset Palace Mistress wasn’t an outsider…

In fact, Qing Shui could already tell. If not, he wouldn’t have asked her if she minded if there were other women around him. However, he could still understand the true thoughts in their hearts.

But he also knew that Yiye Jiange was simply too kind-hearted.

Qing Shui hugged her as they sat on the reclining chair. Today was a sunny and windy day and although cold and heat were unable to affect them, having good weather could still affect their mood.

Just like now, Qing Shui felt that he was in a state of enjoyment. He had a beauty in his embrace and strength that could already be considered very terrifying, even if it couldn’t dominate everything. Humans must learn the concept of contentment is happiness.

“Little fellow, you must be obedient in the future.” Qing Shui gently rubbed Yiye Jiange’s womb as he smiled.

Yiye Jiange also had a blessed smile on her face. “It’s only three months old, how can our baby hear you?”

Staring at Yiye Jiange’s current expression, Qing Shui felt very satisfied in his heart. Such satisfaction even exceeded the satisfaction he felt when breaking through to the next cultivation level.

“I’m filled with anticipation for the birth of our baby,” Yiye Jiange spoke in a light voice. Right now, there was an indescribable gentleness on her face. Even Qing Shui felt somewhat jealous when he saw that...

“What sort of look is in your eyes, why does it seem so bitter?” Yiye Jiange laughed.

Qing Shui bitterly smiled, “Our baby isn’t even born yet but you already treat him with so much love. When it is finally born, will he exceed my place in your heart?”

Yiye Jiange directly rapped his head with her dainty fist, “You should learn to be more proper.”


It was true that Qing Shui didn’t dare to leave here. He knew the threat the Dragonwolf Palace represented and Yiye Jiange was still pregnant as well. Hence, he could only continue waiting here.

He didn’t feel that waiting here was tedious, and he had already planned it all out. With Yiye Jiange here, the days passed in an enjoyable fashion, and he didn’t mind it at all.

There were still no signs of action from the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace. This made Qing Shui feel that something strange was going on. The Sunset Palace did send some informants to gather info regarding the Dragonwolf Palace and the news they obtained caused Qing Shui to feel somewhat shocked.

There was an intense power struggle in the internal hierarchy of the Dragonwolf Palace. There was no harmony between the Grand Palace Master and Second Palace Master. On the surface, the Dragonwolf Palace might seemed united but there were splinters within, resulting in two factions. The third Palace Master who died had belonged to the forces of the second Palace Master.

Qing Shui remembered that they had said the Grand Palace Master was someone with an extreme Yin physique. To think there was an internal conflict in there. Initially, he thought that the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace was managed by siblings but now, it seemed that their structure was somewhat like the Sunset Palace. It was just that their relationship wasn’t as solid in comparison.

Two months later, outside of his expectations, Qing Shui actually received an invitation card. This invitation card came from the Grand Palace Master of the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace, inviting him to a Palace for a meeting.

The invitation card didn’t mention the agenda of the meeting, and the meeting place was set at the peak point of the Eastern Peak Mountain.

Qing Shui felt somewhat curious about this. It had been more than five months since his battle with the third Palace Master. Right now, a slight bump could already be seen on Yiye Jiange’s figure, but the size wasn’t as exaggerated as pregnant women in his previous world.

The three women were all staring at Qing Shui, waiting for his decision. They already saw the content of the invite and knew that Qing Shui was invited by the Grand Palace Master of the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace.

“I heard that the Grand Master of the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace is a supreme beauty.” Muyun Qingge laughed.

“In that case, Qingge, do you think our great protector mister Qing would go and meet her?” The Sunset Palace Mistress also smiled.

Qing Shui knew that these two women were teasing him. He shook his head slightly with a smile and glanced at Yiye Jiange. There were three women here, but Yiye Jiange was his woman. Right now, he only wanted to hear her opinion.

“I’ll support you, but no matter what you do, please remember to take care of your own safety.” Yiye Jiange would never interfere in any of Qing Shui’s wishes.

The love between a husband and wife was truly deep, so much so that it engendered envy in others.

The two other women smiled at each other, but they also didn’t say anything. They didn’t obstruct Qing Shui, and they couldn’t do so even if they wanted to as well. Qing Shui eventually decided to head towards the peak of the Eastern Peak Mountain to meet with the Grand Palace Master. He wanted to see how the conflict between the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace and Sunset Sea King Palace would be settled.

It wasn’t a good idea to drag things on as well. There must be a resolution sooner or later. This was also not a bad idea and from a certain perspective, it meant that the other party could no longer endure.

The arranged time was tomorrow at noon. Qing Shui set off late in the morning, and although his movements weren’t that fast and the distance to the Eastern Peak Mountain was pretty far, Qing Shui still had sufficient time to arrive.

Eastern Peak Mountain!

This was a gigantic mountain range within the Ocean Domain and was also a mountain range which the North Sea Dragon King Palace had divided out. At the same time, this mountain range also represented the power of the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace, Eastern Peak Mountain and North Sea Dragon King Palace.

The Sunset Sea King Palace also had some authority here.  However, because the location of the North Sea Dragon King Palace wasn’t very far from the Eastern Peak Mountain, the area to the west was mostly under their control.

The environment of the ocean domains was better than the land domains of the continents. This was a world that completely toppled Qing Shui’s understanding. For example, when in the water, only now did he knew the meaning of “a fish in water”. It was just like how birds in the air couldn’t feel air. Right now, when he was in the water, he couldn’t feel it at all, completely in his element.

All of these benefits were brought about by the Paragon Water Flight technique.

Qing Shui stared at the boundless and continuous mountain range. The ups and downs of each mountain brought out the majesticness of the mountains in great detail without restraint. The place he was standing at was just so nicely at the peak of a mountain.

Staring up ahead, the feeling of standing on a mountain peak felt excellent. In his past life, Qing Shui didn’t have any experience conquering mountains and there weren’t any mountains as tall as this in his previous world. The highest mountain then was about 8,000 meters in altitude and there naturally was a lack of oxygen that high, making climbing it an unsuitable activity for people with weaker physiques.

The 8,000 meter mountain of his previous world couldn’t even be considered a tall mountain here. The Eastern Peak Mountain alone was over a few ten thousands of metres, an inconceivable height if placed in the perspective of his pervious world. However, as Qing Shui stood there, he didn’t feel the lack of oxygen. He felt the air grow even clearer and the spiritual energy grow more intense.

There was more spiritual energy at the peak of mountains and also within the water. These were the mountains in the ocean domains.

All of a sudden, Qing Shui felt a fluctuation. He turned his head and saw a figure appearing not far away from him. This figure exuded extreme grace and stood there, contemplating him seriously. However, judging from her aura, Qing Shui knew she wasn’t calm at all.

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